Sunday Funday


Katrina and I had been...not exactly friends, more like mutual acquaintances, for years, and as far as the rest of our church family was concerned, we were perfect little angels. Of course, it didn't hurt that my dad was on the church board and her dad was the preacher. Every Sunday, a couple hours before the service started, she and I were in the main sanctuary helping set up for the day. We were often left unsupervised because we were trusted...and "Jesus was watching anyways". Well...Jesus must be blind, because if he saw what Katrina and I did in that building on one fateful morning, I probably wouldn't be writing this story. Funny thing about teenagers...the quiet ones are the ones you should watch the most. I still get hard replaying the events of that Sunday...half the time I don't believe it happened, and I was part of it.

The morning started off like they always had for the last several years: both of our families arrived around 830 to unlock the building, our moms went to the childcare area to set up the nursery, the old men went to start the coffee and discuss the day's sermon, and Katrina and I were left to tidy up. We were both 18 at the time, Katrina's birthday being only a couple months before my own. Being seniors in high school, our conversation was the usual talk of finals, graduation, and college as we tidied up the rows of pews. I say conversation, but Katrina was a very quiet, spacey girl, so it was mostly me trying to be friendly without much luck.

Looking back, Katrina was an attractive enough girl. Certainly not supermodel pretty, but attractive in her own way. She was on the petite side, probably 5'1" on a good day; she wasn't fat by any means, but her lack of height made it more noticeable, according to her. She had a point -- I've yet to see a woman with an hourglass figure like hers -- her ass was that perfect combination of tone and volume that only comes from years of gymnastics and horse riding. And her tits...lord almighty she could give Kate Upton a run for her money. So large and smooth, yet firm and youthful. Naturally, being in a conservative family, she covered herself in flowing dresses to hide her womanly figure in church, but fabric can only cover so much. She also didn't wear much in the way of makeup or fact her only accessory was her ever-present satchel bag she used to keep a collection of notebooks. She said she wanted to be a writer, and so it was important to always have a notepad to jot ideas.

She set her bag down on the table next to the main door and excused herself to go use the restroom as I continued to vacuum the floor. Not paying attention to what I was doing, I backed into the table, sending her bag and its contents flying across the floor.

"What a ditz" I thought to myself. "She can't even bother to close her own bag." I started to gather her stuff and toss it haphazardly into the bag, when I noticed one of her notebooks was lying face-up, and there on the page was a drawing of an ENORMOUS penis. Curious as to why a perfect little angel would draw such a thing, curiosity got the better of me and I began to thumb through the lewd tome.

My eyes went wide as saucers as I glanced at page after page of erotic scribbles, doodles, and poems; whole pages were devoted to her deepest cravings and darkest desires. Not only did Katrina have fantasies, but kinky ones at that. Some of the things she described I had only seen in the dark corners of the internet, and still others I had never even heard of. I also noticed a running theme of Hierophilia -- sex scenarios involving religious themes -- as well as force/rape fantasy...It became very clear that 18 years of sexual repression had done a number on her imagination. She wanted to be tied and spanked with a hymnal book and wrote about wanting to be fucked by a nun, but most of all she wanted to be taken right here, in this very chapel! As I skimmed the rest of the pages, I determined that she had never shared these thoughts with anyone, nor had she acted on them. She was even still a virgin! After I reached the final page, I shoved the notebook back in the bag and returned it to the table as a devilish idea began to form in my mind.

Glancing around, I walked up onto the stage and stepped through the side door into the storage closet and waited until I heard the chapel door open. I stuck my head out to make sure it was Katrina, and more importantly, that she was alone. "Hey Katrina!" I called out. "Can you come give me a hand with something? I can't find the garbage bags."

"Um...sure thing" she replied as she began walking down the main aisle.

I grabbed a length of cord from the shelf and slipped it into my pocket, out of her line of sight thanks to the wall. As she stepped within my reach, my hand shot forward like an arrow and grabbed her by the throat. A look of shock filled her eyes as I pulled her into the closet and pressed her front up against the wall. "Scream and it'll be the last thing you ever do" I growled into her ear. "I want your hands behind your back. Either move them yourself or I will, but I can't promise I won't break something in the process." Whimpering as her green eyes, wide with surprise, locked with mine, she slowly moved her hands as I commanded. I pulled the cord from my pocket and bound her hands firmly. Satisfied with my handiwork, I pressed my body up against hers and reached around to grasp her heaving bosom, smug knowing I was the first man to ever do so.

As I pulled and fondled her tits and breathed down her neck, my cock had sprung to life, growing larger and firmer until my full 7 inches was pressed against her ass. "You feel that? You're going to get fucked, right here, right now." She began to squirm beneath me, trying to free herself from the confined space. I grab her by the throat with my left hand and squeezed as I muttered in her ear "You make too much noise. I'll have to fix that." With my right hand I grabbed the hem of her dress and pulled it up past her waist, exposing her panties. Whatever reservations I had vanished in an instant as I saw that for all her protests, her panties were absolutely soaked! I hooked my fingers into the waistband of her panties, and with a single swift motion, sent them to the floor.

I bent over to pick them up and held them to my nose, inhaling the sweet juices of her virgin pussy. Locking eyes with Katrina, I balled her panties up in my right hand and said, "This'll do." Realizing my intention, Katrina tried to turn her face away, but I grabbed her by the nose and held it until she was forced to open her mouth to draw air. Unceremoniously I forced the damp fabric into her mouth both to gag her and let her taste her own nectar. Still pinned against the wall, she made a face that for the first time had traces of real pleasure as she tasted herself from her soiled garment. I knew she had written about this exact scenario, and I was dutifully following it to the letter. Of course, she didn't know I knew, hence her façade of terror. I contemplated making her aware of everything but decided against it for that moment. It would come soon enough.

Catching the look she made, I smiled smugly at her as I began to unzip my trousers. "I knew you were a whore, Katrina. And now, I'm going to fuck you like one!" I spat into the palm of my hand and began to lube my cock as I debated which of her perfect looking holes I would deflower. Knowing I likely had a limited amount of time until someone came looking for us, I decided to go for broke. With a firm grip on the back of her neck, I pressed the tip of my cock against her puckered backdoor.

Katrina's thrashing intensified as I slowly forced my cock into her sphincter; her eyes rolled back into her head with the first two inches. "Fucking hell she's tight!" I thought to myself as I struggled to impale her virgin ass. Slowly but surely, I worked my way in until my entire length was at last hidden inside her. Her breathing was heavy and labored as my balls came to rest against her pussy, and she struggled to stand as her legs turned to jelly beneath her. Giving myself a moment to adjust to the tightness, I unzipped the back of her dress and lowered the garment off her shoulders until her sweat-slicked breasts were exposed. Grabbing one in each hand, I began squeezing them as I slowly backed my cock out of her ass. Just as I was about to pop free, I reversed course and buried myself to the hilt, eliciting a muffled scream from Katrina.

Building a rhythm, I began to fuck her ass, gaining speed with each repetition until I was hammering her for all I was worth. As I thrusted in and out of her, Katrina's screams became moans as her body began to betray her true desires. With each thrust her hips began to rock in unison with mine as fluid began to drip from her still virgin cunt. Drool ran from the corners of her mouth as her cheeks flushed with crimson and her green eyes put her ecstasy on display for the world to see. Still sensing some hesitation, I decided to give up the ruse. "Katrina, I saw your notebook. I know you're putting on a show to save face. You can drop the act."

At first stunned by my words, a smile quickly spread across her flushed face. Gone was the meek victim, and here at last was the lusty whore, awoken from her slumber. I reached up and pulled the thoroughly chewed undergarment from her mouth and whispered to her "Are you going to be a good little slut now?"

"Yes" she breathlessly replied. As I continued my assault on her ass, I looked her in the eyes as I spoke.

"You will refer to me as sir from now on, understood? If you want this to be an ongoing thing, you will submit to my terms. Your name is slut. I want to hear you say it!"

"Yes, whatever you say" she replied. I smacked her across her ass, sending her flesh rippling.

"Yes what?"

"Yes sir!" she moaned "I'm your dirty little slut sir!"

"Good" I growled. "Who's ass is this?"

"Yours sir! It's your ass sir!" she wailed.

Unable to bear the sensations of her ass being fucked raw a moment longer, Katrina nearly collapsed as her orgasm roared through her body, sending a wave of ecstasy from head to toe. Her carnal scream was so loud I had to clamp my hand over her mouth, so we wouldn't be overheard. As her ass tightened in the throes of her powerful climax, it was enough to drive me to the edge. Knowing I couldn't last any longer, I gave one last thrust and began to spray my load deep within her backdoor.

We both stood there for a moment, our bodies trembling as we gasped for breath. Slick with sweat, we let the air move over us, carrying the scent of our dirty deed out into the main room. I eased my cock from her ass and made a loud pop as it broke free. As I watched, a slow trickle of blood and cum began to ooze from her bruised sphincter and began to run down the curve of her buttocks. I untied her hands as she slowly sank to the floor. As she sat there panting with a lecherous, satisfied smile, her gorgeous tits glistening with sweat and drool, I pulled out my phone and snapped some quick photos before switching to video. She looked at me inquisitively before I gestured to my cock, coated in a mixture of blood, cum, and feces. "Well slut, what are you waiting for? Time to clean up."

To Be Continued...

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous08/07/18

Please write more

this was the perfect balance of non consent and hard fucking. I will be riding out many orgasms to this in the future.

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by Anonymous08/07/18

Of course

She's ok with being raped. Yep.



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