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Sunit My Love


I had once to visit the Electricity department to solve some billing problem. In India it is quite troublesome to get a bill rectified & I was having a real tough time. While rushing from one clerk to another I came across a lady & she too was facing similar problem. As she was arguing with the clerk I intervened & suggested her to meet a Accounts Manager instead of wasting her time there. She looked back at me & tried to explain her problem.

As I had already passed through that ordeal I took the bill from her hand & asked to wait. Forgetting jobs at hand I started running for her & after about ½ hrs I gave the bill duly corrected.

She was over thrilled & started thanking me. It was then that I gave her a close look. She was may be in her early forties. Some what short, only an inch or two over five feet, a nice ass, large breasts, dark black eyes set in a pleasant face.

We both introduced each other. Her name was Seema. As we both were tired in the hot afternoon I asked to join me at a nearby restaurant for a cold drink. While talking I came to know that she had been a divorcee for 2 years and although she tried for re marriage she had not found anyone she wanted to start with all over again. She was staying with two other ladies in Noida & worked in Private firm as an Accountant in Nehru Place. While talking I could see her cleavage as she bent down, she had worn a white bra),

We parted after exchanging our telephone No's. After a weak or so I was pleasantly surprised to receive a call from her. She told me that she liked my company & enjoyed the little talk we had the other day. I invited her over dinner some day & she readily agreed.

We met over dinner & chatted, laughing a lot, I was drinking & she just giving me company with cold drinks. Even though we didn't talked about sex but I got the idea that in the right circumstances I could bed her.

The routine went for 2/3 months & we met couple of times. I gifted her Saree & couple of other things but we never touched sex as a matter of discussing point.

She liked watching movies so one day I invited her for a movie. She agreed & we met at the theater. While watching movie I whispered in her ear "Can I kiss you?" asked.

"Kiss me?"

"Yes, I will get desperate if you do not..."

Oh No. "Why?"

"Because I want you..."

Slightly surprised she bent over and pecked me on the cheek.

I moved my head and kissed her softly on the mouth. Almost hungrily she opened her mouth and licked my lips, thrust her tongue, I slipped my hand over her shoulder started to tickle her. She said: Please don't tickle me."

"Why not?" I asked. "Because if I'm being tickled I lose control.

I stopped for two minutes & started to tickle her again. She giggled and finding no resistance I slipped my hand inside her blouse, over her soft, well-filled bra. I stroked her breasts gently over the soft material and then slipped my hand inside, fingers searching for a nipple, which hardened to my touch. "Please don't, you are getting me excited"

I laughed & asked her to get up & we left the movie in between. Once in Car she wanted to know where we are going. I placed my lips on her's & asked her to be patient.

I knew of a guesthouse, which one can rent without any questions asked. I drove to the guesthouse & checked in a room.

Once in room I quickly unbuttoned her blouse and unhooking the startlingly white sexy front-opening bra, causing her lovely alabaster breasts to spill out into my hands.

She moaned with pleasure as I held one with both hands, nipping and sucking on the erect nipple. "You are making me feel hot, it is not right, Naveen, she mouthed into my ear I grabbed her face with both hands and slipping my tongue into her mouth to begin an intimate friendship with her.

We continued to kiss as my hands pulled her saree off her body & united her petticoat letting it fall on the floor. Feeling her thigh I moved it inwards to stroke her soft inner thighs. She slowly opened her legs to allow my hand to slip over her panties, which were damp to my touch.

"Oh yes! It's like an electric shock! I'm feeling so sensitive to your touch, its wonderful! Please don't do, it will be wrong!" The words came tumbling out. Our soft kisses turned hard as we began swallowing each others tongues and pressing our bodies against each other.

I lifted her and put her on the bed. We lay down on the bed side by side, kissing and stroking each other. The heat was growing as I gently took her nipple and rolled it in my fingers. It hardened to my touch. I then took it into my mouth. Gently I held it between my teeth. It stood out about and inch and a half. She moaned and scratched my back with her nails.

Shifting my attention to other breast I took her right nipple into my mouth. I sucked hard keeping her nipple in my mouth. I could feel it stretch and I bit down gently with my teeth and continued to pull.

"Oh my god, this is so wrong but, I can't control myself," she said. "But, please don't stop."

I sucked again on her right tit squeezing it between my teeth. I pulled up and she moaned. At the same time I grabbed the other tit in my right hand and massaged it working this nipple between my thumb and forefinger. As I did this I could feel her hand on my cock and she started rubbing my stiff cock through my pants. I pulled my pants and underpants down to my ankles. "I have a confession to make," she said. "I've never had made love to anybody else except my ex-husband before but the sight of you just got to me. I need you."

Her nipples hardened to my touch and I leaned down to gently nibble them. "Don't move. Just lay still," I said as I moved around and knelt in front of her, pushing her legs apart. I was feeling really heat as I kissed the insides of her thighs before nuzzling her between her legs. As I sucked her through the panties I could feel them dampening.

My hand reached her panties. I ripped it downwards. Seema drew up her legs one by one, enabling me to pull the panties off her one leg and then the other. Gently parting her legs apart, I kissed my way up the inside of her thighs till I reached her pussy. I licked my way up her till I reached her clit.

As my tongue touched her love button. "Oh," she whispered, she pulled her knees up, opening herself even more to me. I looked up over her softly rounded belly to watch as she grasped her tits, pinching and pulling her beautiful nipples. I pushed first one finger then two into her cunt. She was already wet.

"Do it" she whispered, somewhat apprehensively.

Looking into her eyes I press my tongue inward. Moving in circles slowly around her clit, occasionally darting tongue inside, then resuming the motion. My hands move along her body as my tongue continues its work. I take her breasts into my hands & stroke and flick the nipples as my tongue increases its motions.

Gently I again inserted two fingers inside, still licking and circling her clit. I move fingers inside and then start to push them in and out. She moan lightly as I quicken both the actions of hand as well as tongue. She pressed my face further into her as my third finger entered her.

I begin sucking at and thrusting fingers harder and faster. Her moans get louder and she started to gently roll her hips in motion with me. I can feel her getting tighter as her orgasm takes over. I slowed my motions, gently pulling fingers and taking my mouth away.

I slid up along her body and kiss her deeply holding her body close. We held each other in a tight embrace for several minutes, her face buried in my neck. When I moved to separate us, she said softly, "Please, just hold me for a little while longer. I've never felt so loved before in my life and it feels so good, I don't want it to end."

My prick, was pressing against her and when she reached down and touched it, it sprang to full erection. As her fingers encircled the shaft, pulling my foreskin back from the head of my cock, Please, let's do it, fuck me now."

I rolled over onto my back, pulling her on top of me. Quickly she was on her knees. Holding on to my prick, she lowered herself onto me and my cock was soon engulfed in her warm cunt. As she rubbed herself back and forth, her clit pressed against my pubic bone, I reached up to pinch her nipples. She bent forward over me, exerting even more pressure on her clit. She was approaching her orgasm, I started thrusting my hips, knowing that I wouldn't be able to last too long myself. Furiously we fucked, both of us straining to cum. I couldn't hold back any longer. "I'm gonna cum, Seema,!"

I thrust my cock into her cunt as hard and as deep as I could, I exploded into her. We held fast to each other while the waves of our mutual release flooded through our bodies. Slowly, my prick began to shrink, slipping out of its warm nest and I felt the wetness seeping onto my balls.

Seema fell off me to lay on her side next to me, her arm across my chest "Oh, Naveen, that was so good. God, I haven't ever felt like this.

"I never in a lifetime would have thought I would let anyone do that. I nodded off & said a silent thanks to Electricity Department who had helped to yet another sex with the promise of even better to come.

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