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Super Cave Sex

bysex slave©

Starring Bo Bo June and Rankar

"Ug Ug," Rankar felt the perspiration on his wooly mammoth skin tunic as he spied the object of his cave dweller affection. He stomped closer and approached the female who looked much as Rankar did but with less hair on the face and flabby breasts that were the pride of her fire circle.

"Glum Glum," quoted Bo Bo June, her deep dark eyes starring at her beast appraiser. Bo Bo June needed to seem presentable to further stimulate attraction and erection in her suitor in order to insure her fertility.

Goo Ga mo mortee," she allowed with an eye blink. She lifted up her own Mammoth skin shawl and revealed her blubby milk holds and then waited for Rankars answer.

"Goo Goo bumpkin bor. Me likes yur fitty weelins." Rankar took out his huge mastodon sized prick and displayed it to Bo Bo June. Her callused hands grabbed hold of his shaft and she roughly tugged on his gourd in tradition with her tribes women.

"Big Goo Goo, hee hee har." She got to her knees in a tribute to the food that awaited her snout.

"Mmmmm, mmmmm," she was slurping and smacking her lips as she bit and teased Rankars rimular; his rank odor perforating her nasal breathers.

"goo goo no me moo moo," Bo Bo June knew better than to waste the mystical white fluid that would soon emerge out of Rankar's massive sex organ although Rankar was enjoying the feeling and in no rush to rape his cock inside his new mates sperm depository .

"Erg,erg "," Rankar began to get angry at Bo Bo June's refusal to please his gourd orally. "Me goo goo in moo moo moo!" Rankar started to bash Bo Bo June's face with his angry bread loaf fist until she finally felt the painful sensation in her thick skull and began to tighten her lip hold on Rankar's primitive gourd.

Actually, it was more like a hard enlarged rock potato; thick and fat with lumps and swells all over it.

Bo Bo June was throating the thing while she moaned and saliva drooled down her face and her loins began themselves to salivate.

"Mmmmmm, mmmm, glub glum, mmmmm, goo goo in me." Bo Bo started to feel the flowing stream of pre-lubricant growing more and more in her mouth and her desire to feast on the beastly man's fluids was growing.

Rankar felt his balls swell up and then he pulled out his rock potato to point it's tip at Bo Bo June's nose where he raised his cock; plugging one of her nostrils with the first blow of his seed. He then moved his pee hole to the second nose hole and filled it in turn and kept his dick their to fill her nasal passage with his gooey ,"goo goo" deposit.

Bo bo June was embarrassed and upset but the return flood of cock cream which came back into her mouth somehow through her face made her laugh.

"Hehe har heehm, mmmmm, mmmm cocki goo goo."

Along came Fire cat and the little monkey named brown fur and they both started laughing hilariously at the scene before them as the bubbling cum ooze began dripping out of Bo Bo Junes nose like it did during primitive plant snort rituals.

As if the dripping triggered something in Rankar, he told little brown fur to bring some fronds and the little monkey held them to the man-beast within a minute or so of the command. Bo Bo June new her part and started snorting the holy fronds which synergized with the large plot of white bubbling stew in her nose.

"The grainy leaves felt harsh in her nose but she knew that the ritual would grant her more babies and better relations with little brown fur and fire cat who were staying by to watch the rest of the festivities.

Next, Rankar's potato cock large again, he began to rub it in preparation for it's mission. "Me wunsyur moss mun nu me den goro." His commands urged Bo Bo June to assume the position onn her back on top the jagged rocks of the mating stone. She spread wide her moist cave woman cunt and led the talon of primitive lust pierce her like a test of time.

"Urg, Rankar let out as he plunged deep into Bo Bo Junes slit; making sure to rake his bristly face on hers to leave her bruised. His humping became faster and faster until Fire Cat and little brown fur were all but silent.

"Urg, urg,"his grunts were urging his ram rod as he aroused a pool of sweat and orgasm under Bo Bo Junes ass which mingled with the blood, a product of the large jagged stones underneath their mating site.

Finally, the mystic white fluid spurted into Bo Bo Junes nest in spurt after spurt of copious cream while she vibrated and clutched at her attacker. The load was sure to make prized hunters since Bo Bo had done everything necessary; her nose still dripping the sacred, "goo goo," and frond leaves. Fire Cat let out a growl of approval and then he and brown fur left to gather nuts for dinner as Rankar too left; Bo Bo June still laying in a heap with her used vagina ravaged and torn, her back bleeding and her stuffed nose showing evidence of it's abusive tasks. She was one happy cave woman.

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