tagLoving WivesSunday Morning Fuck

Sunday Morning Fuck


I woke up the other morning stiff and sore, it's that time of year in the high deserts of Arizona were we have short days and long cold nights. That can only mean one thing, winters coming to the mountain.

In the White Mountains, at the six thousand foot elevation, it get's cold, damn cold, if you've never lived in the high desert you wouldn't understand. But for those of you that have, you know what I'm talking about.

Anyways, this time of year we start getting ready for winter. The last couple of days were spent in the forest cutting wood, getting ready for the coming snows.

Yea, I know what your thinking, snow in Arizona? No way. But yes, it snows here, a lot, last year we had up to two feet at one time.

I'm not a young guy any more and spending two days in the woods cutting down trees is bad enough, but then I still had to drag the eight foot logs to the truck. All that clean air and hard work left me feeling like my wife ran me over with the truck.

By the end of each day I was beat, but it still wasn't over, when we got home I still had the pleasure of cutting, splitting and stacking the wood before I could call it a day.

My wife on the other hand was loving it, she was like a new woman, running around the woods like she was eighteen again, like someone had giving her a big shot of adrenalin.

But like I was saying, I felt like crap when I got out of bed on the third day, my wife had woken me up with a cup of tea and a fresh hot cimamion roll. I got up and sat on the edge of the bed and looked at the clock, it was all of three thirty in the morning. The only good thing was watching her running around the bedroom with only a pair of panties on.

When she left the room I got up and went into the bathroom, I closed my eyes while I was taking a leak and daydreamed of her hard flat tummy and how little her small firm tits bounced while she walked.

Damn, she still looked for a fifty year old woman.

When I finished peeing, I went back into the bedroom and sat in the chair by my side of the bed and tried to think of a way to get out of cutting wood today. It felt like I had a cold coming on so I coughed a few times when she walked by the door hopping she would feel sorry for me.

Ether she didn't hear me or she was on to me, ether way she ignored me and left me alone in the bedroom to drink my tea.

I turned on the TV, while I watched the news the smell of bacon and eggs drifted into the bedroom. That's when I realized it was no use trying to get out of it, she wasn't going to waste a day off doing nothing, no matter how beat up I felt.

When Wendy came into the bedroom she was carrying our breakfast on a tray and I see she outdid herself.

She made me breakfast fit for a king, a bacon, onion, and pepper omelet, toast with home made jam and fresh squeezed orange juice.

I also couldn't help noticing she had changed; now she was wearing the new black lace baby doll I had bought for her birthday, with no panties. There was no way I couldn't notice it, it barely covered her tits much less anything else.

She sat on the bed and I ate my breakfast looking at her almost naked body, I kept trying to work the possibility of staying home, or at the very least, leaving a little bit later in the day, into the conversation. But every time I did, she kept sushhing me, and then would change the subject.

We finished eating breakfast and Wendy reached over and took my plate, setting it on the tray. She had been sitting on the bed leaning against the headboard.

Now, she turned and sat on the edge of the bed directly across from me. She touched my arm and when I looked at her she put her feet on the side board of the bed.

I watched her legs spread open and was no longer interested in watching the news. She started lightly running her finger tips up and down the insides of her thighs.

That's when I noticed she had shaved the lips of her pussy, every now and then, her hand would come up and her finger tips would lightly rub her nipples.

Her nipples were getting harder and harder as she watched me watching her.

Her eyes started to drift and while she was looking over my body I reached down and touched my cock. She licking her lips and asked, "What would you like to do today"

When I didn't answer, she looked down at my semi hard cock and watched as I started lightly stroking it with just the tips of my fingers.

Finally I said, "anything but cut firewood"

Wendy stood up, looked at me and said, "I don't know about that" Picking up the tray she said, "I'll be back in a few minutes" As she started to walk out the room she paused and said, "Think about it, what we should do today."

She turned and walked out of the room, just past the door she stopped and I heard her say, "Opps" With her back to me she looked over her shoulder to make sure I was watching, seeing I was, she spread her feet slightly, and slowly bent at the waist.

Watching her show, my cock got harder and harder as first her pussy, then asshole, slowly came into view. She placed the tray on the floor and her fingers slowly started traced their way up her legs, finally stopping at her pussy.

One finger pushed between the lips of her pussy and she started rubbing her clit, looking around her leg and seeing my hard cock her hand went to her mouth, tasting her own juices she said, "I see you didn't have to think very hard"

All week long she's been teasing me, telling me how she was going to fuck me using her strap on, so while she put the dishes in the dishwasher I laid out all the toys I thought we might want to play with.

I including her Share, hopping things would go my way.

I just had finished and was sitting down in my chair when she walked back into the room. When she looked around the room, she fought back a smile when she looked at the dresser and saw all the toys. Instead of going to the dresser; she walked over and sat on the edge of the bed again.

With her eyes locked on my cock, she asked what I had decided, then she reached over and touched the tip. Using just the tip of her finger she wiped up the drop of precum that was forming on the tip.

Looking me In the eyes she brought her finger to her mouth and licked the tip with her tongue.

Her hand went back between her legs and she pushed the same finger between the folds of her pussy. When she pulled it out I could see it was glistening with her juices.

Putting it next to my nose she said, "Smell it" I closed my eyes and inhaled deeply, smiling as the musky odor of her cunt made my senses tingle.

My eyes were still closed when I felt her finger pushing between my lips, I opened my mouth when she said, "open you mouth and taste me my little bitch" and her finger push in.

When she started fucking my mouth with her finger my cock pulsed; with my eyes still closed I imagined it was her cock instead.

When she pulled her finger out of my mouth it made me open my eyes; I was just in time to watch her lay back on the bed, bring her legs to her chest and wrap her arms around her thighs and spread her legs open. Placing a hand on ether side of her pussy she slowly spread her lips open.

Looking at her glistening cunt, I stood up, took my shirt off and knelt in front of her spread legs. Putting my hands under her hips I pulled her towards me.

Leaving her pussy in my capable hands, Wendy's hands went to her breasts, squeezing and pinching her nipples until they became hard little pebbles.

When she felt my hot breath on her pussy her body started to tremble, inhaling her musky scent I spread her pussy open.

Ever so gently I leaned forward and softly touched her clit with the tip of my tongue. Wendy let out a soft moan and thrust her hips forward. I pulled back, I wasn't ready to let her cum, not today, today I was going to drag it out, tease her, and make her beg for release.

Pushing my face into her pussy I inhaled deeply, letting her scent excite me. I fucked her with my tongue, as her excitement build, her juices soaked my beard, and started running down my chin.

Teasing, I touched her puckered asshole with the tip of my tongue. I felt it pulse trying to pull my tongue in, another couple of flicks and I almost brought her to an orgasm.

Her hands went to my head, her fingers grasping my hair she pushed my face into her cunt; pumping her hips, she kept whispering, " please baby, please, please, please, let me cum"

My mouth went to her clit, sucking it in I teased it with the tip of my tongue, her back arched when I slowly flicked side to side.

When I moved my mouth down and fucked her with my tongue I knew I had gone to far, the only choice I had left, was to let her cum.

With a long low moan, her orgasm peaked, her hot sticky juices soaking me, what I couldn't suck into my mouth and swallow flowed down her ass onto the bed.

I could take my time now, she was mine and I was in no hurry, there was no need, a flick of my tongue, or just a hot breath was all it took for me to bring her to another orgasm.

I explored every inch of her pussy with my tongue, slowly bringing her mind and body to the edge; I let her body signal me when she wanted to cum.

Sometimes I would let her, sometimes I would just bring her to the edge and let her hang there, listening to her beg, beg me for that final flick of my tongue or hot breath that would let the waves of pleasure cascade thru her body.

Holding her clit captive with my lips I Used my fingers to explored her pussy, when she felt a finger pushing in she moaned out, " yes, yes, yes" Her body spasm with pleasure as my tongue, barely touching circles her clit.

Her back arches as a second finger is pushed into her pussy. Her pleasure almost complete now and she uses her hands to push on the back of my head, begging me to give her the pleasure only I can.

I place the tip of a third finger against her asshole; as I push lightly my finger is slowly sucked in as her body pulsates with pleasure.

At last I decide to let her go, using my fingers and tongue I bring her to a new level of pleasure, she screams out as she explodes in an orgasm. All it takes is a touch and she orgasms over and over, so many times the bed is soaked.

She lays there, letting the pleasure subsided, trying to catch her breath.

I pulled her closer to the side of the bed as I stand up.

I push her legs against her chest and when she feels me place the tip of my cock against her opening she begs me, "no more, I can't take anymore, please no more "

Today, I would show no mercy, I didn't have to, when she felt me slowly pushing my cock in her cunt her pleasure started all over again, her hips started bucking trying to make me fuck her harder. I pulled out until just the tip is touching her pussy.

Her eyes close, she asks, no begs for release saying, "fuck me baby, anyway you want, just fuck me"

I push my cock in and lean over pinning her to the bed, Wendy immediately screams out in pleasure as I start rocking my hips.

She starts another orgasm and when she peaks she squeezes my cock so hard I couldn't push in or pull out, I don't have to, her screaming and vice like grip sends me over the top.

When she feels my hot cum it set her off all over again, it felt so good neither one of us moved, we just let the pleasure pulse over and over until finally I rolled over and lay next to her.

I got to tell you the truth; I was a little disappointed I didn't get my ass fucked, but what the hell, tomorrows another day.

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