tagFirst TimeSunrise Love

Sunrise Love


Amy awoke and turned over to look at the clock. It was 5:30am and she knew that Scott would be picking her up around 6. She flung back the quilt and stopped to listen if her dad had left for work yet. After a minute or so, she jumped out of bed and excitedly ran to the wardrobe. She picked out a black mini skirt and a white low cut vest top which left her cleavage exposed and decided not to wear any underwear. She giggled to herself as she looked at her 18 year old virgin frame that she was proud of; 34 C breasts, soft curves and long legs. Her long brown hair hung over her chest and her sky blue eyes glistened.

As Amy turned to look at the clock, she heard a car drive up to her house and smiled, knowing it was Scott picking her up. She looked out of the window at her 6 foot 4 boyfriend and gazed upon his athletic build. As he stepped out of his car and walked towards the door, she turned and left her room. She crept past her dad's room, where her step-mom was still sleeping and tip-toed down the stairs. She slowly opened the front door and smiled as Scott stood and returned the smile.

"Good morning beautiful" Scott said as he admired her eyes.

He slowly looked up and down her figure. He slowly took in every curve and met her eyes again as she blushed pink. She closed and locked the door behind her and walked towards the car smiling back at Scott as he walked to the driver's seat. Amy sat in the passenger's side and played with her hands nervously. Scott leant over and went to kiss Amy's cheek as she turned and their lips met. Amy slowly backed off and spoke.

"Where are we going then? You said it was a surprise... I can't wait any longer!"

Scott looked at her with a cheeky smile and tapped his nose letting her know that it was still a secret. As they backed out of her drive and turned left and out of town, she began to wonder where they were going since she never usually ventured this way out of town. Scott glanced over at Amy and noticed she looked rather confused and scared.

"Do you trust me?" Scott questioned.

"Of course... Why wouldn't I?" Amy said as she leant over and kissed him.

Scott and Amy had never really been intimate during their year and a half relationship. Amy was aware that Scott was experienced, and Scott knew that Amy was still a virgin. She had told him that she would let him know when she was ready and Scott knew that was right, yet he still couldn't help thinking what would happen when it did happen. Would she let him take her innocence? Would he hurt her? Would she trust him to do it again? Thousands of questions ran through his head yet he never asked her. They had spoke about sex, and made sure that it was clear that he would never touch her without permission.

Amy smiled as she peered out of the window, looking up at the stars and darkness that still hung over the city. They drove for an hour and hardly spoke. As they pulled up to a desolate beach, Amy stepped out of the car and looked over at Scott as he walked around the car and closed her door behind her. He stepped over behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her neck, smelling her perfume that he had brought her the previous Christmas.

"Mmm... You smell so good" Scott smiled against her neck as he kissed her.

Scott released her from his grasp and went to the boot of the car. He took out a blanket. Amy's face lit up and she smiled and blew him a kiss. Scott pretended to catch it and blew one back. They walked hand in hand towards the sea front and set the blanket down close enough so that they got a slight spray from the water. Amy lay on the blanket, supporting her body with her elbows and winked at Scott with a smile from cheek to cheek.

Scott took that as a hint and moved closer to her. He knelt over her curvaceous form and Amy traced the shape of his lips with her index finger. Scott leant closer and kissed her forehead and down her nose. Amy lay down on the blanket and allowed Scott to close the distance between them. Scott looked down at her top and she nodded, understanding what he wanted. Scott grabbed the bottom of her top and slowly pulled it up above her head and threw it to the side. Until the top was out of the way, he hadn't noticed that she wasn't wearing anything underneath. He smiled and kissed her neck and chest. He felt her take a deep breath and stopped. He looked into her blue eyes and smiled reassuringly.

"We don't have to do this if you don't want to" He said.

"I know we don't, but I want to" she smiled back and pushed up to kiss him.

Scott kissed back and lay against her bare chest. His shirt was separating the nakedness of their bodies. Amy slid her hands up the back of his shirt and slid it over his head. The bare skin and closeness between them threw emotions over Amy that she had never felt before.

Scott slid his hands down over her curves and up over her breasts. His lips began to follow, kissing down her neck, chest and between her breasts. He kissed her breasts and started to flick his tongue over her nipples. Amy let out a small moan and arched her back. He kissed, sucked, and licked each of her nipples, making them hard. Hearing Amy's moans started to make Scott's cock erect, knowing that he was the first to ever have pleasured her.

Scott started to kiss down her body and kissed the top of the band on her skirt. She felt something against her leg, taking in the situation, Amy sat up. Scott sat up too, trying to cover himself and moved away, thinking he had done something wrong.

"I'm sorry" Scott mumbled quietly.

"Don't be. There's nothing to be sorry about." Amy looked at him.

"What's wrong then baby?"

"Nothing. I was just thinking to myself."

"What were you thinking about?" Scott looked confused trying to figure out what she could have possibly been thinking about whilst he had been kissing her.

"I was thinking about your experience, and how scared I am of being a virgin and not being good enough for you."

Scott looked at her in shock. 'How could she possibly think I wouldn't think she was good enough for me?' he thought.

"I love you" Scott said, as he looked over at her from the distance that had been created between them, compared to the closeness they had shared moments ago.

"Do you mean that?" Amy asked, slightly unsure.

"Of course I do. I've never felt this way about anyone. You are my life and the one I want to spend the rest of my life with"

Amy smiled, looking out at the sea and then over at Scott.

"I don't know where today is going to take us... But let's see what happens" Amy smiled again as she crawled over to Scott and slid his trousers down over his legs. He was wearing white boxers and she giggled at the sight of her first erection. His cock was confined to his boxers and slowly pulled them down, inch by inch. Amy tried not to stare, but thought how beautiful, big and thick he was. Scott laughed at the erection that had been growing beneath his trousers. He looked at her, taking in her beautiful smile and long brown hair that now covered her breasts.

"Move your hair behind you," Scott said; "I want to be able to see all of you."

Amy did as she was asked and stood up, with her legs separated. As she moved her hair back, out of the way of her chest, she looked down at Scott who was lying close to her legs. She knew he had noticed what she had tried to make him notice.

Scott's mouth gaped open in disbelief. His little innocent girlfriend, who seemed to never do anything adventurous... was just about naked before him. Her pussy glistened in the faint light that had started to appear over the edge of the ocean. Amy teased him by standing over his chest and giving him a good look at what she knew he wanted.

"I didn't know where today will take us either... but I have a pretty good idea where to start" Scott managed to say as he started to kiss up her ankle and leg.

Amy looked down and noticed his long hard shaft as Scott looked up and noticed her pussy getting wetter and wetter by the minute. Amy stepped to the side of him and knelt at his side. She guided Scott's hands to the button on her skirt, which would then allow him access to everything he'd ever wanted. As the button slipped through its hole, she stood up and left her skirt in a pile underneath her feet. She kicked it aside and looked into Scott's lustful eyes.

"I've never seen anything or anyone so beautiful and perfect," said Scott as he looked upon her naked body.

Amy cheeks blushed rose pink and lay down next to him, bent her knees slightly and opened her legs a fraction. Scott knew what was going to happen. Amy slid her own hand down her body and touched her pussy. When her hand slid over her mound and down between her lips, she shuddered and gazed into Scott's eyes, which were fixed onto her hand. She knew from that moment, that she wanted him. She wanted his body, the closeness they shared and she wanted to spend her life with him, regardless of what happened.

Amy was aware that Scott's hand was crawling towards her. She looked at him, giggling, and shook her head. Amy crawled onto her knees and touched his chest, spreading her juices over his chest. His cock suddenly became harder feeling the moist sensation on his chest. She kissed his lips as his erection pushed into her stomach. Amy giggled as she felt him pushing against her.

Scott sat up and kissed her hard and passionately. He wanted her so bad, he wanted to be inside her and he wanted to make her feel pleasure, but didn't want to hurt her. He slid his hands from her neck, down over her chest, stomach, onto her thighs and stopped. Amy looked into his eyes and knew he wanted to make her happy without making her feel pressured.

"It's okay, I'm okay. I want you to make me happy too. I'm ready for you."

"Just tell me... and I'll stop right away. I promise" He smiled sweetly.

With those words of encouragement, Scott slowly pushed Amy onto her back and parted her legs. She took hold of one of his hands and held it. She felt safe, but nervous too. Scott began kissing her inner thigh and squeezed her hand to let her know he was there.

He slowly started to move closer to her pussy. He inhaled her sweet musky scent and wanted to taste her. He kissed her shaved mound and traced her slit with his finger. She shuddered with his unexpected touch, but then relaxed as he moved his fingers away and made his kisses became licks and flicks from his tongue. Her moans became louder and more frequent as his tongue parted her pussy and slowly tickled her most private parts. His tongue found her clit and Amy let out a loud gasp and dug her hands into the sand. Scott sucked on her clit, imagining that she was sucking on his cock. He released her clit, and sucked hard again. She bit her lip and grabbed, pushed his head between her legs. Her body began to squirm and her back began to arch.

"Don't Stop!" Amy shouted as her first climax began to take over her body.

Scott licked, sucked and flicked the end of his tongue across her clit and Amy's body gave in. She wriggled and her legs clamped against his head. Scott slowed down his tongue's movements and felt her clit pulsate against his tongue. Scott sat up and watched Amy's beautiful face return back to its original state, from the look of pleasure and ultimate bliss that had been wiped across her angelic face.

Scott smiled and wiped away her juices, licking them off his hand. Amy smiled back and looked into his eyes.

"Thank you"

"You don't need to thank me. I wanted to"

"And I want to too."

And with those words, Amy reversed the situation and climbed over Scott and kissed his chest and nipples. He looked down at her and she kept eye contact with him. He could tell she was uncertain about what to do. He reached down his hand and cupped his hand over his head before sliding his hand down the length of his thick, long shaft. Amy sat up as soon as she realized what he was up to, and watched what he was doing, as so to learn from what he liked to do to himself. Amy's lust overcame the better of her and she straddled his chest and leant back. Knowing that Scott had the ultimate view, she slid her hand down her chest, kneading her breasts and slowly caressing her body, began to rub in circles around her clit.

She continued to watch Scott's hand, caressing his own cock and wanted her hand to be there. She slowly climbed off him and sat between his legs. As Scott continued to stroke himself, Amy placed her hand on his cock, and he put his hand over hers to help her out. After a few strokes, Amy kissed his lips, and then kissed the head of his cock. She slowly licked the droplet of pre-cum from his tip, and then engulfed him in her mouth. Scott shouted out in pain, Amy immediately stopped and looked up scared of hurting him.

"What's wrong?"

"Your teeth. Be so careful baby. It's so sensitive."

"Oh. I didn't realize"

Amy licked his cock a few times and wrapped her hand around his base. Within seconds, his entire 7 inches were pushed down her throat. Without gagging, Amy pulled his cock out, and slid her tongue over him and onto his balls. She cupped them in her hand and licked between them. As she licked the underneath of his cock and cupped his balls, she noticed he was getting tighter, and she quickly pumped her mouth over his cock. Scott hissed out in pleasure.

"Ohhh! Yes baby! Right there. Suck my cock dry. Suck it hard."

Scott's cock pulsed wildly and Amy felt a warm, repetitive sensation and swallowed each time. She looked up at Scott and opened her mouth, to let him see the mess he had created.

"Was that better?"

"Oh my god Amy. How did you learn that!?" Scott said, gulping down air as his climax had left him breathless. Amy giggled.

He beckoned her up his body and kissed her, their tongues touching each other and exploring each others mouths. Amy tugged on Scott's bottom lip, and then licked his upper and lower lips. Scott smiled at her nervously.

"Do you want to...?" His voice trailed off.

"Do I want to what?" Amy asked, understanding what he meant, but wanting to hear him ask.

"Do you want to...you know..." Scott said nervously.

"Do I want to do what we've spoke about?"

"Umm yeah?"

"I thought you'd never ask."

Amy smiled nervously too, now realizing what she had just said, and realizing this was it. The point of no return. He would finally take her innocence and be her first.

Amy lay down on the sand feeling the warmth it had gained from the rising sun, and looked out towards the open ocean. She felt free, relaxed and happy. She felt something against her, and turned to find Scott looking down at her.

"Are you sure you're ready? Once I've taken it... It's gone."

"Yeah, I know. I'm just scared is all"

"Don't be scared. You trust me right?"

Amy kissed him, answering his question and Scott slowly began to crawl between her legs again. His swelling cock brushing against the outside of her wet pussy, Amy stopped and looked at him.

"Will it hurt me?"

"It might...But only for a minute. I'll be slow and careful."

Scott held his cock in his hand, and physically connected their bodies. He pushed himself inside her, an inch or so. Her tight pussy enveloped him. He stopped when he noticed the pain slashed across Amy's face. He didn't want to hurt her, he didn't want to see her in pain, and it broke his heart to know that he was the one hurting her and taking something away.

"I'm so sorry baby. Are you alright?"

"Yeah, keep going" and she smiled at him, letting him know it was okay.

Scott began to slide up inside her, and came to her hymen. He knew he was going to hurt her but she didn't know herself. Scott braced himself and lay against Amy's naked body. He kissed her as he thrust his full depth into her. She broke away and cried out in pain. Her chest rose and fell, her eyes closed tight. A tear trickled down her cheek and Scott kissed it away.

"I'm so sorry I had to do that to you."

Amy didn't say a word; she slowly started to open her eyes, wiping away the tears. Scott kissed her again. Amy kissed back and whispered in his ear.

"Its all pleasure from here. Fuck me."

Scott face lit up, hearing those few dirty words released from his girlfriends mouth, he began to slowly push in and out of her non-virgin pussy. Her wetness dripped from her pussy, onto his hard cock.

Amy suddenly changed position, and straddled him. Scott looked into her bright blue eyes and smiled. He knew he loved her. She smiled back and asked him to play with her clit. He gladly did so as she rose and fell onto his hard cock. Scott, slowly making circles with him finger around her clit, put a finger against his cock and when she rose up off his cock. Without noticing, Amy slid his entire cock into her and moaned with pleasure. Scott knew he had done something right and chuckled to himself as Amy threw her head back in pleasure. Her moans and her breathing became faster as she started to pick up pace.

"Fuck me. Fuck my pussy. Make me scream. Make me cum."

"Fucking yes baby. I've always wanted to fuck you. I want to hear you scream and moan for me."

Amy spread her legs and supported herself above him. Scott quickly thrust his hips, colliding with her pelvis. Amy began to moan and cry with pleasure. Scott's thrusts became deeper and deeper and Amy began to feel her muscles tightening. Scott began to whimper and moan.

"I'm Cumming!" Scott cried as his cock pulsated against the walls of her tight pussy.

Amy cried out as her body began to tense. Her eyes rolled back and her breathing became fast and short. Scott, lying beneath her felt her pussy vibrate and squeeze against his cock. Scott kept impaling into her pussy as they both came together. Scott shot his load into her and Amy felt it hit the walls of her pussy. They began to slow down and the combination of fluids began to drip over them.

Amy collapsed into Scott's arms and lay there. Scott kissed her forehead and smiled.

"I love you" He couldn't have meant it more.

"I love you too, more than anything in the world."

Amy looked at him and kissed him once more before standing and gathering her clothes. She quickly dressed again, noticing that the day was starting to get on. She threw Scott's clothes at him playfully, but he didn't respond.

"What's wrong?" Amy smiled.

"Did I hurt you?"

"A little... but it was a good hurt. You shouldn't worry." Amy leant down and kissed him.

They eventually finished getting dressed and grabbed the blanket. Amy walked ahead and sat in the car. She was quiet the entire journey home. Scott noticed that she kept moving her hand down towards her pussy and was worried.

"I did hurt you. I hurt you a lot" Scott said, trying to get a conversation going. He didn't like her being quiet.

"No you didn't."

"Yes I did. How come you keep touching yourself then? If I didn't hurt you, you wouldn't be quiet and you wouldn't be touching yourself."

"I'm okay. Yeah, it does hurt. But I'll be fine"

Amy looked down and smiled.

"I've never felt so good. I mean, I feel like a whole load has been taken off my shoulders."

"Yeah, I know."

"What time is it?" Amy asked mischievously.

"About 11am"

Amy leant over and grabbed the bulge in his trousers. She smiled as she felt him getting hard.

"Ready for round two then baby?"

"I'm ready for anything" Scott smiled.

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