tagBDSMSunshine And Shivers

Sunshine And Shivers


It started out as a fairly typical mid morning encounter. She arrived at the appointed time and within minutes, was naked, restrained, and there for his pleasure. There came a time when she had to acknowledge that she enjoyed the encounters involving being blindfolded, restrained, teased, taunted, pinched, and at times spanked. On some days, she taunted him, daring him to inflict more pain. She knew that she could take more pain than he could possibly inflict. She later thought that this was a dangerous game to play, but she also trusted him implicitly and made herself completely vulnerable, knowing that he would never hurt her in a mean spirited way. In fact, when she looked back on their history together, she recognized that he only hurt her as much as she asked for. On this particular Wednesday morning, he asked that she come to his home around 8ish, and instructed her to not say a word, keep her head down, and he prohibited eye contact. Of course, being the submissive slave that she was, she complied.

Upon entering the home, he promptly removed her clothing at the entryway, ran his fingers through her hair, restrained her hands behind her back, and blindfolded her. She kept her head down and avoided eye contact as she was instructed. With hands tied behind her back, blindfolded, and naked, she was surprised that he did not seem ravenous for her. Normally, he would take her relatively helpless state as an opportunity to have his way with her. Like the time a few weeks ago when he basically made the same demands of her, and fucked her in the entryway. After the blindfolding, the removal of clothing, and the hands restrained behind her back. He picked her up, fucked her against the front door, came inside of her, and sent her on her way without saying a word.

Today, he instead pushed her into the corner of the dining room and prompted her to sit there. It was a bit chilly in the house, and so he put his leather jacket around her shoulders. She sat silently, felt slightly humiliated, and wondered what he was up to today.

She could hear the rattling of what sounded like pots and pans. After a while, she could hear the sound of eggs cracking and she smelled butter melting in a pan. She thought to herself, "he has lost his mind!" While the eggs were cooking, he masturbated himself so as to arouse his cock. It was ripe this morning. He spit into his hand and stroked his long fat cock while admiring her sitting in the corner, obediently. After manipulating his cock until it was rock hard and pointing towards the ceiling, he grabbed her arm and prompted her to sit in a dining room chair. He told her to open her mouth and she complied. He teased her lips with the head of his cock, and then she felt the heat of what she imagined were scrambled eggs. She cautiously opened her mouth. With her tongue anxiously reaching out, he placed a forkful of eggs into her mouth. She experienced the most perfectly scrambled eggs she recalled having in her life. They were buttery, lightly salted, and smooth as silk. The eggs seemed to melt in her mouth. He gave her some orange juice to rinse her mouth and ran his fingers through her hair again, while pinching her nipples.

He then grabbed her firmly by the arm and guided her to the bedroom. Upon reaching the bedroom, he demanded that she stand still while he stood behind her massaging her ass. He had large hands, and each hand seemed to envelop her ass cheeks. Every time he squeezed a cheek, her head flung back in a state of overwhelming passion. She had always fantasized about a big strong man taking her buttock in his hand and squeezing it. In fact, when she went shopping, she made it a point to stop by the fruit section of her local grocery store and squeeze a cantaloupe. In her mind, she was role playing her lover squeezing her ass. She squeezed the cantaloupe, smelled it, and then put it back with a wry smile.

He asked her to bend over and as she did so, she could feel his fingers exploring her anus. She feared that he was going to penetrate her with one or more fingers. But instead, he simply ran one finger along the outside of her anus, and never penetrated her. She could not believe how excited this made her. In uncharacteristic fashion, she found herself bending more towards the floor to make her anus more appealing and available to him. She wanted to feel him invading her, and yet feared it. He did not take the bait, and simply kept rubbing the outside of her anus. It drove her insane and she begged him to push his fingers in. He resisted the offer, and silently undid her hand restraints, and her blindfold. He reclined on the bed and pulled his testicles down with his hand so as to make his erect cock stand swollen and vertical. She could feel her eyes bulge as she witnessed the power of his erection. With some trepidation, she mounted him.

She was surprised that he now appeared to be making himself vulnerable. He laid back with his hands behind his head, as if they were restraint behind him. She slipped his erection inside of her and rubbed the tip of his penis against the front wall of her vagina. She could feel it pressing against her, almost like it was rubbing the back side of her clitoris. She rocked her pelvis, with both hands pressed against his chest. She braced herself as she allowed her pelvis to open itself to his throbbing erection. She allowed the tip of his penis to reach the inner boundaries of her vagina and then plunged herself down, sending waves of pain and passion throughout her body.

She knew that today was the day she would cum for him. Having been in a loveless marriage, she rarely had an orgasm with her husband. In fact, it had been over two years since she had an orgasm. The love/hate relationship she had with her husband and her diminished self esteem had made her numb. Sure, she tried on several occasions to masturbate to orgasm but was never able to complete the experience. Every once in a while, when her lover inserted two fingers deep into her vagina and pressed up towards her clitoris while flicking his tongue around her throbbing jewel she would come close. But even with him, she was not able to release her passions in the physical way she dreamed of.

Today was different. As she continued to grind her pussy over his excited body, she could feel the tension building. She lifted herself so that only the tip of his penis was making contact with her now very wet pussy. She stayed there until she could sense him arching for more. She now wanted him to beg. "Fuck me like a big girl" he exclaimed, and with that, she plunged herself down on his cock. She marveled at the sound of her squishy pussy, and the sound of her ass slapping his pelvis . She was now squatting over him and sliding herself up and down his shaft. She reached up to twist his nipples while fucking him with everything she had left.

Suddenly, she felt a wave coming on. She stopped pounding her pussy on him and plunged him into her as deep as she could. She rocked herself over his enormous cock. With that, the waves came crashing down. She shivered, and felt her stomach contracting uncontrollably. She lifted herself off him and as she did so, another wave came crashing and fluid came squirting out of her vagina. Two powerful bursts of something she had never experienced before propelled out of her pussy. She feared that she had lost control and urinated on him. Embarrassed, she sat silently on his body, with hands bracing herself on his chest. She dared not look up, but instead, bowed her head and waited for him to say something. As he looked up at her, the sunshine of the morning was highlighting her beautiful brown hair. She shivered with the after effects of the most intense orgasm she ever had while he gazed at the beauty of her hair, and the sun making her tan skin glow. He explained to her that she had her first squirting orgasm and declared his love for her.

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