tagSci-Fi & FantasySuperheroines Bk. 10

Superheroines Bk. 10


WARNING... This is an "Erotic" Science Fantasy story.

If you are offended by commonly used sexual words and graphic descriptions of various sexual acts then stop reading this now.


There are countless Alternative Universes, ranging from ones that are almost indistinguishable from our own, to ones that are totally unrecognisable from our own.

Somewhere/time in the middle of these possibilities; is a Universe where there are special people with special abilities.

On this particular version of Earth, the background radiation has produced a range of humans with strange powers.

As humans everywhere, some of these people used their powers for self-interest and the accumulation of personal power.

Thankfully there were also those who chose to use their special powers to help others, and protect the vast mass of normal humans against the selfish and greedy ones.

These people, men and women, are known as Superheroes.

They justify their existence by fighting the Supervillians.

The rules are simple

If the Super heroines win, the bad guys go to jail.

If the bad guys win, the Super heroine gets raped.


Shiva and a few of her Sisters were relaxing in Renaldo's restaurant, when another Super human entered.

This time it was Angel, she was beautiful, stunningly beautiful.

She was wearing a white gown and looked just like a storybook Angel.

When she judged that everyone in the room was looking at her, she raised her arms and smiled at them.

'Bless you all,' she said clearly, and flapped her beautiful white-feathered wings gently.

'Shiva, shield us, NOW,' screamed Verity in a panic.

Verity alone knew what Angel was doing; it was Verity who had enabled Angel to control her pheromone production.

However she had given her a trigger to release them into the air.

That trigger was the phrase ' Bless you' and Angel had just used it.

Verity knew that a cloud of pheromones was now filling the room, and that all those who breathed it in would be under Angel's spell.

Shiva expanded her personal force field to include her sisters sitting around her.

It was to no avail; by it's very nature her force field was permeable to air so that she could breathe.

Angel's pheromones wafted straight through it, and they were under her spell.

Angel stood with her arms stretched out in blessing as the entire room looked upon her with love and devotion.

She had heard that Shiva was here, and knew that for her plan to work she would need Shiva's support.

Looking into Shiva's eyes she knew she had it, Shiva loved her as did all in the room.

This was as it should be; she was an Angel after all.

Verity was the only one in the room who knew what was happening but there was no time to do anything to stop the cloud of pheromones that was filling the room.

Then she realised that she was worrying over nothing, it was Angel and she was good.

'I love you all,' said Angel clearly.

'We love you Angel,' the people replied sincerely.

'I want you to do something for me please,' asked Angel of the roomful of people.

'I want you to be nice and law-abiding and make this city a nice place to live.

Will you do that for me please?' she asked.

'Yes Angel,' they all chorused as one.

Angel smiled at them all and walked over to Shiva.

'Hello Shiva, it's lovely to see you again,' she said smiling at the leader of the Super humans.

'Hello Angel, it's really lovely to see you again, I still remember the last time we met,' said Shiva blushing.

'Don't be embarrassed Shiva, love is what we need more of, and I intend to make this city a better place.

However I will need your help and that of your sisters.'

'You know that you only have to ask, I will do anything to help you,' said Shiva looking into Angel's eyes adoringly.

'Well for a start I would really love you and all the Super humans to come to my church for a meeting.

I have something to say to you all, and it is meet that I say this in a church.

Can you have them all there tomorrow night please?'

'Certainly Angel, is there anything else I can do for you? Anything at all?' asked Shiva, wishing that she was alone with her first and only lover.

'When the Super humans have heard my message, we will get together and talk about old times,' promised Angel.

'I must be off now, so many people and only one of me,' said Angel as she turned from the table and walked out of the room.

As she walked across the room all those nearest to her held out their hands to touch her.

The door closed behind her, and as one the people groaned in disappointment.

The evening continued, but without the presence of Angel it seemed a bit pointless.

Shiva was distracted, seeing Angel again had brought back wonderful memories of her first sexual experience.

She had made love to Angel, and Angel had made love to her.

She was a virgin, and knew that Angel was a virgin, and the taste of Angel's virgin pussy was exquisite.

That first meeting had resulted in both of them experiencing their first ever orgasm.

She could still remember the feel Angel's tongue on her own labia, and she realised that she was soaking wet between her legs.

Making her excuses she left the party, and flew swiftly to her apartment.

Once behind closed doors, Shilpa did something that she had never done in her life.

She stripped naked and lay on her bed, closing her eyes she allowed her mind to recall that first sexual experience with Angel.

Angel had come into her office and Shilpa had never seen such a beautiful creature.

Her power was Love, and it had certainly worked on Shiva.

'Stand up please and open your wings as wide as you can,' Shiva had asked walking around her desk and standing in front of Angel.

Shilpa was enthralled at the sight of this beautiful creature; she was like something from a fairy tale.

Just looking at her semi-naked body with those large firm white breasts, had made her feel uncomfortably hot.

Shiva had run her hands down Angel's wings, feeling the softness of the brilliant white feathers.

Shiva was feeling very strange, and became aware that her pussy felt damp and hot.

Then she had lifted each of Angel's heavy breasts, and inspected them closely.

'Yes you definitely have our breasts' she had murmured, brushing her finger across Angel's swollen nipples.

Angel gasped as her nipples reacted to Shiva's touch, by hardening and sticking out like strawberries.

Shiva had rolled the hardening nipples between her fingers and squeezed them gently.

Shilpa had then switched her attention to Angel's pubic region.

'Open your legs for me please,' she had asked quietly.

Angel opened her legs, and Shiva knelt down so her face was on the same level as Angel's pubes.

Angel twitched as Shiva pulled her thong to one side to expose her feathered pussy.

'Hmmm very unusual, may I ask if you are a Virgin?' Shiva had asked studying angel's pubes intently.

'Er yes I am, I never had any sexual drive at all until this happened,' Angel had confessed.

Angel had blushed prettily as she felt Shiva's fingers parting her feathered pubes, to expose her cunt lips and clitoris.

'How does this feel?' asked Shiva as she lightly rubbed her finger over Angel's clitoris.

Angela had groaned as fantastically pleasurable sensations radiated out from Shiva's caresses.

Shilpa's mind seemed to have gone into a sexual loop, she found Angel's virgin cunt fascinating.

She sniffed it, rubbing her nose over her feathered pubes sucking Angel's erotic scent deep into her lungs.

She sensed Angel opening her legs wider, and thrusting her now juicy cunt towards her in invitation.

Shiva had never slipped her finger up her own pussy, but after gently parting Angel's labia, she inserted her finger and massaged the inside of Angel's now soaking wet cunt.

Angel moaned in frustration, as Shiva's finger brushed over her G-spot and brought her to the brink of orgasm.

She gasped in disappointment, as Shiva pulled her finger out of her and stood up.

'Please turn around and bend over the chair,' she had said quietly.

Angel nearly knocked the small woman over with her wings, as she rushed to comply.

Shiva found herself presented with the most beautiful naked ass she had ever seen.

She hadn't actually seen a naked ass before, but this shouldn't detract from the perfection of Angels.

The upper part of her buttocks was now connected to the base of her wings, but the lower part was pert and firm.

Shiva had the urge to sink her teeth into those beautiful ass cheeks, and leave her mark on this sexy young virgin.

She saw the string that held Angel's thong together and snapped it, causing it to fall away leaving her ass naked for her inspection.

Instead of biting Angel's bottom, she gently parted her ass cheeks to expose the little pink rose of her anus to her gaze.

She lent forward and kissed it tenderly, before running her tongue around the puckered ring of sensitive flesh.

Angel cried out in passion, as she felt Shiva's tongue exploring her most private of places.

She thrust her ass towards Shiva, and closed her eyes in pleasure as she rubbed her naked ass over Shipa's face.

Shilpa was transported with lust and as this beautiful naked young ass was pushed into her face, she thrust her tongue deep into Angel's open cunt.

Angel groaned and moaned as Shiva licked and sucked on her cunt lips.

Then she couldn't take any more, and with a scream of ecstasy she orgasmed for the first time in her life.

Shiva's mouth was suddenly filled with the hot cunt juices of the young woman.

Instead of flinching away, she had grabbed hold of Angel's slim hips and held her ass tight against her face.

As fast as the juices spurted out of Angels vagina, Shiva was sucking and swallowing it.

The flood was so great, that a lot of it splashed out and over Shiva's face and businesslike white shirt.

Shiva hadn't worn a bra that day, and Angels copious cunt juices soaked into her white cotton shirt.

This revealed her breasts and nipples, as if she was in a wet tee shirt contest,

'Step back and kneel down please' she had said, licking her lips to get the last drops of Angel's cum.

Shilpa's cunt had been on fire, and she needed Angel to do something to ease her need.

Angel had compiled in a daze, and knelt down with the waves of her first orgasm still running through her body.

She had watched as Shiva took her place by the chair with her ass to her.

Shilpa had been wearing a business skirt, and unclasped the belt and let it drop to the floor.

Shilpa had then pulled down her sensible white cotton knickers, to expose her naked bottom.

Shilpa was a very prim and proper woman when she wasn't being Shiva.

She dressed very conservatively and always wore knickers.

Her knickers were now soaked at the crutch for the first time in her life.

Before her knickers had hit the ground, Angela had grasped Shilpa's hips and pulled her ass back towards her eager tongue.

Shilpa also had a tight little anus that had never been near a man's cock. Angela had kissed and licked it, she had tried to thrust her tongue into it but it was far too tight.

Instead she gripped Shilpa's labia, and pulled her cunt lips apart to expose her wet cunt to her tongues invasion.

Angela had licked and sucked Shilpa's wet cunt with abandon.

Shilpa's puritan upbringing had been fighting this flood of sensation.

As if sensing this, Angela had thrust her two fingers deep into Shipa's cunt and ass simultaneously.

This unexpected invasion of both her virgin holes slammed Shilpa into her first ever orgasm.

She had screamed out loud as her cunt exploded with hot juices, soaking Angela's face.

The force of her orgasm weakened her knees and dropped Shilpa to the floor to join Angela.

They had kissed passionately their hands exploring each other's bodies.

They were murmuring words of love and desire and Shilpa had never been happier in her life.

All these memories flooded back into Shilpa's mind, as she lay naked on her lonely bed.

Her cunt was burning with need, and her fingers were rubbing it furiously to imitate Angel's fingers.

This was the first time she had ever masturbated in her life.

Her parent's had never told her not to, but then again they had never mentioned sexual topics at all.

She had just understood that only dirty girls ever touched themselves " Down There "

Well she was certainly touching herself down there now.

Her fingers felt fantastic as they stimulated her clitoris.

Shilpa had to use her fingers, as she had never in her life even thought about acquiring a vibrator.

She screamed in ecstasy, as the second orgasm of her life ripped through her body and mind.

Her body convulsed as waves of illicit pleasure washed through her.

She curled up into a ball, and imagined Angel kissing her between her legs again.

She was now aware that she loved Angel and wanted to be with her always.

She was so lucky that Angel had chosen to be her lover; she needed her and wondered where she was.

Angel was doing her rounds; it wasn't easy becoming a Goddess.

First she had to expose her people to her pheromones, this prepared them for further persuasion to her cause.

She had perfected her technique at the church; she had a captive audience so to speak.

Angel had found that repeated exposure to her power caused a deep and abiding need of her that verged on love.

She thought that it was more a case of addiction to her pheromones, but the effect was the same.

After a while those exposed to her wanted to please her in any way she asked.

At first she had simply asked that they were generous in their donations to the church.

This simple request had increased the amount of donations by 100% and the Rev. Barry Whiteman had been very impressed.

Angel's mother Mary had discovered that the Church of the Immaculate Angel was worth millions of dollars, and owned prime land in and around the city.

Mary was very interested in getting a piece of this action, and was already thinking of buying a new house in the country.

Knowing that her mother was very money oriented, Angela hadn't discussed her plan with her.

Angel planned nothing less than the elimination of all crime in the city. The main problem with her power was that it didn't work on television. Seeing and hearing her wasn't enough, she had to be face to face with her converts so that her pheromones could do their work.

This was why she needed Shiva in her camp, with her to organise the Super humans it would be easier to influence them.

When they congregated in the church tomorrow, Angel would convert them all to her vision.

She knew that Shiva would fall quickly, as this had been her second exposure to Angel's power.

Thinking of this, reminded Angela that Shiva was in fact the only person she had ever made love to.

Angela was still a virgin despite her sexual power.

If Angela had known where Shiva lived she would have been tempted to fly over and see her.

In order to really combat crime Angel would have to enter the gangland parts of the city.

She knew she would need the protection of Super heroines, if she were to get out of there intact.

She now had the Rev. Barry Whiteman in the palm of her hand.

He was convinced that she was indeed the reincarnation of the Immaculate Angel, and did whatever she asked.

He had arranged for a helicopter to fly her over the city in a few days time, so she could spread her power without the effort of flying.

This would certainly speed things up and she was looking forward to it.

This reminded Angela that she was now tired and hungry, and she flew back to her mother.

Mort was getting edgy; she was missing her lover Caroline badly.

It was all very well seeing her when Joy accompanied her, but seeing her wasn't enough.

She wanted to make love to her, and couldn't do that while Joy was there with them.

The other Super heroines were still shunning her; it was her aura of negativity that kept them away.

Wearing her mirrored glasses and leather gloves ensured that she wouldn't accidentally hurt or kill anyone.

However they did nothing to alleviate her deadly aura.

Only the presence of the Super human Joy, counteracted this negative force.

Joy's power was Life and healing, and being in her presence defused Mort's deadly power.

Consequently Mort kept to herself a lot and brooded about the unfairness of fate.

She never heard the news about Angel's meeting, being too concerned about her own problems.

Like most Super heroes and heroines she always had a police scanner operating in the room.

It kept them informed of any crimes or disasters that may need to assistance of a Super human.

A police bulletin was reporting a shoot out between the cops and a gang of bank robbers.

A cop had already been shot and a Swat team had been called in to capture or take out the criminals.

The bank was very near to the SHHQ building, and on impulse Mort grabbed her hooded black cloak and ran out into the night.

The cops were having a very hard time of it; they were armed with the standard police revolver and a few riot shotguns.

The bank robbers were armed with AK47's and were not afraid to use them.

The cops were cowering behind their squad cars, as a barrage of bullets smashed into the steel bodies of the cars smashing window glass and bursting tyres.

The senior cop thought he noticed a small slackening in the almost constant firing from the bank.

'I think they are finally running out of ammo,' he shouted to his men as they huddled behind whatever cover they could find.

These were not ordinary bank robbers; they were a terrorist cell and needed funds.

Equipped with automatic rifles and suicide belts, they were determined to rob the bank and kill anyone that stood in their way.

The bank was surrounded, and there was a cop covering the back entrance in case the robbers tried to leave that way.

All the action was at the front of the building, and he was a bit disappointed to be here on guard instead of at the front fighting the robbers.

He was a fit young man and very strong, however suddenly he felt very ill.

Without any fuss he collapsed onto the floor, and didn't notice a black-cloaked figure step over him and enter the rear door of the bank.

Mort was discovering various aspects of her power as she went along. Her touch could kill, her stare could kill, her aura made people feel ill.

She could now by an effort of will, send her aura in a sort of beam towards a specific target and cause the person to faint away.

This is what she had done to the cop.

He was unconscious but otherwise unhurt, as soon as she was out of range he would recover.

She was now inside the bank, and as she walked quietly along a corridor she sent her aura ahead of her like a cloud of poisonous gas.

The terrorist guarding the rear of the building was having the same thoughts as the cop.

He was a religious fundamentalist and wanted to fight the enemy, not guard the rear.

He was distracted by the sound of gunfire from the front of the bank, and didn't notice the black-cloaked figure advancing towards him along the dark corridor.

He started to feel cold and nauseous, and tore his eyes away from the gun flashes to look towards the rear door.

He had time to register the presence of a hooded figure, before he made the mistake of looking into its eyes.

His hands relaxed, and the AK47 fell from his numb fingers and clattered on the floor.

He tried to scream out a warning to his comrades, but the eyes of this apparition were sucking the life and soul from his body.

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