tagSci-Fi & FantasySuperheroines Bk. 01

Superheroines Bk. 01


Super heroines Book One.


There are countless Alternative Universes, ranging from ones that are almost indistinguishable from our own, to ones that are totally unrecognisable from our own.

Somewhere/time in the middle of these possibilities; is a Universe where there are special people with special abilities.

On this particular version of Earth, the background radiation has produced a range of humans with strange powers.

As humans everywhere, some of these people used their powers for self-interest and the accumulation of personal power.

Thankfully there were also those who chose to use their special powers to help others, and protect the vast mass of normal humans against the selfish and greedy ones.

These people, men and women, are known as Superheroes.

They justify their existence by fighting the Supervillians.

This is a story about one of these Superheroes, a young woman called Wendy Armstrong. AKA MIST.

Wendy was born of normal parents, and didn't realise that she had any special powers until she hit puberty at the ripe old age of eighteen.

She was in the bathroom when her first period pains hit her, and as she gasped in pain and doubled over she went to sit down on a chair that she mainly used to drape her underwear over.

She screamed in shock as her body fell straight through the chair, and she landed sprawled naked on the tiled floor of the bathroom.

As the pains eased, she was able to process what had happened to her.

The chair hadn't broken; it was still in one piece as was she.

However she could clearly remember falling through it to land on the floor.

Cautiously she went to grab one of the chair legs, and again her hand passed through it as if it were made of mist.

'What the fuck has happened to the chair?' she asked herself in wonderment.

Wendy was a brilliant girl, and was well versed in all the arts and sciences.

The fleeting thought that the chair was just a hologram occurred to her, but this was so unlikely that she dismissed it immediately.

This wasn't some strange chair, this was her old wooden chair and that was her 36dd bra hanging over the back of it as usual.

To check that it was the chair with the problem, and not her she grabbed both of her large firm breasts and squeezed them hard.

They felt just the same as usual, but again when she went to touch the chair it was misty.

She reasoned that as she could feel herself and hadn't fallen through the floor then it must be something wrong with the chair, and certainly not her.

Climbing gingerly to her feet, she decided to get dressed and puzzle this chair thing out calmly.

She reached out for her bra and to her relief picked it up as normal, she hated not wearing it.

Her breasts were by all accounts enormous, for a girl of her age and build. To her surprise and relief the chair also seemed to have returned to normal, and was once again made of solid wood.

Wendy had waited years to join the other girls in her class in becoming a woman.

For some reason she just didn't get her periods when all around her, friends were moaning about them constantly.

From what she knew of them she didn't really want to be cursed every month.

However like most girls she wanted to fit in and be the same as everyone else.

It was bad enough that she was the most beautiful and intelligent girl in the school.

Her large firm breasts ensured that she got the attention of every red-blooded boy that saw her.

It was when she went to college that she decided to adopt her own secret identity, as plain shy Wendy.

To avoid being hated by all the girls she had taken to wearing no makeup, and pretending to have periods the same as them.

She wore her long golden hair in a bun, and wore only loose jogging suits to hide her large breasts from view.

It seemed to work, the girls accepted her as a plain Jane, and the boys ignored her.

She had resigned herself to wearing them for the rest of school life.

She finished dressing and thought about the day ahead.

Today was going to be an exciting one at college.

One of the cities Super-heroines was going to give a talk to the girls.

Her name was Blaze, and she had the superpower of being able to set fire to anything.

She was the ultimate pyrotechnic, and the criminal element of the city feared her.

The Super-heroines had formed themselves into a loose federation. Although they all had superpowers, they tended to accept the fact that of all their number the most powerful Super-heroine was their titular leader Shiva.

Shiva was a very powerful telekinetic, she could move things with the power of her mind.

Her greatest test so far had been protecting the city from a meteorite.

It had been headed straight for the heart of the city, and would certainly have killed everyone within ten miles of its impact.

Shiva couldn't stop such a mass travelling at such a speed, but she was able to deflect it sufficiently so that it fell into the sea.

Although she couldn't stop the meteorite, she managed to stop the ensuing tidal wave that would have flooded the city by putting up a mental barrier.

There was still a certain amount of devastation but nothing like what it could have been.

The effort had exhausted Shiva, and she took weeks to regain her strength.

Needless to say she was feted by the City and declared a national Heroine by the President.

Shiva was Wendy's favourite super heroine; she wanted to grow up to be just like her.

All girls and boys secretly hoped that they would manifest some sort of superpower.

However it was a very rare occurrence, and Wendy didn't allow herself to think that this strange event was the first stirrings of a superpower.

By the time Wendy had entered the college and sat down in the auditorium, she was aware that all the college students had turned up to see the famous Blaze.

The hall was full to the rafters with noisy chattering students, but suddenly a hush fell upon them all.

Blaze entered and walked onto the raised stage at one end of the hall.

'Fuck me, she's gorgeous,' whispered one of the boys to his friend sitting beside him.

Wendy had to agree, Blaze was six foot tall, willowy with broad shoulders, trim waist and large firm breasts.

She walked with the total confidence of a powerful woman.

Her face was beautiful, and was framed by a mane of bright red hair.

Wendy had seen many pictures of Blaze, but this was the first time she had seen her in the flesh.

Her eyes were a brilliant scarlet colour, and they seemed to flicker as if there were flames behind them.

She wore a skintight costume that revealed her perfect body in an almost indecent way.

Her costume was a scarlet cat suit with a Golden flame emblem on her magnificent chest.

Her face was partly hidden by a red mask that covered the upper part of it; it was shaped like flames and complimented her red eyes perfectly.

'Fuck me, I can see her nipples,' whispered the boy nudging his pal.

Blaze stood in the centre of the stage facing the students.

Two of her entourage stood either side of her at the ends of the stage. Simultaneously they both threw a basketball into the air towards Blaze.

Without seeming to look at the speeding objects Blaze raised her hands and the crowd gasped as both the basketballs exploded into flame.

Such was the intensity of the heat, that they were both completely incinerated in less than a second.

Only a very fine dusting of ash floated down to the floor of the stage.

The students all cheered and clapped in awe of this simple demonstration.

'She could be standing there stark naked and she would be safe from anyone who didn't want their balls burnt off,' whispered the boy's pal seriously.

Wendy looked with envy at the proud woman on the stage.

It must be fantastic to know that you were safe from muggers and thieves, she thought.

The evening passed too quickly, Blaze gave a talk about being a good citizen and then answered questions.

Wendy was lucky enough to be noticed when she raised her hand.

'When did you first discover your power?' she asked.

Blaze smiled her winning smile at the young girl, and answered her thus. 'I first set fire to something while I was on a camping trip.

It was raining and I was cold and wet.

The campfire wouldn't light and I became so angry that I swore at it. Burn, I said, and to my amazement the wet wood burst into flame.

From them on it was a matter of learning to control my power so that I didn't burn anything out of sheer temper.'

Wendy blushed as she received the full mega wattage of Blaze's smile.

Other hands were raised and Blaze's attention turned away from Wendy.

Wendy was embarrassed to find that her panties were damp; the sheer intensity of Blaze's smile had been almost sexual.

'What the fuck just happened?' she whispered to herself.

Her nipples had become hard and swollen, ' please don't let this mean that I'm a lesbian,' she prayed silently.

If Wendy had experienced a sexual thrill from Blaze, she was not alone.

All the males in the room were aware that they were sexually aroused.

It was caused; by being in the presence of an elemental force of nature.

On her way home Wendy wished fervently that she too could become a super heroine.

These people were like Gods walking amongst the normal humans, and this generated a fair amount of envy as well as awe.

Super heroines had learned to be humble about their powers so as not to incur the envious hatred of the vast majority of humans.

They were loved and tolerated mainly because they were the only ones who could protect humanity from the evil supervillians.

Blaze's main protagonist was Freezer, a supervillian who could freeze anything he touched.

Blaze and Freezer had battled many times and so far Blaze had emerged victorious.

Freezer was now languishing in a special jail in the outskirts of the city.

Their last epic battle had been won by Blaze when she had caused a ring of fire to surround him, this had consumed all the oxygen in the air and he had collapsed unconscious.

It was an unwritten law amoungst these super people that they didn't use their powers to kill each other.

At the end of the day they were a minority, and were very aware of that fact.

Like all super heroines Blaze had a secret identity, no one knew who she was in real life.

This was essential to enable those who were super powered to have something of a normal life.

It also protected their families against revenge attacks.

Wendy lay in bed that night and found herself masturbating while she thought of her and Blaze kissing passionately.

The next morning she woke up as usual, that is if being under your bed looking up at the springs was usual.

'What the fuck? How the fuck did I get under here?' she swore wriggling out covered in dust and old pieces of gum.

Naked she went into the bathroom and showered until she was clean and sparkly.

The hot water cleared her head and she began to seriously think about the two strange events.

She had fallen through her chair, and now it seemed that she had fallen through her bed onto the floor.

She was both frightened and tentativly elated at these events, please God let it mean that I am coming into a Power of my very own she prayed.

Remembering Blaze's story of the campfire, she realised that she would have to study this phenomenon until she knew what the fuck was happening before she told anyone else.

Wendy was very interested in science and was well aware that although the things that surrounded us seemed solid, they were in fact made up of atoms.

The space between these atoms was theoretically large enough for one solid object to pass through another.

She dressed quickly in her customary bra; panties and jogging suit and sat down at her desk.

She decided to try and consciously pass her finger through her pencil.

After many attempts she was getting frustrated and a picture of Blaze slid into her mind.

She was naked and smiling at Wendy in a seductive manner.

The pencil slid from her fingers and fell through her hand to land with a clatter on the desk.

She went to pick it up and her hand passed through the desk.

With a yelp she jumped back from the desk in shock.

'Fuck me backwards! that was fucking real,' she screamed.

She hesitantly approached the desk and gasped in awe as her hand passed through it easily.

She still wasn't sure if she had made the desk misty, or whether it was her body that was misty.

She closed her eyes and walked slowly towards the door of her room.

She knew her room backwards and knew exactly how many steps it was to her door.

She should have bumped her nose on it after four steps.

After six steps she stopped and opened her eyes.

She was standing out in the corridor, turning around she looked at her solid wooden door.

Fighting down the flood of pure joy that threatened to swamp her mind, she kept her eyes open and stepped back through the door into her room.

It wasn't the fucking door or the fucking chair, it was her.

'YIPPEE, I'm a fucking Superhero she screamed delightedly jumping around the room in joy.

It was only when she sat down again, that she noticed that she was in her underwear.

Her jogging suit was by the door on the floor, she had walked out of it when she went misty.

She could only surmise that her bra and panties had stayed with her because they were so tight against her body.

'Phew, thank the fuck for that, I would hate to end up naked every time I went misty,' she breathed in relief.

It still was a mystery to her why she didn't just fall through the floor.

She decided that her going misty was a function of her mind and there were certain default settings in her mind that operated automatically to ensure that her feet stayed on the ground so to speak.

'What the fuck do I do now?' she asked herself.

'Well for a start I am going to need a costume that stays with me when I go misty,' she muttered to herself.

The fact that her underwear had stayed with her, prompted her to go for a skin-tight cat suit very similar to the one that Blaze wore.

She didn't own a cat suit, but did own a full body leotard that she used down the gym.

It was a multicoloured thing but it stayed with her when she practiced walking through her door.

She discovered that she could now go misty by simply concentrating on something pleasant, such as making love to Blaze.

As it was a weekend she went shopping for a selection of different coloured cat suits.

She also discovered that tight fitting boots also stayed with her when she misted.

Wendy thought of what her body did as going misty, it was easier than saying it dematerialised or lost a certain amount of molecular cohesion.

The following week was spent practising this ability until she thought she had it under control.

Once the initial joy of discovering that she was special passed, she knew she would have to get some advice on her future decisions.

She considered discussing it with her parents, but realised that they would have as little idea of what to do as she did.

The only person she could think of to ask was Blaze.

There was a way of contacting every Superhero, but normal people were discouraged from doing this frivolously.

Blaze was a top Superhero and had her own people to effectively run her associated businesses and advertising franchises.

She even had a free phone service for people to call if they needed her help.

Despite all this it was still a difficult thing to actually meet her face to face.

Wendy decided to take the bull by the horns and go and see Blaze personally.

She disguised herself as a cleaner by simply carrying a mop and bucket, and walked into her head office in the centre of the city.

That part was easy, but she wouldn't be able to get into Blaze's private office so easily.

Taking off her cleaner's coat that she wore to hide her cat suit, she concentrated on Blazes breasts and walked through the wall and into a cosy room.

This was Blaze's sanctum and she allowed very few people into it.

Blaze was in her private shower room, soaping herself and humming a popular song as she relaxed in the hot water.

Wendy realised that if Blaze saw her unexpectedly, she might react violently.

Remembering the fate of the basketballs, she decided to sit on the floor with her hands on her head.

This totally submissive pose might reassure Blaze that her presence here wasn't a threat to her.

It was a shrewd move, Blaze walked in still naked from her shower drying her hair on a fluffy towel, and stopped in shock at the sight of a young girl sitting on her carpet with her hands on her head.

The girl was wearing a black cat suit and appeared to be unarmed.

'Please don't hurt me Blaze, I need your advice,' the girl cried out.

Blaze controlled her instinctive urge to call up her fire and calmed herself down.

She saw the girl's eyes roaming over her body, and realised that she was still naked from the shower.

Blaze was a beautiful woman and her thick pubic hair was red, it was startling compared to the creamy white of her groin.

Blaze never sunbathed in the nude so had white areas on her groin and breasts.

The rest of her was a golden brown.

She saw the young girl feasting her eyes on her breasts and smiled to herself.

Blaze was more comfortable with females than men, and recognised the same in this young girl.

Still naked she sat behind her desk and told the girl to sit opposite her.

'Put your hands down dear, and tell me why you are here, you can also explain how you are here in my most private room. Did you seduce my guards perhaps?' she asked with a wicked grin.

Wendy blushed furiously under Blaze's teasing and stammered out her story, ending it with 'and I walked through the wall, Ms Blaze.'

Despite herself Blaze was impressed with the courage and inventiveness of this young girl.

It took some nerve to break into her headquarters, plus the girl was a real beauty with remarkable breasts that the black cat suit emphasised.

'Just call me Blaze dear girl, and your name is?' she asked.

'Er, I was going to call myself Mist, because I go all misty,' stammered Wendy blushing again.

'So Mist, it appears that your can adjust your body's density, have you tried increasing it?' Blaze asked the nervous girl.

Wendy hadn't even given that a thought and admitted this to Blaze.

Blaze stood up and walked around her desk until she was standing in front of Wendy.

From her seated position Wendy had a perfect view of Blaze's pubes and again her cheeks flamed red with embarrassment.

'Why Mist, your cheeks are almost as red as my pubes,' Blaze teased gently.

The close proximity of Blaze's pubes made Wendy breath deeply to try and regain her composure.

All this achieved was to allow the warm woman scent of Blaze's vagina to waft up her nose.

Breathing deeply made her large firm breasts move in a most exciting way, and Blaze found herself becoming moist.

She decided that she liked this girl and wanted to be more involved with her.

'Would you like me to teach you what I can about being a Super heroine?' Blaze asked seriously.

Wendy almost jumped up in glee; this was more than she had ever dreamed.

The famous Blaze condescending to take the time to teach her.

'Oh please, please Blaze, I would be honoured if you would guide me through this' she said gazing up at this powerful woman with adoring eyes.

'Ok, let's see what you can do, follow me please,' ordered Blaze walking towards a door.

Wendy followed behind the naked woman and admired her firm ass cheeks as they swayed seductively in front of her.

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