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Sunday Night Fun, Laci and Johnathon



This story is a stand alone follow up to a previous story, "Laci's First Time."

It is written at a point of having Laci and Johnathon now dating a few times and are into a repeating relationship. From the point of view of Johnathon and Laci having sexual relationship, they too have a friendly relationship as Laci being her normal male self Lawrence with Johnathon. Lawrence and Johnathon are not sexual but have a male buddy friendship. The sexual as mutual and growing intense relationship is and remains Laci as Lawrence's female alter ego and Johnathon... Enjoy this installment

Sunday Night Fun:

I cheer (as Lawrence), "Hell yeah touchdown, Dallas is gonna win the game Johnathon."

Johnathon smiles and replies, "Good I hate the Redskins, Dallas may not be my team but I like them better than Washington," he adds, "Besides The Cowboys Cheerleaders are always hot."

I pipe in, "Oh yeah, as a dude I could dream of banging some of them cheerleaders over the years, as Laci I'd want to put on their outfits." as I laugh.

Johnathon adds, "Fuck yeah, Laci would look fucking hot dressed as a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader."

We watch the last minutes of the game, finish our beers and pizza, it was a dudes afternoon of football. Myself as Lawrence and Johnathon have a good buddy relationship too now over the sexual and dating relationship Laci and Johnathon have. It's kind of the best of both worlds.

The game ends Dallas 28 Washington 21. We both unwind a bit to the post game show, Johnathon looks at the time and sees it's early only 5:45pm. He looks at me and stretches out on the sofa.

He says, "Ya know what?"

I pull a last bit from my bottle of beer and ask, "What man."

Johnathon says, "I really need some time with Laci tonight, how about you do yourself up and we just chill out on a Sunday night date."

I figure hey why not, we've had a dudes football afternoon, how about me being sexy and girly for a man I dig when I'm so Laci.

I say, "Ok, sounds good. It's gonna take a while."

Johnathon replies, "OK, it only builds my desire to see and be with Laci."

I get up tell him to watch whatever he likes as I get all done up as Laci.

I walk to my bedroom and take off my guys clothes and put Lawrence away for a few hours tonight. Down to my briefs I pick out my girlie under clothes. A lightly padded for a bit of a curvy figure black lace panty and a matching black lace bra to fit my B cup size breast forms. I grab a black hip length silky robe and head to the bathroom to shower.

Once I'm all showered I put on my girlie smelling body lotion and then give myself a close shave so that my makeup will be spot on. In my black lace bra and panty with black silky robe on it's makeup time. The transformation from decent looking 40 something white male to sexy, cute and very girlie young 40 something Laci is cool to watch looking at myself in my mirror.

From concealer to proper skin tone matching foundation and pressed powder to finish off a now smooth complexion it's on to my eyes for the way I do Laci's makeup. I'm going to go with a smokey green/ green black look. The shades of green are a light green to pop my hooded brow area, then a dark green/black to shade a smoked look and winged up to lift my eyes shape. My lids will fill in a frosted medium green. Then I do a liner and smudge it to deepen the smoked effect around my green eyes. This for me as Laci is fierce.

I shape my brows with deep brown pencil and powder to give them a feminine arch. Curl my lashes and smoothly apply my mascara and BANG! my eyes a so hot and fierce looking.

I finish my face with hi-lights and contouring powders to frame a more delicate and female like face, My choice for lip color is a deep, very deep red and a complimentary blush on my cheeks being careful to not look clown like. I finish with a dusting of loose powder. I grab a bottle of some Elizabeth Arden perfume and spritz my neck, wrists and down under area.

I speak to my reflection in the mirror, "Damn! Girl! you look killer, gonna get Johnathon rock fucking hard ya sexy bitch."

I walk back to my bedroom and pick out my outfit, but first put on some girlie nails, deep red in colour. I then finger through my hosiery drawer, "Mmmmmmm what to pull on my long smooth girlie legs?"

I choose a new package of black sheer to waist silky back seem pantyhose. I carefully open the package and smoothly pull the pantyhose from the package, they feel so good in my hands. Carefully I gather up a leg being careful to not put a run in them with my long deep red coloured nails. I slide the right leg on first then the left, I stand up and gently pull the pantyhose over my knees, thighs and up my hips. They feel so electric and sensuous on my smooth legs. Looking back into my full length mirror, every girl genetic, crossdresser or transsexual needs a full length mirror, as I adjust the seams straight up the back of my legs.

I grab my blonde, slightly longer than shoulder length wispy wig with cute bangs to hang just above my eyes, and put it on. BINGO! Laci looks like a full on girl now. I figure to give Johnathon a tease as I've been about a hour now and he's been watching t.v. in my living room. I pick out a pair of black spiky slip on mules with a red feathery vamp and slip my black coloured pantyhose feet in each mule, My pantyhose go sheer up my hips where my black silky robe just hangs about my buttocks, my black lace bra and B cup forms peak out from the robe's V neck.

I open my bedroom door and walk down the hallway, knowing I'm going to walk past Johnathon so I can go to my bar and pour myself some wine to sip as I finish dressing. I'm certain his eyes will pop and I hope his cock goes rock hard too. As I enter the living room he can't help but not see his Laci for tonight. I walk slowly by him and look at him as I smile and toss my hair.

"OH MY GOD!" He says.

I walk past and to the bar looking at him almost drool at what he sees. I smile and grab an open bottle of white wine from the bar fridge, pour a bit into a wine glass, then proceed to walk back and past him.

His right hand lightly fondles his crotch as he is getting hard. As I walk in my mules near by him he sits up grabs for me, placing his hands around my his and pulls me in tight, his face near my torso below my breast area. He looks up at my sexy face. Stillness in the moment, my right hand holds my wine glass.

He says, "You are so fucking sexy, you smell so fucking good, you are such a tease and dammit BACK SEEMS!! I feel as if I'm gonna bust a nut just looking at you Laci."

I bend down to him and we kiss then I walk off telling him I'm almost done dressing. He stares at my back side, my legs and feet in the spiky mules.

I get into my bedroom and pick out my outfit. I'm going black satin blouse, red leather skater style short skirt, a red cincher belt to aid in curves. I grab a red leather zipper style jacket and for footwear I grab a gorgeous pair of red leather lace up ankle booties with side zippers and about 5 inch spike heels.

Before I can get dressed though, Johnathon who is all hot and wanting enters my bedroom, comes to me from behind, wraps his arms around my waist and kisses the right side of my neck, nibbles my right ear and tells me how hot I look and how bad he wants me.

I ask, "What do you want babe?"

He replies, "Let me show you Laci." as he eases me onto my bed me in my lingerie, pantyhose and mules. He moves me back towards my bed's many pillows my mules slip off my feet and fall to the floor. He gently eases my head onto my many pillows, my hair falls nicely on the pillows around my sexy made up face. I watch Johnathon stand up undo and remove his black cotton twill pants. His nicely endowed manhood pops and is sheathed by his black briefs. He pulls them off and now his white cotton long sleeve shirt hangs loosely as he gets on the bed, straddles my upper body. His nicely cut erect cock nears my face.

"Laci I so want a blowjob with your sexy face and lips treating me as a man."

I smile lick my deep red coloured lips with my tongue and say, "Well give it to me ya stud, take my mouth, claim it as yours, make me feel like the sexy tart I am right now."

My head propped up on many pillows readies as Johnathon moves his erect manhood towards my lips, His cock's bulbous head presses on and then through my lips as he sighs. My lips seal and my tongue begins to play with his cock. I suck and suck as I build up saliva and Johnathon works it gently letting me get a feel for his cock in my wanting mouth. I look up at him as he like a real man towers over me and he looks at me, his clean shaved face, clean cut brown hair and his also green eyes pierce mine.

We work on a glorious blow job, his sighs and moans and my slurping and sucking is growing with intensity. Soon he takes control and his hands on my bed's headboard he begins to thrust, careful to not gag or choke me with his manhood but with intent. I take each thrust and only gag a few times as he then eases back, my good sucking and some drool seeps from my mouth down my chin. Johnathon is getting closer and closer, it makes him thrust harder as I take his cock in my mouth. I want him to cum now so bad my eyes looking up at him so relay that desire of mine and shows him that I'm his a taken tranny chick. He thrusts and moans.

He sighs and says, "Fuck, I'm almost there Laci... ahhh... ju...just a little bit... ahhh.. ummm... Oh suck it girl... Ahh...almost." then he groans and I feel it ,an explosion of hot gooey cum fills my mouth, I swallow it all as I cherish Johnathon's gift of his sperm for me to swallow as if it was a delicacy.

As he finishes shooting his jizz down my throat he pulls off but kisses me first. I lay in my pillows looking at him get back dressed, my girlie mind so intoxicated with this pleasure and exciting relationship with a real man. As Laci I love this feeling, she's such an interesting part of who I am.

Jonathon walks out and back to the living room. I finish my dressing in black satin and red leather. I fill my essentials in a red leather shoulder length purse, fix my lipstick from the blow job I gave Johnathon. I walk out and model my outfit to him like any sexy girl would for her man. Of course he loves it.

He puts on his black suede jacket and we walk out from my home's front door, my heels clicking on my driveway as he opens the passenger door of his silver Lexus GS400 helping me get in and watching me swing my red leather high heel ankle booted feet inside. He closes my door and quickly walks to the driver's side. It's chilly for a late fall night, clear with a light breeze. I'm probably not dressed perfect for a chilly night but I feel so damn sexy I don't care. His car heats its seats up and HVAC quickly as we drive off. Johnathon wants to go to a coffee shop we've done so a few times already and the staff know us so it's comfortable. Plus it will be busy enough as Johnathon likes showing cutie, sexy Laci off. We know others both men and women will watch me and us. It's just fun.

Arriving he parks, helps me out of his car my heels click on the sidewalk. We hold hands as we walk up and inside the coffee shop. It's after 8:00pm and it's half full with customers. They all sort of look at us as my heels click clock on the tile floor, my sexy outfit on my 5'11" 180lb body makes a presence. Johnathon and I love that bit of narcissism. We sit at a table by the window. A waitress who knows us, her name is Jackie a 22 year old brunette about the age of my daughter, greets us, chit chats tells me how good I look as Laci and takes our order for two lattes.

Once we get our coffees we just chat about life, us, the football game and other stuff. Johnathon loves being with Laci as she add a zest to his life and sexual heat. I enjoy how Laci adds to my life as Lawrence. Jackie pops into talk here and there and next thing we know it almost 9:30 pm.

We decide to get up and head out saying good night to the staff as we then walk back to Johnathon's car. Once inside we drive off and just drive, talking as we go. He tells me he plans trading the Lexus off for a new car and asks if I'd like to see the car he is looking a buying. I agree and we go to the auto mall and the dealership. Being late on a Sunday it's closed but the car he likes is on the lot.

Once we get to the dealership a Jeep dealership, Johnathon gets out and walks around to help me out from the passenger side, my red spike heel ankle boots firmly planted on the ground. He walks me hand in hand to a white Jeep Grand Cherokee Trail Hawk, a serious 4x4 SUV. He tells me what about it he likes and why he wants such a manly vehicle. I tell him its a very brawny and sexy SUV and if he can swing a deal on it that he likes well then go for it.

Soon we are back in his car and driving as Johnathon talks and comes up with a possible exciting sexual rendezvous. He suggests that we drive out to a small off highway rest stop and scope it for some well kinky fun. My ears perk up and my mind swoons with sexy ideas.

I say, "Am I going to be your sexy bitch there, babe?"

Johnathon glances at me while driving smiles, takes his right hand and places it on my pantyhose clad thigh, rubbing it and replies, "Hmmm, could be, are you a sexy bitch?"

I giggle, my left hand with it's long red nails is now on Johnathon's crotch as he perks up, "Oh yeah, (sigh) I'm a bitch in heat, I need a man, a sexy stud of a man like you Johnathon."

The drive to the rest stop is filled with growing heat of passion, we both ache in our loins for some possible sexy, kinky fun.

As we get to the rest stop we see that it's empty, which only turns us on more as we are not thinking about others there right now. Johnathon parks about 30 feet away from the bathrooms, looks at me and says for us to do it.

As we both are outside his car, cool dry, breezy evening oh about 10:30pm we walk up the path to the men's room door. Johnathon holds it open for me, his hand in mine. It's a typical public men's room, white walls, fluorescent lighting, one tube is burned out, concrete floors which in the echoey room makes my boot's spike heels click, clock like gun shot, such a turn on.

As soon as he steps inside and the door closes he comes and grabs me by my hips and plants a tongue filled kiss on me. The intensity is building. He then through my hips picks me up and sits me on the counter top, my heels dangling beneath me as he kisses me over and over our hands run over each of our bodies. The sound of our breathing and sighs is coloured by a A.C. buzz from the lights.

Johnathon says, "Oh fuck, I want you Laci... I so fucking want you, you sexy assed bitch."

I sitting on the counter top reply, "Oh yeah, fuck this is so fucking hot, such a turn on, but what if somebody comes and sees us?"

Johnathon kisses me again and then says, "That's part of the fun Laci, the taboo of it all, I'm so fucking hard up for you I couldn't care less though."

We look into each of ours eyes, Johnathon helps me off the counter, my heels double click loudly on the floor, he takes my left hand in his right and we walk to the last toilet stall.

He says with fiery heat of lust, "You little bitch, you know you want it, you ache for it, I'm going to give it to you, you little tart."

I'm reaching in my purse for a bottle of lube for we shall need it. I grab it and hand it to Johnathon, "You will need to do the honors of prepping my bottom."

I then turn around and bend over the toilet placing my hands on the back of it. I look over my shoulder to see Johnathon dropping his black pants and then briefs. He then squeezes from the bottle of lube a dollop on his fingers, his other hand along with mine have pulled my red leather skater style skirt up revealing my bottom. My black sheer to waist back seem pantyhose on my high heeled and long legs look so hot as I pull them and my black lace panty down to my knees. I then lean over hard and curve my backside up, my white sexy bottom presents itself to the man who will penetrate me tonight, my hunk Johnathon. He begins to work lube up my butt hole and I enjoy the sensation of this. Once he is done he is stroking his hard cock for maximum hardness.

I look over my shoulder at him and say, "FUCK ME! Take my ass and give me all you got you stud."

He licks his lips and as he begins to penetrate my bottom says, "A little bitch like you needs this, you ache for it Laci you little slut, my slut, my bitch, my girl."

I groan as he slips his shaft past my sphincter he moans as he begins gently thrusting, I look at the stall's back wall and at the toilet as I sigh and moan to his thrusting. My mind wonders for a moment of what would be if a person walked in on us now. I laugh to myself as I figure this men's room has probably had its far share of hard core sex over the years it has been here. My mind gets back to Johnathon fucking my girlie ass. He is into a good strong thrusting rhythm. We have had sex a number of times to know each other well now.

From Johnathon's point of view he sees me bent over the toilet, my red leather jacket covers my back, my red leather skirt hiked up and my black panty and pantyhose down to my knees as he throttles my backside with his glorious cock.

He is giving me a good prostate fuck too, he has learned by previous sex how to get my prostate excited. My girlie dick is hard as I take his manhood invasion of my ass well. Soon we are booth on deep sighs, moans and groans.

I pipe up, "Oh fuck me harder Johnathon don't hold back, make me squeal with lust."

He groans and replies, "Ok girl I'll pound you hard... so fucking hard."

We are in fierce game play as Johnathon drives his erect tool hard as he can up my ass, my prostate is going to give me a prostate orgasm I can feel it. My mind is delirious with lust and want, want to have Johnathon cum deep inside me and for me to shoot my wad too. Johnathon pounds away and groans with ever more desire to want to cum inside me. In fact he fucks so hard I feel as if I'm about to fall off my heels, but I hold on, we work as if we are one well oiled machine. His intense thrusting, me holding myself up in a hard sexy arch to take it all. Our moans ever louder drown out the A.C. buzz of the rest room's lights.

I cry out, "Oh my God, oh...oh...yeah... God yeah... I'm...I'm cuming you stud. Ohhhh...yeah." As my prostate has me cum out and my girlie dick releases its semen i and now me in pure ecstasy.

Johnathon almost robotic like sighs, "Ohh...ohhh...Laci...fuck...fuck...YEAH!, oh yeah!" as he fills my backside deep with his manly cum, hot, gooey cum fills my insides and I love it.

We both now come back down from our lustful session. Johnathon stands back and pulls his briefs and pants back up. I reach back and pull my panty and pantyhose back up, fix my skirt and feel some of Johnathon's wonderful cum flow back and soil the crotch of my panty.

We now stand outside the stall, hug and kiss in our passion and calming back down. We look into each other's eyes and know that was some hot passionate sex.

As we drive home it's a mix of some quiet time with just the radio on and some loving conversation. It was a great Sunday. First two buddies Lawrence and Johnathon had beer and pizza football watching afternoon, followed by Laci and Johnathon having their now night of a special and caring relationship and its sexual passion.

Johnathon drops me off at my home, walks me to my door, we kiss and like a girl does my right red leather ankle booted leg kicks backwards. We stare into each other's eyes and see that we really have a unique and special relationship.

As Johnathon drives off I am inside kick off my heels, drop my red leather skirt and take my red leather jacket off. I see my phone that Tammi contacted me. So I call her and tell her of my night with Johnathon, she is so happy for me.

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