Super Hero Ch. 04


He did not see her at breakfast. He went to the office and tried his best to focus on his work. He sat through one meeting after another not hearing a thing. He couldn't get over the fact that he had actually sucked cock.

He headed home wondering if she would be there. He decided that if she wasn't, he would spend some quality time with her little present. After all, those orgasms were quite provocative. Who didn't enjoy provocative orgasms?

He walked in the front door and quickly surmised he was alone in the house. He marched right back to his bedroom and opened the drawer. There it was. He immediately slipped it between his lips. Feeling the rigid shaft slide past his lips flooded his brain with all these kinky little sensations that made him harder than ever.

He fumbled desperately with his zipper as he madly slurped away on that hard cock between his lips. Finally he got his dick out and gave it a delicious squeeze. Man that felt so good. He pulled on it hard as he focused his attention on the shaft between his lips.

He knew he shouldn't have a cock in his mouth, shouldn't be slurping on it the way he was. He certainly shouldn't be enjoying the way he was. But it was so deliciously naughty, so taboo. Barely a minute later he exploded violently sending cum all over the carpet.

His knees went weak and he fell back against the bed. He just couldn't get over how powerful his orgasms had been. He raised that cock to his lips and kissed it right on the tip. He looked at it with a crooked grin. Who would have ever thought? He hid it back in the drawer and tucked his cock back in his pants. Having two cocks was fun.

He cleaned up a bit and put on a fresh shirt. He stepped in front of the mirror and ran a comb through his hair. He looked at his reflection with a dark sense of guilt. He stared at his lips. Those lips just sucked cock...again. Subconsciously he was trying to determine if there was any outward indication of that.

He walked into the kitchen to fix a drink. He noticed she put all the penis straws by the tumblers. That would never do. What if the boys came over? He would never hear the end of it. He pulled out a tumble and filled it halfway with pure whiskey to steady his nerves. He took a pull feeling the burn. That crooked grin returned. He put a penis straw in his glass, took the next pull through that dick.

He heard the front door open followed by the click clack of four inch stiletto heels. He could feel his crotch getting tight. He took another pull through that dick and refilled his glass.

She walked into the kitchen and hopped right up on the counter. "Hello," she said cheerfully. He loved that bright smile of hers. Suddenly it disappeared, her face grew serious, "I see you have been sucking cock!"

His cheeks turned red instantly. Shit!! How did she know? His eyes followed hers to his glass, saw the penis straw. Whew! He allowed himself a smile. "Can I pour you one?" he asked relieved.

"Mmm...sounds yummy," she purred. He poured another tumbler. He looked at the penis straws. Should he or shouldn't he? He slipped one into her glass and handed it to her.

"Looks like someone is feeling pretty frisky," she cooed sucking the booze through the exaggerated penis.

Yes, he had grown completely hard. She had that effect on him.

"Whatever might you have been thinking about?" she purred.

He watched her lips go around that straw and suck. He gave her that crooked grin, but said nothing.

"Won't tell? Hmm," she teased. "I guess Commandress Penis will have to use her wily powers to make you talk."

He raised his straw to his lips, "I'll never tell..."

She reached for her holster, pulled out a cock. "We'll see about that," she said leveling those pretty blue eyes at him. She held her cock between them, ran her perfectly polished fingernail along its length making his cock jerk.

She dipped her cock inside the tumbler coating it with whiskey and moved it to his lips.

He gave no resistance. He just parted his lips and accepted that round, firm cock inside his mouth. "Mmm," he moaned tasting the whiskey drip on his tongue.

"There are many ways to enjoy a drink," she grinned moving it sensuously between his lips. "Wouldn't you agree?"

"Mmm hmm."

She eased it from his lips, rolled it gently around in the glass coating it generously. "I should make you drink the whole thing this way..." she grinned bringing it back to his lips and sliding it in. She could feel his tongue lapping the whiskey off. "You would like that...wouldn't you?" she cooed sliding it back and forth slowly.

Their eyes met, both filled with arousal. "Mmm," he moaned.

"Now...let's see," she purred. "What has you so hot and bothered..." she said staring at his lips stretched around her cock. "Could it be something hard...something round?" she teased.

"Mmm," he moaned. She smiled ever so slightly and coated her cock with more whiskey.

She eased it back in his mouth, watched as he welcomed it. "Something naughty?" she teased.

"Mmm hmm," he moaned falling under her spell. He pulled his hand from the counter and moved it towards his ever throbbing cock for a much needed squeeze.

"Oh no you don't!" she said freezing the cock between his lips. "Get that hand back up here where I can see it," she said firmly. He moved it back to the counter, but she took it and guided it on her breast. "Now...the other one." He cupped her other breast. She gave him a playful smile, "Now I know where they are..."

He felt the weight of them against his fingers. His thumbs naturally searched for her nipples. She dunked her cock for more whiskey as he pushed his groin against the counter for a much needed rub.

"Tilt your head back, naughty boy," she directed. He tilted his head back and she moved the dripping cock just above it. He watched the whiskey sliding down the shaft and opened his mouth just in time to catch it dripping off the perfectly shaped head.

"Or maybe I should say ... penis boy," she teased. She lowered it just a hair and waited.

He cringed at the term. Her cock was just above his mouth. He studied its shape, its size. He could see a thin film of whiskey coating it. He stuck his tongue out as far as it would go just touching the tip.

She watched as he desperately lashed at it with his tongue. She lowered it just a bit so his tongue could make it all the way around the head. But as he ran his tongue along the finely shaped head, it merely slipped away. The more he tried, the more her penis danced around denying his grasp.

She watched with great satisfaction. He wanted that cock more than anything else in the world. She lowered it the rest of the way watching it disappear into his mouth. "Is that what my Penis Boy wants?" she cooed.

"Mmmmm," he moaned sucking it hard. "Mmm hmm."

"Suck that cock right..." she teased, "or it might go away." He sucked on it hard pulling it deeper into his mouth. "Yes...I think now I know what you were thinking about...before I came home," she taunted.

She held it before his lips, "Kiss, kiss." He kissed the tip squeezing her breasts between his fingers.

"Tongue," she said softly. She watched his tongue caress the head, trace around the ridge.

"Suck." His mouth opened and sucked the length inside. "That's a good Penis Boy," she said softly feeling him suck hard on the other end.

"I think it's time you learned why I carry... two cocks" she purred.

Her words floated to his ears. Moments later they registered, his mind beginning the arduous task of determining their meaning. He applied various combinations until finally the only viable meaning registered, came screaming to the forefront.

Suddenly he was gripped by the strongest orgasm of his life. His cry was muffled by the cock in his mouth. His body shook and jerked as his cock spewed uncontrolled in his pants.

"That's a good Penis Boy. Just let it all out..." she purred keeping her cock firmly lodged in his mouth. The term no longer bothered him. She waited for the last tremor to leave his body, his breathing returning normal.

His cheeks grew red with embarrassment as he felt the wetness soaking through. She finally eased the cock from his lips and returned it to its holster. She held his eyes once again, "I knew I would get the truth out of you."

She gave him a quick peck on the lips and hopped down from the counter. She grabbed his hand, "Your Commandress knows what you need..." The look on her face was all business. He felt completely out of control...and wanted more.

She led him down the hallway to her bedroom.

She marched him into her bedroom and shut the door behind them. His eyes quickly scanned the room, his breathing labored. She stepped over and started unbuttoning his shirt. He began to reciprocate reaching for the golden "P" holding her cape. "Stop that," she firmly. "I'll let you know when I need your help."

He moved his hands down to his side and kept them there. She removed his shirt and lowered her lips to his nipple. She teased it lightly causing him to squirm. "Sensitive, eh? I like that in a man," she cooed taking another lick.

She moved her hands to his belt, unbuckled it. She pulled it free of his pants and held it between them. She watched the fear dance in his eyes. "Don't worry...I'm not into that," she purred letting it drop to the floor.

She reached to undo his pants, but took a moment to appraise the large wet spot that dominated the front. "My, did enjoy that...didn't you?" she teased. She unzipped him, loosened his pants. She took a step back, "Remove those." He pulled his pants down and stepped out of them followed by his soaked underwear.

She turned to her dresser and opened a drawer. She rummaged around and finally retrieved a pair of pink satin panties. She turned her attention back to him, caressed his taunt nipple with the satin. Once again he squirmed. "Nice...isn't it?" she purred.

He couldn't keep that grin off his face.

She lowered the panties to his cock and started mopping up the excess cum. His grin disappeared as the satin teased and excited. She cupped his balls and ran the satin over them thoroughly pretending not to notice his cock growing. But once it achieved a nice thickness, she draped the satin over it and twisted causing him to loose his breath.

"Penis Boy likes satin," she cooed staring into his eyes. "I'll remember that." His cock jerked in her hand. "So hard... so very hard..." she purred twisting and pulling. That satin teased nerves had didn't know he had. She had him up on his tiptoes in no time. Suddenly she pulled them away. His poor cock danced back and forth from over stimulation bringing a wicked grin to her face.

"Hop up on my bed...Penis Boy." Her words almost pushed him over the edge. He got on her bed and lay back against the pillows. His cock stood straight up pointing at the ceiling. She feasted on his aroused state. "No, no...down here," she cooed beckoning him with her finger. He moved down to the foot of the bed where she stood.

Suddenly his eyes focused on the handcuffs dangling from the rail. His cheeks flamed with heat. She opened them up, waited for him to put his wrist inside. His eyes darted between her, the handcuffs. He watched as she closed it around his wrist. She looked him in the eyes, "The best part about handcuffs..." she purred, "whatever happens...not your fault. You just get to enjoy..." That wicked grin of hers returned. And that made him grin. She secured his other wrist, "Now you are all mine...aren't you?"

She eased off her cape; let it drop to the floor. He watched as her fingers unhooked her corset; let it drop to the floor too. She gave her breasts a gently rub now that they were unbound.

"You like these...don't you Penis Boy?" she said lowering her breast to his lips. He flicked his tongue over the hard little nub. "Mmm...maybe as much as you like dick," she purred.

"Mmm," he moaned.

"I can see it in your eyes," she said pushing her other nipple to his lips. "Once a guy gets a taste for dick...he wants it all the time," she smiled. "Isn't that right...Penis Boy?" Her hand reached underneath her short little skirt. He was too busy licking her nipple to notice.

"That's why you are going to love me..." she purred straightening up presenting him with her nice, stiff cock.

He couldn't have been more surprised!

"Kiss, kiss." He put his lips to his first real cock impressed with the warm smooth flesh.

"Tongue." He traced around the ridge falling in love.

"Suck." She pushed forward and filled his mouth.

"Mmmm," he moaned overcome by the sensation. It was warm and soft. It jerked against his tongue. It deposited a nice little dollop on the back of his tongue. He began nursing on its thickness.

"You are a natural," she purred. "We are going to have so much fun together..." She pulled back just enough for her cock to slip from his lips. "I will teach you to be a master," she smiled. "Lick my balls baby." She held her cock out of the way, felt his tongue take a nice, long swipe up her balls. "Mmm," she moaned, "You really know how to make a girl happy."

She let him have several long licks before pulling away, "And now..." she grinned, "I'm going to make you happy."

She hopped on the bed, wiggled her way between his legs. He could feel her cock pushed between them. Then he felt the lube. She reached around and felt his cock. It was so hard. "You are so ready for this..." she smiled. She smeared some lube on her cock and eased it into him.

"Mmmmm," he moaned surprised how easy it was.

"Once you get a taste of'll always want more," she purred. She knew the way to a man's heart was through his ass. Soon he would know it too. He felt her hands grab his hips, the slow gentle push.

"Mmmm," he moaned closing his eyes.

He was going to make a nice Penis Boy.

To be continued... Thank you for your vote.

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