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I was looking for sunscreen at the supermarket in town. I was on vacation, and had to travel a half hour by bus to get to a decent sized store to buy things. The sun on the beach had proved to be much stronger than I had expected it, and my sun-burnt skin was in desperate need of protection.

A girl shop assistant appeared to help me. She looked Japanese, although we were in Malaysia. She was drop-dead gorgeous; the kind of girl who outshines all the other girls around her. She was wearing heavy make up, with black eyeliner, silver eye-shadow, highlights and lip-gloss. She was young, at least 18 or 19, small of stature, smiling brilliantly with long, glossy jet-black hair with cute sexy bangs: Teen Dream Extreme, man! Curvy in all the right places. Her eyes were mere slits, black crescents underlined with glittering silver, thickly lashed, sparkling and smiling towards me enticingly.

She didn't say a word, just smiled so beautifully. It seemed that she could have lit up the night sky.

Her fingernails were small and perfectly manicured: tiny pink candies. She had on the frumpy green supermarket uniform apron, and under that a white T-shirt and a short silver-glitter miniskirt.

After she had thoroughly hypnotized me like she no doubt did to every guy who witnessed her, she finally spoke.


"Do you have any sunscreen?" I asked, imagining that I was shoving my hard dick up her slippery, tight, waxed-bald cunt.

Imagining she knew exactly what I was thinking and that she was sharing my fantasy, I heard her say cheerfully, "This way," and lead me down an aisle.

She paused at a particular spot saying, "Oh, we are out of stock. We may have some more in the back. Follow me."

She led me a long ways down an aisle to the back of the store, through some hanging plastic curtains and into the back storage area of the supermarket. It seemed that we were the only ones around. She led me down a dusty aisle piled high with boxes lit only by the sunlight through a window high up above. I hoped this was going where I thought it was going!

Suddenly she stopped at a dead end, turned towards me and said, "You like Malaysian girls?"

"Are you Malaysian?" I asked.

"My mother was from Japan," she answered; I had been right.

"I prefer... Japanese girls," I complimented, my pants rising at the crotch.

The angel smiled, eyeing the growing bulge of my dick, and she slowly lifted her miniskirt up flashing me her skimpy-as-hell white thong just barely covering her plump pussy lips- just like that!

The slight bulge in my pants became a raging lump, my cock cried to be free and to probe the slippery depths of this vixen's tight young pussy-hole.

Slowly, teasingly, she pulled the clean white fabric to the side, revealing the snatchiest of snatches... Perfectly waxed-smooth, just how I had fantasized!

"I want to feel you inside me..." she moaned sexily. I couldn't believe it! It was a fucking fantasy come true, to say the least!

I undid my pants and freed the bamboo-sausage. It strained straight up towards her pretty face.

"You want me to suck it first?" the angel asked, as if it were necessary.

"Hell yes..." I replied, my dick as hard as steel...

She knelt down, taking off her apron and pulling her tight white T-shirt up over her big, firm round boobies. Naked, her tits stood out on high her chest, their nipples each hardening fast in the open air. Her sweet, gorgeous, soft hot mouth engulfed the head of my cock and she began sucking me off good and hard. Her fuckin' head bobbed back and forth along the length of my rod, her lips enveloping its shaft. The suction was strong as she licked the underside of my dick as she blew me. Hot saliva coated my pampered fuck-stick as she gave me head; I reached down and squeezed her boobies as she sucked me off, and it was all I could do not to cum down this gorgeous girl's throat right then and there... I fucked her face, in sheer ecstasy.

Then she looked up; the fucking hottest girl I'd ever seen, and said, "Now it's time for my other hole!"

She stood up, turned away from me, planted her running shoe up on a box of shit in the aisle, lifted her miniskirt up over her pussy and ass, pulled her thong aside and told me to slide it in. Her left ass-cheek sported a sexy pink tattoo. Done in cute girly bubble-letters above a juicy looking heart, it read: 'Heartbreaker Ass'. Shit! I was thinking, what a sexy fucking tat!

Holy fuck! I'm thinking as I spread her ass-cheeks apart, revealing her drooling snatch and perfectly waxed-smooth asshole- Shit! Another tattoo! This one some writing in a tiny circle, done right around her fucking asshole, right on her asshole itself, like that porn star Adrenalynn. I could see that it read: 'Fuck My Shit-Box!' Holy fucking fuck! I'm thinking, my dick nearly nutting right then and there, it was so damn sexy...

I hold her ass-cheeks apart, and guide my shaft up the angel's hot, wet, tight cunt-hole. She squeaks girlishly as my rod slides smoothly up her vagina to my balls. I keep gripping her ass, one cheek in each hand, and start fucking her.

She sounds like a damn squeaky-toy, giving a high-pitched girlish squeak with my every thrust up her sloppy cunt.

"Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh!..." It's so fuckin' hot! She's like my Asian squeaky-toy fuck-doll!

And her pussy's so fuckin' amazing! Not to mention her ass that I'm squeezing. I reach down and give her titties a squeeze from time to time. I fuck my hot Asian fuck-doll, staring down at her unbelievably sexy tattoos, as well as my unbelievably fortunate dick sliding completely in and out of her tight, wet pink love-hole.

She reaches down into some box as I'm fucking her from behind. I see her pull out a tube of KY, still squeaking with my every thrust up inside her.

"Here we are... Uh! This'll help you- Uh! slide up my asshole... Uh! Uh!" she says as she opens the tube.

I pull out, she holds my hard rod and squeezes a shit-load of clear, slippery KY all over my cock. She jerks me off a few times before guiding my cock-head onto her tight, gorgeous fuckin' brown-hole, dead-center of the fucking tattoo...

"Fuck my shit-box!" she cries quoting the tat, and I gently shove it in.

My dick disappears up her ass- sliding right within the words, 'Fuck My Shit-Box:' I'm in heaven! 'OK,' I think, reading the slutty tattoo written around her ring as I penetrate her tight, heavenly fuckin' fart-hole, 'I can do that...'

She fumbles for her cell phone in her apron as I slowly fuck her gorgeous shapely sizeable bum... She's still squeaking like a rubber-duckie with my every thrust up inside her tight, lubed arse.

She hits a button on her phone and her friend picks up on the other end. They speak Malaysian, and it would seem like she's telling her friend how she's taking my cock up her fucking holes in the back of the supermarket, her squeaks of pleasure punctuating their conversation. She hangs up and says, "My friend- Uh! Come, too! Uh! Uh! Uh! You- Uh! Fuck her, too! Uh!..."

Shit, yeah! I'm thinking. "You bet!" I say, and keep fucking her shit-hole.

We fuck for something like 15 minutes, when a girl comes quickly from the way we came, dressed really fucking slutty and hot. The girls speak Malaysian to each other, and the other girl suddenly starts to strip!

Naked from the waist down, the second babe, who looks Malaysian, says, "Hi!" to me as she kneels down, taking my cock straight from up her friend's asshole and right into her hungry, wet sucking mouth! She sucks me off with enthusiasm before planting my cock back up her friend's hot, slippery ass.

I fuck her some more- I'm in heaven!

Her friend is fucking hot, too! Massive titties on this one, man! Tiny waist, completely waxed-smooth snatch, too! Long, shiny jet-black hair.

"Now it's time for you to fuck my cunt, baby," the friend says as she sits down on a box spreading her long slender legs wide apart for my eager cock.

I pull out of the first angel's arse, shuffle over and stare down as I guide my rod up the slut's drooling dilated cunt. She looks young, too, at least 18 or 19.

"Oooooooooh!" she moans as the length of my cock disappears up her wet pussy.

I pump her, savoring the sheer ecstasy. She's so wet, it reminded me of swimming...

The babe holds open the fleshy folds of her pussy for my viewing pleasure as my cock pistons in and out of the depths of her delicious, wet girlhood.

After some time the slut orders me, gesturing towards her friend's ass, "Now back up her ass!" I don't need asking twice.

She dumps a fresh pile of KY onto her asshole, and I slap her shapely butt-cheeks as I squash my piston deep up her ass-cylinder.

"Oooooooh!" she lets out as I sink my cock up her shit-hole to my balls. "Fuck me!" she cries.

I do so with much vigor.

Soon, I'm approaching the time when I'm gonna need to cum.

"I wanna make you cum, baby!" I say as I fuck the babe's ass.

"OK... Uh! Fuck it- Uh! Hard! Uh! Open up my- Uh! Fucking asshole! Uh! Uh!" she answers...

I pound her fart-hole like a goddamn jackhammer, my balls slapping up against her wet pussy underneath. Slowly, I can feel the crescendo of her pleasure build, until- BOOM!!!

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!" she yells, gushing, spasming, and cumming with my dick fucking her deep up her tight, slutty ass.

"Now you, baby!" I say to the other.

She gets down in doggy on a couple of flattened boxes on the floor and commands me, "Shove it up my ass, stud!"

Her friend squirts a bunch of KY all over the horny slut's asshole, and my rod disappears up her tight fart-box, sliding up her ring like it was a wet pussy.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaah!" she sighs as I settle into a rhythm, pumping her ass deep and slapping her shapely ass-cheeks occasionally.

"Faster!" she breathes...

I grip her ass-cheeks with both my hands, spreading them hard apart, and fuck her hole like a man possessed, bringing her over the edge. Her pussy gushes all over the floor in a great stream as she cums hard with my rod deep up her big, sexy bum.

The girls then position themselves to catch my load, kneeling before me, mouths wide open, tongues out. "Aaaaaaaaaah!" they go, like in a porno, as I jerk myself a few times before blasting thick webs of jizz all over their gorgeous fucking young faces, in their mouths and on their titties. The sluts drink my load down, licking it off of each other until it's all gone. Holy shit! I'm thinking as I catch my breath.

"Girls, thank you..." I manage, putting my spent shlong away into my pants.

The gorgeous young pussies giggle deliciously as they get dressed.

"You haffta buy this KY now though, since it's opened," the young Japanese babe says to me smiling, handing me the half-empty tube. "And don't forget the sunscreen," she reaches into a box and produces a tube of sunscreen and hands it to me.

"Thanks," I say, and then whisper into her ear, squeezing her ass, "I won't ever forget your beautiful sexy ass, babe... Thanks for the hot fuck..." And then add to her slutty friend, "Thank you, too, babe. You two are so fucking hot!"

"Thanks!" They say giggling and smiling in unison, and one by one kiss me on the mouth.

They scurry off like mice, and I never see them again. Damn! What a sweet fucking vacation it was turning out to be.

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