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Sunday Morning


Copyright Oggbashan August 2005

This story is based on a 830 word story in German 'Sonntagvormittags' and the author has adapted the basic translation to form a new story. The author asserts the moral right to be identified as the author of those parts of this story that are his original work.

This is a work of fiction. The events described here are imaginary; the settings and characters are fictitious and are not intended to represent specific places or living persons.

* * * * *

One Sunday morning, my wife went out to visit one of her friends for a few minutes and I was left at home alone. Suddenly the doorbell rang. When I opened the front door there were two very attractive women wearing long trenchcoats spattered with the rain that was falling hard outside. Both of them were not as tall as I am and younger – about wife's age. Their sun glasses and fine silk headscarves hid much of their faces.

What could these elegantly dressed ladies want with us? I thought.

"Good morning. We are two of your wife's old schoolfriends and as we were passing we thought we would surprise her."

"I'm sorry. She's out at the moment. She should be back in half an hour."

"Oh, that doesn't matter," said the woman on my left glancing at the other. "We don't mind waiting. We're so rarely in this town that a half hour's delay is worth it to meet our old friend. Perhaps we could come in wait for her? Let me introduce ourselves. I am Anjana and she is Elena."

I was slightly startled by their insistence as they pushed gently passed me, leaving me to shut the door behind them. I decided to make the best of it, showing them into the living room and offering them a drink.

Four beautiful eyes smiled at me as they removed their sunglasses. They removed their wet coats and headscarves revealing silk scarves draped around their shoulders. I noticed that they were wearing white silk gloves. I took their coats and wet headscarves into the hall and hung them up. After a few minutes of chatting about this and that, the weather, politics and what had happened recently in our town Anjana suddenly asked me:

"Have you read the recent best-seller about how to kidnap and keep a prisoner?"

"What?" I said "Has someone written a manual on how to conduct a kidnap?"

"Yes," Anjana replied.

"What use is that?" I asked. "I can understand the need for a manual on how to prepare for a job interview, or how to maintain a car, but not on how to do a kidnap. I don't believe it. You're kidding me."

Anjana smiled provocatively at me. "It's true. Ruth Maibild wrote it." She said. "Among many other tricks of the trade she tells how to make someone helpless with just two short pieces of string this long." She held her hands about 30 cm apart.

"That short?" I retorted. "I don't believe it. That's impossible!"

"It is possible." Anjana replied. "Why not let me demonstrate how she says it should be done? I haven't tried it yet. If I remember what she wrote correctly I think I can do it to you. Will you let me?"

I still didn't believe it. I nodded consent.

"Elena, you have some string?"

"Yes, Anjana."

Elena took a small ball of string from her handbag and cut two 30cm lengths with a pair of nail scissors. Anjana nodded approvingly. The pieces of string looked too short even to tie a parcel.

"OK. Now let's see if we can do this trick right. Can you stand up and turn your back towards me?"

I stood.

"Now, please put your thumbs together behind your back."

I did. Anjana wound the string around them and crossed the knot, pulling tight. The string dug firmly into my thumbs. I eased my arms. Anjana was right. I couldn't free myself from that pathetic piece of string.

"Don't struggle yet. I haven't finished. Please sit down."

I sat down on the settee.

"Can we take your shoes off?"

I nodded. Elena took my shoes off and rolled my socks down, pulling them off.

Elena wound the second piece of string around my big toes. This time I could see exactly what she did. After circling the toes twice, she made a knot. The two ends she passed between my toes and knotted again, forcing the first turns tight.

Now I was completely helpless. My thumbs and hands were behind me, digging into my back. My feet were held together.

"We've nearly done," said Anjana. "Does your wife still keep her scarves in the wardrobe?"

"No." I said without thinking. "They are in the cupboard in the hall."

"OK." Anjana replied. "I'll be back in a second."

She went into the hall returning with a large handful of my wife's silk scarves. Elena swung my feet up onto the settee and lowered me onto my back.

"Which one of these do you like best?" Anjana asked. "They are such a beautiful collection."

"The white one with the riding scenes." I replied.

Anjana put the other scarves beside me on the settee and spread the white one between her hands. Elena started carefully folding them into triangles. It took just a few seconds. When she had finished she walked behind the settee.

"I'm sorry. This one is slightly stained, see..." Anjana said.

She held it scrunched in her hand with part of the material towards me. I peered at it. I couldn't see a stain even when Anjana brought it very close to my face.

Elena suddenly pulled my head back with one hand. Her other hand forced my jaw down. Anjana pushed the white scarf deep into my open mouth. She grabbed a scarf that Elena had folded so carefully and forced it over my stuffed mouth. Elena dragged it back and knotted it fiercely behind my head.

Anjana covered that scarf with another, lapping my face up to my nose. Elena tied that one just as tightly. My feeble grunts were lost in the sound of the swishing scarves as they wrapped my head from above. I couldn't free myself from those ridiculously short pieces of string as Anjana blindfolded me with another scarf.

"I'm so sorry to screw up your wife's beautiful scarves," I heard Anjana say, "but we wanted you helpless. Now you are and we can get on with what we came to do. Just a few more touches..."

I felt scarves tightened around my elbows and knees. As Anjana continued to talk I heard Elena going upstairs.

"...and now you are really helpless. Don't worry. We won't be long. We just want your wife's jewellery. She might forgive you for losing that. Whether she will forgive you for messing up her scarves? Or for being taken in by two small women? If I were her, I'd leave you tied up like this for hours. What do you think? Will she let you free at once? Or let you suffer?"

Elena's footsteps came back down the stairs. She went through into the kitchen.

"She's washing up our glasses," said Anjana. "We don't want to leave a mess for your wife, do we?"

They wouldn't be leaving fingerprints either, I thought angrily, not with those white silk gloves. Once the glasses were washed up there wouldn't be a trace of them. I heard the two of them collecting their coats. Feet came back towards me. A kiss was planted on my blindfolded eyes, covered by tightly wrapped silk.

"Goodbye," Anjana's teasing voice faintly penetrated my wrappings, "Thank you for being SO co-operative. Now what will your wife do to you? Think about it while you wait for her."

I heard the front door shut. I struggle helplessly in my silken bonds. I have a real fear that my wife might leave me like this. She will be furious...

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