"Come on Victoria, it's perfect and there's not a soul on the beach," Rick called out running back to the car.

Grabbing the beach towel and stepping out of the car onto the hard-packed beach sand, she looked around. It certainly was a wonderful day, there were only a few clouds in the sky and even though it was early September, there was a breeze off the water that cooled them. She moved into the softer sand following Rick and emerged from between the grass covered dunes and looked over the beach.

Unlike the brown water and dark gray sand of the upper Texas Coast beaches, the sand here was an almost pristine white all the way down to the aqua blue of the water. What was amazing was that where, just a couple of weeks earlier there would have been hundreds of people on the beach, now, as hard as she looked to the north and then to the south, she couldn't see a single person.

Of course they were well away from the hotels and condos that lined the barrier island; in fact they drove as far as the road was paved. Actually they could have driven farther, but without a four wheel drive they didn't dare take the chance. No telling how long it would take to get a tow out of the sand and no telling how much they would have to pay for it.

"Over there, on the other side of the dune," Rick said, gently pulling on her hand.

Smiling, she followed, amused at how excited Rick acted, also a bit surprised at the tickling feeling she had in the pit of her stomach. After all the rushed and cramped escapades they had shared in cars or tiny apartment rooms, they finally were going to make love out in the wide open spaces. Yeah, there was really no chance of them getting caught, but just the smell of the salt air, the cool breeze off the water and the warmth of the sun on their bodies was invigorating.

Rick had stopped at the edge of the dune and was waiting for her to unfold the towel. Victoria couldn't help but notice the tent that had formed in Rick's bathing suit and she decided to enjoy the sight for a few extra moments by taking her good, sweet time in unfolding the blanket. When she finished she glanced back to the car and said, "Oh my, I forgot the sunscreen."

Before she could move, she felt his arms circle around her and felt the hard lump in his swimming suit grind sensuously against her thigh. He softly growled, "We can put that on later, right now I want to take something off."

Still teasing a bit, Victoria replied, "But I thought we might go for a swim first," leaning toward the water.

"We'll get everything too salty and I want to taste you just as you are," he said, running his tongue over the back of her neck.

She felt goose bumps form on her upper arms and shoulders feeling his hot breath and soft tongue run over her neck. Turning toward him, she lowered her hands letting them grasp his cock through the fabric as she felt Rick unfasten her top. Letting go of his cock, she arched her back as Rick turned his attention to her naked breasts, squeezing and kissing them. Savoring the sensation of his hands squeezing her and his tongue on her nipples, she raised her hand and ran her fingers though his hair.

Unfortunately, all too quickly Rick's attention moved downward as his hands grabbed her bikini bottoms and roughly pulled them over her hips and slid them down to her ankles. Stepping out of the suit, Victoria stood with her legs open, letting Rick's hand move to her crotch and his finger slip inside her. Letting the base of his palm move against her clit, he shoved his finger into her wet folds.

A bit disappointed that it would not be the slow, sensuous fantasy she had run through her head on the long drive to the beach, Victoria gave into the surge of passion and grabbed roughly at Rick's bathing suit, pulling it downward. She watched as he moved his hands from her, stepped back and eased the elastic band of his suit over his erection. She then said, "You know, this is the first time we've really seen each other naked in the daylight."

The two of them paused for a moment, just looking at their naked partner. Victoria stared down at the stark shadow of his cock, of how distinctly it curved over his thigh. Glancing down she could see the shadow over the beach towel and onto the sand. She wondered what Rick was noticing when suddenly he leaned onto her as he dropped down to his knees. Nearly falling, she caught herself and then settled onto her back, opening her legs. She reached up for Rick's cock, ready to guide it into her pussy, but she stopped and said, "Wait, aren't you forgetting something?"

"What's that," he gasped at her.

"The condom, that's what."

"But I left them in the car and..."

"You knew we'd need one!"

"I know, but come on, just this once. I mean we're out here in the open, just this once can't we?"

Victoria hesitated a moment, then reached out and, without a word, grasped his cock and gently guided him into her wet opening. She then watched the expression on his face as he looked down and watched his cock slip easily between her well lubricated lips. Feeling him slowly fill her, she lifted her hips to draw him deeper into herself, enjoying the intense sensation of him inside her.

All too quickly he began to withdraw only to thrust himself back into her. Victoria felt him continue to move in and out of her, but she could tell he was holding back, trying to last for her. She also knew there was no way he could last, especially since he wasn't wearing a condom, so she moved her head up and whispered, "Come on Rick give it to me, come inside me now!"

Victoria heard him sigh loudly as he quickened his pace, driving himself into her until she could feel his balls bouncing off her ass. His muscles tightened around her and he suddenly arched his back, pushing himself into her with all his strength as if he wanted to crawl completely inside her. She remained motionless, her legs wrapped around him, holding him tight until she felt him relax as he collapsed upon her.

Enjoying the feel of his weight upon her, his chest pressed against her breasts, she ran her hands up and down his back, letting her nails slide over his moist skin. She could feel his cock pulsing inside her, softening some as she also felt liquid warmth ooze out of her and run down her ass. Then he moved, not really moving his cock, more grinding his pubis against hers sending a jolt through her clit.

He pulled back and then pushed, again his cock not really moving inside her yet, but still sending waves of pleasure through her. After a few more pushes, Victoria could feel his cock harden some, certainly not as hard as when the first started, but enough to give her that full feeling again. Rick's movements were slower now, more deliberate and as Victoria moved beneath him, he responded to her, matching the pace and intensity that she set.

"Yes," she thought, "now we're making love." No longer needing to please him, Victoria gave herself to the sensations, the feel of his weight upon her, the electric grinding sensation at her clit and the intense joy at feeling herself being filled again and again by Rick's cock. Her senses heightened she heard the rush of the waves at the water's edge, the cool feel of the breeze, she could even see the darkness of Rick's shadow cover her without opening her eyes.

She surprised herself at how quickly and intensely she came, it was as if all those sensations suddenly centered at her clit and then exploded through her body. At one moment she was on the edge, her fingers digging into Rick's flesh, her legs clamped on his thighs, her pussy tight around him and then suddenly she released, opening herself completely to him and the pleasure he gave her. Falling back onto the towel, she felt her pussy pulsing around Rick's cock, tightening and then releasing, again and again.

Moving her right hand down she grabbed Rick's ass and held it tightly as if to keep him from pulling himself out of her. She felt a pressure on her breast and looked to see his hand clasping it firmly as he rested his head on her other breast. They remained like that for what felt like forever.

When they did finally get up and look for their bathing suits they could see a couple far down the beach walking out to the water, but no one else was near. They pulled on their suits and headed back to the car to find the sunscreen. Victoria could feel Rick's warm cum oozing out of her, a feeling she had not experienced before since they had always used a condom. She liked the sensation and was a bit thrilled at having some of him inside her, but also felt a bit of worry at what that feeling might also entail.

It was no coincidence that, besides the couple Victoria and Rick saw up the beach, there was someone else noticing the warmth of the sun. In an observatory far to the west up in the Davis Mountains, a researcher was looking at the sun through the heavily filtered telescope. He'd been observing some sunspot activity during the recent weeks and just about the time that Rick had pulled off Victoria's top, the man began a computer program that would record the images from the sun.

Just as the man had predicted and coincidentally, just about the time Rick was coming, a massive solar flare tore itself from the sun and ejaculated itself into space, spurting radiation as it flew. Several minutes later these waves passed over the earth, affecting all the inhabitants.

The bathers on the beach, as well as Rick and Victoria did not immediately feel the effects of the event, but later they'd notice a bit of a sunburn, a bit worse than they might have normally expected. Looking at herself in the mirror, Victoria thought she could see the white outline of Rick's hand on her breast, and she noticed that only parts of her legs and arms were burned, where most of Rick's back and ass were lightly burned. She thought she saw the white imprint of her hand on his ass as stepped from the shower later that day.

Other effects from the flare were discovered later as Victoria sighed in relief when her period started, a few days late, but it started. It seems Rick's sperm, though very motile that day may have been weakened by the radiation enough that they did not complete their biological mission and so months later there was no impediments when Rick and Victoria decided they wanted to see other people. An event had precluded another event, which made their decision easy. Although separated, they did remain friends, occasionally talking to each other and occasionally remembering a romantic day they spent together in the sun one September day. The scientist at the observatory continued his observations completely unaware of the entirety of effects resulting from his sunspots.

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