tagHumor & SatireSupermarket Temptataion 2 Bog Off

Supermarket Temptataion 2 Bog Off


(C) Alex Carr 2010

Next time we met, Dan really suckered up to me, he told me that I had changed his ;life, that he had been hiding the secret for so long, it was like I had given him a new life he said, new expectations.

"So it was okay then, the first time, Dan?"

"Stung for a bit for a day and it was hard to go to the toilet, you know - the back way."

"I saw that you were a bit fucking bandy as you walked off, it looked enticing though, but it was your first time, you did good, bound top be tight afterwards as the muscles contract, we can soon rectify that, in a few days you would have been so well fucked it will be wanting and wanting more," I enthused.

Dan was knelt down in front of me, between my legs opened wide. I wanted to be all cock and balls for him and Wow! Was he taking advantage of my generosity.

I told him bluntly this would earn him his first sound spanking, for taking advantage that is. (Not that I minded, his sucking was divine, the way he teased my p-hole between sucking cock, and he had got the balling off to a 'T' - his hands doing things to me that sent me crazy for his fucking ass)

He sucked me good and I felt so warm and numb as he licked the spunk away, rolling the cream in his mouth and letting me see it lodged on the back of his tongue and trickle down into his throat before he swallowed.

No more self wanking any more, being with Dan was a bonus and I wanted to save all for him, wanted to make the best of him in different ways, like at least three fucks in the night to take his hole in different positions. I meant to try the scissors on him that night but first for the spanking. You make it like he had been naughty and this was his punishment the made up reason that he had taken advantage of my generosity, in the way he just helped himself to my cock when he arrived, just kneeling there, opening my zip and going for it the way he did.

"You really should have asked me and said please!" I yelled prompting him to bend double over my right knee, the left wedging him between me. his fantastic ass waiting for my pleasure - looking so gorgeous in very tight brush jeans because that's how he knew I liked him. his tight ass presented itself to me in the most erotic tempting way.

He had a simply gorgeous tight rounded ass just made for spoiling and a good firm spank. with my left hand I pulled his jeans up at the back so the seam separated those waiting cheeks, he would suffer my bare hand across his jeans for initiation purposes and when he was well versed I would be using belt, paddle and cane, over his jeans, and with him stripped down to briefs and then for the bare ass spank which I adored.

"Is this gonna hurt, Pete?"

"Well of course it is, and call me Sir when you speak to me, and then when I spank you count the numbers to ten and say thank you every time I beat you, right?"

Dan was getting the gist of what sex games are all about and settled himself over my knee, tightening his ass muscles as I measured each cheek up with the palm of my hand for the forthcoming punishment.

I don't know what it was but seeing Dan perched over my knee like that. brought the animal out in me and I really swapped him hard , he yelling and crying out.

"You forgot to count!" I shouted. "For that you'll get five more."

And he got five more but now he was yelling out the numbers between each spank.

But I hurt him, I never meant to but the temptation to keep spanking that tight ass was irresistible, to see the way it bounced and shuffled as I came down each time.

He stood up dancing about, feeling his as cheeks over his jeans.

I told him to down his jeans and briefs, I wanted to see his ass burning

"You're not gonna spank me some more, Sir?"

"Sorry about that Dan, you shouldn't have such a tempting ass. I shall make it feel better, I think a nice soothing massage is called for.

"You gonna massage me with cream?"

"That's the idea, now you have stripped want you just pivoted over the edge of the armchair, want you bare ass presented fully to me so I can give it the post punishment bonus, then afterwards if you are really good, a bog off."

"Bog Off?, Pete = I mean Sir?

"You can stop calling me that now, that part pf the game is over, you only better call; me that when you get your regular dose of beating. And I'll tell you about the bog off later if you are lucky!"

He seemed to take it all very well considering his ass must have really been stinging, the cheeks looked a peachy colour which was very enchanting and I felt so good just having it there at the ready for me.- all ass and just for me to enjoy and play with, Dan was a treasure and I wanted to repay him for suffering my perversions, and he would be having to take a lot more if he wanted to keep in with me, he knew the score by now and that's for a cert - rubbing the cream into his ass was a real treat and all the time I was giving him little hints of how further we could enjoy each other.

The feel of it in my palms was endearingly supple, his balls and ripe cock too, a real treat

"I look forward, Pete I really do, when you beat me it stung and hurt like hell, I was nearly crying but now it feels so warm and beautifully numb with what you are doing now."

"It is ripe for the picking, like a pair of ripe red peaches, succulent to the mouth." I complimented.

He moaned as I slid my palms across his contours just occasionally letting the fingers of my right hand slip in between his cheeks, stretching them wide with the other hand as he gently swayed, obviously enjoying what I was doing then, teasing and tantalising his cock and balls hanging firmly between.

Mmm. Delightful, his balls were made for cupping and enjoying, I could not stop the urge I now had, seeing his beautiful brown and red orifice between his wide stretched cheeks there between as if asking to be generated with my touching, all I wanted to do then was to push my mouth and face between and suck him there to the core, tasting him, sniffling him, his scent working me up into a frenzy until I just knew, after deep sucking and penetrating with my fingers, he yelling out , his peach red cheeks still burning, I licked and said so sorry for hurting him but I wanted him to know what pain and pleasure was all about, and as time goes by we would try a multitude of things we could both enjoy, but one thing at a time, I wanted it and now he was yelling out for it, my fuck deep and stayed.

But I just had to get more pf the taste of him in my throat, that taste which was truly Dan and the smell which I knew but could not quite make out.

I urged him to lift up his left leg, he sitting on the edge of the armchair by now ,

"Nice and wide for me, Dan - that's right." and I went down to him again, his cock and balls better to see and feel now, feeling their warmth against my face as I wanted his smell to perforate onto me, he watched me intently, his expression telling me how much he enjoyed my attention to detail, running my fingers round and round his hole as I sucked cock, sucking and sucking in rich deep movements, squeezing and feeling, licking his ass and hole again, now I was getting the pungent earthy taste into my being, The smell of him too, so fruity...

"You been working on the fruit and veg counter today, Dan?" I said still squeezing and nibbling, running my busy fingers around the length of his stiff.

"How did you guess?" He sighed moving his hips gently as I took him again, his cock lodged deep into my throat. And then, taking a breather I returned...

"All ripe for the picking to be sure, Do you move around regularly in the store?" a asked stretching back his tight skin and licking his p-hole.

"On the delicatessen tomorrow, he managed to say being frenzied by my deep attention and fish on Friday."

"Wow , 'aren't I the lucky one, a different taste every night!"

That told him I wanted for him to move in with me, I wanted to sample the goods constantly and go to sleep with his taste in my mouth and the feel of his hole encompassing my cock, Perfect, heaven is on earth.

I slapped him again to which he responded Ouch!

"You asked for it, you tempting me with your scents galore. I yelled as I pulled out my hard throbbing cock at the ready, perching it upwards and guiding it to its waterloo, right there where it belonged now, inside and upwards, deep fucking Dan's wondrous gem,

I could see after the amorous attention to his absolutes, he was ready to shoot his load so I wanked him intently as I thrust my long erection deeply and firmly inside him, now he was full of me, his ass responding beautifully, my balls bouncing rapidly against his ass.

I felt I wanted to explode inside that lovely succulent hole, it clinging to my hardness every time I came out and then in again, full pelt, it squelched and seemed to sing like it so much wanted my fuck.

Afterwards, he was dripping with spunk, I had never sucked any one's cream before but with Dan I really wanted too. Licking it up dry - tasting again the pungent earthiness one cannot explain. He adored every minute of it as he lay exhausted on the floor, me sucking away the last drabs.

We both just chilled that way for about an hour I guess when disturbed by the mobile phone.

"That's yours I think Pete?"

Yes it was and I answered. It was my brother Alan.

Unheard by Dan he asked me how it went, because he knew, I told him all about it I mean my new relationship with Dan and I know he wanted to share the gifts Dan had to offer.

"Superb, absolutely superb" I answered.

"Okay to come over maybe tomorrow, will he be happy with that,. Pete?" he enquired.

"Of course, Alan, come - it will be like old times, remember Badger in the allotment shed?!"

Alan laughed: "Do I!!!"

Unknown to Dan we were in for a threesome. But how would Dan take that?

"You know we were talking about bog off's - and you working in a supermarket and all, Dan? I said

"Well how would you like two for the price of one?"

"Huh?" he looked confused.

I told him, " Well not exactly having to buy to get the second free. But that was my brother on the phone,. You will really like him, and he is my twin, see what I mean, two for one?"

He looked aghast but he got the picture and that was for sure.

"You are in big demand, next you will be working on the garden counter smelling of roses" I laughed..

He got up looking very beautiful against the sunlight beaming through the window on a hot summer's evening. "And there was me thinking you'd be the one to one kind, never imagined it with two guys, Pete"

He looked uncertain, despondent.

"You will be fine, another feather in your cap and if you are good, or maybe really bad - another cock up your ass."

To which he closured.

"Go for it? I asked.

"Yes, if that's what you want I want too."

He wiggled to get his briefs and jeans back on. It was so good to think I had been inside them seeing him fully clothed again.

"So will see you same time after work here?" I asked. "Shall have a meal at the ready , what would you like?"

He laughed and said he'd go for anything.

"A nice big fat juicy cock - no two nice big juicy cocks, how's that" I laughed.

"Eatin' bitin?" he boldly replied.

He was in for it. "In for a dollar, in for a around aye?"

He looked happy enough, said "see you" and went to go out of the door.

"Hang on, before you go I've got some unfinished business." I yelled realising I would have to wait another whole day before rampaging him again, and seeing that ass, the way he walked and swayed it, I just had to touch the goods once more before he went.

"Do you mind? I said pushing my right hand deep into his pocket, pressing myself into his buttocks at the back.

What a silly question, he loved it, the way he swayed and opened his thighs as I swivelled my hand deeper, until with my fingers I could feel his hot cock and balls, all wrapped inside, it seemed such a shame, But all good things had to come to an end. I could have fucked him again but soon he would be living with me, I would put that to him, then I could have him whenever I wanted..

Watch this space ...

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