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Sunday Yoga


The door to the private studio opened with a blast of warm air. It was bad enough that my wife dragged me to yoga on a Sunday afternoon, but I didn't sign up for a hot studio.

My wife paused at the door and looked back at the trainer in the waiting room. "Geez Nick. It's so hot in here!" After several weeks of free sessions at our gym, she wanted more personal attention to make sure she was doing everything just perfectly. Couldn't blame her for that. At our age, one bad move could lay you up for weeks. But I still couldn't figure out why I'd let her drag me along.

"Of course its warm. Better for your muscles." He pulled his t-shirt over his head and tossed it aside. "If you're uncomfortable, feel free to lose the pants. The studio's closed for the rest of the day so it's just us."

The studio walls were mirrored, making it easy to watch her peel off the baggy yoga pants. I couldn't argue with the results. Her new yoga fetish had definitely sculpted her body, muscles peeking out from her panties when she bent just the right way. Tossing her pants casually aside and standing in just her panties and top, she seemed so comfortable with her body too, another nice change.

"We'll start with just some warm-up stretches." Given how much we were all sweating, that seemed somewhat unnecessary. I tossed aside my t-shirt for a little relief.

After a few minutes, I had the basics down and started to relax. I'd been running a lot and the stretching actually felt pretty good. I also didn't mind watching my wife relax into poses that pushed her full breasts forward, stretching out the little tank top she'd worn, or watching her ass cheeks flex under the skimpy panties as she bent forward.

As she moved into down dog, her palms and feet pushing against the floor with her ass high in the air, he walked to her side. He slid one hand under her waist, pulled her ass even higher, and laid one arm along her spine, pushing softly to straighten her back. I tried to focus on my own position but couldn't break my eyes from the mirror long enough to straighten my head. He slid his arm up her spine, sliding his fingers into her hair and flattening her head to align her back perfectly.

"Nice. Now drop into upward-facing dog." I almost crushed my hardening dick as I dropped toward the floor and looked to the ceiling, but at least the change got his hands off of her. I knew instructors repositioned people all the time but I wasn't quite prepared to watch anyone but me reposition my wife like that.

We went from upward-facing dog to plank a few times and I was amazed how strong my wife had become. She'd never been able to do push-ups, which was one of the reasons she'd started taking yoga in the first place.

"Side plank, arm raised toward the ceiling." I saw her drop to a knee as she spun looked toward me, her shirt raising with her extended hand, revealing the top of her panties.

Nick scowled at her position. "I can live with the knee being down but you at least need to hold your back straight. Here, let me show you."

I watched in disbelief, struggling to hold my own position as he dropped to his knees on the floor behind her. He grasped her hips firmly and forced them forward and back. "Stack your hips, like this. Great. Now stretch the spine." He fell to a side plank behind her, mimicking her position. His hand stroked up her side, then slowly up her arm to grasp her hand. His body pressed firmly against her back, forcing her chest toward me. Her nipples poked against the fabric, obvious even through her sports bra. His head leaned in as he whispered to her, making her giggle and drop her position. I couldn't stand it anymore. I sprung up and spun to face them.

"Seriously? Why don't you just go ahead and fuck her while you are at it!" I could feel my face reddening with anger as my erection started to wilt.

She pulled up on all fours and crept toward me. As she reached up to stroke my semi-soft dick, she grinned up at me mischievously.

"What a fabulous idea! But I really need to finish my workout first don't you think?" She ran her teeth along the length of my cock which was once again sticking straight out under my gym shorts. A final downward stroke and she was back on her feet, dropping her shirt and bra to the floor as she went. She glanced back over her shoulder at me and smiled. "It is so hot in here, isn't it!"

His pants were off by the time she joined him back on her mat. "Now that you're all stretched, how about a few couples poses that you can do at home? I'll demonstrate and you can follow?"

I was completely flabbergasted. And yet I couldn't help but agree. I took a seat on my mat and crossed my legs. "Yeah. Sure. Whatever you say."

He led her through a series of poses. First she laid flat on the mat and he hovered over her, their eyes locked as he talked about how erotic just breathing together could be. He rose and squatted near her feet. Taking each foot in opposite hands, he pushed her legs apart and her knees towards her stomach. "They call this Happy Baby pose, be careful not to force her legs too far." It was incredible watching him so close to my naked wife's body, so embarrassing when he turned to explain to me what he was doing. As he repeatedly pushed her legs up and back down, I could see her pussy stretching open too, her thighs already wet from the attention.

He released her feet and pulled her into a seated position. They sat across from each other, legs spread and feet touching. Holding hands, he leaned back, pulling her toward him, her face lowering toward his swollen cock. They froze in place for several moments and then switched, her leaning back and pulling his face toward her. Each time, they stretched into each other further and further. Just as I worried about how far they might go, he turned to me. "Your turn?" I hurried to take his place and he went to sit behind her.

As I leaned backward, he pushed her further by laying his naked body along her back. The second time, he pushed her head down into me. "Go ahead, lick, but don't suck." I still don't know how she bent so far forward, but the feel of her warm tongue circling my hard dick made me even harder. Then he pulled her back. I knew I'd never reach her pussy but he stopped as my mouth reach her tits. "You too. Lick, but don't suck." It was excruciating to use just my tongue on her swollen nipples, flicking them and hearing her moans. I wanted so much to suck her big boobs fully into my mouth.

After we'd gone back and forth several times, he broke our hands apart, moving mine to her inner thighs. "This kind of stretching tightens these muscles so you need to work them gently to prevent cramping." I gratefully complied, pushing my thumbs into her thighs, edging ever closer toward her pussy. She returned the favor, rubbing my thighs as her thumbs and fingers occasionally brushed against my balls.

When it was apparent we were about to use our whole hands instead of just our fingers, he stopped us again. He stood, pulling her up with him. I jumped to my feet, anxious for the next position. He nuzzled against her neck, but locked eyes with me.

"Yoga is all about focus. Let's see how good her focus is, shall we? Move into a chair pose and don't you move until I say you can."

She immediately complied, pushing her hips back and clasping her hands high over her head. He reached up and pulled her hands back to stretch her back further, forcing her huge boobs forward.

"Let's see how long she can maintain her focus with you sucking her tits." I grabbed both and gratefully pulled one into my mouth. In the mirror, I saw his hands slide lightly down her arms and then her sides, raising goosebumps on her flesh.

He grabbed her ass, massaging it roughly. I continued sucking as I watched his hand disappear between her legs. Her legs began to quiver as his hand pumped faster. When her arms finally dropped, he reached back up to rub her shoulders. "We definitely need to work on your focus. But yoga is also about patience. Let's see how good his patience is, shall we? Let's try a forward bend pose."

She bent at the waist, grasping her ankles, her ass high in the air. "Lean against her back and push towards me. Just enough to help the stretch. Good. Now let's see how patient you can be." As I looked at my wife in the mirror, doubled over, huge tits hanging in her face, he dropped to his knees behind her. As my cock pushed against her back to make her stretch deeper, my hands moved to her ass. As I rubbed and pulled at her ass checks, his face disappeared into her pussy. Her body trembled between my legs as he licked her. I bent forward enough to slip a finger in her ass, making her wiggle and moan underneath me. I could hear his sloppy eating, slurping her pussy juice as I fingered her ass. I longed to see his tongue on her but we were turned away from the mirror. His head lifted, pausing to slip his tongue in and out of her ass several times as I pulled her cheeks apart for him.

As we released her, the three of us straightened up and she turned to face him. "I think my workout's finished now. What about that fuck we promised him?" He pulled her hair back, lowering his mouth to devour hers.

His hand reached down to grab a breast. "I thought you'd never ask. But first, I'd like payment for services rendered." He put his hands on her shoulders and pushed her to her knees. She knelt before him, his cock bobbing in anticipation. She placed a hand at the base and began to lick him. Baring her teeth and looking up at him, she took just the head into her mouth, then covered the head with her lips and popped it back out with a hand. A few more quick bites and pops, and then he gasped as she swallowed him whole.

I felt so awkward just standing there watching but I couldn't take my eyes off of her. My hand fell to ease the pressure of my own erection as I watched her beautiful tits bob and sway every time she pulled his cock in or out of her mouth.

She stroked the length of his dick as she pulled back to look at me. "Well? What are you waiting for? Get over here." I stumbled over the twisted mat as I hurried to her waiting hand. Watching her stroke both our cocks was incredible. Seeing her mouth move from his to mine, her saliva stringing between them, was almost too much. I struggled to keep from cumming.

Gratefully she stood before I could explode in her mouth. She turned to me and kissed me deeply. I could taste his cock on her breath. "Lay under me while he fucks me? I want you to see him, to lick his cum out of me, let it drip on your face while he fucks me."

I leaned down to kiss her breast and grinned back up at her, then moved to lay flat on the mat with my arms at my side. She climbed on top of me, putting her pussy over my face. My hands landed nicely just within reach of her breasts.

"Come on Nick. Fuck me. Fuck me while he watches."

I watched hungrily as he lowered himself behind her, grasping her ass and pushing his dick against her clit several times before entering her. I fondled her breasts as he pumped his cock into her, moving in and out quickly enough that juices from both of them occasionally fell onto my face. I felt my cock dangling helplessly in front of her face. I longed for her to just touch it, just enough to relieve the pressure a little. Whenever I leaned up to lick her clit, she arched away, forcing me to simply lay there and watch her get fucked.

Her clit swelled and pulsed as his dick pushed further and faster. I worried that I might come just from watching, and I knew if she even licked me I'd explode in her mouth. I knew from her moaning that she was close when he froze and pounded into her one final time. I could see his balls pulsing his cum deep into her pussy. I moaned from the pressure on my cock and longed to throw her to the ground and fuck her myself. But first, I wanted to taste them.

As he pulled out of her and stood, I grabbed her ass and pulled her pussy toward me, sucking hungrily. I rolled her onto her back without letting her cunt leave my mouth, but had to quickly push away when she tried to return the favor by pulling my cock into her mouth.

"Oh no. Not there. I need my cum in your pussy, to replace what I just sucked out."

Having her body underneath me was perfect. Sucking her tongue and sharing the taste of his cum was all it took. My whole body tensed. A few more strokes and I felt the heat flow through me into her pussy. As I rolled off of her, I realized he was still there, watching us as he stroked his own cock.

As we left the studio, we stopped at the front desk where Nick opened the appointment book. "Same time next week?"

I nodded hopefully. It had been an amazing day, definitely something to be repeated. And yet my wife wasn't completely done surprising me.

"Sure. Will Jill be here? I think my husband needs some special adjustments."

Ah yes. Jill. Who knew yoga could be such a great workout.

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