tagRomanceSunset Kiss Ch. 01

Sunset Kiss Ch. 01


Wyatt yawned, running a hand through his dark brown hair. His hazel eyes shone briefly in the moonlight as he walked. He wore a grey shirt and a black jacket, ripped jeans, and blue Vans. A ring adorned his finger, a silver band with a blue stone set in the top that he got for graduation. He never left anywhere without it.

He had been invited to a party at his friend Steven's. He had known Steven for all 18 years of his life, but the guy was kind of insane in Wyatt's opinion. He walked up the drive, then knocked on the door. Steven answered in seconds. "Wyatt, you son of a bitch! Get the fuck in my house!"

Wyatt grinned. Steven was a little taller than him, blonde, and crazy. Wyatt stepped inside to see about two dozen people talking and dancing. Steven led him in and said, "Ok. Gameplan: I go after... Jenna Bender. And you... Erica Paul is looking pretty good. Ok?"

Wyatt shook his head. "Go after Jenna if you want, but there's no way I'm going after Erica. I'll find my own date."

Steven sighed. "Ok. But you're fucked, mark my words. Wish me luck, bro."

Steven rushed away, leaving Wyatt to look through the crowd. He tried to find a girl, but none of them seemed like his type. He gave up and went to find a seat. And there, sitting only a few feet from him, was a beautiful girl.

She had red hair that fell to her shoulders and deep green eyes. She wore a green top and jeans, and some Converse. Wyatt looked at her, and he instantly felt attracted to her. Not in a sexual way, in a very warm and fuzzy sort of way.

Wyatt sat down next to her and said, "Hi. I'm Wyatt."

She smiled at him. "Hi, Wyatt. I'm Sarah."

Wyatt took a deep breath and wiped his palms on his jeans. He was nervous as hell. "Ummm... So, I haven't seen you around before. Are you new to Rosedale?"

Sarah nodded. "Yeah. It's really weird meeting all the new people."

Wyatt tried to speak again, but he couldn't find the words. He began to panic. And Sarah noticed. "Are you okay?"

Wyatt sighed. "Yeah. I just... look, you are extremely beautiful. And nice. It's hard to keep up."

Sarah laughed. "Thank you. I'll try to go slower."

Wyatt learned from talking to Sarah that her dad had moved her and her mom to Ohio from Nebraska when she was six. And they had just moved farther south in Ohio that week.

Wyatt listened attentively, genuinely caring about what she said. At one point, a slower song came on. Sarah asked, "Would you like to dance, Wyatt?"

Wyatt nodded, gulped nervously, then followed Sarah to the dance floor. She put her arms around Wyatt's neck, and he put his hands around her waist. They swayed, staying close together the whole time. Maybe closer than they needed to be.

Wyatt looked down at the beautiful girl he was dancing with and grinned. Sarah smiled back at him and rested her forehead on his chest. Wyatt spent the entire dance going crazy happy inwardly. When the dance ended, Sarah stayed holding him for a few seconds longer than she needed to.

Then, she let go and Wyatt smiled.

* * *

Later that night, as everyone began to leave for home, Wyatt caught up with Sarah and said, "Hey, Sarah? I wanted to know if... I mean, whether you'd want to... What I'm trying to say is-"

Sarah put a finger on his lips to silence. "I'd love to go on a date with you. Here."

She fished out a notepad and pen from her purse and wrote her number down, then handed it to Wyatt. "Call me. That's an order." Sarah grinned, then left.

Steven walked up to Wyatt and asked, "So, how was your night while i was making out with Jenna?"

Wyatt grinned and held up Sarah's number. "New girl. Extremely beautiful."

He told Steven everything dirty about her he could think of, from boob size to how nice her ass looked. But in reality, he just admired Sarah. He would get that date. He knew he would.

It would just take some time.

To be continued

(Feel free to criticize, it's how I get better as a writer.)

(Also, the sex won't be for a couple of chapters.)

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