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Sunrise at Sea


This story is written as a joint project with another writer named Trace. His stories along with this one can be found under the pen name "Trace Ekies".

Thank you so much for the wonderful erotic journey you took me on!

* * * * *

In previous years the wives had tanned topless, however this year, Jackie felt odd, being the only wife there, so she left the top on. Manny and Trace were talking and drinking beer in the boat's cockpit. They had been friends for over fifteen years. They had been college roommates whose friendship had been furthered when they married girls that were also close friends.

Trace was especially watchful as his friend's wife undid her top to keep from getting tan lines on her back. Since Jackie was lying with her head toward the cockpit, he enjoyed talking to her because she had to raise her head slightly to answer and usually showed some cleavage. On one occasion, when she raised up a little higher than necessary, he thought he saw a nipple. Trace was already enjoying the trip.

It was early September. They were making their annual sail from North Carolina to the Bahamas, where they would leave the boat for the winter. Usually there were four of them, but this year, due to a work related issue, Trace's wife, Donna, was not able to go. The others thought they should reschedule the trip, however Donna wouldn't hear of it. Donna teasingly asked Jackie to watch out for Trace.

"Don't worry. I'll make sure he behaves," Jackie said.

The first day had been fairly quiet. They had spent the early morning provisioning and making last minute adjustments to the boat. They had left Beaufort about noon. It had been a beautiful, unseasonably warm day so Jackie had gotten on her bikini and laid on the deck, getting a little sun.

Around four, as the sun lost its tanning rays, Jackie retied her top and announced that she would start some dinner. Manny teased her, that being the only wife on board, she had to do all the wifely chores.

She teased him back by putting her arm around Trace and saying "Sounds good. I might enjoy a few of my duties."

Manny laughed and quickly responded, "I didn't mean that!"

Jackie and Trace chorused, "Damn, too bad!!"

They were all very fun loving. Even though each of the women had experienced a number of lovers before meeting their husbands, they were good and faithful wives. However, marriage had not stopped any of them from flirting. The two couples were so flirtatious with each other that someone who did not know them would have trouble determining who was married to whom.

The teasing and flirting was great fun but even though there had been lots of verbal banter, none of them had ever laid a hand on the other's spouse, not even a pat on the ass. Well except for that one silly night when they got in bed with each other's partners for about 60 seconds, but even that was fairly innocent.

The first evening on the boat was pretty quiet. They ate, had some wine and plenty of conversation. They arranged the watch times and Trace offered the bedroom to them as he was alone anyway. At about ten, Jackie and Manny turned in.

It had already been a long day and Jackie was taking the two AM watch. She got into her normal sleepwear, panties and camisole, while Manny wore his boxers. They cuddled a while, but were tired from all the running around of the previous days and drifted off to sleep.

Jackie woke about two AM and went up to the deck. The ocean breeze at night was a bit chilly so Jackie had put on a pair of pajama pants and a sweatshirt.

Trace thought, "It doesn't matter what she wears, she still looks sexy."

Jackie and Trace chatted a while as they drank the coffee she had made for them. The conversation was mostly about what she had to do while on watch, but she had a pretty good remembrance from previous years and knew what had to be done. They had already crossed the Gulf Stream and turned South, so it was really pretty simple. Trace told her that all she really had to do was to watch for other boats and maintain the heading. He went below to get some sleep in the bunk.

Four hours later, around six in the morning, as the sun was coming up; Manny relieved Jackie who went below for her turn at some sleep. There was no room in the V-berth to change clothes. Jackie stood in the main cabin where Trace was sleeping, and took off her pajama bottom and sweatshirt. Under the pajama bottom she had panties, but there was nothing under the sweatshirt. Trace had his back to her and did not stir. She pulled a camisole over her head and climbed into the V-berth. Trace had heard her. He could tell she was changing clothes. He wanted to turn and look, but even in the dimness of the early morning light, it would have been too obvious. All he could do was imagine.

The heat of the day was building in the cabin. Jackie and Trace both woke up around the same time, about ten AM. They chatted in the galley as Jackie made coffee and breakfast. She had thrown a light robe on over her camisole and panties. The robe was short and allowed quite a bit of leg to show, especially when she was sitting. The two of them joined Manny on deck for coffee and breakfast. They talked, but Trace had trouble paying attention to anything other than Jackie's legs. However, Trace did complain that he hadn't slept well on the hard bunk. Jackie suggested he take a nap in the V-berth later in the day.

Trace took the helm while Manny and Jackie sunned themselves on the deck. Trace watched Jackie in her bikini with the top untied and remembered the second day of last year's trip. The women were sunning themselves on the deck of the boat. They had gotten topless. He had gotten hard watching them then and he got hard now thinking about it.

There had been a lot of whispering between the two women. They had both been laying face down with their straps undone. But then they had turned over without bothering to retie the straps. He had been at the helm. Neither of them looked in his direction but they knew he was there.

Manny had been below but he had come up to the cockpit just after it happened. He and Manny had talked at some length about how good the women looked. Trace had listened as Manny told him how good Donna looked. And he had made it clear to Manny that Jackie looked good enough to eat.

This year, as the sun set, Jackie played wife, cooking and cleaning. After taking turns at short showers, they had dinner together in the cockpit. Although it was a little skimpy for the cool ocean breeze, Jackie wore a pair of pj shorts, a camisole top and no bra. The chill made her nipples harden, but she kind of liked that. After a few glasses of wine the men commented on her having her headlights on. She blushed at the attention but called them perverts and changed the subject. Somewhere around ten, Manny and Jackie went below, leaving Trace on watch.

Manny and Jackie climbed into the bed and closed the door to the berth. Both of them had the same idea, a quickie. It was sad in a way, but after ten years of marriage and two kids, their sex life had become more about quickies than making love. Oh sure they made love, but mostly just on the weekend. The rest of the time it was a late night quickie, once the kids were off to bed. Or sometimes, the daytime quickie when they snuck off to their bedroom for a few minutes, not even taking off all their clothes.

Tonight they were horny but tired and looking at another night of watches. As they cuddled for bed, Jackie whispered to her husband, "Whatcha say you treat your wife to a quickie"

He smiled and said, "Always."

They had this down. Within seconds they were undressed. Manny got on top of her. After some slow sexy kisses, which he knew his wife loved, he slowly lowered himself down her body. He kissed and licked her all over, but did not linger. He did dwell on her nipples of course. Nipple play drove her crazy with desire. He sucked and softly rubbed her nipples with his fingers. A tingle went through her whole body. Soon her body was squirming and her throat was letting out involuntary moans, calling his name.

He licked his way down her body and brushed it with his lips and warm breath. He hesitated briefly at her belly button and then, moving lower, he softly licked around the little trimmed patch of pubic hair she sported these days.

Jackie's hands caressed Manny's hair and her words caressed his ego as she whispered, "God! You really know how to please me. Promise me that if you ever divorce me we can still have sex."

He ignored her clit at first, licking and sucking her pussy lips and inner thighs. He was playing a game with her. He wanted her to beg for it. He wouldn't lick her clit until she asked for it. He knew that for some reason she didn't like the word. Maybe it was a hang-up from her youth, but he was going to make her say it. Her knees were bent and her body was squirming. She could feel the incredible sensation growing between her legs.

She pressed his head against her and whispered, "Please, baby."

"Please, what," he teased.

With a slight blush in her cheeks, and from a deep place in her throat, she whispered what he wanted to hear, "Pleeease lick my clit."

As Manny sensually licked her clit, the moans and groans came from within her. He was slow and deliberate, keeping her on the edge. She loved it when he buried his head between her legs; it always seemed to be the best she had ever had. But if she was only going to cum once, she wanted it to be with Manny's cock deep inside her. It was more intense that way, more intimate, as if it came from her soul.

Had Manny continued his teasing, she would have exploded. He stopped. He put his lips on her mouth; they opened to each other. As their tongues found each other, he entered her. She was sopping wet and Manny slid right in. They began slowly but the pace quickened rapidly. The sounds of pleasure filled the room as their bodies reddened from the heat.

The vibration came from within her, like an earthquake. She wrapped her legs around him as she said his name over and over. Manny lost control and couldn't hold it any longer. He came too. They continued slowly moving their hips, savoring every last bit of their orgasms. After each had made a quick trip to the bathroom, they fell asleep in each other's arms.

At two AM, the alarm went off. Manny was in a fog. He had set the alarm to waken Jackie for her scheduled watch, but she was still asleep. He decided to take her turn at the helm and let her sleep until six. He made a pot of coffee and went up to the deck. Manny and Trace chatted until Trace was ready to get some sleep. Manny suggested that Trace might sleep better in the V-berth instead of the bunk. Trace knew it wouldn't be a big deal to be in bed with Jackie, at least not with both of them having their clothes on, but he was surprised by Manny's offer.

Trace politely said, "No, that's okay. The bunk is not that bad."

But Manny insisted. He said, "Its not right for you have to sleep on that bunk. Besides, she is out cold. You couldn't wake her if you tried."

Trace shrugged his shoulders and went down. He stood in the cabin wondering what he should do. He felt awkward. Manny was just being polite. Manny didn't realize that he shouldn't be quite so trustful. Trace wanted to be a good friend, but the thoughts of Jackie rolling over and cuddling him a bit in her sleep were more lustful than friendly.

He was reminded of that brief time he had spent in bed with her last year. It was really nothing, just drunks being silly. The wives had gone to bed a few minutes earlier while he and Manny had finished their beers. The men, sort of accidentally, but really on purpose, got confused about what beds they were supposed to be sleeping in. The wives, giggled and played along, knowing their husbands were just being jerks.

Manny slid into the bed with Donna, her back to him, and called out to Trace, "We must have gotten the beds mixed up. This woman doesn't feel like Jackie."

Donna pressed her backside up against Manny and let out a laugh.

Trace escalated things a bit. Jackie had her back to him but Trace wrapped his arms around her and cupped her breasts. Before Jackie had a chance to react, Trace called out to Manny, "I agree. these breasts don't feel at all like Donna's."

Jackie was a bit surprised as Trace had never touched her before, but then it did feel kind of good. She laughed as she turned back slightly and whispered, "You better watch that or you are going to get more then you can handle."

Manny, not believing Trace, but not to be outdone either, yelled out, "I'm going to put my hand in her panties and see if she's shaved."

Although he made no move to actually do it, Donna sat up and said, "Okay, fun's over. The little boys need to be in their own beds now."

The guys got up laughing and the fun ended. It hadn't lasted long but Trace still felt a stirring in his pants when he remembered how good Jackie's tits had felt. But that was a joke, and this was real. He had mixed emotions but he decided he was going to do it anyway. He took off everything but his boxers and climbed into bed.

The V-berth was a lot more comfortable than the bunk but being next to Jackie was going to make it real difficult to sleep. Trace was trying to keep a respectful distance between them, but with their heads toward the bow, there wasn't much space between their upper bodies. If Trace had known that Jackie was still naked from her 'quickie' with Manny, and that her bare breasts were just inches away from his chest, he could have never gone to sleep. But he didn't know that and eventually he drifted off.

As they slept, Jackie shifted a little and felt the warm body of the man she thought was her husband. She snuggled up a little closer. Trace had gone to sleep thinking about Jackie and in his sleep, was dreaming about her. His dick had gotten hard, and unknown to him, was sticking out the front of his boxers.

In the night, Jackie awoke. She was still groggy with sleep but realized that it was Trace that she was next to, not Manny. She wondered how or why he was in the bed. Their legs were intertwined and her bare breasts were against his chest. His penis was pressing against her pubic area. Surely Manny knew that she and Trace were in bed together. She wondered what could be happening. This was pretty erotic, being naked and in bed with Trace. She didn't want to wake Trace. She liked the way this felt, especially if it was okay with her husband. She went back to sleep without moving.

A while later Trace woke up. He found Jackie pressed up against him. He was shocked, and aroused, to discover that she was naked. He found that his cock was protruding out the front of his shorts and was tight up against Jackie. He didn't realize that she had been awake and already knew who she was sleeping with. He tried to move away from her but he was already up against the hull of the boat and had no place to go. He needed to move Jackie but he didn't want her to wake up and find them like this. He tried to think of something other than the head of his dick being against Jackie's pussy lips. Excited but frustrated, he went back to sleep.

As the morning sun came into the cabin around six, they both woke. They looked at each other and shared a nervous laugh. Neither of them moved. Jackie didn't sound like she was complaining but she did demand an explanation for how Trace had ended up in bed with her. He told her about Manny's offer. He also said that he was pleasantly surprised to find her naked. She told him how that had happened. Trace reminded her of the brief moment last year when they were in bed for a minute or two. Jackie smiled at the remembrance.

The situation, this year, was already pretty intimate so Trace took a chance he normally would not take. He put both of his hands on her breasts and lightly caressed her nipples. Jackie closed her eyes as he did. She enjoyed the touch, especially after waking up naked next to him. Their faces were close and as their bodies reacted, they shared a kiss. It was awkward at first, a little kiss with a little tongue. Then it got more lustful as they explored each others' mouths. Trace broke the kiss and moved his lips to Jackie's nipples. He sucked on them and bit them gently with his teeth. Jackie wrapped her hand around his cock, but as the heat of his manhood flowed through her she realized that she had to stop. She broke the contact and jumped up from the bed.

She hastily put on her panties and a sweatshirt and went up to see Manny. Trace couldn't get the scene out his head, Jackie naked with her hand around his dick, him sucking on her nipples. What if she hadn't stopped? Would he have stopped? He didn't think he could have.

Jackie was probably talking to Manny about it right now, but how much was she telling him? What was Manny really thinking when he suggested Trace should sleep with Jackie? Surely he knew she was naked. Was he testing them? Had the friendship just been ruined? How was he ever going to face Manny? He dozed off to sleep with a million unanswered questions racing through his mind.

Manny had spent most of the watch thinking about Trace and Jackie in bed together. It had been his suggestion and it was an innocent one. After he did it however he had second thoughts. He couldn't help but think about how Jackie likes to cuddle and does so in her sleep. He started to envision Jackie in her panties and small top cuddling against Trace.

Then it hit him that he had left his wife naked. "Oh my God," he thought, "she falls asleep after sex and never puts her clothes back on." He gave it some thought and hoped that she had dressed this time. He ventured down quickly, leaving the boat on autopilot. He went to the door and saw his wife's body, mostly covered by the sheet, but pressed against Trace. The sheet was low enough to see a portion of her breast. She was indeed naked.

Manny went back to the cockpit. He experienced a few odd thoughts. First was fear that when Jackie awoke she would be quite pissed at him and it would ruin their trip. He also felt a bit jealous because Trace, although sleeping, was enjoying his wife's body. And what if they woke up? Could something happen? Manny calmed down a bit, realizing that they were friends and nothing would happen. He also thought about how sexy it would have been if he were in bed with a naked sleeping Donna.

Manny tried to think about something else to pass the time but it was difficult.

Jackie came up to the cockpit. She was not a happy camper. She confronted Manny with questions and was visibly emotional. She demanded answers about what had happened. She wanted to know why she had found herself naked and in bed with Trace.

Manny explained the circumstances and swore that he did not remember that she was naked. He told her he had felt bad about Trace sleeping in the bunk and that since she was already asleep, no harm should come out of him sleeping in the V-berth.

Jackie wondered if he was telling the truth. She knew Manny could be a little kinky and although he had never expressed any desire to open their marriage he did enjoy her teasing and even an occasional flash. She wondered if Manny was hoping something might happen.

She also thought it might have been a test. Manny knew she always flirted with Trace, as did Donna with him. Maybe Manny was a tad jealous of her and Trace and set out to test her and see if anything would happen. Maybe he had spent the night trying to catch them.

It was more likely that he was telling the truth. But even that didn't get him off the hook. It was still quite annoying that he would decide it was okay for her to share a bed with another man, as if he owned her. He should have never made that decision. If she had been consulted she might have agreed, but she would have worn some pajamas and would have made an effort not to cuddle with him in her sleep.

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