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Sunset Inspiration


Inspired by, and therefore dedicated to, Stacey…

As we drive along the Jamaican Coast Highway, returning to our resort, the sun begins to set over the horizon, lighting the road with an orange, red, and purple glow. The road winds along the shore of the island, with views of mountains on the right and sandy beaches on the left. Every so often there are turnoffs where you can stop and watch the waves crash on the shore.

As one of the scenic stopping spots comes up on the left you motion for me to pull over, and we do, parking our rented truck with the bed facing out towards the ocean. We walk around to the back and notice a gap in the guard rail with a path that apparently leads to the beach. I take your hand and lead you down the steep path.

We reach the sand and take off our shoes to run our feet through the sand. I wrap my arm around your waist and we watch the sun continue to set over the water. I look at you with a devilish smile and begin to remove my shirt and unbutton my pants. By the time I’m done taking off my pants your shirt is on the pile of clothes and you are quickly removing clothing to catch up to me.

As the last of my clothing hits the sand yours do as well and we both race together, laughing and naked, to the water. It is wonderfully warm and feels great against our bare skin. We swim out a little until the water is chest high and play around; splashing each other and teasing playfully. Looking at your breasts, barely covered by the water, naked and wet and so close to me makes my temperature rise, as well as my cock. I wade over to you and hug you to me. Your warmth further increases my heart and you can feel the evidence of my desire against your stomach. We kiss gently for a moment as I slide my hand up your leg. From your thigh up to your wonderfully tight ass I run my fingers lightly over you.

I pull us together again, finding your lips with mine. Our tongues play together as the kiss deepens. You reach down and take my hard cock into your hand and gently begin to stroke it. You turn slightly, inviting my roaming hand to find the patch of your pussy and explore the secrets within. My fingers slide in and out of your pussy and your breath comes in heaves now. As my fingers massage your clit and you stroke my cock our kissing because even more passionate. Our mouths are open wide, our tongues probing each other with abandon. I can feel your breath quicken just as mine does until finally you pull your lips off mine and bite down on my shoulder letting out a loud moan. As you do that you let go of my cock and begin to try to catch your breath while leaning heavily on my shoulder. I remove my fingers from you and caress your shoulders, as I first kiss your cheek, then rest my lips against your neck.

You can feel the head of my cock rubbing against your thigh as you begin to lick my neck and nibble on my collar bone. You move and place my erect penis in-between your legs, just resting against your pussy. I can feel the head of my cock as rubs back and forth against the outside lips of your pussy as you gently sway. With a sudden movement of my hips I slide myself deep inside of you. You grab me around the neck and wrap your legs around me, pulling my deeply into you.

The water splashes around us as we move back and forth. Your hips moving in opposition to mine, my arms are around you and our lips are locked in a passionate kiss. As I begin to feel my orgasm build your head falls back as you begin yours. My eyes close as I feel your muscles spasm around my cock. Our hips continue to rock as we finish our mutual orgasm. You nestle your face against my neck once more and mine does the same to your shoulder. We stay like this for a pleasant eternity, my penis still inside you, our bodies still one. Eventually, after much nuzzling and gentles kisses, we move towards shore again.

As we reach the sand of the beach we collapse to the sand, looking at each other with smiles and a shared warmth. Arms around each other we lay back and watch the last glimmers of light fading in the distance, content in our closeness and our nakedness. We talk of little things, interspersing comments with kisses and touches. Growing cool in the night air, at first I think you are ready to leave, but then you begin to cuddle closer. Your hand finds it way to my thigh and my eyes open slightly. Your hand continues to massage my leg and slides it way up towards my newly hardening cock.

I’m amazed at your tenderness as you slide your way down my body on the sand. You breathe on my penis and I can’t help but react with a spasm of muscles, making my cock jump in your grasp. Your tongue slides the length of my cock and encircles my cock head. Opening your mouth you take me inside, I lean my head back with pleasure as I let out a soft moan. Your head begins to bob up and down and I can feel an orgasm building quickly. You can feel my breath quicken and your pace does the same, bringing on my orgasm even quicker.

I let out gasping breaths, "I'm going... to... cum". As the last words of that sentence escape my lips I begin my orgasm. Your head slows in it’s up and down motion, it feels too good, and you are ready to take every drop of my cum. After a delightfully prolonged series of contractions, adding more cum in your mouth with each one, you pull away and lick the tip of my cock. "I wouldn't to waste any", you say as you move up along my body to take your spot back next to me. I lean down to give you a long kiss. “Next beach it’s my turn to sample your flavors, my love”, I say. I kiss you long and passionately again. As I pull away from your lips a smile comes across our faces. We lie there for a while longer on the sand, watching the stars and listening to the waves crashing on the shore. The cool night air makes you shiver, and we locate our clothes and pull them on.

As we head back to the car we flash each other a “I can’t believe we just did that” grin. It looks like this vacation is going to be very relaxing.

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