tagErotic HorrorSuper-unnatural Ch. 08

Super-unnatural Ch. 08


She knew she was dreaming again. It was the continuation of her earlier bedroom dream... she was fucking herself on the bedknob when she heard a man's voice just outside the bedroom door. She had thought it was Ted's voice in her earlier dream, but when she heard it this time, she realised it was someone else. It was deeper, the voice of someone whose voice she didn't recognise. It sounded like he was approaching the door while he was calling out to her, asking if she was "decent". She badly wanted to answer "no", but no sound would come from her throat. It seemed like the only sound emanating from her was that of her wetly squelching vagina, as she desperately tried to lift herself off the bedknob before the stranger came into the room.

But it was in too deep, far too deep inside her for her to remove without difficulty. She gasped as she pushed down hard with her feet, trying to pull herself up and off the intruding hardness inside her. The lump in her belly moved downwards, towards her pubis, as a deluge of fluid spilled out of her, and she allowed herself hope that she would extricate herself from this predicament before the stranger came in and saw her unclothed and committing such an obscene act... then, just as the bottom of the knob began emerging from her pouting labia, she glanced away from the mirror and saw the door begin to open. The shadow of the man outside was both familiar and unknown -- he was taller and bigger than Kevin or Ted, or any other man she knew, and his eyes... although the rest of him was in shadow, his eyes seemed to glow. "Ready or not, here I come," he said, his booming voice loud and low.

His voice was still echoing in her ears when she sat up in bed, glad to be awake. She was even more glad to find that she was still in her apartment... at least she was not wandering around the beach naked like she had been the previous night. Her pussy felt stretched and sore, just like it had following her earlier dreams... but thankfully not as bad as Trudy was probably feeling right now, she thought ruefully. At least I've had some time to get used to it.

And she had to admit, it was becoming more of a turn-on for her. Hazel shivered as she thought of how full she had felt down there in her dreams. It was... strangely erotic, she had to admit, and just thinking about it made little shocks of electricity run out from her core. Mmmmm...

As she sat and watched the sun rise in her window, she remembered her latest dream, and wondered just who it was that she had dreamt of. Was it the spirit or demon or ghost that had been haunting her dreams? What was it the old man had said? Dough-yo, or something like that. Hmmm. She should try to look it up when she went in to the office today.

Hazel stood up and stretched, yawning. It would soon be time to go to work, and her boss would probably be too busy to bother her much today anyway. She glanced in the mirror, noticing for the first time that although she could not really remember the last time she had had a good night's sleep, her eyes did not seem to show any effects of her late night terrors. In fact, she had to admit, she looked better than she had done for a while now -- her skin glowed and... was she mistaken? She looked like she had put on a little weight, especially around the hips and breasts.

She grinned in disbelief at her own image. That explained why she actually felt more comfortable going to the office without her panties the previous day. Now that she thought about it, her bra was a little too snug too. Hmmm... she might have to dispense with that too. And heck with whether or not others would notice.

I have much more important things to do, she thought to herself as she gave herself a final once over before stepping into the shower. Yes, she was quite certain she had put on a little weight, and in the right places too.

Hazel went into her office in unusually high spirits, which everyone seemed to notice. She wasn't sure if they'd noticed she wasn't wearing any underwear too, but that didn't bother her one bit. Her boss glanced at her, looked away, and looked up at her again, a little look of surprise on his face. "You look different today," was all he had to say, and she merely beamed at him. There was no need to respond. She didn't just look different, she felt different, as if the pall of gloom that had followed her for so many years had suddenly lifted off her head.

"Is there anything else you need me to prepare for your trip?" she asked him, and he looked down again, shaking his head and waving her away. That was fine -- it was quite the miracle that he even took a second look at her to begin with.

She spent the morning researching all possible permutations of the word she had heard the crazy old man mention, and quickly came upon the word "toyol", which she found referred to a local superstition regarding child ghosts or demons who were raised to do a black magician's bidding. Apparently, they were bound to the magician that raised them, and could not be easily dispensed of. There was no reference to dolls at all, but she wondered if the toyols were bound to dolls which were then discarded, when the magicians tired of them. Is the crazy old man a black magic practitioner? she wondered to herself. Maybe he buried his doll where I was sitting.

Hazel shifted uncomfortably in her seat, aware that her fluids were beginning to seep out from her at the thought. Good thing the office seats were made of leather. There was a slight tingling down at her groin, where her lower lips were pressing against her skirt and the leather underneath that, and she had to suppress the urge to rub herself against her chair. God, I'd better stop this, she thought to herself as a colleague walked past. This is neither the place nor time...

Her mobile phone suddenly rang, startling her. No one called her up, not during the day like this. And she was especially surprised to hear the ringtone, because it only meant one thing. "Hello?" she said, pressing the talk button. And on the other end of the line, she heard the familiar voice of her soon-to-be ex-husband, Ted. "Hi babe."

"Ummm... what do you want, Ted?" she said, realising that the tingling in the area between her legs was increasing. Oh god. What did that mean? Did she want him..?

"Look, babe, you free for dinner tonight?"

"I... don't know. I mean, our lawyers..."

"Screw them. I'd like to take you out to dinner tonight. Pick you up at your office at 7. See ya, babe!"

"Ted, wait, I..." but it was too late to protest, because she found herself speaking to the beeping tone of a dead line. In his usual inimitable fashion, Ted had demanded and got what he wanted, without a thought for her own feelings. Good thing I'm not going to be busy this evening, she thought as she placed her handphone back in her bag. Oh well. I wonder what it is he wants now.

Hazel hated to admit it, but as the evening approached, she found herself anticipating the dinner. It was almost as if Ted's call had awakened something in her. She couldn't tell yet what it was, or maybe she didn't want to admit it... but she found herself going to the toilet more frequently, to touch up her lipstick and comb her hair. Whatever it was Ted wanted, she didn't really care -- it mattered more to her that she look her best when he came to pick her up.

For once, he turned up on time. And to surprise her further, he paid her a compliment, which he hadn't done in a long time. "Wow! You look gorgeous, babe!" he chirped as he walked her to his car, opened the door, and let her settle in the seat before closing it. She almost responded with a "Wow, you're such a gentleman, Ted!" but didn't because it would have come out sarcastic any way she said it. Certainly, Ted was pulling out all the stops tonight, and he was at his charming best. She hadn't seen this side of him in a long, long time.

Dinner was lovely, at a quiet restaurant that only those who enjoy sumptuous food at equally sumptuous prices know about. The candlelight seemed to play tricks on her, because she kept seeing his eyes sparkle as they chatted about everything and nothing. She was almost disappointed when it came time to leave, and had half a mind to tell him to go when he accompanied her back to her apartment, but the tingling down there had grown into a minor electrical storm as the evening turned into night... and she wanted, no needed, to know if perhaps he would be able to help her quell it.

There was a moment's misgiving when the door shut behind him and they made their way into her bedroom. Somewhere at the back of her mind, someone was yelling at her: "Are you mad, Hazel?" but her body ignored the protest. She let him hold her hand and pull her to the bed, and somewhere between her clothes coming off her body and his fulsome praise ("Have you been working out, babe? You look absolutely gorgeous!") she knew that she would have little chance of stopping him from going any further than she had intended when the evening started.

"God, Haze, you really look awesome! What have you been doing?" he purred as her positioned himself between her legs, his erection poised and pointed right at her sex. She merely smiled at him, and he took it to mean she wanted it, so he drove forward, plunging his cock into the depths of her wetness.

It wasn't as impressive as Kevin's, and certainly nowhere near the stretching she had felt with the doll going in there, but she was enjoying it nonetheless. It felt... nice, comfortable, as if it was something she should have enjoyed from a long time ago. So she let him, wrapping her legs around his hips as he pumped his cock in and out, raising her higher and higher, towards the sweet, exhilarating peak that she knew would come...

His first mistake was to mention his lover's name. "Trudy said you fucked one of her friends, and I told her I didn't believe that," he whispered in her ear as he rested, wanting to draw this encounter out. "She said you were a rapacious slut and that you injured her friend because of your insatiability. Hahaha... I said, how in the world could that be my little mouse, Hazel?"

"What..? When did she..?" she was suddenly brought back to earth by his utterance.

"This morning," he grinned at her. "She was off her rocker, yelling about powerful magic or some other shit like that. She also said you injured her and I should stay away from you for my own good."

"Well, you know I'm not one to believe in that shit," he continued, not noticing her discomfort with the topic of discussion. "I just cut her off. The stupid little bimbo thinks I'm going to marry her. In fact, if you did have something to do with her hysterics," he looked into her eyes as he began slowly pumping his cock into her once more. "I should thank you. If there was anything at all that I liked about her, that phone call I got from her just about wiped it off my memory."

She looked at him, unable to say a word. What a selfish asshole I've married, she thought to herself.

"Hey, speaking of memories, do you remember what I always wanted to do, but you never let me? You know, in your ass?"

She shook her head to signal her disapproval of his suggestion, but he chose to take it that she had forgotten how he had asked for anal sex during their marriage.

"OK, since you don't remember, I guess you won't mind if we do it, just one time, before we get officially divorced?"

He pulled his member completely out of her vagina, grabbed her knees and pushed them up and back towards her chest, pulling her hips upwards and outwards, exposing her anus.

"No! Ted, I don't..."

"Ah nuts, Haze. I don't want to tell my friends I was married to you all this time and didn't even get to plug you in that great ass of yours. I have to do it just once."

"No, I don't want to..."

"Hey, hey, it's alright, babe, it's me, remember? Your hunky husband? I'll make it fine. You'll like it. You'll see."

With that, she felt him press the slippery tip of his cock into the area between the globes of her buttocks. He struggled to find her reluctant orifice, so he leaned his weight on her, releasing her left knee and bringing his hand down to guide his cock to the entrance of her rear passage.

Hazel gasped as she felt it probe at the entrance of her anus. She wasn't sure she would be able to resist him this time, now that he had her under him like this. Oh shit.

He was bringing his weight to bear on her, and she was just about to give up resisting and let him have his way with her asshole when he suddenly stiffened and raised himself up and away from her body.

"Fuck, wha..." he said, then screamed. It was a loud, high-pitched scream, of pain and horror. "Who's that? Stop that! STOP THAT! Stop! Oh god, stop!"

"Ted, what's the matter?" she said, unfurling her own body and rolling away from him. She was glad he hadn't managed to carry out his threat to sodomise her, and wasn't as concerned about his welfare as she sounded. What was happening to him? Was it the same thing that happened to Kevin?

"No! I'm not... Don't!" he screamed again. He was bent forward slightly, his legs apart and the look on his face was of sheer humiliation. "Haze, how could you..?"

She looked at him in utter confusion. Her eyes drifted down to his cock reluctantly, expecting to see the same little plastic hand sticking out of its eye... but there was nothing there. His cock was just... erect. No, it was more than that. It was bobbing as if he was... Suddenly understanding, she looked into the mirror on the wall just beside the bed and saw a dim shadow just behind him. It was more like a smudge, a dark apparition that did not look in the least like the clear shadows cast by ordinary objects in the moonlit room. And it was huge, a head taller than Ted.

As she watched, the smudge seemed to move, and Ted jerked, crying out. He was being fucked in the ass! The realisation made the sides of her mouth curl up in a wry smile. I hope you like it, babe, she thought as she looked at his tear-filled eyes. Oh yes, I'm sure you will.

As she watched, the smudge appeared to increase its thrusts into Ted's buttocks, lifting him off the floor and making him squeal in sheer terror. Because it did not possess a physical form and appeared to have the consistency of smoke, she swore she was able to see Ted's asshole gaping as he was mercilessly sodomised. God, that's big, she thought. Then she realised that Ted's cock seemed bigger and harder, and surmised that his body was responding physically to the anal rape. I hope you like that, you asshole, she smiled.

Ted had stopped screaming by then, and his breathing was ragged and harsh, but there was no denying his arousal. Hazel wanted to laugh. Big man Ted. Mr Big, being screwed in his ass, and getting off on it. Oh, he's never gonna live this down, especially if he...

Then the smudge appeared to thrust very strongly and deeply into Ted's rectum, and the thing she thought might happen actually did. Ted came. And he didn't just come in the usual amounts that he proudly proclaimed to speak volumes of his own virility, he came like there was no tomorrow. Spurt after spurt of semen shot out of his cock and spattered onto the space she had vacated on the bed. His ejaculation seemed to go on for ages.

"Urrrttt!" Ted grunted as the last spurts dribbled weakly out of his deflating cock. She looked into his face and this time, she couldn't help herself. She laughed. She laughed at the man who had promised to love and cherish her, and instead had tormented and abused and cheated her for the duration of their marriage. She laughed in relief at the thought that her ordeal of torture, her marriage would finally be over. And she laughed mostly because of the look of embarrassment and disgust in his face. She had been witness to his sodomy, and more -- to his obvious enjoyment of the act that had been committed on him. She knew he would never look her up again because he would never be able to face her, knowing that she had seen all that.

The smudge had disappeared when Ted collapsed on the floor, groaning loudly. He did not seem to be fully conscious, and did not make any attempt to cover up his sagging asshole. No wait... there was something there. Hazel almost exclaimed aloud as she walked round to Ted's rear to have a look. It looked like... a doll's foot. Damn.

Ted was lying face down on the floor, unmoving, so she picked up her nerve and reached out to pull the leg slowly out of his clutching anus. As the toy limb slid out, she was amazed to hear his groan once more, and see a small pool of semen appear underneath him. He was getting off on this! she giggled merrily as the last of the doll's leg exited his rectum. Oh dear Ted. Looks like you're into a lot more than you're willing to admit!

She quietly left the room to put the leg together with the rest of the doll parts she had collected, in the spare room she used as a storeroom. It would become clear why she was keeping them, she was sure of it.

As she closed the drawer, she heard the front door open and slam shut quickly. Good. At least she wouldn't have to worry about how to get rid of Ted.

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