tagMind ControlSuper College Ch. 03

Super College Ch. 03


Author's note: I thought it was time to move things along a bit.


PS: In case that didn't cue you in: Please read the first two of these first. Otherwise the sex will still be hot (confident, much?) but it won't make the slightest bit of sense.


Megan stopped on her way back to her dorm room, took a deep breath, clenched her fists and headed resolutely for Kimberly's door.

She had endured a long and analytical debriefing with Professor Wittger, during which she had not been allowed to dress and she had been forced to watch the video, starting with when she had walked through the door of the maintenance hut with a slightly robotic expression already on her face.

When she had been allowed to dress and leave, she had gone directly to the library, written her report, emailed it in, and then headed back to the dorms.

She had to stop trying to cope by herself. Had to start asking for help.

Her hand shook when she knocked on Kimberly's door, but she managed it.

"Who is it?"

Megan felt her guts twist. Kimberly never asked, and never sounded like that unless something was wrong.

"It's Megan," she began, and didn't get any further before Kimberly yanked the door open, moving super-fast, stared at her for a heart-beat and then jerked her inside.

They sat side-by-side on Kimberly's bed.

"It was a woman this time," Kimberly started, almost tonelessly. "Thought I'd be safe in the girl's toilets, huh! Got me with gas, sprayed something in my face. Didn't recognise her, turned to look at her better, psssss, I was out before I could punch her. Before *I* could punch her!

"Woke up strapped to a table - again. Naked - again. She injected me with something, told me it would make me hers but feel free to fight it. It took about 30 seconds, I think. I just believed everything she said. She told me I was her slave, she was my Mistress, I adored her - lots of that stuff. Then she untied me, made me pose for her, then made me get on hands and knees on the table and she fucked me with a dildo.

"Then she injected me with something else and walked off. Must have been the antidote.

"I had to go through a full debriefing with Dr Summers, the tactical lecturer, before she let me dress. I had to watch the full video, too."

Megan waited a heart-beat, but it was obvious Kimberly had finished, so she told her story. How she had been caught by a book in the library, couldn't remember anything after that until she woke up, then had to watch herself finger-fucked to orgasm.

Kimberly had also already finished and submitted her analysis.

"They're escalating," Megan said.

"The first one, they didn't touch us. Now they did. What next, fucking us?"

"I'm wondering if the sessions will get longer," Kimberly said, tonelessly.

"Kim, we can't let them get to us. We have to fight back."

"I know, Me. I've been thinking about it. It's all I've been thinking about since I got back here. Are we in this together?"

A week before, Megan would have hugged her at that point, but now that seemed like a childish response. "Always, Kim."

"We treat this like combat. We treat everything we do, here, like combat. I don't think we can get a shared room, but we bunk in the same one, if we have to. We watch each other's backs, and we take nothing for granted. We don't even separate for a minute without knowing there are people around we can trust and I'm thinking we can't trust anyone, not now, not with real mind-control an option."

Kimberly was nodding, her face as sober as it had ever been. "Do you think everyone has been targeted at the same time? Are we the only two to get taken twice now?"

Megan shook her head. "Don't know, but I doubt it. We have to assume they're going to keep up the pressure until we pass. We know they're capable of it."

Kimberly took a deep breath and nodded. The coming weeks stretched out in front of her, longer than any time had ever been in her entire life.


A week later, they entered Kimberly's room together, moving in the now effortless, unconscious scan, with just enough space between them to allow rapid movement but not wasting any time to get a second pair of eyes inside.

Nothing was out of place, nothing was odd.

Megan dropped her bag on the bed and twisted to sit on it.

Kimberly swung hers off her shoulder and reached for her closet door handle. "Hey Me, if you want a beer, there's a six-pack at the back of the frGNNNNG!"

Megan was on her feet in an instant, horrified, as Kimberly jerked upright, went rigid, convulsed and dropped to the floor like a stone. Megan leapt towards her, crying "Kim!" before, after moving barely half a step, sudden realisation hit her, she twisted sideways, ducking, not halting her forward momentum but drastically changing it.

She felt rather than saw or heard the kick aimed at her kidneys as it whistled safely past.

She twisted, forearms protecting her from groin to neck, suddenly multiplied, one of her leaping on to the bed, one the desk, one jumping sideways and forwards, one crouching defensively. Each one moved perfectly realistically, each one had a different facial expression.

The woman in the figure-hugging black catsuit merely grinned as, ignoring the two outside figures, followed up her first kick with a second one aimed at the leading knee of the figure striking at right of her centreline.

Her kick went sailing straight through the apparently solid girl without resistance.

The attacker froze for one split second, her judgement proven false, attacks coming from both sides, no way of knowing which was the genuine one, and the figure that had only crouched defensively struck with its leading leg, the side of one hard shoe slamming into the knee of the kicking leg as it returned to the ground, scraping viciously down the shin and stomping onto the foot.

The woman howled, instinctively trying to retreat but with one foot now jammed into the floor, ducking her head and bringing her arms up but misjudging completely once more as Megan, without letting go of the three illusions that buffeted her opponent's vision, swung herself forward and down and punched with the full force of her body at the woman's floating ribs.

The punch connected, doubling the woman up, a second before a long metal staff tapped Megan's spine from behind and she too jerked upright, stiffened, convulsed and collapsed into a limp heap.


Kimberly had been out first, but the adrenaline coursing through Megan's body meant they recovered at almost the same instant, going from unconscious to groggy to confused to alert to enraged in parahuman time.

They were both naked, strapped into chairs side by side and, across from them, a man and a woman in black gowns lounged on a bed.

"Oh look, they're awake!" the woman said, clapping her hands.

"What excellent timing, I was getting bored with waiting," the man drawled.

Neither girl said anything, suppressing their natural retorts and flicking their eyes around the large, dimly lit room they were in, finding nothing to feel hopeful about.

The woman stood up and undid the tie on her robe while the man unlaced his without getting up.

"So nice of you to be together," she purred. "Annoying that one of you fought back, but that just gives me another reason to enjoy what we're about to do to you, really."

She dropped the gown off her shoulders, leaving her completely naked, her body hard but curvacious, with full breasts and no hint of sag or lines despite the maturity and experience reflected in her eyes and face.

"Now, as far as you are concerned: Our names are Mistress and Master. Got that? Don't worry, you'll remember them without prompting in a very little while.

"So the question is," she continued as she slid a hand between her legs and began idly stroking the edges of her nether lips, "how do we go about this? I will have revenge on any little bitchslut who has the audacity to try and hurt me!"

To Megan's considerable disappointment, there was no hint of bruising on the woman's chest or shin.

The man stood up, also naked, every muscle on his body defined and the cock slowly growing between his legs thicker and more substantial than either girl had ever seen, which shook both of them for a second.

"Well then, I guess we turn her cute little friend first, and make her watch." He moved behind the woman, pressing his groin into her hard buttocks, one hand coming up to lift and squeeze a full breast, the other one sliding around to displace her hand between her legs, wriggling between her lips and sliding up and down between them.

She sighed happily, lifting both hands behind her head to slide through his hair and pull him forward as she twisted her neck around to kiss him, hungrily, for a second as he began pushing one fingertip in and out of her.

The two girls glanced at each other quickly, finding nothing in the other's faces to engender hope.

"Oh, what an excellent idea!" she purred as he began pinching and rolling her nipple between his fingers and working a second finger inside her. "Am I wet enough yet?"

He pushed his fingers hard inside her, making her gasp, eyelids fluttering closed and her fingers clutching at his head briefly.

"Oh, I don't think you are yet," he drawled, his hips pushing harder against her buttocks and his hand on her breast sliding to the other one, his arm pulling her tighter against his chest, and first kneading the breast aggressively then capturing her nipple between forefinger and thumb and pinching it savagely.

She groaned, a shudder running through her whole body. "That was just an excuse!" she gasped. "Don't try and fucking tell me I'm not gushing now!"

He grinned, fiercely, over her shoulder at the two shaken and increasingly desperate girls.

"I think you are," he breathed in her ear. His fingers began pushing hard and deep inside her, working around. "Have to collect enough."

She leaned back against him, letting him toy with her body as his fingers continued abusing, stretching and twisting and pinching her nipple.

He pulled his fingers from her with a wet sound the girls heard clearly with a growing sense of dread.

Mistress opened her eyes and straightened up reluctantly, stepped forwards and, at the last moment, stepped in front of Megan.

"What you are about to witness," she said right into the student's rigidly expressionless face, "is your own fault, you stupid cunt."

She grabbed Megan's chin and pulled her into a kiss, Megan fighting back for half a second before reminding herself not to fight, not to give any satisfaction until she could be sure of victory. Mistress' tongue forced its way between her lips but didn't try to get between her teeth, and ran around her gums.

When Mistress pulled back, Megan had to gasp for air.

Master, standing idly watching this, his erection well established and thrust hugely in front of him, was rubbing his slimy fingers together slowly. "You know, I think my fingers are drying out, here."

"Then," Mistress said, stepping towards him and dropping her wrists onto his shoulders, "you must get mor... AHH!" She ended in a blissful gasp as he shoved three fingers straight into her, pushing in until she groaned with pleasure and his knuckles stopped him going any further. He twisted his hand around while she gasped and pushed her hips back at him, then pulled his fingers out glistening richly wet in the dim light.

Mistress swung around, eyes bright, and seized Kimberly's head, bending her neck back and forcing her jaw wide open with unexpected and irresistible skill and strength. Master shoved his wet fingers into her mouth, rubbing them against the insides of her cheeks and pressing them against her tongue.

Kimberly fought not to vomit, her revulsion at having a woman's juices in her mouth overcoming her self-control.

Master pulled out and Mistress slammed Kimberly's jaw shut, holding it tight while whispering "That's it, swallow, let my juices soak into your blood. You'll be gagging for more of them in just a minute!"

Kimberly finally realised what Megan already had - Mistress was a mind controller through her bodily fluids, and they were both doomed. She took a deep breath through her nose, closing her eyes, willing her stomach to settle as Mistress held her head upright, mouth closed, in a vise-like grip.

Megan wrenched at her bonds, but they didn't give any more than they had when she had carefully and methodically investigated them while their captors had been talking.

Finally, convulsively, Kimberly swallowed, accepting it was that or drowning.

"Good slut!" Mistress let go, stood back while Kimberly panted and swallowed again, mouth full of saliva, realising that at this point vomiting would not help - not if they weren't worried about her trying.

She took a deep breath, trying to get some oxygen into her blood to combat the light-headedness she was feeling.

She took a deep breath again, conscious of the way it made her breasts lift, and tried desperately not to focus on the raging and giant erection just in front of her as Master stood and watched her with idle-seeming interest.

"I'm glad you're fighting it," Mistress purred as she strutted behind Master, one hand running over his chest until she swung around behind him and wrapped her arms around him possessively, "it's so much more entertaining when you fight it.

"You see you can't win. Nobody has." Mistress ran her hands lovingly, lasciviously, over Master's sculpted chest and ridged abdomen. "Master here was a colleague once, weren't you, pet? An equal, even. I worked with him until he got cocky and forgot to find out who I was and made his play for me and I let him fuck me. He even offered to go down on me, which was terribly generous of him since it was the quickest way for him to become mine."

Master's face did not change as he watched Kimberly's nipples pucker and her face flush as she began to gasp for breath, her breasts shaking and her skin beginning to tingle and burn.

"It's so easy sometimes," Mistress continued as her hands began to tweak and massage Master's nipples until they stood out on his chest much smaller than hers but no less hard. "And now he's my willing and loyal bitch-boy, aren't you? I let him behave like my equal still, but he's mine, don't doubt that." She nibbled his ear lobe, pulling on it gently as she pinched both his nipples, making his cock twitch.

Kimberly closed her eyes again, the room beginning to spin, as she recognised herself gazing lustfully at both her captors. Her body was restlessly aroused, the change shockingly fast. So this was it, then.

Megan was watching with hopeless dismay, shock or fear making her faintly light-headed. She saw Kimberly close her eyes, but something less open them, an adoring smile curling her friend's lips, the eyes full of lust and submission and adoration but empty of personality.

Megan groaned silently, willing herself to think harder, but all she could think of was how helpless they were, how inevitable this was, and how it might feel to be like ... Shit!

Saliva! That's why Mistress kissed her! It was already working in her blood!

If Megan gave any outward sign of awareness, or if Mistress noticed, the Villainess made no sign of it as she laughed in glee at the look on Kimberly's face.

She bent down to kiss Kimberly hotly, the student returning the kiss passionately, their wide-open lips mashing together as Master walked round behind the chair to quickly and easily undo the straps.

Megan breathed in deeply, simultaneously fighting down horror, nausea, anguish and fear.

She renewed her attack on the straps on her wrists, squirming her hands around to find any purchase or give, as Mistress stood up and stepped back, her hand on Kimberly's chin pulling the student after her without breaking their kiss.

Megan fought desperately to free herself while keeping a rigid posture and poker face as Mistress pulled Kimberly back towards the bed. Her body was still feeling the effects of Mistress' saliva, her nipples and pussy both tingling, but instead of fighting them she was simply ignoring them, and the distracting desires had become a mere background to her attempts to free herself.

Mistress sat down on the bed, breaking her kiss with Kimberly, and then pushed herself backwards until her head was lying on the other end.

"Now, little slut," Mistress purred, "You are going to go down on me until I cum, and then you are going to swallow, and then you will be mine forever."

With a dopey grin on her face, Kimberly crawled onto the bed, between the spread legs of her Mistress, and lowered her head to the Villain's shaved pussy.

Mistress sighed happily as Kimberly's tongue pushed between her nether lips. "Inexperienced, but eager and not untalented," she murmured, propped up on her elbows and with her head lolling back. "Oh, you'll learn well, my dear, yes you will."

Master, his erection a solid lance in front of his hips, stepped casually up behind Kimberly, where her arse lifted up at the edge of the bed, and pushed one hand between the student's thighs.

"She's wet, the little fuck-toy," he said mildly.

Mistress opened her eyes. "Well, you should take advantage of that, then."

Master grabbed his cock with one hand, the other still between Kimberly's thighs, and pushed forward, needing to manoeuvre his massive girth inside her carefully.

Kimberly groaned, a sound heavy with lust and almost pained ecstasy even though it was muffled between Mistress' legs.

The sound pulled an answering quiver between Megan's legs, Mistress' saliva still active in her body, but she was resigned to her body's reactions and continued working on the straps around her wrists, beginning to feel the slick warmth of blood as the leather cut into her flesh. Maybe she could pull her hands free if they were lubricated?

Master pushed himself balls-deep in Kimberly, the young girl shuddering. Mistress laughed, rolling onto one elbow so she could push Kimberly's face harder against her pussy, saying "Don't get distracted, keep licking!"

Master leaned forwards, captured Kimberly's wrists in his and pulled them behind her back, crossing them over and wrapping one hand around them so he could use the other on her hips to brace himself as began fucking her with full and hard strokes.

"Use that tongue properly," Mistress said, beginning to pant. "Come on, show me how fast you can gOH! Oh yes! OOOH! Oh, I'm keeping you! OH fuck yes! You're going to make me cum in record time! OH FUCK, faster! FASTER! OH FUCK YESSSSSS!

She lifted her hips off the bed, jamming them into Kimberly's face as she came, jerking violently five, six, seven times, her hand still thrusting the student's head against her.

"Swallow! Swallow everything and lick me clean!"

Megan felt her head grow dizzy, the sounds and smells and sights of sex working on the faint submissiveness and arousal induced by Mistress' saliva and making her head spin, face flushed and panting with need.

Mistress' legs were flat on the bed so Megan could see Kimberly's mouth and throat work as she thoroughly cleaned up every last drop of psychoactive juices. Master was still fucking her, the hard slap at the finish of every stroke making Megan's nipples tingle.

"Cum, little bitch," Mistress said, breathing heavily, a bright and dangerous light in her eyes. "Cum and seal yourself to me."

Kimberly's body jerked, instantly, a muffled squeal from her mouth as she jerked again and again, four times before her back sagged, exhausted.

Mistress unceremoniously pushed her off, rolling to sit upright, staring vindictively at Megan. Master pulled out of Kimberly, letting her collapse bonelessly to one side, her face blissful but vacant.

"Your turn, you fucking little bitch," Mistress spat. "Hurt me, would you? I'm going to make Master rape you after covering his cock in my cum. You'll be begging for it by the time he gushes inside you."

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