tagGroup SexSunshine's Trip

Sunshine's Trip


Sunshine drove down the two lane highway in her little yellow volkswagon, music blaring "Purple Haze," Jimi's voice sexy and suggestive.

Her birth name was Cynthia, but she thought it was a boring name and refused to answer to it. She changed it to 'Sunshine,' which discribed her personality quite well.

Friends had invited her to stay with them in Northern California and she'd accepted, quit her job at the Stoned Rhino record store, dropped her boyfriend and was ready for a new life in a new place. She'd missed out on the hippy lifestyle that she craved, actually, she found herself at the end of that era. Now, at twenty-four she was her own boss and could do what ever she felt like doing. Without explaining herself to her parents or anyone else.

When Sunshine had been fifteen, she'd considered running away and joining a commune, then decided against it because she didn't want to cause her parents worry and unhappiness. She loved them, despite the fact that they were parents. Her folks weren't thrilled about this adventure, but she was an adult now and made up her own mind to go. She hadn't mentioned the commune part.

Sunshine was very pretty, borderline beautiful if you got past her ceaseless chatter and took a good look at her. She had hair that was silky blonde, hanging past her shapely ass. Her face was flawless and she had a mouth that begged to be kissed or used to suck with. Sbe was lightly tanned which gave her a healthy glow. Sunshine wore no make-up and didn't need any.

This day, the day she was leaving on her first trip alone, she wore a short halter dress in a wild pattern of bright colors and flip-flops on her feet. A flower was stuck behind one ear. The second most striking thing about Sunshine was her eyes.. they were currently a bright green, but could change to blue in a moment. She always heard from friends that her eyes made you want to fall into them... whatever that was supposed to mean.

She was excited about the trip she was taking and the more excited she became, the more horny she felt. She smiled to herself and squirmed in her seat.

The day was beautiful. Typical southern California weather, sunny and bright. It would be hours before she reached her destination. She didn't mind the long drive, there was plenty to look at along the way.

Sunshine passed a sign that told her there was a rest stop ahead. She decided she would stop there and use the facilities before going on. The rest area was clean and quiet. She noticed two young men at tbe end of the ramp leading back to the highway. They were standing there with backpacks on the ground next to them, thumbs out. A car passed but didn't stop for them.

Sunshine used the ladies room the headed back to her car, glancing towards the onramp. The boys were still there, looking down the road as they waited for another car to come along. Sunshine smiled to herself and decided she would give them a lift. She felt a tingle run through her body and wondered if maybe she would give them more then just a ride down the road. She went back into the restroom to remove her panties.

The two young men looked at Sunshine then at each other for a second before the taller one said "Thanks, we've been standing here for a long time."

They tossed their backpacks into the trunk of the VW and climbed in. Tbe one in the back was a good looking guy with long blonde hair that curled in an unruly mess around his face. The one sitting next to her, riding shotgun, was even better looking then his friend. He had sky-blue eyes and the darkest, longest eyelashes Sunshine had ever seen on a guy. He also had long hair, but his was dark, almost blueish-black in the light. "How far are you going," he asked her as she pulled back out on the highway.

"As far as you'd like," she replied with a grin. The guys looked at each other in surprise and wondered if she meant it like it sounded.

"I'm Jim and this is Alex." the dark haired one said introducing himself and his buddy.

"Sunshine." she told him and glanced over to see if he would laugh at her name.

"Nice," he said with a big smile on his face and in his eyes. She realized that both were pretty young, probably around eighteen or nineteen years old. She reached across him and opened the glovebox. Taking a joint out, she ask if they wanted to smoke it with her, both answered at the same time, "Yeah baby!"

Sunshine giggled, she had a good buzz going and was feeling great. "So, where are you from?" she ask her new companions.

"The east coast, eventually, but right now, up north." Alex said in answer to her question, "Jim has a cousin there and he invited us up for a visit. How about you? Where you headed?"

"I'm going to a little town called Boonville to see some friends of mine."

"Hey! Small world.. that's the town we're going to." Jim said, his voice sounded excited at the thought of this pretty blonde going to the same place they were headed.

"Cool!" Sunshine said and giggled again.

The time went much faster now that she had some company to ride with her. Sunshine read a sign as they passed it, "76 miles to go." she informed her passagers. "Anyone need to use the head at the rest stop coming up?" she asked.

"Yeah. That'd be cool." Jim answered. He was trying not to stare at Sunshine's thigh. Her dress had ridden up during the drive and she was showing a lot of leg. If she moved a little, he bet he would be able to see her pussy. Jim blushed when he looked up and saw that Sunshine was looking at him.

The rest stop was deserted. No trucks or cars parked anywhere. The trio split up and went to the restrooms, then met again returning to the car.

"Hey, you guys hungry?" Sunshine asked.

"Yeah, we haven't had anything to munch on since breakfast." Alex said.

"Let's have a picnic then." Sunshine said, smiling at the boys. "I've got a basket full of munchies in the car, and a blanket. Let's go over there," she said, pointing to an area off beyond the rest stop tables. "I think I heard a stream over that way when I was in the head." she added.

The stream was clear and cool and there was a grassy spot under some trees on the other side. They picked their way across the water, using rocks as stepping stones. Sunshine lay the blanket on the ground and sat down. She patted the ground next to her and waited for the boys to sit, then opened the basket and started taking goodies out. She had a bottle of Strawberry Hill wine that she opened and shared.

After everyone had their fill of food and wine, they sat talking about themselves. Sunshine lay back on the blanket and looked up at the blue sky. She raised her arms and made a pillow of them under her head. The movement caused her dress to ride up above the tops of her thighs.

Alex nudged Jim and gave a slight not of his head towards Sunshine's relaxed form. Jim's eyes widened when he realized he could see the girl's pussy. He moved a little closer and put a hand on Sunshine's leg, rubbing it absently, at least trying to make it seem that way.

Alex wasn't going to lose out on this deal. He moved around so he sat next to Sunshine's head, then bent down and kissed her on the mouth. Sunshine returned the kiss, wrapping her arms around Alex's neck.

Jim decided it was the right moment to run his long fingers up under Sunshine's mini dress. He felt her shiver as his fingers slipped between the lips of her pussy. She was already damp with moisture.

Alex kissed Sunshine, letting one of his hands move down her body to cup a breast in it. She didn't try to stop him, so he continued downward to the hem of her dress, then lifted it so he could slip his hand under the material. Jim had pushed her legs open and was now kneeling between them. He lay on his stomach and buried his face in her cunt. His tongue worked magic as it licked her wetness and pushed deeper.

Sunshine moaned as Jim ate her pussy. It felt so wonderful. Her hips began to grind into his face, wanting him deeper inside her. Alex let his lips trail down Sunshine's neck while his fingers worked the tie on the back of her dress. He managed to get it undone then lifted the dress up and over her head. He couldn't believe their luck! She was a fox and her body was perfect! He could feel his cock growing hard, pushing against the confines of his levis. His mouth closed over a nipple and he sucking it hard. Sunshine arched her back and opened her legs wider.

Jim put two fingers in Sunshine gushing cunt and his thumb in her asshole. She squirmed and wiggled, then gasp as he worked his fingers in both openings. Alex stood up and took his pants off, letting his hard dick spring up. He took over for Jim so he could get out of his clothing too. Alex moved between Sunshine's legs and lifted them over his shoulders.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, yeah." Sunshine groaned. Her eyes were closed and her lips parted. Her tongue ran across her top lip, wetting it.

Jim quickly shucked his clothes and knelt beside his friend and said in a low voice.. "Let's both fuck her." Alex nodded in agreement. He lay his length down on Sunshine and rolled them over so he was on his back with her on top.

Sunshine pushed herself up on her knees so she was sitting on Alex's cock, which was huge now. She moved up and down, feeling him inside her. Alex couldn't believe how tight she was and how good it felt in her wet hole.

Jim moved behind Sunshine and gently pushed her forward onto Alex's chest. She looked back at him, wondering what he was doing. When she felt his cock touch her ass, she cried out in alarm, "No, wait! You can't.." But that didn't stop him. Again Sunshine protested, "I've never..."

Jim ignored her cries and forced his throbbing member up her ass. Sunshine tried to pull free of the two guys but they held her tight. "Relax." Alex whispered horsely in her ear, "It will feel good if you relax."

Sunshine made herself calm down and stopped fighting. She felt so full of cock! Never had she even considered taking both of them on at the same time! As she relaxed, the motion of the two men fucking both her holes started to feel good. One in, one out, one in, one out. She started to feel an orgasim building and let it come.

When Sunshine started cumming, the two guys fucked her as hard and fast as they could. Each was ramming his cock into her as hard and fast as possible. Sunshine was screaming for them not to stop... not that they were going to anyway.

Alex held back, he didn't want to end this, not yet. Jim held back too. They both intended to enjoy this as long as possible. Sunshine had fallen forward onto Alex, her heart pounding against his. After a couple of minutes, the boys started to fuck her again, slow at first, then moving more quickly, thrusting hard into her body. She felt her pussy gripping the cock that filled it, making her excited again. She lay between the two guys, letting them fuck her good.

The boys decided to trade places. They pulled their dicks out of Sunshine's juicy holes and quickly traded positions under and behind her before she could protest. Sunshine moaned as they filled her holes again. She could feel her pussy juice dribbling from her filled cunt.

Jim changed his mind and moved around in front of the pair fucking on the blanket. He held his cock in his hand for a moment, then reached down to pull Sunshine's face towards him, then pushed his cock between her lips. He stood, looking into her eyes as she sucked it. He couldn't believed how much it turned him on to watch his friend fuck her while she sucked him off.

Sunshine couldn't think, she only wanted to keep fucking and fucking! Her mouth took Jim's big, fat cock in and sucked hard. She felt him touch the back of her throat and a thrill of excitement ran through her. She wanted to taste his cum so she sucked harder.

Jim almost shot his load down her throat but wanted to cum in her tight ass. He pulled free with a loud 'plop,' and went around behind her. He stood and watched her ass move up and down, humping Alex, then kneeling behind her, he slammed into her slippery asshole and grabbed hold of her hips, jerking her back toward him.

Jim jerked his hips back and forth, as Alex pulled almost out, he went in deep. Sunshine was crying out in pleasure as another orgasim hit her hard. She twisted and squirmed between the two men, making them fuck her even harder and going deeper.

Alex shot his load up her pussy at almost the same moment Jim got off in her ass. He cried out and clutched her tightly to his chest. Jim pounded his cock into Sunshine's ass, pumping his hot sperm into it. All three fell in a heap on the blanket, breathing hard.

Sunshine spoke first, "Wow! That was fucking amazing!" she said in a low whisper. She turned her head to first look at Alex, then on her other side, Jim. They smiled at her and nodded in agreement, unable to speak yet.

"We should be going if we want to get there before dark." Sunshine said as she stood and picked up her dress.

The boys agreed and grabbed their clothing. They dressed while watching Sunshine walk towards the restroom to clean herself up. She looked back over her shoulder at them and smiled.

"Damn, what a woman." Alex said to his buddy as he finished putting his clothes on.

"Yeah." Jim agreed with a grin. "One hell of a great fuck. They walked back to the car to wait for her. Sunshine joined them and all three climbed into the Volkswagon. No one mentioned what had just taken place for several miles.

"That was so cool." Sunshine finally said as she drove. "I've never fucked two guys before, it was fun." she added, smiling at her companions.

The guys were relieved that she was okay with what had happened. They relaxed and enjoyed the last few miles of the trip, each wondering if there would be another chance to fuck Sunshine before parting ways.

They reached the town just as dark was falling. Alex ask Sunshine to drop them off near the little country store they were nearing. He hated to say good-bye to her so soon after having fucked her. Jim felt as Alex did, after all, how often did something like that happen?

Sunshine got out and hugged each of the young men, sad to part ways. Then she got back in the car and waved as she drove away. She found the road she was supposed to take and turned onto it. A few miles down the road she found the place she was looking for. A woman opened the door and shouted a greeting as Sunshine stopped the car and got out. The two young women hugged each other and went into the house, both talking and laughing, happy to see each other.

There were seven other people living on the property with Sunshine's friend, Lucy. All good friends, living with nature. Three other women and four men. The house was surrounded by dense woods. It had gotten late but everyone was enjoying a joint and talking about whatever subject came up when there was a knock at the door.

Thomas got up to go answer the door and came back with two men. Sunshine was happy to see it was Alex and Jim! Thomas was the cousin they had come to see.

Now there were eleven people in the house. It looked like a small party as everyone drank wine and smoked pot late into the night.

Soft mattress lay scattered about on the floor. Several couples were lying down and Sunshine saw that one couple was making love, right there with everyone in the room. She found herself getting horny just watching them.

Someone was rubbing her back and she looked back to see it was Lucy. She didn't think anything of it as she leaned back and Lucy kissed her mouth. The wine and smoke had made her mellow and nothing seemed strange about a woman kissing her.

"Take your clothes off and get comfortable Sunshine," she heard Lucy say, close to her ear. She saw that her friend was naked so she took her dress off too.

Sunshine lay back on a mattress and looked around, everyone was naked now. She smiled at a man across the room and saw him return the smile before leaning down to suck the tit of the woman below him. Another man was between the woman's legs fucking her. She watched for a few minutes, enjoying the way they moved.

Somebody was licking her pussy, Sunshine felt like she was drifting on a cloud. She glanced down to see who it was and was mildly surprised to find it was Lucy doing the licking. Someone else was sucking on her nipple. She felt a nudge and turned her face to the side and found a cock pressing against her lips. She opened her mouth and it slid inside. "Mmmmmmmmm," she liked having her pussy eaten while she had a cock in her mouth. She let it go into her throat, her eyes half closed as the man fucked her mouth.

Sunshine felt herself lifted and turned over on her stomach. Her legs were spread apart and she could feel something pushing into her cunt from behind. She loved doggystyle! Then she felt someone moving themselves under her and looked down and saw Lucy. She felt her mouth on her clit and moaned loudly as Lucy sucked it hard while the cock pushed deeper into her hole.

Another female joined the group fucking Sunshine, she moved to stand at Sunshine's head and took a handfull of her hair to pull her face up so she could lick some pussy. Sunshine's tongue darted out to touch the pussy, curious to see what it tasted like.

"Pussy is pretty tasty!" she thought to herself, enjoying the juice dripping onto her tongue as she plunged it inside. She had never felt so good!

The cock pulled out of Sunshines dripping cunt and she felt someone slide under her and a cock filled her once more. Someone behind her was spreading her ass cheeks and pushing a large prick into her asshole. The girl in front of her was grinding her cunt in Sunshine's face, so she couldn't see who was behind her. She groaned loudly when the cock thrust hard into her backdoor and the one in her pussy started banging her faster. Lucy was squeezing her tits and sucking the nipples as the men fucked her.

She saw Alex behind Lucy, then he was balls deep in her friend's ass. Sunshine smiled at him for a moment before a wave of pleasure fell over her. She cried out as the cock in her ass pulled out then slammed back into her hole.

When she looked around the room, Sunshine saw everyone was fucking or being fucked. It was incredible. She would feel a cock leave her pussy or ass and another one would come and fill it again. At one point, she saw Lucy wearing a strap-on. She walked over to Sunshine and kissed her deeply while she rubbed her pussy with one hand.

Lucy moved Sunshine around so she could get behind her and fuck her with the huge strap-on she wore. Sunshine could do nothing by let it happen. Her mouth was once again filled with cock as was her pussy.

Lucy fucked the pretty blonde hard with her dildo. It was a big, fat cock, which she loved to use on other women or to have used on her. She thrust into Sunshine's ass, then slapped one of her cheeks. The unexpected sting made Sunshine jump, which helped Lucy go deep in her snatch.

She leaned down and whispered wickedly, "You like being fucked by a lot of people don't you? Nothing like a good old fashioned orgy, huh baby?" Her tongue flicked at Sunshine's ear, making the girl squirm.

Another girl, Rachael, joined them, standing at Sunshine's head. She lifted Sunshine's face up and bent to kiss her lips. The pushed Sunshine's face into her cunt, making her lick her hairy bush. One of the men came over to watch then positioned himself behind Rachael and began fucking her ass while Sunshine licked her pussy.

Another man decided to join the action, he stepped behind Lucy and worked his cock into her dripping hole. Sunshine didn't know who had wiggled under her and was now sucking on her slit, but she did know it felt sooooo good. Each time the guy thrust forward into Lucy's pussy, it caused Lucy to hammer into Sunshine. It was a fuckfest.

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