tagNonHumanSunderland Magic Ch. 03

Sunderland Magic Ch. 03


"God that was fucking incredible." She said to herself after awhile. But while she wasn't expecting a response, she got one.

"I'm glad you thought so little one."

Her eyes flew open at the sound of the familiar voice.


"Yeah it's me Ali." His voice was raspy and husky sounding. She bolted out of her lab chair and began to pace back and forth in front of the desk.

"This is so embarrassing." She said meekly, looking down at the floor and playing with her fingernails. "I can't believe you just saw that." Even though she knew that Braden had been responsible for the air-induced orgasm, she was still embarrassed at being caught in such a position.

Braden waited for her to pass by him again and then reach out for her arm, pulling her so that she stood in front of him. He ran his fingers along her temple before tucking a stray hair that had fallen from her pony-tail behind her ear.

"You have absolutely no reason to be embarrassed. You were so beautiful just now. I've never seen you let your guard down before, and seeing you completely let go was incredibly erotic."

Braden was throwing off strong sexual vibes, letting her know that he truly meant it. But if she still had any doubts about his level of arousal the large bulge in the front of his jeans put them to rest. She stepped closer to him, placing her fingertips on a bottom of his shirt.

"So did that little magical display earlier mean you missed me?" She raised her left eyebrow and playfully smiled at him.

In response to her question he grabbed the hand playing with the button and positioned her arm so it draped over his shoulder, bringing her flush against him and causing her breasts to press against his chest. He let out an almost inaudible sigh and then bent down, placing his head in the crook of her neck, nibbling and teasing the sensitive skin he found there.

"That doesn't suffice as an answer you know." She teased.

His next words were slightly muffled since he had released her hair from its confines and now had his face buried in the chestnut tresses. "Yes, I missed you. I wish I hadn't left. I rushed back when you said you might not be here next week; I couldn't stand the possibility of not seeing you before you left."

While the majority of her earlier fears had been relieved, she still wasn't sure if she could believe his words. She had to see his eyes to be sure, and so she took hold of his sun-kissed brown hair and stared into his light blue eyes.

"Do you mean it?" She asked "You wish you'd never left?"

"Yes, it was awful without you." He replied without hesitation.

"Good, because if you ever do that to me again I'll singe your chest hair off."

He was taken slightly aback by her sudden intensity but when he started to respond he was cut off.

"You think you were miserable?" She asked, removing her arm from around his shoulder and using it to emphasize her points. "Yesterday was agonizing! I was so horny I couldn't stand it. I had come in here expecting the day to end with us in bed together and what do I find? You are 90 miles away and not even caring that you left me in such a state of arousal that I couldn't stand still! And then after spending another night so sexually frustrated I felt like jumping out of my own skin, you send that damn air current to do the job you should have been doing yourself! So I repeat, if you leave me in a state like I've been in for the past two days ever again, I'll remove your body hair with fire."

His was quiet after she finished. She was breathing hard and her hair was now haphazardly framing her face. Alison was usually a very rational, collected person and having her snap at him was quite a surprise. This was a new Alison; a wild, passionate Alison. She could barely glimpse the corners of his mouth rising before he lunged for her, pushing her against the desk and taking possession of her mouth with his own. As he held her in place with his hips, he brought his hands up to cradle the sides of her face so that he could push his tongue into the warm cavern of her mouth. He continued to savagely kiss her until he felt her completely give in to the assault and bring her hands up to the back of his neck.

"I'm sorry I left you like I did," He breathlessly said between kisses. "but I was miserable too, baby. Why do you think I came to you through my magic? I needed to be close to you."

Her response was an unintelligible rumbling and she pulled his head down further towards her so that she could gain better access to his mouth. He placed his hands on her hips, roughly pulling her against him, grinding his hips into her. Her breath hitched, and her hands moved seemingly of their own volition to the top button of his shirt.

"I need you Braden." A shutter ran through him and she was startled to see his eyes flash silver with desire.

"I'm going to make you so hot, baby. I'm going to make you burn." He grabbed her by the hips and lifted her so that she was sitting on the desk top. He leaned his head down to rest on her forehead and stared into her eyes as he asked, "Do you remember what fire has to have to burn Ali?"

"mmm, what's that?" She asked, somewhat distracted by the heat that was rising throughout her body.

He growled his response, "Air."

And with that they frantically began to pull each others clothes off. He swiftly relieved her of her lab coat and pulled her blouse off equally as fast. While he was easily disrobing her and had already move on to getting rid of her shoes, the stiff buttons of his shirt were giving her issues and she started to roughly pull on them, whimpering in frustration. He took sympathy on her, quickly undoing the buttons that remained and throwing the shirt to the floor. He was wearing a plain white undershirt and she stuck out her lower lip when she saw it. She needed to feel his skin against her hands and run her fingertip along the muscular ridges of his stomach. He laughed when he saw her facial expression and after freeing himself of the offending garment, he leaned back down and caught her quivering lower lip between his teeth.

She sighed in relief when his chest was exposed; it was a thing of beauty. Braden was the perfect shade of golden brown that made skin look soft and delectable. She pulled away from Braden's mouth and started trailing kisses down his neck and onto his chest. She loved his pecs; they were dusted with fine hairs that had been lightened by the sun and they offered the perfect amount of firm resistance to the worship she was giving them with her mouth. Her exploration of his chest continued and eventually she found her way to his nipple. She had heard guys were just as sensitive there as women, and so she encircled it with her tongue and then gently pulled on it with her teeth. She heard an audible gasp come from above her, and then she was pushed away from him.

"Enough of that. I'm the one who should be doing that to you." In order to make that very thing happen he reached around her back and popped open the clasp of her bra. He slowly removed the white cotton garment by gliding it from around her back, past the sides of her breasts and down her arms. What had been underneath her bra made him moan in appreciation. Her breasts were exquisite. They were round and full, located high on her chest. Flawlessly smooth skin covered the perfectly shaped mounds, and he ran the back of his fingers over the top of one, feeling its smoothness. His caresses were making her breath harder to come by, and her rose-colored nipples stood out achingly hard and erect.

"Stop teasing me Braden. Touch me. I need you to touch me." Fulfilling her request, he cupped one hand around her right breast, gently massaging it before using his thumb to flick her nipple back and forth. She felt a rush of pleasure flow from her chest down her spine and into her core. She was growing increasingly wet and her need to be joined with Braden was growing stronger.

"That feels so amazing, baby." She said in a ragged whisper.

She wanted to make him feel just as amazing as she was and so she stroked her hand down his stomach to the top of his jeans, looking directly into his eye as she did so. They once again flashed silver as she popped open the button and lowered the metal zipper. She pushed her hand down his jeans and under his boxers until her hand came into contact with his throbbing erection. She encircled his member with her hand and slowly started to stroke him. He closed his eyes and released a guttural moan as she used his own pre-cum for lubrication and began to increase the speed of her pumping.

"Jesus Christ Ali" He let out a drawn out, low-pitched "ugh" and then pulled her hand out and held it down against the desk. Using his other hand he yanked off his loafers, pulled down his jeans and boxers and then kicked them across the room. He was now completely naked and staring at the half-clothed Alison with a ferocious hunger.

"Strip." He demanded. She could see a slight shaking run though his broad shoulders and decided that now was her chance to tease him like she had wanted to yesterday. He deserved to be teased after what he did. She hopped off the desk and moved away from him so that at least two feet was between them. She started her striptease by running her hands through her hair and the down her neck. She stopped at her breasts, kneading them gently and pinching her nipples between her thumb and forefinger.

"Ooo!" She cooed as she felt pulses of electricity run through her breasts and a fire swell in her centered heat.

"Oh god Ali, you gotta stop that…please." His eyes were glued to her fingers as they continued their journey down her abdomen and to the button of her jeans. She slowly undid them and pushed them to the floor. She turned her back to Braden to place her jeans out of the way. Cocking her head to look back at him, she saw that his chest was heaving with each breath and that sweat was breaking out along his hairline. He was very close to snapping, and she wanted to push him over that edge. So she winked at him and then pushed her panties down, bending over as she did so. She was now completely exposed to Braden, and before she could get her second foot out of the panties, she felt Braden behind her. He wrapped his arm around her waste and pulled her up so that her back was against his chest.

"That was very naughty Ali. Do you know what happens to naughty girls?"

"No." She replied turning her head to look into his eyes. "But would you like she show me?"

She both felt and heard the low growl in his chest and then found herself pushed face down on her desk. One of his hands had found her breast while the other was traveling down her body to find its seat in her soaking pussy.

"Did you enjoy teasing me you little wench? You are so wet it's incredible." She pushed back on his fingers as they slowly enter her and she began to whimper as he increased his speed. Between the hand on her breast and the hand between her thighs she was at her limit; she needed him in her now.

"Oh god Braden. Fuck me. Fuck me right now."

"Yesss." He agreed, and removed his hand from her, only to replace it with his dick. He rubbed his cock up and down her slit a few times, making sure to tease her clit before positioning himself at her entrance and pushing into her. At first he seemed to be keeping the pace slower so as not to hurt her, but she didn't want to be protected, she wanted to be fucked. She began to thrust herself back against him, meeting each of his stokes halfway.

"Harder baby…faster." She demanded. And he immediately picked up the speed slamming into her with such ferocity that he had to hold her still. She could feel his balls slap her clit with every thrust and she was steadily spiraling toward her release into ecstasy.

"That's it!… just like that Braden, just like that…fill me with your huge dick!"

Her words drove him to plunge even harder, even faster, but after several more thrusts, he pulled out of her and flipped her over so that she lay on her back. He picked up her long legs and wrapped them around his waste, and then without waiting any longer he drove himself back into her pussy. He was losing control. He was close to the edge and she was right there with him. He was furiously pounding into her, and she had extended her right arm above her head to keep from bumping into the wall. Her left arm was frantically trying to grasp hold of the desk for support but all it was able to grab was papers. In desperation she roughly pushed everything out of the way and onto the floor.

Alison felt Brandon reach a hand between them to find her clit. He circled the nub with his thumb over and over and soon she felt her vaginal walls constricting against him. She reached her hand up to pull on her own nipple and then she exploded. Her back arched off the desk and she screamed his name. She could feel the waves of contractions pulsing through her vaginal walls and they squeezed Braden to the point where he could no longer hold on to his control. The tendons in Braden's neck stuck out and his face turned bright red. She felt him expand inside of her and then he thrust quickly three more times before pumping thick ropes of his semen inside her.

Exhausted after his release he collapsed against her, cradling his head against her shoulder. Realizing that if he stayed this way he could hurt her, he attempted to get them into a more comfortable position by moving them to the floor beneath the desk. Braden reached across the floor to grab his shirt and draped it over her before pulling her close against his side. Alison let out a sigh of contentment as she lay cradled to his chest and within minutes they were both asleep.


Alison woke to a weird sensation pooling around her back. It was both cool and hot at the same time and caused her skin to tingle. She slowly opened her eyes and was greeted by the sight of Braden gloriously stretched out next to her. The image of Braden's naked chest immediately made her forget about the annoying sensation. We need to get moving; we can't stay on the floor all day long, she thought to herself with regret. Braden hugged her closer and slowly opened his eyes.

"mmm, I wish we could stay just like this all day. That would be spectacular." He said as he slowly stroked the skin of the thigh that was thrown over him.

"Yeah until the janitor comes to empty the trash and finds two naked people on the floor."

"Ha, Steve could use a good pick me up. I hear he doesn't get much as home."

Gross I never want to think about Steve having sex..

"Even an guy like Steve deserves to get some lovin' every so often."

"I guess so." I'd still prefer not to think about Steve's sex life while I'm wrapped around my hot, hard-bodied lover.

"Is that all we're going to be? Lovers?" Braden asked.

"What? What are you talking about?"

"Ali you just said, 'I'd still prefer not to think about Steve's sex life while I'm wrapped around my hot, hard-bodied lover.' So is that all we are? Is this just going to be physical to you?"

"No, of course it's not. But Braden, umm, I didn't say the thing about us being lovers out loud."


"I thought it. I didn't say it."

"Oh," Braden repositioned himself so he could look directly at her face. "I guess I need to come clean about something Ali. It's not a huge deal but you probably have the right to know."

"What's that?"

"I'm a pretty high level Air warlock; I can pretty much manipulate air in everyway possible. When I was younger I discovered I could hear people's thoughts. It's a rare talent even for advanced Air elementals. I don't listen all the time; I learned how to turn it on and off. But I do have to confess I was listening to yours on Wednesday."

"Oh my god! Are you kidding me? You bastard!" She jokingly slapped him in the arm and started to try to move away from him. He grabbed her hand and held her even tighter.

"Well I restrained myself from doing it for two years, and I think waiting that long makes me a pretty decent guy. Plus if I hadn't we would still be ignoring our feelings and we would be clothed and upright right now."

"Well I guess you have a point." She giggled at his supposed chivalry and smiled with joy over the fact that they weren't upright. "Hey, if you are such an all powerful Air elemental why are you working in a research lab? I thought the government conscripted all the upper echelons of Air for recon and surveillance? Plus with your strength and fitness I would have thought you'd be a perfect recruit." Braden had slightly stiffened at the mention of the government but had quickly relaxed again.

"You're right, and I was approached, multiple times actually. But I was able to make a deal that allowed me to do what I wanted: finish school and do research. I wanted to use my brain, not just my body and magic."

"Oh how sweet, they let you be all nerdy and crap instead of being a soldier. That's cute."

"Nerdy? That's rich coming from a woman who can recite pi to the 57th digit."

"Oh you are so nerdier than I am. You were the one wanting seat belts for bacteria."

"Yeah, but who was the one who envisioned them driving cars? That would be you my dear." And he smacked her bare butt with his hand for emphasis.

"Not fair you can't use my own thoughts against me! I don't have that kind of retaliation power." She tried to squirm her way out of his hold, and he started tickling her. She squealed and jerked, curling into a ball and rolling around on the floor. They continued to play with each other for a few minutes before Braden came up onto his knees to catch is breath.

"Alison!" He had just noticed something that may his heart chill. She was covered in a metallic-red substance, and now that he got a good look at himself, he could see that he was covered with it too.

"Shit, what is this stuff?" She frantically asked, having just noticed the red- liquid herself. Slowly it dawned on her what it must have been. She had placed the extract vials on her desk earlier this morning for inspiration, and then she had pushed everything off the desk while she and Braden were having sex. She leapt to her feet, frantically searching her desk for the vials even though she knew they wouldn't be there because the broken glass remnants were now in Braden's hands. He had found the vials broken and leaking their contents on the floor a few feet away from where they had been sleeping. The extracts had mixed and that mixture was now coating their bodies.

Alison began to shake. What is going to happen? Are we going to die? Are we going to be freaks? You can't mix fire and air! And suddenly she began to cry. Tears pooled in the corners of her eyes and fell down her checks, making small rivers of despair. She felt Braden tug on her hand and pull her under the standard issue safety shower that every lab in the building was required to have. He was saying something but her mind was so gone with fear that she couldn't understand him. He pulled the metal ring, causing a cascade of water to fall around them, and as he scrubbed at her skin she distinctly heard his voice inside her head.

God, it's not coming off. I can't lose her now. Not now, not ever.

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