tagMatureSuper Tenants: Harriett, Apt. 214

Super Tenants: Harriett, Apt. 214


I had only been on the job as superintendent of the apartment building in Miami a couple of weeks. My job consists of maintaining the common areas of the buildings interior and attending to the simple everyday problems with plumbing, electrical and a myriad of other small items in the tenants apartments. Generally speaking, I was a handy man. For 30 odd years I was a highly paid engineer. I got tired of the rat race and chucked it all, my wife included. We never had children and since I gave her everything she didn't mind too much.

My third week on the job found me changing the filters in the return portion of the air conditioning system. There are three air returns in the hallway on each floor. Mid-morning found me on the second floor right next to the elevator. An extremely small man in his late sixties engaged me in conversation as he waited for the elevator. He introduced himself as Hal in apartment 214. The elevator came and he let it go without him, explaining he thought his wife was right behind him.

In the next 5 minutes, Hal told me the short version of his life story and got mine in return. He had been a jewelry wholesaler in New York for 40 years and retired last year at his wife's insistence. Hal was impeccably dressed. He wore a navy blazer, gray slacks and white shirt. All of them were obviously tailored and very expensive. He repeatedly looked at his watch and followed that up by looking down the empty hallway for his wife.

In a few moments, a woman stepped out of an apartment, checked the door and proceeded down the hall toward us. She was a little over 5 feet tall, had dark brown graying hair and appeared to be in her early to middle sixties. As she approached, Hal told me she was just as lovely and sexy as the day he married her 40 years ago. I looked at her carefully as she walked down the hall. She wore a teal colored dress with a wide black belt. Perhaps it was the belt which caused my eyes to be drawn to her very small waist. She was not a slim woman. Her shoulders were somewhat broad. Her breasts, while not really large were pronounced because they rode up so high and pointed straight out. Her hips were wide and looked somewhat out of place considering the began at that very small waist. She was obviously a beautiful woman when she was young and she was still lovely. She wore a moderate amount of impeccably applied makeup, but it was not caked on and you could see her skin unblemished and remained taut. She looked very much like a lovely, prim and proper matronly lady.

When she reached us, Hal introduced her to me as Harriet. Hal pressed the button for the elevator as we exchanged pleasantries. There was something a little unnerving about Harriet. As Hal and I conversed , Harriet looked me straight in the eye. I don't mean she looked me in the eye when we spoke, she looked me straight in the eye from the moment we were introduced until she entered the elevator. As she entered the elevator, I took the opportunity to look at her backside. It was full, well rounded and like her hips, jutted out at a precarious angle from that small waist. When I looked up, Hal was looking at me. He smiled and waved at me. I blushed like a little boy who was caught.

Over the next couple of weeks I saw Hal and Harriet several times in the common areas as I went about my duties. Hal would engage me in conversation while Harriet stood by and listened. She was very quite. The conversation which consisted mostly of Hal asking me questions took on a more personal tone. I was too dense to realize he was getting as much information about me as he could to allow himself to reach a personal comfort level with me. Each time I saw them I was amazed at the shape of Harriet's body and more impressed with her beauty.

Late one evening, about 6 weeks after we first met, Hal called my apartment and asked if I could come up and take a look at a dripping kitchen faucet. He apologized for calling so late, but, told me they had been gone all day and the faucet almost ran him crazy last night. I went right up. Hal answered the door wearing a housecoat over his pajamas. He ushered me into the living room. I could see Harriet sitting at the table on the balcony. It was obvious they were having a nightcap and enjoying the cool night breezes.

The apartment was the standard floor plan and expensively furnished. A large living room opening onto a balcony overlooking the beach. The kitchen was somewhat small and separated from the living room by a open snack bar. The sink is below the snack bar so when standing at the sink, you are can see into the living room and out onto the balcony.

Hal asked if I wanted to join them for a drink before I worked on the sink. I declined the offer and said if the invitation still stood after I finished the sink I would be most glad to have a drink with them.

Repairing a leaky Faucet is a very simple task. Generally, removing the handle and tightening the screw on the stem will stop the leak, or you can take the stem apart and change the rubber O ring inside. Either way this is a five minute job, tops. As I began to remove the faucet handle, Hal stood at the end of the counter in the doorway and talked to me. Just about the time I got the handle off Harriet joined us in the kitchen. She came in and stood behind Hal leaning back on the countertop behind her. She wore a black Silk floor length housecoat tied tightly around her small waist. It was pulled very tight around her showing every curve. As she leaned back, she crossed her legs and the bottom of the housecoat opened exposing her legs up to mid thigh. It was at this point I decided to take my time and do a very careful job on the leaky faucet. After several minutes of listening to Hal talking to me, Harriet asked if he wanted another drink. She poured two cocktail glasses full of Scotch and put one ice cube in each. She then told Hal to join her on the couch.

When they sat down on the couch, Harriet turned slightly to her left and crossed her legs. The housecoat parted and reveled a very lovely thigh. When Hal sat down he placed his hand on her thigh and began lightly rubbing her leg. As I worked and looked on, Hal took a big gulp of the Scotch, put the glass on the lamp table and turned toward Harriet. He moved his hand up and down her leg while looking directly at her face. Without saying a word, he leaned over and began to kiss her neck and placed his hand on her butt. She closed her eyes and leaned her head back.

Hal continued kissing her neck and moved his hand from her butt to her knee. When his hand got to her knee, Harriet placed her left leg over his legs and let the right leg slide off the couch. I had put the faucet back together at this point, but I pretended to still be working. I stared at them in disbelief. I had never witnessed anything like this in my life. His hand disappeared between her legs. From my vantage point I could not see between her legs, but judging from the look on her face she was enjoying whatever he was doing.

I stood frozen at the sink. My body began to respond to the action before me. Harriet opened her eyes and looked right at me for what seemed like forever. It was almost as if she were trying to read my thoughts. Without saying a word, she stood up, untied the housecoat and let it fall off her shoulders onto the floor. The source of the small waist was now clear. She was wearing a red corset which laced up the back. It not only pulled her waist tight, but, pushed her breasts up to the point that a small amount of aureole was visible , held them together and probably caused the unusual and enticing flare to her hips. The outfit was completed by a matching pair of red satin panties which were so tight the elastic in the legs was furrowed into her flesh. Let me tell you, she had some cellulite visible on her legs, but, the outfit she was wearing made this very unimportant. She really looked like a million dollars warmed up. Any slightly overweight woman 10 to 15 years younger would love to have a body like hers.

Hal watched his wife remove the housecoat. He then quickly looked over at me, smiled and winked. I just looked at him without saying a word. I assumed they just wanted a spectator. Harriet laid down on the couch, placed her right foot on the floor and left foot over the back of the couch. Hal got down between her legs and began kissing her inner thighs from the tops of her knees to the elastic edge of her panties, never kissing her panty covered pussy. He repositioned himself between her legs and reached behind her and placing his hands on her butt pulled her up slightly. Harriet responded by raising her legs straight in the air and opening them wide. Hal continued the light kissing of her inner thighs. In a few moments Harriet spoke softly to Hal. I could not hear what was said, but Hal got up and started to the kitchen.

Hal walked into the kitchen and asked me to help him out by taking care of his wife. He said he had her all primed for me, he just wanted to watch. With that he took me by the arm and led me into the living room. He lead me to the couch and walked over and sat in a chair. Harriet sat up on the couch, reached out and ran her hand up my pant leg to my crotch. She rubbed my Dick through the fabric. Without a word she unzipped my pants and reached inside. Her hand felt soft and warm as it fondled my hard Dick. She looked up at me, smiled, removed her hand and laid down on the couch. I hurriedly removed my clothes. As soon as my clothes were off Harriet sat back up and took my Dick in both hands. She first caressed then kissed it lightly on the very tip. She then took it slowly past her red lips and into her mouth. She slowly moved her head and tongue in unison as she stroked my balls slowly and tenderly with her hands. She began to lightly drag the tips of her fingernails across my scrotum. She must have sensed I was close to orgasm because she slowly removed her mouth from my member. She reached around and began to caress my legs and buttocks as she kissed me on the stomach.

I reached down and began to feel her breasts through the corset. She responded by pulling the top of the corset down and releasing her breasts. I knelt and took the left breast in my mouth and began to slowly and tenderly suck and tongue the nipple. It responded by becoming at least a full one inch long and hard as a rock. I repeated the process on the right breast. I slowly eased her back onto the couch. I opened her legs and kissed her directly on her panty covered outer lips. She responded with a whimper and soft moan. I slowly inserted my finger under the elastic on her panties and let it slowly find its way to the soft wet opening I wanted so badly. Harriet was wetter than any woman I had ever encountered. I could actually hear my finger moving lightly in and out of her pussy. She squirmed, moaned and pressed her pussy up and forward to allow me greater access.

I removed my finger and began to pull her panties off. Harriet raised her butt and legs and helped me in a great rush. Before the panties hit the floor she had raised her legs, grabbed my Dick, pulled me down on top of her and inserted it into her and pushed her hips forward to take it as deep as possible on the first stroke. This was a wild woman. She fucked with abandon and she literally fucked you. All you needed was to have a hard Dick and the strength to hold on. Her orgasms were hot, fierce and numerous. Each orgasm brought a new means employed to achieve another. One may be brought on by her hard pelvic thrusts. The next by raising her legs and literally kicking her self to climax. Still another by slowly grinding her pelvis against yours and making sure she had the entire length of your manhood inserted in her. Another method was to place her hand around the shaft of your Dick and just allow the head to enter her pussy. With each soft short stroke she would run her index finger around the head of your Dick. This one almost made you go ballistic on each slow calculated stroke. Her orgasms were so numerous and the change of rhythm so fast that she would bring me right to the brink of orgasm and then back me off when she changed gears. I was able to perform for much longer than I ever had in my entire life. This woman was fantastic. When I finally came it was courtesy of her slow calculated stroke/index finger around the head of the Dick method. I came and came for what seemed like forever and we both reached a mutual orgasm. We lay together breathing hard for several minutes. I savored the moments. This was a woman who was unlike one I had ever known. I asked myself where she had been all my life.

After a few minutes, Harriet giggled slightly and asked if I enjoyed myself. I assured her I had. For the first time I remembered Hal. I looked over at the chair where he was sitting and he was gone. I asked Harriet where her was. She said her had left about 30 minutes ago and was probably in bed asleep. She said he probably jacked off and came within 3 minutes then maybe watched us for another 2 or three minutes and went to bed.

Harriet said through their entire married life Hal had been good for one to three minutes of sex and then he was done. Usually he would spend about 30 minutes after he came satisfying her with a toy of some sort. She said they had talked for years about bringing another man to service her but she had never meet anyone she felt comfortable with until she met me.

We have continued to get together at least once a week for the last year. After about 3 weeks, Hal was not included.

Boy I love my job.

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