tagLoving WivesSuper Bowl and Us Three

Super Bowl and Us Three


Excitement at being the host city for the Super Bowl was amped way up when my wife's company got a block of tickets for their top executives and spouses. As the weekend got closer plans came together for several parties and events beginning on Thursday before the game.

Over the years we had gotten friendly with a handful of her counterparts in other cities, mostly bonding over drinks and dinners at meetings. But this weekend was much more focused on sports and partying then any previous get-together and promised to be a special time. I had no idea....

Donna (my wife) was on a conference call with her counterpart in Chicago, Rick, when he mentioned he was coming to the game. While some of the out-of-towners were staying at the Intercontinental, others had plans to stay with family and friends and Donna spontaneously invited Rick to stay with us. With our kids known to be spending that weekend with Donna's parents, we have plenty of room and it seemed like a good way to make the weekend more festive.

I didn't really give a thought to the sexual tension this might create until late Thursday night after drinks and dinner. Rick is ten years younger than I, seven years younger than Donna, handsome and fit. I wondered what Donna would think if I invited home a beautiful woman ten years her junior for the weekend!

Friday I went to work and Rick accompanied Donna to headquarters. That night about 20 of us went out for drinks again and by this time all three of us were thriving on the energy of a fun packed time with no responsibilities. Not really wanting the evening to end, the three of us met up with a couple that we're best friends with, Michael and Andi, just to have a nightcap at our favorite Mexican restaurant. Andi was her usual, flirty self and it was a nice mix of friends from different places. It also made us even more "sexed up". We did, however, go home and tumble into bed as it was late and a Friday after a long week.

Donna and I made love on Saturday morning. At various times we've played with storytelling and other, relatively tame, sexual variances but this was mostly ordinary. It had actually been a long time since we'd done anything adventurous, and after 15+ years together I don't think either of us had really thought about it. Nothing was said about the flirtations from the night before or the handsome man sleeping upstairs.

Saturday night was the big corporate fling, and a good time was had by all. The three of us stumbled back to the house, tipsy and happy, and again not wanting the night to be over. This time, Rick, who had not really flirted with Donna much to this point, suggested a game of "truth or dare", the parlor game that has become quite an erotic forum in internet chat rooms. We went back to the study, which opens off our bedroom, and settled in, cross-legged on the floor.

It took and hour but then it got steamy. I dared Donna to take off her bra while still wearing her jumper and she did. Later it was my turn to ask a question and I asked Rick how many times he'd thought of making love to Donna.

He said "a couple". One thing led to another and it started to resemble strip poker as Rick asked Donna to take off her underwear (which she did!). Again, she was still in her jumper, with a pair of pumps on, so we really hadn't crossed any lines. But then Rick dared me to kiss her pussy. She turned away so Rick couldn't see, and motioned me to come over between her thighs and I kissed her firmly and briefly. I remember thinking she didn't taste like my come from the morning-it had faded.

Rick got up to go to the bathroom. Donna told me she didn't want to "go off the deep end here" so when Rick came back she said, "one more round of truth or dare and we'll stop".

Rick is a genius. He said, knowing she was bare-chested under the jumper, " I dare you to take your top down and have each of us suck your nipples at the same time". Shockingly, she promptly reached for the shoulder snaps, dropped the top, and we each put our faces to her breasts. Before I could even let the moment sink in, I heard her moan, reached for her pussy, and found Rick' s hand gently rubbing her (remember the panties were already gone). I clasped my hand over Rick's and pushed it against her so he would know to continue.

To the best of my knowledge no one else had made love to Donna since we first began dating. Certainly not since the kids. Yet here we were, in the dark, Rick and I undressing ourselves and Donna in a very deliberate effort to make this happen. He went down on her for a few minutes while I kissed her mouth and her breasts. He worked his way up her tummy and her chest and positioned his cock to enter her. Rick is a much bigger man than I, something I would not have guessed since we're about the same build, but there it was. It occurred to me Rick had probably never made love to a Mom, or even a married woman.

Donna turned to me and said, "Are you sure?"

I said "yes, absolutely" but thinking back on it, it would have been way more erotic to guide his cock into her with my hand. He fucked her, slowly and deeply, while I kissed her face and breasts and my heart thumped.

He pulled out of her to let me in, and she instantly motioned for him to put bring his cock to her mouth. Donna doesn't usually like to go down on me after I've been inside her, but this was different. The close-up of her sucking the underside of his cock while I was inside her was over the top, and I came soon. We switched places and Rick pushed himself back into her and my fresh come. He came quickly, too, filling her more deeply than I ever do; adding his come to mine.

Rick is only 29. After just a few minutes of lingering in her now very slippery pussy, he said, "I'm ready to go again" and began sliding in and out of her, again, very slowly. Donna usually comes with quicker strokes, and she hadn't really had a full-on orgasm yet; I think she was overwhelmed. But at this point she gazed up at Rick, put her hand behind his neck to bring their faces together in a kiss, arched her back, and came quietly. I'm pretty sure that was the first time they had actually kissed.

You know how the room smells like woman at the beginning of lovemaking, and then smells like sperm and woman together at the end? This was like a sperm fest by then, with the strong, obvious dominance of our mixed comes.

I went out the back door of the study to pee in the hedges and smoke a cigarette. In the dim light, I watched from outside through the study door as Rick fucked my wife and mother of my children. I could not believe how erotic this was; I was a newfound voyeur! Little details like her ankle bracelet against the back of his calf were indelible images. She came again while I was outside. (The next day she told me that was the wildest part-"You got up and left and there we were!")

We moved into the bedroom. Donna laid down on the bed and before I could think about it I went down on her; a bold homoerotic move if I may say so -- I'm still not sure I've absorbed all those emotions. She pulled me up to take a turn on top and she came one time with me.

At this point I got creative. I laid down on my back with my legs together, had Donna get on top of me, and said "Take her from behind". Rick straddled my legs and began to fuck her from behind while Donna kissed my face and her breasts rubbed my chest. I reached down and stroked her clit, and I could feel the underside of his cock going in and out of her against my fingertips. In this position his size was really obvious and she told me later it was almost too much. We made her come together that way, and then he pulled out of her.

Donna whispered to Rick, "I want you to squirt your come in my mouth". She took him in her mouth again and I got on top and came a second time. Rick did not come a second time-by then it was very early morning and with a big day ahead Rick exited back up to the guest room. We slept.

Game day was a big party. We all had shit-eating grins on our faces. I have a picture from that day with Donna between Rick and I, our arms around her, her tired eyes smiling. It is one of my most prized photos. We partied, we flirted, we even talked a little about how great the night was, but we did not go for it again. Too tired, and Donna was sore! Rick left for Chicago on Monday after the game and life returned to normal.

The following summer Donna and I rented a house at the beach. Toward the end of the trip, we invited the grad student staying next door to join us for the ENTIRE weekend. And during spring break the year after that, we took Donna's newly single college roommate with us on our annual ski trip, which featured several long, erotic nights together including one memorable night when Donna fell asleep early and I spent most of the night loving on her roommate, even falling asleep inside her at one point. But those are other stories...

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