tagSci-Fi & FantasySuperheroines Bk. 03

Superheroines Bk. 03


WARNING... This is an "Erotic" Science Fantasy story.

If you are offended by commonly used sexual words and graphic descriptions of various sexual acts then stop reading this now.

There are countless Alternative Universes, ranging from ones that are almost indistinguishable from our own, to ones that are totally unrecognisable from our own.

Somewhere/time in the middle of these possibilities; is a Universe where there are special people with special abilities.

On this particular version of Earth, the background radiation has produced a range of humans with strange powers.

As humans everywhere, some of these people used their powers for self-interest and the accumulation of personal power.

Thankfully there were also those who chose to use their special powers to help others, and protect the vast mass of normal humans against the selfish and greedy ones.

These people, men and women, are known as Superheroes.

They justify their existence by fighting the Supervillians.

The rules are simple

If the Super heroines win, the bad guys go to jail.

If the bad guys win, the Super heroine gets raped.

Verity - The Mind Maiden and Dynamo - Lightning girl.

The storm roared across the City like an elemental bully, the wind howled against her window eliciting a mournful eerie sound like lost souls crying out for rescue from hell.

That didn't frighten her; in fact she found the sounds comforting.

The wind lashed the accompanying rain against the leaded glass, its sound reminiscent of the scrabbling of ghostly little fingers trying to enter the sanctuary of her room.

She hardly heard them, as they were no threat to her, safe in her suite of rooms in the Mayoral Mansion on the outskirts of the City.

Then it came, she screamed in terror as the sky lit up with a stroboscopic explosion of blinding light that dazzled her perfect blue eyes.

The Lightning crackled across the sky, like the burning lances of fighting Gods.

The sheer power in these discharges was mind shattering, and the concussion of the following thunder made her hold her ears.

Her eyes were already tightly shut to avoid the dazzling brightness of nature's most deadly weapon.

She was twenty years old and still terrified of Lightning.

Alexandra Armstrong was never alone, and yet she was the loneliest young woman in the City.

She was a beautiful young socialite, a tall slim Blonde with long shining hair, blue eyes and eye-catching breasts.

Her father was Chester Armstrong, Mayor of the City, and one of the richest and most powerful men around.

The Gods had given her everything a young girl could possibly want.

Then they went and spoilt it by giving her an extra gift, Telepathy.

Alex, as she liked to be called was a Super human.

Her gift had manifested itself at puberty, as did all Super humans.

She wasn't an Empath; she wasn't someone who could subconsciously read body language.

Alex was a full blown, fantastically powerful, Telepath.

She could read minds as easily as one could read a book.

Not just surface thoughts, but all the way down to the id if she chose.

What a fantastic advantage, to be able to know without doubt what the person you were talking too really thought about you.

Alex couldn't think of a worse curse than her power.

Fortunately with her power came the ability to shield her thoughts. Without this she would have gone insane from the constant yammer of other peoples thoughts.

When she had first realised what was happening, she had out of sheer feminine curiosity read her fathers mind as he dozed off in his favourite chair by the fire.

Chester Armstrong was Mayor of the City, and he was very rich and powerful.

Her immature and uncontrolled mind scan; had discovered that her father had got to the position he was now in by some very shadowy and sometimes cold blooded actions.

Not only did she discover his political wheeling and dealings, but she also could see quite clearly how she had been conceived.

His whole sexual life was laid out for her to see.

He had come up from a middle class background, and by sheer determination and hard work had manoeuvred into a position where he could woo the daughter of the City's richest man.

This impressionable young girl, now her mother, had been swept of her feet and swiftly impregnated by this dashing young entrepreneur.

Chester was single minded in his quest for power, and regarded his marriage to her mother, as just another step on that ladder.

Alex was crushed to learn that she had just been a tool to bind him to the money of her mother.

His sexual life was rich and varied, once he had impregnated his wife he then preferred expensive discreet courtesans to relive his sexual desires. These ran along female domination scenarios and involved whips and chains.

He paid to do things to his whores that he couldn't do to his well brought up young wife.

Alex was shattered by this revelation of her fathers mind.

She had taken to her bed for two days as her mind tried to reconcile the outwardly loving father with the real man underneath.

She managed to save her sanity by creating in her mind a series of steel cells.

Each cell had a name on the door and she placed what she had discovered about her father in the cell marked Chester Armstrong, and locked the door.

Her favourite Comic book Superhero was Cyclops of the X-men.

His power was a beam of destructive power that blasted from his eyes.

To save from blasting everyone he looked at, he had a protective visor over his eyes that had to lift in order to release his power blast.

She spent her time in bed constructing a similar mental visor for her mind.

By sheer willpower, she fixed it as a permanent shield between her and the world of humans.

By the time she rose from her bed she could only read minds if she consciously raised her mental visor and looked into the eyes of her target.

In this way she had protected her mind from madness, and she now had the choice of whom she scanned in future.

Strangely enough this apparent curtailing of her mental powers had an unexpected side effect.

Before she had created her mental visor she had been like an omni- directional radio receiver.

She had been capable of receiving signals from 360 degrees around her.

Now she had restricted herself to line of sight, her powers had increased dramatically.

She found that if she could see the eyes of her target, no matter how far away, she could read their minds easily.

She could also send her thoughts to them if she so desired.

Alex was a basically a good person and believed that Super humans were given their powers for some reason.

Most of the Super Heroes and Heroines claimed to fight for Truth, Justice and the American way.

Alex wasn't a fighter; she had led too sheltered a life to need to learn how to fight like Amazon or Tank.

These two Super humans were regarded as the physically strongest of them all.

Between them and the other Super humans, Justice and the American way were pretty much covered.

However Alex decided that she could contribute to this quest for the three root values, by becoming the Champion of Truth.

Like all young people she had always envied the Super humans and wanted in her secret heart to become a Super heroine.

Now was her chance and she was going to grab it with both hands.

She would need a costume and a name.

As Truth was pure she decided to wear a pure white cat suit, and to protect her identity she wore a white version of Cyclops's headgear and Visor.

As she couldn't fight her way out of a wet paper bag, she needed a weapon of sorts.

As money was no object she purchased a set of shock gauntlets.

These were basically white gloves with Tazers built into the fingers.

They could deliver an incapacitating shock when triggered.

White gauntlets and thigh length boots with a useful belt, finished of her ensemble.

However when she twirled around to see the effect from behind, she was concerned that her pert little ass was on show.

The skin-tight material clung to her buttocks in a frankly erotic way.

To hell with it she thought, and added a knee length white cape as well.

All that was needed now was a symbol of truth, well it was said that Truth was a double-edged sword.

Her symbol would be a golden sword embroidered on her proud chest, and also on the back of her cape.

As for her Super heroine name, it could only be Verity, from the Latin Veritas for Truth.

The time came when she was ready to begin her quest.

She stood in front of her full-length mirror and admired herself.

She looked a bit like a Crusader, a female version of a Knight Templar.

She was obviously a female; no warrior knight of old has such magnificent breasts as she did.

They thrust out proudly for all to admire, and the small golden sword on her right breast was very striking.

Before she dared contact the FBI or any Government organisation she felt that she would need the protection of the Federation of Super humans.

This was a loose organisation that existed just to help both the new, and experienced Super humans.

They had a phone number and a meeting place; any newbies could go along to their Headquarters and enrol after they had demonstrated their power.

Alex knew her power would be very useful to the Government.

However as a child of Conspiracy Theories, she was a bit concerned in case she would be spirited away to some laboratory for tests to see how she worked.

When she first presented herself to the FBI she wanted some sort of protection.

She was beginning to realise just how hard it was going to be to keep her identity secret.

She was going to use her car to drive there, this meant that she couldn't be dressed in her costume.

Her car regisration number would give away her identity.

She therefore drove to the meeting place without wearing her mask and cloak.

Parking in the underground carpark she made sure that she wasn't being surveyed by any security cameras.

She wore a long coat that covered her white skin-tight cat suit, and carried her mask and cloak in a holdall.

Alex made her way to the nearest ladies rest room, and going into a cubicle changed into her full costume.

She left her bag in a locker and walked out as Verity.

When she turned up at the Federation's headquarters she was asked to wait in the waiting room, until one of the resident Super humans could see her.

The room was a typical waiting room; old magazines were available to read to pass the time.

She ignored them totally; it was far more interesting to study the three other people waiting with her.

A green light flashed on the wall and one of the three got up and went through into the next office.

It was a girl wearing a cheap domino mask to hide her face, but with no costume.

To warm herself up Verity lowered her mental visor and scanned the young girls mind as she caught her eye.

The girl broke the eye contact immediately but it was too late.

Verity had read her power and a lot of her recent history to go with it.

The girl's name was Samantha, and she was a Healer.

She had found herself able to heal small wounds, and her very presence caused the people around her to feel better generally.

She wasn't sure if she qualified as a Super heroine, and had come here to ask advice on her future path.

Verity then looked at the boy sitting opposite her.

She had no difficulty catching his eye as he was staring at her intently through his dark glasses.

He blushed when he realised she was staring back at him.

Wow, she thought X-Ray eyes, every boys dream.

Oh the cheeky little fucker, he was focusing on her breasts.

She quickly crossed her legs to hide her pussy from his scrutiny.

However she soon learned from scanning his mind, that this power was intermittent and untrained.

Although like any red blooded young man he was trying to look at her naked breasts, he was seeing her skeleton instead.

He was here to see if he could be trained to control it better.

The third person waiting could have been of any gender.

Completely covered in a black hooded cloak, this strange figure radiated a deep sense of unease in Verity.

Now that the Girl had left the room, this dark feeling had become more noticeable.

It was as if her life giving power had been cancelling out this dark miasma.

Verity decided that she could live without knowing any more about this weirdo.

Eventually the boy and the weirdo had gone through into the next room. There must have been another way out, because neither of the applicants had exited via the waiting room.

At last it was Verity's turn, and she composed herself and walked through the door.

Before coming here Alex had read all the literature she could find on Super humans.

Her best source of information had been " Super " magazine.

This listed all the Super humans that had gone public, with photos of each, and a list of their powers.

She was curious to know which one would be on duty today.

It was the famous and respected Super heroine Dynamo, she was sitting relaxed in her chair and regarding Verity with barely concealed interest.

The magazine had described Dynamo as being able to generate electricity from the movement of her body.

She could also suck power from any electrical source and store it in her body.

She was wearing a very sexy shiny black latex cat suit.

It was complete with rubber soled black thigh length boots, and black latex gloves.

Her costume was finished off by a black latex mask; that hid her identity from the public.

She was a blue-eyed blond, her slim figure was dominated by the large breasts of the typical Super heroine.

She looked like a something out of a Sadomasochistic magazine.

The Latex was necessary to stop herself from accidentally discharging if she touched metal.

Dynamo could discharge all or part of her power at will, she had been recently injured in a battle between her and Hammer.

He was a Super villain who had fists that could smash through walls without injury any to himself.

The papers said that they had battled to a draw, and she had been injured.

'Sit down please, and tell me how we can help you,' Dynamo said coolly.

Verity nervously sat down and as calmly as she could she said, ' I am a Telepath.'

'Oh yes?' replied Dynamo a trifle cynically, ' OK, what am I thinking about?'

Verity took this as an invitation to read her, and lowered her mental visor.

She looked into Dynamo's beautiful electric blue eyes that were visible behind her mask.

Dynamo was thinking of a nursery rhyme, it was "Baa Baa black sheep" to be precise.

However that was just on the surface of her mind.

She was here screening the wannabe's and the hopefuls, because her body was to damaged for her to be sent out on missions for a while yet.

Verity's mind-scan swept deep into the injured woman's thoughts so easily, that she had gone far deeper than she had intended.

What she found there made her gasp in horror, and her face turned almost as white as her mask.

The Papers had lied; Dynamo hadn't beaten Hammer to a draw.

She had been totally defeated by him and his gang.

The battle was still uppermost in her mind, and she had been going over it time and again, to see if there had been any way she could have avoided the end result.

To Verity it was as if she was seeing the battle on a video screen.

Dynamo had tracked Hammer and his gang to their hideout.

They had just robbed a bank; Hammer had ignored the steel vault door and simply smashed his way through the thick brick wall that made up the rest of the Vault.

Dynamo had been very confident that she could take down the entire gang by herself.

There were only five of them not counting Hammer, and before she bearded them in their den she had gone to a nearby power pylon and charged herself to the limit.

When she walked confidently through the hideouts door, she was literally crackling with power and confidence.

She had enough juice to stun every one of the robbers easily.

She had been surprised to find Hammer sitting behind a desk apparently waiting for her.

He seemed far too relaxed for her liking, and she readied herself to stun all in the room.

'I thought it would be you Dynamo, the lights flickered when you charged yourself just now,' he said grinning at her cockily.

'Well who's a clever little fucker,' she answered coldly.

'You should have tried to run if you knew it was me coming for you.'

'Nah, I don't run from arrogant little whores like you Dy.

Besides you are looking very hot in that sexy latex outfit.

It makes you look just like the cheap whore that you really are don't you agree lads' he remarked, looking around at the four members of his gang standing behind him.

Dynamo heard a scrape of feet behind her, and spun round blasting her power in a crackling bolt of lightning straight at the fifth member of the gang that had crept up on her.

The electrical bolt of energy would have knocked him across the room. Unfortunately for Dynamo; it was intercepted by a powerful jet of water from the emergency fire hose he was pointing at her.

She was soaked, and there was a blinding flash of light and an ear splitting crack, as the water grounded her entire electrical charge.

The sudden and unexpected power drain was too much for her, and she slumped to the wet floor unconscious.

She awoke to find herself tied face down over a metal bench.

She had been stripped naked; her large bare breasts were pressed hard against the cold metal surface of the bench.

Her wrists and ankles were bound to the metal legs by copper wire.

'Oh I'm well and truly fucked now,' she muttered to herself.

'Not yet you stupid whore, and by the state of those big tits of yours, I would guess that you haven't been fucked for some time,' said Hammer who was standing directly behind her.

'I gave them a good squeeze while you were out cold, but not one drop of milk could I get.

What's the matter Dy? Not getting your share, perhaps it is too much trouble for a man to get you out of that rubber suit,' he sneered.

'Go fuck yourself' she snarled, tugging ineffectually at the copper wires that both bound and grounded her.

'Now then, that's no way for a lady to speak, especially a lady who is naked and who's ass wriggles in such a sexy manner when she struggles to escape her bonds.

Isn't that right lads, has Dy got a sexy ass or what?' said Hammer admiringly.

Hammer's newest recruit was puzzled, 'Why should she have any milk in those titties boss. She isn't a mother is she?' he asked.

'Only human women need to be pregnant to lactate,' answered Hammer, pleased to be able to show off his superior intellect to this impressionable young thug.

'These Super bitches aren't really human at all; they all have a type of allergic reaction to a man's sperm. It makes them lactate.'

Seeing the thug's incomprehension, Hammer made it simpler.

'Listen dick head, if they get fucked, their tits fill out with milk.

However Dy here has got dry tits, that means she hasn't been fucked for a while.'

Dynamo was starting to panic; she had been wriggling about in order to power herself up by using basic static electricity.

However the copper wires and the metal bench caused any power she created to bleed away into the ground.

Without her devastating electrical power, she was just a helpless woman with her naked ass in the air.

She screamed in shock as Hammer slapped her naked ass cheek hard enough to leave at red handprint on it.

'You know the rules Dy, time to pucker up that tight little pussy and we'll see if we can juice up those titties of yours,' he chuckled licking his lips in anticipation.

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