Super Sexy


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I'm sick and tired of always bailing him out, the Amazonian demi-goddess thought to herself as she lay naked in her bed.

I never get any thanks beyond "Oh, Wonder Woman, you got there just in the nick of time!" "You were terrific, Wonder Woman!" "You're amazing, Wonder Woman!" "Thank you for saving the day again, Wonder Woman!"

How about SHOWING me some appreciation, Steve? How about a hug? A kiss? A little feel of my rear end? Every time I see you, my heart absolutely melts. I get sensations within me that I've never felt for any other man.

As these thoughts ran through her mind, she began caressing the soft folds between her legs with one hand, while rolling the hard brown nipples of her generous breasts with the other. As she touched her nipple, she shivered and moaned. The feelings she was experiencing were never explained to her while she was growing up on Themyscira, as it was believed that she would never have an encounter in Man's World that would bring these emotions to the surface.

But recently, every sexual instinct buried deep within her had come rushing to the surface. One night about a month ago, she had lain in bed after yet another mission which had involved rescuing Steve. When she saved him, he was naked, and she caught her first glimpse ever of a male's penis. In the dark, alone, she had contemplated the vision of the male organ in her mind while exploring her womanhood, and she guessed correctly that in Man's World, the organ between Steve's legs fit into her woman-hole. She had rubbed the little nub at her entrance, and was surprised to feel both weak and excited at the same time. She noticed the wetness beginning to form in her womanhood, dipped a finger in, and tasted it. Mmmm, she had thought to herself, this is good. And it feels so nice. But she felt so confused, thinking that she had done something wicked or wrong.

She had done some reading, discovered how reproduction was done in Man's World, and discovered that what she had been doing was called masturbation and was perfectly healthy and normal. She read that had she continued, she might have experienced what the humans called an orgasm.

On this night, she was determined to reach this new plateau.

Oh, yes, Steve! she thought to herself as she plunged a finger deep into her dampening vagina. Put that penis into me! Shove it in and out like I've read about! Let me know what a real woman feels like! Be MY hero for once!!! The super-heroine rolled around on her bed as she caressed herself, the wetness between her legs increasing and the emotions within her swelling to flood tide. She stuck two fingers into her folds, furiously rubbing her clitoris as she lifted her marvelous ass off the bed and began bucking back and forth. Do it to me, Steve!!! DO it to me!!! Ride me!! Pump me!!! Oh, yes, yes, YESSSSSSSSS!!!!

"YYYYYYYEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!" she shrieked out as she felt herself reach the top of the mountain. Every single cell in her body exploded in ecstasy as she writhed on her bed. But she didn't stop there. She continued fingering herself and within minutes cried out as she erupted into another orgasm even stronger than the first. She was dizzy, exhausted, and euphoric all at once. Her long, lithe, muscular body was glistening with sweat in the moonlight as she slowed down, her heart beating at jackhammer pace.

She lay still, recovering, marveling at the new awareness she had experienced.

Self-induced, it was fun.

But now she was determined that the next time she experienced this, she was not going to be alone. And she knew absolutely who the only man in the world was who could bring her to this rapture - Steve Trevor.

She knew of a little islet about 15 miles from her home island, itself a short distance from the Bahamas, which would be perfect for what she was planning. She knew that Steve was deployed in the Bahamas, and that it was only a matter of time...

Sure enough, a call came in to the IADC a few days later. "Agent Trevor is missing in the Bahamas, where he had been sent on a reconnaissance mission", the commander explained. "We have reason to believe that Cuban agents there have captured him. I would like to send one agent over there to check out the situation and see if Trevor can be located and recovered."

Almost too quickly, Agent Diana Prince - AKA Wonder Woman, Princess Diana of Themyscira, daughter of Queen Hippolyta of the Amazons - volunteered for the mission.

On reaching her destination, she transformed herself into Wonder Woman, the epitome of all that was good and decent and beautiful in the world - but now nothing more than an extremely horny, very human woman on a mission. She intended to rescue the man she loved yet again, and to satisfy herself in the process. Oh, and to show Steve that she intended that in the future, she expected to be shown a deeper level of appreciation for her heroic actions.

She swiftly located the compound where the Cubans were, broke through the wall, and quickly counted five armed Cubans surrounding Steve, who was bound to a chair. Child's play, she thought to herself. Calling on her warrior training, she swiftly threw her magic tiara and disarmed four of the enemy thugs. The fifth managed to get off several shots with his Tokarev pistol, all of which deflected off her bracelets. She kicked the gun out of his hand, then threw him across the room. Three of the Cubans were quickly dispatched in similar manner, flying around in different directions. The fifth threw a gas bomb, which quickly knocked Steve unconscious but had no effect on the Amazon. Enraged, she grabbed the thug, pounded his head against the floor a couple of times, and was about to do it again when she realized that with her enhanced strength she could easily kill him.

She intended to expend her energy in other ways.

She snapped the ropes holding Steve to the chair, and carried his limp body to her invisible airplane. Laying him down inside it, she regarded him for a moment. By Hera, he looks so gorgeous, she said to herself, licking her lips as the recently-familiar warmth flooded her pelvic area.

The plane took off, but instead of heading towards America and home, Wonder Woman turned the plane towards the Bermuda Triangle region, and about ten minutes later landed on the little islet which would be her own paradise.

About ¾ of a mile long and about a quarter of a mile wide, the island was mostly sandy beach, but dotted with several palm trees atop several small hills. Days ago, in preparation for what she had planned, she had buried several days' supply of food and drink. Also, she had extra clothing for Steve - not that he would need it until she was done with him - wood for fire, blankets, pillows, twine, all wrapped up in waterproof sheeting.

She pulled out a large blanket, piled rocks around it to make a sort of nest, and carried the still-unconscious Steve over to it. He was naked save for his underpants, and Wonder Woman could see a sort of tenting effect as he developed a partial erection. She knew from her reading that the male penis could grow to approximately 3 times its flaccid size. She also knew that she could help it along by manual or oral stimulation. She intended on doing both - but wanted Steve to be awake while she was doing it.

She bent towards him and kissed him on his slightly open mouth. He stirred a bit, and his eyes fluttered open.

"Wonder Woman? Is that you?"

"Yes, Steve," she said softly. She could feel the stirrings in her uterus, the warm wetness coating her vagina, all the desire she had ever felt for this man bubbling forth. She must control herself, at least temporarily, she thought.

"Wh-what happened?" Steve asked. He was still somewhat disoriented, as he had been in a cinder-block building when he was captured, and could now feel early-afternoon heat and hear the crashing of the ocean surrounding him.

"I found where the Cubans were holding you, and took care of them. I got you out."

"It looks like you saved the day again, Wonder Woman!" She rolled her eyes as the trite stock phrase left his lips, then looked down and frowned at him.

"What's the matter, Wonder Woman? I've never seen you look like this before."

"Well, Steve, it's just that I've saved you so many times from so many life-or-death situations, and all you can manage is a little teeny 'thank you'? We know each other so well after so many adventures, and yet that's the best you can do?"

"I don't understand. What more do you want?"

She sighed, her huge Amazonian breasts rising and falling as she did. "Yes, I'm 'Wonder Woman' - but I'm still a woman through and through. I've been exploring certain things, and I feel that... well, for once, I want to be shown appreciation like a woman. To be treated like a woman. To be satisfied like a woman." She said the last sentence in a dreamy, breathy tone whose meaning couldn't possibly have been lost upon Steve.

"B-B-But... you're a princess on your island! You're a demi-goddess!! You're a super-heroine!!!" Steve stammered as, crawling backwards like a crab, he started to back away from the quivering six-foot warrior noblewoman.

"So? Does that mean that I don't have desires like any other mortal woman? I've finally learned what these strange yearnings I've been experiencing mean. That I desire to have sex with a man. And the only man I consider worthy of me - aside from my compatriots of the Justice League - is you." She realized he was retreating, and licked her lips at the thought of a pursuit. She'd always enjoyed hunting on her native island. "I brought you here so that we could be alone for an extended period, and so that we could have intercourse."

"I don't want to do that with you, Wonder Woman. It just wouldn't be right." At six-foot three and nearly 200 pounds, Steve wouldn't have trouble fighting off an ordinary woman. But as they both acknowledged, however, this was no ordinary woman. Plus, she was enflamed by passions she had never experienced before.

She pointed at his rising penis, which was now passing the seven-inch mark and still climbing. "You may be saying 'no', but that is definitely saying 'yes'. Bring that over to me, Steve. Make love to me!!!!"

She pulled out her golden Lariat of Truth, and placed it around Steve's waist and hands which immediately immobilized him. She tied some of the loose coils around him, then stood with her fists in her hips and her legs apart - the classic super-hero pose. She was smiling, licking her lips seductively and trembling with desire.

"You know that you must now tell me the truth. Have you always wanted me, Steve?"

He tried not to answer, but finally spit out, "Yes, I have always thought you were an extremely beautiful woman, and I have always wanted to have sex with you."

She ran her hands through her long jet-black tresses and smiled. "Have you ever had another woman, Steve?"


"Do you think that they match up to me? In terms of beauty, and potential for sexual fulfillment?"

"They're not even in your ballpark, Wonder Woman."

Her knees almost turned to jelly when she heard him say that.

"How big does your penis get, Steve? I've heard that the average for men is about 5 ½ to 6 inches."

"I think I'm about eight inches."

"Let's find out." Wonder Woman threw the loose end of the Lariat of Truth over one of the fronds of a nearby palm tree, and pulled so that Steve was about three feet off the ground. She tied him in place, then walked over to him. She watched him swing in the air for a few seconds, then removed her golden breastplate and her boots. She unzipped the back of her satin, skin-tight costume, and slowly removed it in a bit of a striptease for Steve. He watched, bug-eyed, as the now-naked super-heroine slowly swayed in a sultry mating dance, running her hands through her hair, flutteringly across her breasts, now down her perfect, flat belly to her vagina, her pubic hair shaved into an arrow, pointing right at her heavenly hole. Her large, milky breasts with their pointed nipples swayed, seemingly independently of the rest of her body.

She caressed her vagina, shoving her fingers in and feeling the lubrication coat her. She then walked over to the dangling object of her lust and rubbed her hand slowly down the full length of his massive shaft.

"OOOOOOHHHHHHH!!!!!" he exclaimed as his body suddenly stiffened.

"Your penis is huge, Steve. Even bigger than in my dreams." She continued to rub her hand up and down the full length of his manhood as he rolled his head around. A drop of pre-cum bubbled up from the head. Wonder Woman regarded it for a moment, then said, "I understand this to be the precursor of a much larger flood. Let's taste this and see what it's like."

His penis was exactly even with her mouth, and she opened wide and engulfed more than half of his length. She slid his penis in and out of her mouth, increasing her pace according to his moans and wheezing. "Oh, my GOD, Wonder Woman, that is INCREDIBLE!!! Go faster!!! Take as much of me in your mouth as you can!!! Oh, GOD, oh, GOOOODDDDD!!!!"

As she fellated him for a couple of minutes more, she realized that he was close to ejaculation - "coming", as the books she'd read called it. There was no way that his first ejaculation for her was going to be wasted.

She untied the lariat from the tree and gently lowered Steve to the ground. She picked him up and carried him back to the nest, even as he squirmed slightly in her grasp. Laying him back down on the blanket, she sucked him until his cock was purple, rock-hard and quivering. "Now, Steve, I will finally be satisfied." She looked at him with her deep azure eyes, squatted over him, then yelped slightly as she quickly engulfed his throbbing, engorged member with her soaking, desperate pussy. She felt a slight pressure and tearing as his penis penetrated through her hymen, and saw a smear of blood on his penis as she began rocking back and forth on him. She could feel the furnace-like heat emanating from her pussy as she held a man's penis in it for the first time in her life.

God, she is so HOT, Steve thought to himself as he was being ridden. It's really happening. I'm really getting fucked by Wonder Woman.

"It feels so GOOOOOOOOOOOD" she squealed out as she quickened her frantic pace. Never mind that she was a goddess with super strength - now she felt like a real woman. She knew she had to control herself somewhat, as the mortal beneath her could easily be injured or killed by her attack. But the feel of his penis inside her was something she had no desire to control. All she wanted was for the tugging, plunging feeling to last and last. She squeezed and massaged her swelling breasts as she bounced pell-mell on her human fuck toy, and cried out an awesome "YEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!" as the shattering tide of orgasm engulfed her.

The tight clenching of her pussy also sent Steve over the edge, as his penis exploded in a geyser of white stickiness. "AAAAAAGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH" he yelled as he filled up Wonder Woman's pussy with massive shots of his fluid. She continued pounding away at him until she sensed that he was spent. Then, with his penis still firmly captured in her love canal, she lay down on his shoulder and kissed his neck.

"Finally, I really know what being a woman feels like," Wonder Woman cooed as she held Steve in her arms, feeling a warm river accumulating in their pelvic areas as the remnants of Steve's ejaculate dribbled out of her vagina.

He couldn't respond. He was breathing heavily, utterly exhausted. His penis was softening and eventually fell out. She looked at him longingly and warned him, "Now that I've tasted the fruits of womanhood - not to mention your manhood - I want to eat again and again!"

Still tied up in her Lariat of Truth, Steve croaked out, "Have to... rest... can't... get hard... again... that... quickly..."

She smiled at him and said, "We're not going anywhere. I can wait. I loved how your... I believe it's called 'cock' in the vernacular, which I'll try to use... filled up my... pussy, is it? Both while we were performing, and when you shot your semen into me. I want to know that feeling again. What can I do to make it happen faster? If I jack you off? If I give you another blowjob? Would that make you able to fuck me again?"

Among Wonder Woman's many virtues was high intelligence. She was a very fast learner. From paragon of virtue to nympho slut only in the time it took her to have sex for the first time. Steve marveled... yet at the same time started to develop a bit of fear. He wasn't sure that he was going to be able to satisfy her lust, especially based on what had happened the first time.

She fell asleep with the object of her desire entwined in her embrace.

When she awoke a couple of hours later, she was alone. However, she smiled to herself, once again knowing that there was nowhere he could go or hide, and that the reward at the end of the pursuit would be well worthwhile.

She looked around, and spotted a form on the sand about a quarter of a mile away. Unhurriedly, she jogged in that direction, her breasts swaying pendulously as she ran. As she got closer, her heart sped up. There was Steve, naked, running, glistening with sweat, his long cock bobbing between his legs as he ran. She ran faster, gathered her strength, and in a massive leap landed right in front of him.

She stood smiling, arms and legs akimbo.

"Where did you think you were going, Steve?"

Breathlessly, he regarded her. "Oh, I was... uh... just going out for... a little jog."

"You're a considerable distance from our camp. You weren't trying to escape from me, were you?" She began licking her lips and caressing herself.

"I... uh... no... I was... just..."

"I see. I also see that you need some more convincing... to understand that I have brought you here for the sole purpose of satisfying my immense lust for you." She suddenly threw herself on him, knocking him to the ground and wrapping her legs around his torso.

"Wonder Woman, I..."

"Don't, Steve. Just don't. All I care about is you making love to me again." She stuck her tongue into his mouth, ground her pelvis against him, and felt his manhood rising. She raised her pelvis up, roared out, "FUCK me, Steve!!!" and slammed down on his cock, impaling herself on it. She shook, undulated and roared as his cock grew and filled her pussy up.

"Wonder Woman, I can't... you're too... oh, God, I can't..."

But, apparently, he could, as she wrapped her arms around him and rolled them both over in the sand so that now he was on top. Her arms and legs were entwined around him. "Fuck me hard, Steve. I want to feel your cock buried deep in my pussy. You can't fight me off, and the only way I'm going to let you go is if you fuck me 'til I'm satisfied. You're captured in my love, and I'm not going to let you go." To prove her point, she flexed her vagina muscles and squeezed his cock. He emitted an animal groan.

Wonder Woman herself growled a guttural growl, knowing that she had the man she loved in the position she wanted him in - buried deeply in her pussy, unable to escape. She put her head back and moaned as she rotated her ass and thrashed against the man imprisoned in her grasp. Trapped as he was, all he could do was push, squirm and groan, trying as he could to tame her unleashed passion.

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