tagNonHumanSunderland Magic Ch. 02

Sunderland Magic Ch. 02


Alison had arrived at the lab the next day at 8:00am jazzed to see Braden and ready to start her day with him. The early the morning she had once again been woken up from a steamy dream about him, and she was anxious to turn it into reality. She was seriously sexually frustrated and had decided that today she was actually going to do something about it.

This incessant desire was interrupting her sleep and due to the late hours she kept, on most nights sleep was a rare commodity, so disturbing the little rest she did get was intolerable. The restless evenings were beginning to take its toll on her energy level, and if seducing Braden was the only way to pay her sleep-debt, well then so be it. Alison had decided that she was going to tease him throughout the day until he snapped and dragged her to his apartment, where they would have wild, animalistic sex all night long.

Thinking about this new, intense response to Braden had Alison somewhat confused, how the hell is it possible to go from being just friends for 2 years to wanting to rip each other's clothes off in less than a week? But she was not about to question the fates as to why she and Braden were pursuing this now and not two years ago. All that mattered at that particular moment was getting the guy naked on a bed.

Much to her disappointment, however, when she entered the lab Braden was not there yet, and as she made her way to her desk she saw the message button on her phone blinking; somehow she just knew that the message she was about to hear would not make her very happy.

"Hey Ali it's about 6:00am right now and I'm currently on my way into the capital. I'm sorry this is such late notice but obviously this means I'm not going to be working in the lab today. An annoying family thing came up and I have to take care of it ASAP. I'm not sure how long it will be before I'm back in Sandria, I'm guessing not before the weekend. I hope you have a good day and feel free to call me if you need to discuss lab stuff. Take care."

"He must be fucking kidding me." Alison said aloud to herself. She had spent an hour this morning getting ready for him. She was wearing make-up and earrings. She had actually blow-dried her hair then curled the ends so they were all bouncy. It had been part of her seduction plan, she had wanted to slowly take her pony-tail down and have her hair bounce around her shoulders.

Insensitive jerk! Like I would actually believe that he's having family issues. Braden hadn't missed a day of work since she'd hired him and he certainly never talked about his family. This had to be about her. He was obviously have second thoughts and wanted to get away from her for awhile. He got carried away yesterday, that's what happened. And now he's realized that he never really wanted me in the first place. "Well I'm certainly not about to call him."


She had somehow managed to get through the day and was heading home when the lab phone range. She instinctively reached out her hand to answer it, but hesitated before picking it up. What if it's Braden? What would I say to him? What if it's not Braden and it's your supervisor making his monthly check in? She heard the click of the answering machine picking up the call, and then the sound of her father's voice filled the room.

"Hey honey, it's Dad I was hoping to catch you before you went home. I'll try to call you on your cell phone too. I have excellent news for you. I talked to King Medeas today about your research and he was very interested. He wants to bring you to the capital to talk about it and see if it would be a good investment. You'd have to give a presentation to his advising council but I'm sure you could handle that. Well, call me when you get this. We'd need to arrange this pretty soon if it's going to happen."

His message ended and 15 seconds later her cell phone began to vibrate in her lab coat pocket. Without thinking she flipped open the phone and began to speak,

"I would love to come to the capital Daddy; it's so exciting that he wants to speak with me. Do you know what this means? This could be the break my research needs. This could be it Dad!"

"Umm. Ali, this isn't your Dad, its Braden. I was just calling to check to see that the day went all right and that you didn't blow up the lab while I was gone. What's going on though? Who wants to meet with you?"

She was still pissed about him freaking out and leaving and wasn't sure if she wanted to tell him the exciting news. But she had to concede that her work was his work too and he deserved to be apart of it.

"My Dad talked to King Medeas today while they were at the senate about our research, and he wants me to go to Lavere to talk with him about it."

"The king invited you to the capital?" He asked. His voice sounded odd, like it was straining to conceal his true emotion. She figured he was just as excited as she was but couldn't express his joy where he was.

"Yeah, I need to discuss it with my Dad, but hopefully I could go next week. This would be an excellent time to go because I'm in between research stages. But I'd want you to come with me. You did half the work you deserve to be able to present it."

"In all honesty I don't think I should. I'm missing two days of research as it is and I've never been a particularly good public speaker. I'll leave this one up to you."

"Oh, ok." She replied.

"Hey you know what Ali, I need to run. My brother is giving me grief and I have to go deal with him. I'll talk to you tomorrow." And with that he hung up. She wasn't quite sure what to make of their conversation. He had not reacted quite like she had thought someone who devoted two years to a project would have. And since when did he have a brother?


On Friday, she was sitting at her desk where she was working on her presentation to the king and staring at the two vials of magical extract that she had move in front her for inspiration. Her mind had been a little scattered since her talk with Braden yesterday. They weren't a couple, they weren't even dating but the thought of him intentionally skipping town because he couldn't stand to be around her made her nauseated. And then to top it all off he didn't even want to be included in the presentation. Did I drive him away? Will he even come back to work here?

She suddenly felt a draft flow through the lab and figured that someone had kicked the air conditioner up. Maintenance had always thought that if it was summer outside they had to make it freezing inside, and so she walked to the coat closet near the lab's main entrance to retrieve her sweater.

However, before she could get very far she felt the draft spontaneously change directions as if to follow her through the room. She stopped and instead of feeling a continuous flow of air pass by, the warm current spiraled around her. She had a suspicion of who was responsible for this strange occurrence, but when she felt her pony tail loosen and her long hair being whipped around in the breeze she knew for certain that it was Braden. The breeze was warm and comforting and as she breathed it in she could detect his spicy masculine aroma. A sigh escaped her and she closed her eyes to revel in this feeling of closeness with Braden. All the fear and anxiety she had felt yesterday about Braden's abrupt departure left her. He misses me; he wants to be close to me. Maybe the guy really does have an annoying brother.

She walked back to her chair and she smiled when she felt Braden's air magic following her. She actually found that having him around, even in this way, was helping her to concentrate on her work and she proceeded to spend the next 30 minutes diligently working on the presentation.

Eventually, however, the calm breeze stopped simply encircling her and as if it was bored and looking for entertainment, it began to explore. She felt the breeze once again flow through her hair, past her neck and under the lapel of her coat. She giggled at his playfulness but then gasped as a chillingly cold current passed by her nipples, causing them to instantly stand on end.

Bastard. She thought. She had no way of retaliating against such treatment; fire wasn't a long distance element. The breeze warmed and then traveled down her stomach, swirling briefly through her belly button and then continuing on to its desired destination.

"Jesus Christ" She cried aloud as the breeze entered her folds and found the small nub of flesh at the top of her slit. A single eddy current formed, and its velocity increased as it encircled the bit of flesh. As this assault continued she began to moan and writhe in her chair. She slapped her hands against the desk when she felt a second and third air circle form, both going in opposite directions. God this is incredible. I never knew this was even possible.

She had been so on edge for the past couple days that if this treatment continued much longer she would cum all over her lab chair. She was already incredibly wet and her need for Braden had increased 10-fold. As if answering her need, she felt additional warm, moist currents of air form and flow over her body. The currents passed up and over her thighs, across her breasts, down her arms and between her toes, all while the three eddy currents at her core continued to circle her clit and randomly change directions.

Her nervous system was overloaded; the sensation was too much and she began to hump her hips into empty air. Her grasp on the edge of the desk was turning her knuckles white, but if she didn't hold on that tight she would have bucked herself off the chair and onto the floor.

"Oh god, yes...Oh god...Oh god." She had to pull her lower lip between her teeth to prevent herself from screaming out and then felt herself succumb to the barrage of pleasure. Her orgasm had her shaking from head to foot, so she decided to keep her eyes closed and leaned her head back until her breath eased and her pulse slowed.

"God that was fucking incredible." She said to herself after awhile. But while she wasn't expecting a response, she got one.

"I'm glad you thought so little one."

Her eyes flew open at the sound the familiar voice.


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