What did it matter anyway? I kept asking myself as I waded down the cornfield heading towards the hole in the fence. Who really cared about the raspberries that were hidden in those woods beyond the cornfield? As the corn grew taller it became more difficult to walk to the hole in the fence. I'd discovered it by chance anyway, so who else knew it was there. This was private property and the discovery was mine.

I rounded the next bin in the cornfield and stopped walking. Already the corn was over my head in places in the field. I took a deep breath and glanced overhead. The sky was so blue today and the clouds were puffy and big. Whenever I got this far in the cornfield I started to remember my childhood days. As a kid I grew up in a small community. Our house was located behind a church and in the front of a cornfield. Just on the other side of the cornfield was a creek and some woods. I remember spending summer vacation roaming around in both of those locations. There was even an old barn that I was pretty fond of and here on this property I had seen at least three of those. One looked so old I was sure I'd fall down if you looked at it just right, but it never did.

Today I was heading to the raspberry patch I'd discovered, by accident while picking raspberries to make jam. It was the biggest raspberry patch I'd even found and they tasted yummy! No one was home at the moment so I wouldn't be missed. I didn't care about supper and I had a bottle of water to drink when I got thirsty.

Alone was good alone was comforting. I didn't have to try to keep talking when I really didn't wanna talk. I didn't feel like I had to entertain anyone and thank God I didn't have to listen to someone of lower intelligents talk to me about stuff they really have no understanding of.

I began walking again. The property was vacant today, no one was about. The birds sang beautifully in the trees and the flies wouldn't stay off my sweat covered skin. I pushed my brown hair away from my shoulders and continued walking. The hole in the fence was coming up soon and I couldn't wait to get some of those fresh raspberries.

I stepped out of the cornfield and into a section of the field where weeds grew in abundance around the fenced in area. Just to my left was the fence line I'd been looking for and there was the hole.

I moved in closer and ducked so I could squeeze into the opening and step out on the other side. Humm... the day was beautiful. The raspberries sparkled like jewels on the vines I saw as I began to walk down the plowed down lane that lead to my hidden treasure of raspberries. I picked a few as I moved along to eat.

I slipped around a wooded corner and walked down the hill toward the vine covered gate that lead to another pasture field. This pasture field had been abandon for years I figured, because I'd never seen anyone down here. Not far away from the gate was an old building without doors. Inside I'd seen lots of old containers, and farming tools. Along the wall I had seen two old motor bikes. The tags said they'd last been updated in 1961 so I figured they wouldn't start if someone tried to steal them. The vines growing on the gate sparkled in the evening sun. I stepped closer and began picking them. The last time I'd been here I'd bagged about half a pound of them. They made the best Jam in the world!

I continued to pick the raspberries moving to the inside of the gate where they grew on the other side. Glancing down to check for snakes every few moments, cause I was scared of snakes I noticed a shoe. That hadn't been here when I arrived I reasoned. I continued to look at the shoe and noticed it had a jean covered leg attached to it. I continued to look up.

The leg branched off into two legs and was attached to a body. It was on the lean side and came attached with a dirty white undershirt, covered in sweat and chest hair. A blonde head was attached to the body.

"Hi," the stranger said and spit the blade of grass he'd been chewing onto the ground.

I swallowed, but didn't say a word. I never brought my hearing aids with me when I went into the woods because I didn't want to loose them or get them broke and this was private property, no one else came here

"You like raspberries?" he asked and picked one from the bush. I watched him pop it into his mouth and chew.

I moved my head up and down, but didn't say a word.

That's when I noticed his tractor parked by the old barn without doors. I pointed at it.

"Yea, that's mine," he answered. "The old man who owns this property said I can plow this field and put in some cows." He stepped backward. "You're more then welcome to the raspberries...You rent your house from him don't you?"

I moved my head up and down again. My tongue just didn't seem to want to work.

"I will be working in this field every evening for the next few weeks. If you pick those in the evening just be careful when you come down I wouldn't wanna plow your pretty little bottom."

His voice was laced with laughter. I backed up...

He stepped forward. "Watch out for the..."

I felt the stickers penetrate my skin. I was standing in the raspberries.

I stepped forward to rescue my skin from the stickers, but he didn't step backwards. I found myself wrapped in his odor and his arms.

"You ok?" he asked as he brushed some of the stickers off my skin. Dots of blood sparkled on his hand where he'd touched me.

"Yes," I finally managed to say, but couldn't move away because of the stickers and his body.

"Stand still, will you," his commanding deep voice boomed into my ear as I tried to find a way around him. I stopped moving.

"You've got like ten of this burgers stuck in your arm, Let me pull them out before they start to hurt."

"It's ok, I'm always scratched up and all that," I replied, but didn't move.

He stepped closer to my body trapping me between his legs in the raspberry bush.

"That's good," he remarked. "Once I've told you to do something I expect you to do it," he said. I felt his fingers on my skin picking the stickers out and brushing the blood away.

"I can't have your cute little ass down here picking raspberries covered in stickers and scratches." He stopped speaking and continued picking the stickers out of my skin.

"What would the landlord say?"

I whimpered and he smiled. "A little pain never did anyone any harm," he remarked. "Sometimes pain makes you feel complete." He brushed the last of the stickers off my skin but didn't step back.

"You like it rough do you?" the strength in his voice scared me.

"I have to go home." I replied, but didn't look up.

"Now why would I let an innocent little submissive escape me when I have her right here between my legs?"

"Submissive?" my voice squeaked like a mouse.

He stepped forward and I moved backwards into the raspberry bush. Stickers laced my back and I moaned.

"Pain and enjoyment," he responded. I felt his thickening cock as it jammed into my stomach.

I backed up more and felt the gate ram into my back and more stickers attach themselves to my skin.

"I can tell that you're a submissive," he said, "you just don't know it yet." He stepped away from the bushes and allowed me enough room to step out too.

"How can I let a sweet little thing like you escape me?"

I moved out of the bushes and wanted to cry. I had stickers dotting my body everywhere.

"Feels good doesn't it?" he asked.

"Now turn around so I can pick them out of your skin and put some lotion on them so they don't get infected."

I twisted around not so much because I trusted him, but more because they hurt and I wanted to get them out of my skin.

"How does that feel?" he asked as he pulled out so many and then brushed my skin with his lips and his hands. Each time he removed a sticker from my back he brushed his hand along the side of my body near my breast. I shivered.

"Now hold on to the gate he instructed, this is gonna hurt."

Gate? That's when I realized he had me in front of a wooden gate. His lower body was pressed up against mine. He wanted me to bend forward and grip the gate while he pulled more of the stickers out of my back. What in God's name was I doing? Was I having sex with a complete stranger?

I felt his thick cock pressed between my legs, my body seemed to be waiting for something to happen. I was excited.

A sharp pain enveloped me as I felt him tug a large sticker out of my back, I wanted to scream, but before the pain totally engulfed me he pinched one of my nipples hard. I moaned instead.

"Felt good didn't it, submissive?" He asked his deep voice seemed to sooth me, making me want more.

Gently I felt my t-shirt move over my head and fall to the ground. My sport bra was pulled downward so that my breasts rested under it and hands engulfed them.

"Humm," I heard him moan as he rubbed his thickening long cock against my ass.

"There is nothing as pleasing as a submissive's body."

He moved his hand across my back again pressing down on the stickers and then pulling them out. The pain exploded in my body then turned into pleasure when he gently pinched my nipples each time he pressed them into place. "Had enough, submissive?" he asked. Lust filled his voice and surrounded us. Gently he moved his hips against my ass. His fingers tracked the line of my shorts and slowly they were inching towards the ground.

I didn't answer. I didn't have the voice to answer. My body seemed to be speaking for me. All I wanted was more...

"Say it to me submissive," he ordered in not so much a kind voice.

"Tell me you wanna feel my rod between your legs and inside your ass."

I wiggled my ass and felt the pain spread across my back where the stickers had been.

"I'll stop right now if you don't ask for it," he repeated. I felt his hands move away from my body and his cock began to slide out.

I suddenly felt cold and alone. I didn't wanna be cold and alone.

"Please," I moaned and he stopped moving.

"Please what?" he asked.

"Please don't stop." I said and swallowed hard.

"All you had to do was ask," his deep voice sounded inviting and his hands caressed my ass as they pulled my shorts downward and let them fall to the ground around my feet.

"Step out of them," he commanded, "and spread your legs wide. I wanna see what my submissive has been hiding."

I moved my shorts away from my body one foot at a time.I wasn't sure what I was thinking all I knew was I didn't wanna lose the touch of his hands, the feel of his breathe and the sweat from his body. He was exciting. I was excited just being near him.

But...the thought ran through my mind like a train running off the tracks. Were we having sex?

Something soft and hard pressed against the entrance to my vagina. It was warm. Fingers pinched my nipples and lips covered my back. I felt at home in his arms, yet I didn't know him. Was this rape?

Swiftly I felt him ram inside of me and oh my God did it feel good. His stiffness opened me up like an air balloon and his fingers made me beg for more.

"You like it don't you my little submissive?"

I uttered not a sound. He held me so tight I knew I wasn't going to get away and I didn't wanna get away. He felt so good inside me.

"Come one my little slut," he whispered in my good ear. Tell me how much you want this."

He moved inside of me several times before he spoke again. I felt the pleasure coming but was scared to admit it was so.

"If you don't tell me I'll stop," he promised and stopped moving for a few moments.

The torture of his none movement was enough to make me say something.

"Please," I whispered, not sure what I was doing, but sure that I didn't want him to stop.

"Please what?" he inquired, rubbing his fingers over some of the sore spots the stickers had left in my back.

"What do you want?"

I moaned in both pain and pleasure.

"Don't stop," I whispered.

"Don't stop what?" he asked, "You have to say it."

"Admit what I'm doing to you. Admit that you like it."

He fucked me harder and ran his nails down my back over the area where I'd had stickers. It hurt like hell and I felt myself starting to cum.

He felt my body quiver and pumped harder.

"That's my dear little submissive. You like pain and we both know you like pain."

He pumped into me harder so hard that my hips bounced off the ground. I loved it!

As I cam he held onto to me keeping me standing with his cock deep inside of me. His fingers caressed me everywhere, his lips nibbled at my body in places I didn't know anyone could reach. After it was over he let go of me and turned away.

"If you want more, submissive, come see me tomorrow. I'll be glad to do it again."

I watched his back as he walked away from me. He never turned, he didn't said anything else.

I watched him climb on the tractor and turn the starter. He drove off with a cowboy hat on his head and a trail of dust in his wake.

I gathered my cloths and got dressed. What had I just done? I'd let someone I didn't know have sex with me and I'd enjoyed it. This was something I sure wasn't going to tell mother...

I looked across the street at the old barn and the path that lead to the raspberries. My back ached from the stickers. My pussy was wet from the memory and I wasn't going to go back and give him a second chance at doing it all to me again. What was I stupid? I didn't think so...

I turned my back on the old barn and went back into the house. I could hear mother singing in the kitchen while she did dishes. I was glad at least someone was happy.

"Kathy," mother called out just as I rounded the corner. "Did you get enough raspberries yesterday to make a pie?"

"Pie?" I echoed the last word she said with a question mark.

"Yes," mother answered, "your dad wants to have raspberry pie for supper and I don't think we have enough raspberries to make one."

"Uh, you've got all that I collected, mom." I swallowed hard half expecting her to send me for more.

"Well you know how your father is, Kathy, when he wants something he gets it." She handed me the bucket I had used to collect raspberries in the day before and walked back to the sink.

"Don't be too long dear."

I'd been dismissed. Wasn't that just perfect?

I stumbled towards the front door and looked across the street. Perhaps he hadn't arrived yet. It was two hours earlier today then it was yesterday when I'd first gone over.

I picked up my woods walkin' shoes and started towards the gate. Surly it wouldn't happen again I reasoned as I tossed my good shoes to the ground and pulled on the others.

I picked up the bucket and shoved my good shoes closer to the barn door where I could exchange them once I came back, if I came back.

I clicked open the gate closed it and began walking. I really liked living here in the country. We had everything you could ask for when it came to food. We had grapes, apple trees, walnut trees and the best raspberry bushes you could find anywhere in Ohio.

I open the second gate closed it mowed at the cows and continued walking. The woods reminded me of the rainforest because of their canopy in some areas. Over my favorite creek the trees blocked out the sun so nothing grew on the ground. You could sit for hours just dropping stones in the water and watching bugs dance across the waves.

But, I realized as I neared the next gate, it was lonely. With only the family to talk to the summertime seemed like it went on forever. I pulled open the old gate and listened to it squeak as I closed it again.

My dad was planning to buy the old homestead from our landlord and had made an offer on the place. He was sure that it would sale, because the landlord had no other family. He was getting up there in years and ready to move to the city for medical needs and care.

I stopped along the path to pick some raspberries from a wild raspberry bush which was growing long the fence line boarding one of three cornfields. It was silent. The air carried no sound. I swallowed hard and started walking again.

The cornfield I was looking for came into view. I wasn't looking forward to walking down the rows of corn to get to the broken fence. That was the only way I knew how to get into the other pasture field. I didn't want dad to be upset over the raspberries so I wasn't going to look everywhere else when I knew the only place I could get that many raspberries was beyond that hole.

I started walking into the cornfield. The rows of corn in some areas were even higher then they had been the day before. I pushed corn stalks away from me as I paraded down the isles. Lucky for me this was one of the smaller cornfields. I rounded the curve and stepped out into lower stalks.

It was too bad I couldn't see into the field where I'd gotten the raspberries before I went into it. Then I'd know if he were about. I stopped and listened hard for the sound of a tractor. I didn't hear one, but then I didn't have my hearing aids in either.

I continued walking hoping that I would be too early for him. The end of the cornfield was within my vision. I stepped out of the corn and onto the ground near the hole in the fence line. Carefully I ducked and stepped through it to the other side. The air was fresh and felt like heaven. I began to walk down the hill towards the raspberries. As I neared the turn I stopped and looked downward, kinda hiding behind a tree in case he was down there. I didn't want him to see me.

Nothing I assured myself and stepped out into the opening hurrying down the hill to the best batch of raspberries I'd ever seen. My mouth watered just thinking about tasting them. The nearest ones were so ripe and ready to pick, I noticed, as I started filling my bucket with them. I watched several birds fly overhead and circle the area. I moved to the next section, my bucket was nearly half full now. I wondered if something had died and they were circling to get bits from the dead thing.

I stopped picking and let my eyes followed the birds as they made another circle. They were black birds I realized. I sat the bucket down and started walking towards the area they were circling.

The grass was tall in this part of the pasture field and I'd never ventured into this area before. I wasn't sure if it belonged to the landlord or if I'd stumbled onto the neighbor's property and was trespassing. Still I wanted to know so I kept walking.

That's when I saw a mowed area. Kinda like a tractor had been used to mow out a lane to follow. It moved along another fence line and then it went upwards towards the cornfield I'd just come out of at the top of the hill. I kept walking.

The closer I got to the top of the hill the more trees and brush I saw laying along the sides of the lane. Raspberry bushes grew here and there, but none like my favorite one.

Where did this path go I wondered, as I walked along?

The hill turned sharply at the top and changed from farmland into woods.

I kept walking. The woods were filled with more raspberry bushes, brush and a pond.

I stopped to look at the pond. It was covered in moss and filled with floating sticks from the trees above it. Along the banks were fallen trees, a snake, which looked harmless, a squirrel and...I stopped breathing, it was him!

He tipped his hat at me.

"Evening sunshine," he called out as he started walking towards me. His old worn out blue jeans sang as he walked towards me.

"Did you come to get more?"

"I" and didn't say another word. He kept on talking.

"I come out here to attend to the pond and fish," he said. "Did you know that the best eatin' fish this side of Perry County can be caught in that there pond?" He pointed at it from over his shoulder and stopped walking.

"Your mom know where you are?" he asked as he took his hat off his head and dusted it against his right leg. Dust floated around his body from the tapping and he kept at it until the hat was clean. "Uhhh," I said, thinking it would be wise to back up and run.

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