Superman's Conquest Ch. 03


Diana rolled her hips slowly at first, but soon began to gallop on Clark's mighty member. She reached down with her hand to rub her clit, which was wet. Diana used her super strength to push Clark as deep as he could go inside her and she yelped at the pain. Clark grabbed her ass, soaking up the ecstasy of her insides. Diana's body began to gyrate and her toes curled. Her orgasm was inevitable.

"Yes! I'm cumming Clark! You're hitting my ass so deep!" Diana cried as her ultimate pleasure overtook her.

Clark thrust himself upwards as Diana drilled her asshole on him more intensely than ever before as walls of pleasure hit her. Diana could hear or see nothing, she could only feel the intensity of her euphoria as her body tensed. After minutes of climaxing, she slowly lifted her ass off Clark's cock.

"Get over here Kara! Drag Lois. Stand up Clark," Wonder Woman commanded.

Kara dragged Lois over to Diana and Clark stood up, his cock rigid.

"Kneel and stick out your tongue if you know what is good for you bitch wife," Diana sneered at Lois.

Lois obliged, knowing she would be punished if she did not. As Lois started kneeling, pain still shooting through her, Kara and Lois knelt next to her in front of Clark's stiff cock.

Diana stuck the huge pole in between her huge, soft chest melons and fucked his cock with her tits. Kara went under Diana's bosom and began to suck Kal's large testicles. Lois felt humiliated as she watched her husband enjoy the two women, which through all of her pain, excited her slightly. Diana sucked the tip of his cock, bringing him close to the edge.

"Oh wow, I can taste my ass on you Clark," Diana said, "It tastes so good!"

Diana continued sucking and knew Clark was going to blow his load soon.

"Kara, titty fuck Clark until he cums," she ordered.

Kara complied and stuck Clark's dick between her massive jugs. His dick disappeared. Clark moaned in pleasure as she bounced her tits around him at super speed. Clark could hold it in no longer.

"I'm blowing my load!" Clark shouted, grabbing hold of his dick and jerking.

All three women waited for Clark's seed, tongues out, as the muscles in his penis contracted as his orgasm began. The first rope of his jizz blasted with great force onto Diana's beautiful face, drenching her with white seed. The second rope hit Kara in the mouth, and the third hit Lois in between the eyes. Clark pumped loads of cum out of his cock, covering their faces and breasts with warm, white jizz. Only after several minutes did he finish painting them with his semen. All three women licked their lips, tasting his thick, wonderful jizz. As Diana was about to speak, a shout sounded from behind them. Everyone turned to the attractive, young-looking blonde floating in the air.

"What are you doing Kal!?" Supergirl gasped.

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