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Sunny Day Stormy Night


Shortly after his highly intense match with his former tag team partner Chris Candido at Heatwave '98, Lance Storm is in what barely classifies as a dressing room, packing up his gear to catch a flight to his home of Calgary (Dramatic Pause) Alberta, Canada. Dressed only in a pair of blue jeans, with his shirt, jacket, socks ands sneakers sitting neatly on a pile on the floor, Lance folds his wrestling tights and sets them in his bag. As he zips up his travel bag, the door to his 'dressing room' opens and a very angry Tammy Lynn Sytch enters and slams the door behind her.

"Have you totally lost your mind!" she yells as she slaps Lance right across his handsome as a renaissance sculpture face. Lance raises an eyebrow as a red imprint of the slap forms of his right cheek.

"Tammy, don't push me..." His tone of voice matches the stonewall expression on his face. Tammy puts her hands on her sexy hips and locks eyes with him.

"Push you? You went after Chris ear, knowing full well it could cause serious damage to him!" Tammy yells.

Lance rolls his eyes, "Tammy, Chris signed the contract, he could've chickened out like the piece of garbage he is." Tammy gawks at him for a moment and goes to slap him but Lance blocks the attack and hooks her arm.

"Let me go!" Tammy screams as she tries to pull her arm free from the Calgary Shooter's hold.

"Shut up!" Lance raises his voice slightly, but his tone is still very steady, Tammy stops struggling and quiets down. Lance releases her arm and folds his own arms. "We both know Chris very damn lucky I didn't rip his ear right off his skull."

Tammy bites her lip and then smiles, "What if we make a deal..."

"What type of deal?" Lance asks as Tammy places a hand on his chest.

"You take it easy on Chris at the next two road shows... and I'll...take you on tonight... and those two nights..." Tammy licks her lips and gets a fairly seducing look on her bright and sunny face.

Lance smirks a bit, at least to Tammy it appears to be a smirk. "You're kidding me right..." Lance asks not believing Tammy's intentions.

"Oh I'm very... very... serious..." Tammy stands on her tiptoes and kisses his lips, catching the Canadian superstar by surprises. She lightly bites on his lower lip as she breaks the kiss and a smile creeps on her face. "And I intended to keep my word... you can decide after ward..."

"I intend too..." Lance replies as Tammy steps back to remove her clothing, revealing her hot as a summer day in Tijuana body. Lance eyes immediately begin moving rapidly to scan every inch of the front side of her body. Tammy smiles at him as she unbuttons his jeans, followed by sinking down till she's on her knees. Tammy pulls the zipper down with her teeth and then tugs down his jeans.

Tammy smiles and looks up at Lance, "White briefs with little red maple leafs... how Canadian..." She laughs as she lowers his underwear and then her eyes go wide, "But that must only and truly have been made only in Canada..." Tammy licks her lips and grips Lance's cock and slowly begins pumping it to see how big it becomes.

"You're going to see a difference... I'm not a steroid junkie like Chris is..." Lance comments, but his remark falls on deaf ears as Tammy is enthralled by the size of his shaft. Tammy sees that Lance shaves his pubic hair, and that the area around his crotch and his ball sac is completely hairless She quietly licks her lips and swallows hard as she looks up at him.

"Jesus Christ..." she says before she looks back at his cock and licks the tip of his shaft. Tammy circles her tongue around the head before she begins licking up and down the sides of his cock. Tammy adjusts her grip on his dick so she can angle it upward slightly; she lowers her head and starts flicking her tongue against his balls. Tammy giggles slightly as she feels the hair bumps on his nut-bag with her soft tongue before she proceeds to lick up from his testicles, along the underbelly of his cock, up to the tip, where she parts her lips to take his cock into her mouth. Tammy closes her mouth around his shaft, lightly pressing her lips around his shaft and begins bobbing her head along his dick while also pumping his shaft with her hand. Tammy wiggles his tongue around, tapping it against Lance's pole while releasing it from her hand. Tammy places her hands on his thighs as she starts deep throating his cock. Lance's stone wall demeanor cracks at bit as he begins to moan slightly and even move a hand through Tammy's short blond hair.

"Shit..." Lance quietly mutters as Tammy takes his entire cock into her mouth resulting his her nose being pressed against his crotch. Tammy tightly presses her tongue around his cock as she begins to pull up, dragging her luscious lips against his cock. When Tammy reaches the head of his cock, she makes likes she sucking on a lollipop for a few seconds before she grips his shaft with both hands and pulls his cock out of her heavenly mouth which had a bit of Pop sound as a result. Tammy licks her lips and stands up slowly while moving her hands up Lance's body until she rests them on his chest. Tammy looks out of the corner of her eye and sees a blue metal chair sitting in the corner of the room.

"Lance..." Tammy licks her lips, "How about you have a sit on that little chair over there..."

Lance smiles a bit, "All right..." Lance walks over and sits on the chair..." Tammy slowly and seductively walks over to him. She places both of her hands on his head and moves her fingers against his crew- cut style hair as Lance places his hands on her hips to lift her onto his lap. Tammy smiles as she moves one hand down from his hair, down to the side of his face, his neck, chest and stomach to grip his shaft. Lifting herself up far enough so she can press Lance's cock against the entrance of her pussy. Tammy slowly lowers herself onto his cock, taking the entire length of his shaft inside of her inch by inch. Tammy's mouth hangs open as she gasps in amazement of how big Lance's dick feels inside of her pussy.

"Ohhhh shit...." Tammy moans and tilts her head back as she begins to rock back and forth on his cock. Lance places a hand on his waist, caressing her skin from her waist to her thigh and then back around to her ass while Tammy starts moving up and down on his cock. Tammy wraps one arm around his neck and places a hand behind his head in order to pull his face down between her breasts. Lance licks and sucks on both of her tits, much to Tammy's pleasure as she really starts getting her momentum in the way she's moving on his cock. "Fuck Lance... you're... oh god... fuck me..."

Lance wraps both of his arms around her slightly sweating body and smirks; "You got it..." Lance easily moves himself off the chair while holding Tammy and lays her on the floor with his shaft deeply imbedded in her pussy. He begins pumping his cock in and out of her pussy, and Tammy arches her back to moving her hips to press her cunt against Lance's crotch as his rod swiftly impacts her deeply. Tammy closes her eyes tightly and tries to focus on the timing of how quick and hard his dick is pounding her. With sweat dripping down his face, Lance leans back and pulls his cock halfway out of Tammy's pussy and effortlessly turns her over. Gripping her hips, Lance pulls her up to get her on all fours and to resume fucking her. Tammy bites her lips as she pushes back against him as he drills her.

"Ohhhhh ohhh hell yea..." Tammy moans as she thrashes her head back and forth, sending sweat flying off of her forehead. Lance falls back into his stonewall persona, thrusting hard and sharply into her pussy. Forced to adjust his hold on her body, Lance takes a moment to pull out of her pussy. Lance gets a bit of a devious smile on his face, and doesn't do anything until Tammy looks back over her shoulder at him to see what's wrong. Lance slaps Tammy's right ass cheek fairly hard giving her an idea that her round shapely backside is going to be involved in his next act. Tammy licks her lips and smirks.

"Do it... fuck my ass... stick that cock in me..." Tammy shakes her ass and pushes back to tap Lance's cock with her ass. Lance places his left hand on the upper left side of her ass, takes hold of his cock and roughly inserts it into her asshole. Tammy squeals loudly as her asshole stretches to accommodate the girth and length of Lance's cock. Lance thrusts in and out of ass almost mechanically, with equal precise thrusts that make Tammy jerk ahead each and every time. Lance leans forward and wraps both of his arms around her hot sweat dripping body and begins to stand up. Tammy rises with him but grabs the sides of the metal chair. Tammy clenches her eyes shut as Lance ravages her asshole continuously while now reaching between her legs to fondle her pussy with his fingers. Tammy whimpers and moans as her body starts to quiver towards her impending climax.

"Ahhhhh Ohhhhhh Damn it Yesss!" Tammy screams as she cums on Lance's fingers at the same moment she arches her back in an almost unnatural looking position She looks back at him with a glazed lust filed look in her eyes. "I want your cum... on my face and tits..." Lance pulls his cock out of her ass and once again gets a stonewall expression on his face.

"Come and get it..." Lance says as he motions her to do the same with his fingers. Tammy licks his lips, spins around and sits high up on her knees. Cupping her breasts with her hands, Tammy uses them to sandwich Lance's throbbing prick. Tammy starts to jerk off Lance's cock with her tits before tilting her head downward to lick the head of Lance's dick. Lance breathes in and out slowly trying to control when he's going to unleash his spunk, but only delays the end result for a short time. When he begins to climax, Lance's cum shoots up and into Tammy's mouth but when Tammy closes her mouth, it splatters on her face and drips onto her breasts. Tammy then collects his semen off her breasts with her fingers and sucks them clean. She then smiles up at Lance.

"So... do we have a deal... you take it easy on Chris... and you'll experience really sunny days in return...."

Lance somewhat smiles but then gets a flat look on his face, "We have a deal, but get it right, there will be some really stormy nights..."

Tammy licks her lips and smiles, "I certainly hope so..."


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