tagBDSMSunday Morning

Sunday Morning


As Cindy arrived home from church...she thought about all the errands she'd have to run and the fact her parents were expecting her to visit and to listen to them rehash their senior citizen bus trip for the eleventh time. The good thing about church was the feeling she got when she felt the world come off her shoulders for a little while. She wore a multi colored dress with spaghetti straps to allow her sunburn to heal a bit better. As she walked into her warm house...she was tempted to change to shorts and a tank top except that she felt too lazy to change. As she started clearing the dishwasher...she felt a presence that she wasn't expecting. Her breathing began to get deeper as she heard his voice behind her.

"How was church...my pet?" he asked. Her breathing stopped for a moment before she responded back.

"It was fine...Master. I was a good girl this morning." Her response was curt. She could feel her pussy start to get wetter as she felt his breath on her ear.

"But I wanted you to be bad..." he whispered. He knelt down and pulled the bottom of the dress upwards a bit so that her granny panties were showing. She immediately turned red knowing her master did not like them and forbade their use when he was present.

"Master...I wasn't expecting you today. So I wore..." her speech was cut short by the feeling of him rubbing her pussy through the panties. She moaned involuntarily. He then stood behind her and let the dress fall back into place.

"I was supposed to have the kids today. The bitch forgot to tell me when they were going to the beach. So I get to spend my time with my pet. Or would you rather I go so you can be the good girl?" His last question was more sarcastic than inquisitive. She turned to him.

"I-I-I- I just wasn't expecting you Master. That's all." As she turned towards him....he grabbed her wrist and led her towards the bedroom. It was a few moments before they reached her bed and her master pushed her onto it so she landed on her hands and knees. He smiled wide before he reached down and pulled the dress over her rear end. The granny panties were in view. He playfully tutted before pulling them down below her now exposed pussy.

"Even if I am not present...my pet...you are still not to wear these. I would have expected you to remember that these do nothing to flatter your gorgeous ass. I am going to have to spank you for it." The last sentence he spoke was more as sarcasm again because he knew how much of a pain slut she was. She loved her ass being as pink as her favorite butt plug. As he grabbed the flogger...she was frozen there motionless. The first smack was sudden and she yelped a bit before she composed herself.

"One..." she responded. He struck her with it again.

"Two..." she responded. In her mind she made a resolution to trash every pair of granny panties she had in her drawers. The spanking continued as he kept swatting and she kept counting until she reached thirty. There were a few quiet moments before she felt his tongue slide into her pussy.

"Mmmmmmmm..." she cooed as his tongue started to snake its way between her lips. Her knees began to get weaker while his tongue started to slide up and down to absorb her juices from the spanking until he stopped suddenly. She wanted to moan in protest...simply because she wanted to cum on his tongue. Her protest would have been short lived because she felt him slide his length inside of her. Her mouth opened and a moan came out before she felt him take her dark locks into his hand and her moans became louder. As she edged closer to climax...she started to hear knocking at the door. She heard him cursing under his breath as he pulled out. As she rolled onto his back...she saw his naked ass walking towards her front door.

The door partially opened and she heard her neighbor complaining about the noise. She thought in her mind how much of a busybody her neighbor was. She then heard her master charm her enough and admonish that he just got back from a business trip and they'll try to be quieter before he slowly closed the door. As he walked back into her bedroom...she could hear him grumble a little bit before he put himself back into his dominant mind set.

"Slut...I need my cock hardened." It was more of an indirect command than a request as she slid onto the floor. She took the opportunity while he was talking to the neighbor to slip off the offending panties so her knees were not tied together. As she took his length into her mouth...she could taste her juices on him. She loved the taste of her on him. In her mind...it was like her mark on him although she had marked him many times in the past since this divorced father of two met her at the local grocery and became her dominant. As she greedily swallowed his cock...she felt him start to waver a bit.

"Oh God...Cindy....I'm gonna cum..." The climax felt good exploding inside her throat. She loved...no...craved her master's cum down her throat. As she swallowed his offering...she had a slight bit of doubt as to whether she would get a chance to finish the teasing he began. Her master sat on the bed before resuming his control.

"On the bed now slut....dress up....I need to see your cunt." He usually never was that vulgar. As she hurried to comply with his wishes...he grabbed her favorite glass dildo from its preferred spot and started to slide it into her pussy. She felt it as he used it on her with his tongue making occasional licks on the tip of her clit. The orgasm was edging closer before he looked up at her.

"I want my reward..." he said before he slid his tongue onto her clit. As she started to cum....he pressed his tongue against her clit on top of the toy to taste her sweetness. Her eyes closed before she lay lifeless on the bed. As much as he wanted to take more of her...he realized she had things to do.

"My pet...time to get ready." She smiled at him lazily.

"Master...can you go to my parent's with me? You know I hate drinking there alone."

"Sure I can..." he answered. "Just make sure you put on the pink boy shorts. I never want to see you in grannies again."

She smiled as she looked up at him. Her parent's won't be so hard to deal with after all.

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