Super Hero Ch. 06


He headed to the kitchen the next morning and put on a pot of coffee noticing he slept like a baby. She walked in soon after and he poured her a cup. "You are so good to me," she said cupping his baby blue panties.

He smiled leering at her see-through nightie. "Would you like some eggs?"

They sat through breakfast with the charge of sex in the air. It was always like that now. He cleared the dishes and put them in the sink.

"What are you wearing to the office today?" she asked casually.

"It's Friday. I usually wear a pair of jeans."

"That black pair?"


"I have just the thing," she said rising to her feet. She came into his room as he was getting ready. She handed him a pair of black silk panties with small little ruffles going across the back. They were cut high in the back, almost like a thong. "Wear these."

He noticed the ruffles and became worried. He slipped them on.

"Precious!" she announced. She saw his concern, "What's the matter?"

"These ruffles," he said. "They might show."

"Well...put on your jeans and let's see." He stepped into his jeans and buckled them up. "Turn around," she said staring at his ass. "'s fine," she said running her hand over his ass. "You need to loosen up baby...have a little fun."

Hmm? Maybe she was right.

He spent lunch thinking about the boys. They didn't have the slightest idea what was really going on. He doubted he could explain it to them. He wasn't sure he understood himself. He thought of her. She had become his favorite subject.

He drove home wondering, as he always did these days, what awaited him. He walked through the front door surprised to see her waiting for him.

"Hi! I'm surprised to see you here," he said making his way through the door. She was in full costume, "Getting ready to go on a call?"

"Hi baby," she said with that smile of hers. She rose to her feet. "No," she grinned, "you are. But first..." she said pushing him to his knees.

He reached up and freed her cock. He kissed the tip twice and ran his tongue around the head. "I've been waiting for that... all day," she said closing her eyes letting her head fall back.

He built her up several times, but did not allow her to climax. He remembered to lick her balls without being told. She was quite pleased with his progress. "You are getting sooo much better..." she purred. "Now your mouth...hold your tongue I can feed you."

He sat back on his heels, tilted his head up and opened his mouth wide. She grabbed her throbbing cock, pulled on it hard. "Wait for it..." she said pumping furiously. He watched wide eyed. "Such.. a...good...penis...boooooyyyyyy," she cried as the long thick rope of cum burst out landing on is tongue. She crammed her cock in his mouth, thrust hard against his face emptying her balls, "Fuck yeah!"

She ran her fingers through his hair trying to catch her breath. "Oh hell yeah," she said quite pleased. She looked down at him, "Lick me clean baby." He ran his tongue all over her shaft and balls.

She tucked her cock back into her panties and pulled her short little skirt down, "Fix us a drink sweetie." He rose to his feet, ran a finger along his lips and headed for the kitchen. He pulled the tumblers, poured the whiskey.

She walked up behind him, pushed her crotch against his cute little ass. She reached around and eased her finger inside his mouth, felt him caress it with her tongue. "How was your day baby?" she asked reaching for his crotch with her other hand. He was hard as hell.

"Mmm," he moaned sucking her finger. She humped his ass playfully, "Did anyone see your ruffles?"

"Ump mm," he moaned.

She grabbed two penis straws; put them in their drinks, "Told ya..." She moved to one side letting him turn around. They both took a sip at the same time.

"I'm taking you out tonight," she announced.

That piqued his interest. "Oh really?" he said.

"I've met your friends...I've decided its time for you to meet some of mine," she grinned. She could see his eyebrows wrinkle. She smiled inwardly. That should give him something to think about. "Come...let's get you presentable."

They walked back to his room, "I bought you the most adorable thong! I can't wait to see it on you. Pull out your tightest jeans...I'll be right back."

He stripped down to his panties and waited for her to return. "Trying to get my aroused?" she teased giving him a squeeze. She dangled the sheer thong in front of his face, "What do you think about these?" she smiled.

He noticed they had a big four inch satin bow in the back. "Wow," he smiled. He put them on. You could see every detail of his hairless cock and balls nestled snuggly behind the material.

"Now that is dynamite," she said checking them out. "Turn around honey." He turned around and wiggled his ass playfully. "Better than I had hoped," she said pushing him against the bed. She pushed her cock against his ass, "Just two humps...I promise," she said thrusting into him, "Ok...maybe three."

He saw the shirt she had thrown on the bed. "What's this?" Her thrusts slowed to a sensuous grind, "Isn't that hot? I knew you would like the satin." She backed off of him, "If I don't stop right this minute...we'll be late." She leaned in by his ear, "I want to fuck you so bad." He smiled.

He grabbed the shirt and slipped it over his head. It was so freaking tight he was worried he would rip it pulling it down. His face flushed as the cool satin caressed on his skin. It was a tee shirt cut, but the sleeves were cut very short. And the length was a little short as well. It stopped an inch above his navel.

"Nice..." she said running her hand over it. "Let's see the pants." He shimmed into his tightest jeans barely able to get them zipped.

"Perfect," she said thrilled. "Turn for me baby." The light bounced off the shiny shirt and there were probably three or four inches of bare skin between his shirt and jeans. He was glad he went to the gym regularly.

"How do I look?" he asked. She could see the top of the satin bow peeking out the back. What he didn't know wouldn't hurt him she thought. "Simply adorable!"

He glanced in the mirror. He wasn't so sure. But then again, he thought, when you are out with a woman in a red cape...nobody is looking at you.

They walked out to the car, "I'm driving." He tossed her the keys and slipped into the passenger seat. She had barely gotten the car started when she felt him pulling her skirt back digging in her panties. "Once you get a taste of dick..." she smiled pulling out of the driveway.

He ran his tongue over her cock, "Tell me about your friends." But she ignored his request. So he danced and teased, tickled and slurped until she was nearly frantic, "All right, all right!" she relented. "I'll say have a lot in common. They are going to love you. And I'm sure you will love them." Then she pushed his head back down on her cock, "Now...don't talk with your mouth full."

She drove for a while with him nursing. Occasionally they would pass under a street light that filled the car with light. She could see his bow working its way out of the back of his jeans as he worked her cock.

The dark, dirt road was just past the city line. If you blinked you would miss it. He rose from her lap to see where they were. "You are becoming a true master honey...really, you are," she said giving him a kiss. She could taste herself on his lips.

They pulled up to a house that sat off the road. It had a steep roof that came almost to the ground and a big funky wood door. "Wow! Check this place out," he said impressed.

She grabbed his hand and headed for the door. He saw the sign over it, "Mount Olympus." She swung the door open and the first thing he saw was a beautiful angel standing behind a counter, wings and all. His eyes scanned the place realizing it was more shop than house. He couldn't believe the room. It was filled with exotic looking sex toys intermixed with every type of fetish wear you could imagine. Now he knew where she got her costume.

"Hello Commandress," she said coming out from behind the counter giving her a warm hug. Her wings were white with black insets attached to a black velvet bustier. She wore the matching garter belt and panties, all black velvet and cute as could be. Her thigh high black velvet boots hung from the straps of her garter belt. She was breathtakingly hot.

"Hi Angel," Commandress said moving her lips to Angel's. What followed was a slow, wet kiss with plenty of tongue that made his cock throb. "It's good to see you."

"Who is this delicious looking man?" Angel asked.

The Commandress beamed with pride, "This is my new Penis Boy."

Angel stepped over and gave him a hug, "Welcome to Mount Olympus Penis Boy."

"Is Zeus around?" Commandress asked.

Angel smiled as her hand drifted down to his ass, "He's in the back honey." She gave it a little squeeze, "Why don't you go on back while I show your friend around?"

The Commandress smiled, "Thanks...but I think I will take him with me." She grabbed his arm and headed for the back room.

She led him through the door into the back room. Even though it was large, it felt intimate. There was a work bench against one wall and racks of clothes everywhere. In the center of the room was a large overstuffed couch.

A large well-muscled man with a beard appeared. He was wearing leather cuffs that laced up each wrist with leather leggings around his ankles. He wore a gold chain around his neck and another around his waist. The one around his waist held a loin cloth made of white spandex. His chest was chiseled steel, his stomach pure washboard. He had to be six five or better.

"Hey Zeus baby!" she said cheerfully throwing herself at him. Zeus wrapped his big, burly arms around her in an affectionate hug completely ignoring Gary. He felt a pang of jealousy. Clearly they were friends, but still.

"I want you to meet my new Penis Boy," she said pointing to Gary.

Suddenly Zeus broke into a huge smile, "Well why didn't you say so." He turned to Gary, enveloped his entire body with those huge arms giving him the same warm, gracious hug he had given her. Gary found his face smashed up against the bare chest of a nearly naked man. And if he wasn't mistaken, could feel his manly bulge pushed right against his. Zeus noticed the satin bow peeking out of his jeans and gave Commandress a wink.

Then he took Gary's chin in his hand and lowered his lips to Gary's. He felt Gary stiffen, but that didn't stop him from pushing his tongue into Gary's mouth. He continued to kiss him until he felt him give in. Once he felt Gary's tongue play with his, kiss him back, he was happy. "Welcome Penis Boy."

Gary gave him a smile not knowing what to say. That kiss threw him completely off balance. He had never kissed a man before. The Commandress slipped her arm through his giving him a reassuring tug.

They walked over to the couch and sat with Gary in the middle. The Commandress took his hand and pushed it underneath Zeus's loin cloth. His cheeks flushed as his fingers made contact with the biggest cock he had ever touched. His fingers didn't even make it all the way around.

Zeus put his arm around him, "So you are the new Penis Boy. This calls for spirits!" Zeus looked around, "Where's that kitty?" Then he yelled, "Kitty!"

Suddenly a smoldering hot brunette appeared from behind a clothes rack. She was wearing a black latex body suit that came right up underneath her breasts and stopped. There was a strap that went between them to a collar that buckled around her neck. Her crotch featured a shiny chrome zipper that went between her legs. Her gloves came right up to her shoulder.

"You called lover..." she said noticing Gary's hand move around underneath that loin cloth. Her heels must have been five inches tall.

"What will you have?" Zeus asked him.

He turned to the Commandress, "She knows what I like."

The Commandress smiled, "Two Crown's, neat."

Kitty locked her eyes on Gary, ran her tongue along her lips seductively, "I'll be right back..." He couldn't help but watch as she walked away. That suit was like a second skin.

"Zeus is the one who brought Commandress Penis to life," she said proudly. She was watching that hand too. Gary was becoming quite comfortable fondling Zeus. He couldn't imagine having one so big.

He turned to Zeus, "I loved it from the first moment I saw it."

"Some of my best work," Zeus said looking into his eyes. Gary could see the arousal. It was contagious. "Six costumes...identical in every detail." Gary watched him lower his head, knew he was about to be kissed. He squeezed that monster cock as their lips met, pushed his tongue into Zeus's mouth.

The Commandress eased her hand underneath her skirt and released her throbbing cock. She grabbed his other hand guiding it to her cock. He could feel it throb between his fingers as he kissed the mighty Zeus.

Kitty came back and served their drinks. Each had a penis straw. She watched them kiss, noticed his hand around the Commandress.

"Thank you Kitty," Commandress grinned. The Commandress grabbed his drink, waited for them to finish. When they did, she held it to his mouth. He shot her a grin, wrapped his lips around the penis straw and sucked.

"I saw Batman the other day," Commandress said. Gary continued to fondle both of them. He just loved playing with two cocks.

"Really? How is he doing?" Zeus asked. Gary moved his hand to the tip of that monster and gave it a gentle twist. He caught her eye and she brought his glass to his lips where he drained it dry.

"He looked a little down in the dumps," Commandress said setting the glass on the table.

Kitty was right there with a fresh one. She set it on the table before unzipping Gary's pants.

"I think he is having issues with Boy Robin," Zeus said. Kitty tugged at Gary's pants leg pulling them right off. Two hands grabbed his shirt. It was Angel. Gary raised his hands so she could pull it off. His hands went right back to those cocks.

"Awe...that's a shame," Commandress said holding the new glass to his lips. He sat there in his sheer thong with the big satin bow and sucked hard on that penis straw. "They make such a good couple."

He heard the unmistakable sound of a zipper being opened. It was Kitty. She grabbed his legs, spread them, worked her way between them. She aimed her cock, pushed it inside him. "Meeeeoooooowwwww," she moaned.

"," he said letting his head fall back.

He felt two hands on his face, guided his head back just a little further. Angel slipped her cock right between his lips.

He held on to those two cocks for dear life as the girls had their way with him. His first orgasm was from Kitty fucking him. The second was when Angel blew a load down his throat.

The girls returned with his costume. One pulled off his soaked thong as the other removed the costume from its hanger. Angel helped him step into the red satin shorts while Kitty was ready with the matching vest. They handed him the cape and he attached it around his neck. Angel held him while Kitty helped him on with the thigh high boots that zipped up the back. The boots felt weird. He looked down to see the knee bulged out. It had some sort of padding sewn in.

The girls marched him over to a full length mirror where Zeus and the Commandress joined them. Angel handed her the mask and Commandress secured it to his head. It had mesh grills over the eyes and a patch of fine fur starting at the top of his forehead extending back a few inches.

He stared at himself in the mirror. His shorts were really short and had a zipper much like Kitty's. You could clearly see the outline of his cock in the satin. There was a large "PB" on his vest. His mask concealed his identity completely, something that pleased him very much.

The girls moved a padded bench before him. He saw Zeus reach between his legs for that big chrome zipper. He pulled it open and bent him over the padded bench.

Penis Boy watched in the mirror as Zeus pushed that monster into him. The three ladies watched as Zeus took big, powerful thrusts pounding that ass. It was something to see.

Penis Boy held onto that padded bench as the glow from his ass became more and more pronounced. Then Zeus grabbed his hips, drove his cock in one last time and flooded him with thick, hot cum.

He zipped Penis Boy back up and slapped him on the back, "Be sure to tell me how that costume works out."

He was thoroughly exhausted in the car going home. He leaned against the car door as his mind replayed the better parts of the evening. She glanced over at him from time to time. The street lights illuminated the red satin in flashes as the car drove past. "I knew you would like my friends."

To be continued... Thank you for your vote.

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