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Superhero's Mad World


Get out of the way! Damn, why don't people just get out of my way! I frigging hate these people who just stand there when I'm trying to get somewhere and I'm in a hurry. Fuck them! In case you're wondering who this is, the name is Jamella Hendricks. I'm a six-foot-tall, good-looking, big-booty and very voluptuous young black woman living in the city of Boston, Massachusetts. By day, I attend UMass-Boston on an academic scholarship. I major in business management. By night, I'm a member of the city's new Superhero Defense System. The United States Government put together a team of men and women with extraordinary abilities to deal with threats too great for ordinary law enforcement to handle. We're the freaks who get called whenever some shit is going down that cops and firemen can't handle. Lucky us.

Yeah, why don't I feel lucky as a flaming bus is thrown at me. It hit me right in the kisser, and I feel myself thrown to the ground by the unbelievable force. I so didn't sign up for this. I should be watching the soccer game between UMass-Boston and Bridgewater State right now. Unfortunately, the fates and a psycho bitch named Miranda O'Connor had other plans. From what I hear, she woke up on the wrong side of the bed today. She torched her husband Matthew and their daughter, Alice. Oh, and she also blew up the sixty or so other people who lived in their Brighton apartment complex too.

I frigging hate this, to tell you the truth. Every week, there's some guy or girl with super powers going nuts. And we always got to deal with them. When the men and women of the Boston Police and Boston Fire Departments collectively responded to the distress call made by some crying chick, half of Brighton was on fire. That's when these geniuses wised up and decided to call us. Unfortunately, I was practically the only one on duty. I so don't like mutant fire-starters. They're almost always women and these psycho bitches are hell to take down. I used to date one, back in the day. Yeah, I'm bisexual. If you don't like it, screw you. I grab a huge water hose and try my best to prevent the city-block-wide fire from spreading. It ain't easy. Fire and I don't exactly mix.

When I turned eighteen, I discovered that I had certain abilities. I am quite strong and fast, and I heal quickly. You see, my father Ajenor Hendricks is a werewolf. One of the many nonhuman species who live right here on Earth alongside humanity. He used to work for the government back in the day. These days, he's in Washington, working for the Bureau of Homeland Security. I guess I inherited his powers along with his responsibilities. I can't turn into a hairy wolf-like beast like he can. However, I am super strong, super fast, and heal quickly. Still, the fire starter was trying to barbecue my big black ass and I wasn't having it. Not one bit. It's times like these that I wish I had better backup.

The only person backing me up today is Andy L'Amour, a big and tall, dark-skinned Haitian-American dude who recently joined the Superhero Defense System. He attends Northeastern University and dates Mandy, a blonde-haired, big-titty socialite with some serious bimbo tendencies when he's not fighting super-powered psychopaths. Why a good-looking brother like himself couldn't find a sister to be with, I'll never know. I had no idea what he was until recently. He's a half-breed like myself. Half human and half something else. There are all kinds of beings working for the Superhero Defense System. The offspring of mortal women and Fallen Angels. Demons. Werewolves. Vampires. Monsters. Genetically enhanced superhumans. Mermen and mermaids. Satyrs. Shape-shifters. Yeah, all kinds of beings. And all of them look human most of the time. Ordinary humanity has no idea we exist and the government wants to keep it that way. Nutcases like Miranda O'Connor aren't making it easy.

Miranda killed her ex-husband and daughter because she was losing custody of her offspring after being declared an unfit parent. She had a drug history, along with a history of violence. She used to be a normal, decent person. A college professor, a devoted wife and mother. Then she got hooked on drugs, and went on a power trip. Her life took a turn for the worst. To be honest, I almost kind of sympathized with her until I found out she killed innocent people. That's never okay in my book. Nobody deserves to get killed unless they're guilty of killing someone else in cold blood. I'm against the death penalty, except when applied to sociopaths and psychopaths of both sexes. The worst of the worst. The world is a better place without them. And you had better believe I would have no problem taking out this psychotic soccer mom if and when I got the chance.

Andy sped toward Miranda as she hurled fireball after fireball in the direction of police squad cars. Andy is a rather strange guy. As a six-foot-three, 250-pound black man, he doesn't look like he needs any weapons. I'm just playing. Most black men I know are decent, law-abiding gentlemen. I'm just saying that Andy is one tough-looking guy. However, when I found out what kind of powers he had, I was in awe. He has the ability to mimic the powers of any superhuman, inhuman, nonhuman and subhuman creature he touches. And once he has their power, he retains it forever. While I was trying to save the good people of Boston from the fireballs and burning schoolbuses ( empty) of Miranda, he was stealthily trying to get close to the psycho mom to take her out.

Andy already has an array of powers at his disposal. Last week, we went up against a powerful duo. Jackson and Monique Smith, two die-hard bikers from Texas. Jackson was a tall, buff Anglo-Saxon stud with the ability to drain the lifeforce of any living thing he touches. His wife Monique, a petite, green-eyed blonde beauty queen-type had the ability to generate electricity which she shot out of her fingertips in destructive quantities. I fought them single-handedly long enough for Andy to sneak up on them. He already had my superhuman strength, speed and regenerative powers so once he was close enough, there wasn't much they could do. He absorbed Monique's electricity-generation power and used it to deep-fry Jackson. Practically all by himself, he took them out. They're in government custody now. Alive, but not well.

And now, he was going to do the same to Miranda the psycho soccer mom. I grabbed a large flaming bus tire and hurled it at Miranda. She hurled a fireball at it, blasting it out of the sky. Then she turned her gaze to me. I saw murder in her flaming eyes. Oh, shit. She smiled wickedly and gathered her power. I could run but where. I knew for sure that I was going to die. Until someone moving very fast knocked me out of harm's way, before taking the full blast of Miranda's power. I rolled to my teeth, and saw Andy's body burning. I screamed in shock. This bitch was going to pay for hurting my friend! Before I could do anything, Andy healed right up, then raised his hands in the air. Lightning struck overhead, then a combination of electricity and fire poured forth from his hands. He hurled these deadly blasts at Miranda. And she vanished from existence in a great ball of fire.

I was stunned, to tell you the truth. Andy walked up to me and helped me to my feet. I stared at him, beyond shock at this point. He asked me if I was okay. Whoa! He'd been burned, then unleashed a maelstrom of power against the super-powered psychotic soccer mom from Hell and he was asking me if I was alright? I nodded slowly. Andy smiled. I smiled too. He clapped me on the shoulder as the men and women of the Boston Police and Boston Fire Departments gathered all around us. They all had a million questions. Questions which the government would never answer. I knew they were going to spin this story into something else. You'd be surprised how well they do that. Andy and I got into my red BMW, and drove away. I badly needed a shower, and both Andy and I smelled like barbecued meat. We'd have to take care of that, and be debriefed by our superiors before going back to our schools and our lives. When I asked Andy how it felt to have such power inside of him, he shrugged and said it was cool. Just another day on the job. I shook my head. Someday, I'm going to recommend he get his head examined. Hell, I probably need to do the same. I've gotten used to men and women with deadly super powers trying to murder me on a daily basis. It's gotten to the point that I don't even think about it much anymore. Nice world I live in, huh? And you thought your life was hard!

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