tagFetishSunday Morning Orange Juice

Sunday Morning Orange Juice


I'm lying in bed when he walks in with a peeled orange and a smile. No clothes – no towel. He had just come out of the shower and I smile.

"Can I have some?" I ask kneeling up in my robe and stepping off the bed. I stand next to you and you begin to feed me a piece of orange and then pull it away. "You tease!"

"Me? I'm the tease?" You walk around me and pull on my robe tie. "You're the one hiding your nakedness from me while I'm in my glory. Now who's the tease?" I let my robe fall open and my large breasts peek out from underneath and my shaved pussy is exposed. I shaved it while I was in the shower and you smile as you reach out to touch my cunt. You find my wetness cover the outside of my pussy lips. "Were you playing while I was in the shower?" I smile and pull my robe close as my face reddens at the accusation of me masturbating.

"I was, but that was because I was so turned on when I was shaving in the..." You still stand there innocently eating a piece of an orange not sharing.

"But I told you I wanted to shave you. Therefore, you shouldn't get a piece of my orange." I walk over to you and open my robe and hold it open as I cuddle next to you and kiss your chest. Taking your nipple into my mouth and biting down lightly pulling at it as your hand slips under my robe finding my still sore ass. You squeeze my ass cheek and your index finger touches my properly fucked muscle.

I moan and let go of your nipple and I run my hands toward your cock. You place the orange on my desk and remove my hand from your body. You pull my robe down and trap my arms as you back me toward the bed. The back of my knees bump the mattress and I am forced to sit down.

You take the chair from my desk and sit across from me and I leave my hands behind me propping myself up. I offer myself to you as I arch my back. My legs are open and my pussy is at the edge of the bed. One of your hands finds my nipple and you start to twist and pull as I begin to move my hips.

"Does that cunt want attention now? Now that you're all shaven and soaked? Now that you took that enjoyment from me? Does your cunt want me to touch it? Do you want me to finger fuck you slut?" I moan as you pull hard on my nipple and then you briefly touch my cunt. You run your hand over the outside and feel how wet I've become. You slide your index finger down my slit. "Look at this you horny cunt." My blond hair falls in my eyes and you let go of my nipple to brush my hair back. "Look at the wetness on the fingertip. Are you going to let it go to waste?" I open my mouth and you place the finger inside my mouth as I suck your finger as I did you cock last night. "Do you like tasting your cum?"

"Mmm, yes I do."

"So do I and knowing that you didn't let me enjoy that while shaving you upsets me. Actually it saddens me a bit. So I don't think you deserve a piece of orange just yet."

You push the chair away and walk to my dresser and find my nipple clamps in my top drawer as well as a couple pair of nylons. As you stand in front of me your hands find my breasts and your hands find the full weight as you grab them tightly and massage them harshly. The way I love it. I see the look in your eyes and I know you're enjoying this too much and you drop my breasts and walk back toward the dresser and grab the items that you found.

"Clamp these on those gorgeous nipples of yours." I do as I'm instructed knowing you're standing there watching me as you rub your cock. The pleasurable pain washes over me and I gasp and then it turns into a low moan.

You walk back over to me and give the ring a nice quick tug seeing how tight they were applied. I sharply gasp and you smile planting a kiss on my lips before you push me onto my back. My legs involuntarily open inviting you in and you grab my soaked nylons from the night before knowing my scent would drive me crazy. You lean over me and tie my arms to the head board. As you're tying me down I feel your semi hard cock brush against my pussy.

"Fuck me. You know you want to." You're hovering over me and you look down and kiss me letting the weight of your body rest on me. Your hand finds my soaked cunt and you pull away your mouth and hand.

"I do want to fuck you. But I want to do other things first."

You stare into my eyes inviting you into me, as well as your hands, as I stare intently watching you watch what you're doing to me. You smile as you climb off of me and move to the end of the bed and tie my feet to the bed in the spread eagle position.

"You will enjoy waiting, my love. Just let me have some fun. It'll be worth it."

"I don't think I can wait to cum." You slide the chair next to the bed and take a slice of the orange from my desk.

"Good! Then we'll break that record we set last night. Cum as many times, my sweet. I want to leave you sexually satisfied."

You squeeze the orange slice on my thigh and slide a hand underneath my leg your fingers brushing my cunt as I arch my back. You slide the tips of your finger inside my lips and run them up and down my cunt as you lick and suck my thigh free of the sticky orange juice. I start to pump my hips making your fingers move on my cunt as you pull away to grab another slice of orange.

I watch as you squeeze it on the side of my muscular calf and you start to lick it off my calf biting lightly and then you begin to kiss the back of my knee. While you do this I am still moving my hips on the bed hoping you'd skip all this nonsense and fuck me, but you don't.

You grab another slice of the orange and move to my very sensitive nipples. As you grab the chain I warn you that I may cum if you move them or even lay your tongue on my nipple. All I get for a response was a shrug. You lift the chain straight up and tug quick and firmly. I can't believe the words as you ask me to count the tugs. I don't even make it to ten before I start to shake.

"Oh...my...God...I'm starting...I can't believe...I'm cumming..." You tug harder as I start to cum. My legs pulling hard on the ties as well as my hands as I arch my back. You drop the chain as I start to jerk on the bed my face flushed and pink.

As my breathing slows you kiss my lips and kiss my neck and nibble on my ear.

"I thought you were hot last night, but damn. You proved me wrong." I chuckle and you slide the orange to my lips and say "Take a bite, sweetie." I take a bite and then you place it on my bedside table and slowly remove the nipple clamps kissing each one as you do. I moan and you smile grabbing the half bitten orange slice.

You rub the orange on my nipple and I moan and watch your smile on your face. You know exactly what you're doing to me and I smile as your mouth suckles my nipple. Sucking all the orange off and teasing my nipple with your teeth. Playfully you lightly bite my nipple and then move the same treatment to my other nipple. I would love to place my hands on your head.

I feel your hand on my soaked cunt and I hear you moan as you kiss and bite your way down to my cunt. You kneel once you're positioned perfectly between my legs and you grab the rest of the orange. You remove a slice and then place the rest on my stomach.

With the slice in your hand you run it up and down my cunt and coat it with my juices. You offer it to my mouth and I taste myself on the orange and I've never had a better orange in my life.

"Mmm, you have to try some." You're biting your lip as you watch me enjoy the orange.

"Don't worry, babe. I'll have some. And then I'll have some more." I smile and watch you coat another slice for you and you eat it slowly.

At first you suck my juices off the orange and the eat it nice and slow. You repeat this move a couple more times and then replace the orange with your tongue. I feel your tongue enter my cunt cleaning all of my cum out and peeking at me with your face glistening. You place the orange on my bedside table once again.

As you climb on top of me and I feel your hard cock between my legs as you kiss me and I love tasting myself on your mouth. Your hands envelop me and your hands fumble to untie my hands and once that is succeeded I hold you close to me.

Slowly you slide away to untie my legs and once they are free I wrap my legs around you and you slide your cock inside my soaked cunt. You roll me over and I'm on top of you riding your cock. My tits are hanging over your face and you grab a nipple and start to suck on it. You pull me down on top of you and I'm meeting your hard thrusts.

Your pace quickens and I feel your cock harden as you slam into my cunt your balls tight and I reach around and grab your ass and slide a finger between them.

"Oh fuck...Oh yeah...you cunt...Mmm...you're so hot...and tight...Mmm...my fucking whore...my slut..." with that I start to feel my orgasm start. I wrap my legs around you and my cunt starts contracting around your cock and I feel you start to cum in spurts inside of my cunt. With quick hard thrusts you collapse on top of me and kiss my neck with a little bite.

Our breathing is heavy as I lay with you still on top of me kissing my neck. Your cock disappears from inside of me. I kiss your neck as well and we stay like this for what feels like forever trying to collect ourselves. It's getting chilly and you pull the blankets over our naked and sweaty bodies. You reach over and pick up the last two pieces of the orange. You hand them to me.

"You've earned the last two slices." I smile and place half in my mouth and leave over offering you the other half. You bite off half and then we kiss. I love the feeling of your arms as they wrap around me and hold me to you.

"I never had to do all of that for an orange slice before." You grab my breast and let your thumb run over my nipple.

"Wait until you see what I make you do for a strawberry!"

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