tagFetishSupermodel Super Enemas Ch. 02

Supermodel Super Enemas Ch. 02


My own arousal at fever pitch I just can't hold back a moment longer. I put the cane aside and walk over in front of Isabelle and Sonia, Anna and Patti turning to look.

"Watch this, you cunts!" I say, taking cock in hand and smacking their taut, pained tummies, using it as a club. This cock of mine, so electrifyingly alive, now craves contact with the smooth, warm, oiled and very taut skin of their fat tummies.

But it wants more than that. It wants to be inside these bloated bitches. I take it in hand, positioning the tip between Sonia's open legs. My cock must be a foot long now, and as thick as my wrist. Sonia looks down at the massive shaft with wide open eyes, dread mixing with lust. I press the tip between her inflamed, clipped labia as she gasps. And then pressing down mercilessly on her swollen tummy with my hands, I thrust up inside her. She howls as my steely thickness enters. And I have to fight to enter, because that well-used Brazilian cunt of hers is as tight as a cunt can be, as tight as when Sonia was a young virgin girl scampering about not-so-innocently on Copacabana beach. It feels like a vise as I have to force myself inside her. And of course it's because of the enema. That shockingly distended rectum of hers is pressing against her vagina, a vagina I now force open with my cock, slowly working the full, thick twelve-inch length inside the bitch as she flails her head from side to side, howling, wailing. Bad enough to have more than a gallon of soapy water inside her body; now she has twelve thick inches of hard male meat to add to it. But the bitch loves it, howls of agony giving way to cries of pure pleasure, her hard clit as big as a marble, pressing against the base of my cock as I fuck her with raw, blazing lust. Fuck her until she cums, cums despite the bonds, cums despite the painful clamped nipples, cums despite the four liters filling her swollen bowels.

And then I pull out, freeing my cock from the vise-like grip of her cunt, the cock wet and slick from the horny Brazilian bitch's deeply aroused and inflamed tightness.

Now I step over to Isabelle, taking hold if it again, pressing it against her cunt

"Fuck her! Fuck that French bitch!" Patti howls.

"Oui, fuck me, please fuck me," she begs, despite the torments of her enema.

And so now I slide my cock into Isabelle's cunt, a cunt, if anything, that is even tighter than Sonia's. Has a bitch ever been so filled? Four liters of water and a foot of thick cock leave her breathless and panting as I gaze into her beautiful eyes, gaze into them as I fuck her, feeling the clips brush against the taut skin of my cock as I thrust inside, hard and deep. Until. Until this bitch, like Sonia, lets pain give way to carnal joy, quivering and moaning as I fuck her to a blistering orgasm, pressing down hard on her swollen belly at the sweetest of moments, letting a stab of agony mix with the sweet pang of pleasure.

And then I pull out.

Now, taking slick cock in hand, and with just a few quick strokes, I let myself cum, releasing a torrent of semen, ejaculating spurt after spurt after spurt over Isabelle's belly, then moving over to Sonia's and continuing to splatter her with my cum, waves and spasms of pure, raw pleasure racing through every nerve fiber of my body.

"Oh God! Look how fucking much!" Anna manages to note, always keen to turn her attention to an ejaculating penis, the center of that slut's universe, whatever else she may be enduring. "So much fucking cum!"

I give myself a moment to settle down, though my cock remains fully erect.

"God, will that thing of yours ever go down," Patti asks, winking sexily

"Not if you four bitches stay lucky," I say, finally releasing the bonds, uncuffing the four of them, freeing Anna's nipples from Patti's.

True, they're no longer restrained, released from their cuffs, their bonds. But strangely, this only highlights for them their otherwise desperate condition, each now with anus plugged and bowels bloated with an astoundingly copious enema, the cramping, the pressure agonizing - the bitches look like each one of them has swallowed a beach ball! Their hands freed now, no doubt they may be tempted to reach back and unplug themselves. A searching gaze from Sonia makes me think that this is exactly what the sluts may have in mind.

"Listen up, bitches. In case you were thinking of reaching back, unplugging and then relieving yourselves, think again. If you even dare to attempt that I will beat your asses so bloody raw it'll be years before you'll ever be able to walk a runway or do a spread, if ever."

Silent now, their hands at their sides, I see my warning has had its impact.

These beautiful young women, four of the world's most stunning supermodels, now waddle about like bloated ducks or penguins, their bellies shockingly swollen and fat, their weight sharply increased by the volume of fluid their bowels are now forced to retain.

Anna suddenly gasps loudly, clutching her engorged tummy.

"It's like the worst shit I've ever had to take, times ten," she says, "I feel so fuckin' full, I gotta go so, so, so bad!"

"But you can't, bitch, until he says so," Patti tells her, clutching her own brown bloated belly, "so just live with it and enjoy it."

And that's what they do, groaning loudly and grimacing as they endure the sensational sense of fullness, the cramps, the extreme, extreme need to expel their enemas and empty their bowels. They look like four pregnant bitches in labor hobbling their way into the maternity ward.

But however desperate their situation, they can't help gazing at each other, and stepping up to the mirrors, looking at themselves this way and that, full on and in profile, their eyes wide in amazement. They know they look positively grotesque, and yet they're fascinated by their strikingly altered appearance, narcissists to the end, obsessed with how they look, however that may be. And with all their waddling and hobbling, clutching their heavy bellies, they still haven't lost the gracefulness which comes so naturally to them. It's like they can't help but strut like models, despite their sharply altered condition and appearance.

"Just look at you four, bloated bitches," I say mockingly.

"We may be bloated bitches with four fat bellies, but we still seem to turn you on," Isabelle says, pointing to my cock, "just look at that thing, and you sure didn't mind fucking me, and Sonia."

"Yeah, and what about us? Are you going to fuck me and Anna too?" Patti asks with one of her trademark smirks

"All in good time, all in good time. First I want you to just admire yourselves and each other, and remember, we have a show to do."

"Oh my God!" Sonia howls, clutching herself and starting to drop to her knees as a monstrous cramp nearly overwhelms her, the 3 others waddling over to her, helping her up, all big-bellied sisters in distress now.

Soon they're looking at the mirrors and looking at each other again, obsessed, running fingers over each other's swollen bellies, getting in the mood now, talking about who is the fattest, the most swollen, whose appearance is the most outrageously obscene. Feeling between each other's legs, delving into soggy cunts, commenting on just how wet this has all made them. Yes, pure narcissists. Obsessed even with their own torments.

"Hey, I want you four cunts to line up next to each other, bent over, hands on your knees," I tell them.

They do, but even the simple act of bending at the waist is a strain for them, those trim waists now shockingly expanded by the massive, painful enemas.

I take a slow walk around them, gazing at the round, heavy bellies, hanging there, then get behind them and admire their exquisite asses. Bending over like this, vividly exposing their bottoms, the black base of a buttplug protruding from each crack, from between each set of rounded cheeks, I can see again how the enemas have had the effect of "pushing out" their gorgeous asses, making them more alluring than ever. Their bottoms are still red from the paddling and whipping and the welts are just beginning to recede. So I think I should "freshen" them up, picking up the leather paddle and taking my sweet time smacking each provocatively presented bottom again, the four of them squealing and groaning, as they stand in position, hands on knees, heavy, enema-inflated tummies drooping.

Now I walk up front again and remembering that Anna's and Patti's nipples were clipped to each other, while Isabelle's and Sonia's were clamped, with weights added, I now do the same to the other two, for the sake of symmetry, attaching nipple clips and adding weights to those clips as Anna and Patti hiss and squeal, enduring yet one more torment.

Then I stand back, and take my cock in hand. These four bitches are not the only narcissists in the room.

"Take another look at this, you cunts!"

They gaze at my tool, their eyes fixed like lasers on my shockingly enlarged cock.

"I can't believe how fucking big it is," Patti says, her eyes drifting up to mine, licking her lips lewdly. So I step up to Patti's face.

"Open!" I command as her lips separate and I thrust my wrist-thick cock between them, more like fucking her mouth than asking her to suck me. I push it all the way, into her mouth, down her throat, to the balls, gagging her, loving the contrast between my huge veined cock and the smooth brown skin of her model-perfect face. Twelve inches of cock down her mouth and throat and gullet, four liters of soapy enema water pushing up into her bowels, this black bitch is stuffed!

"God, just look at her take it," Sonia gasps in amazement.

So now I step up to her and feed her my cock, fucking her mouth, then Anna's, then Isabelle's, all four sucking cock and getting mouth-fucked like the bitch cocksuckers they were born to be, sucking and groaning, as I wickedly reach under and press on the massive tummies hanging there, so bloated, so utterly obscene, hearing their agonized but muffled groans, their mouths so stuffed with cock that their normally piercing howls are muffled.

Charged up now from their expert cocksucking, I step behind them. Under each plugged ass a shockingly vivid, pink, wet, inflamed vulva is grotesquely presented to my view, like a female baboon's at the zoo, those pussies strangely appealing in their exaggerated guise. From behind I dig my fingers into each, and each cunt is unbelievably tight, vaginal walls clamped from the pressure of the enema, Isabelle's and Sonia's just as tight as Anna and Patti's, even though they had a foot of wrist-thick cock stuffed up each. Now the other two need to be similarly stuffed. Thinking of Patti's reminder, I step behind Anna, press the tip against her humid pink membrane, reach around to hold her close by her swollen belly as she cries out in surprise, and then just ram it right in, deep, to the balls, even the extreme tightness no match for my enraged, inflamed steely cock, alive with desperate hunger for these enema-inflated bitches.

"You've got a foot of thick cock inside you bitch," I hiss in her ear as she turns her face to kiss me, her eyes blazing with raw desire.

"Oh yeah, fuck her nasty English cunt," Isabelle urges, looking over her shoulder, satisfied to see Anna take it now.

The horny bitch cums in a jiffy, reaching down like a lusty teenger to strum her stiffened, swollen clit.

Then I pull out and bring the soggy, glistening cock up to Patti's face.

"Suck it, bitch, taste Anna's cunt," I order, wrapping a hand behind her head and forcing her face close. She takes the wet, hard cock in her mouth happy, then I pull it way.

"God, Anna," she says, turning to her girlfriend, "your cunt tastes pretty funky today."

"Funky?" Anna smirks, "that's just the way you like it, bitch, isn't it? Begging to eat my sweaty cunt and stick your tongue up my sweaty shithole every time I come back from the gym."

Patti smiles, knowing Anna is stating facts as I step behind her now and slam my cock into the beautiful Anglo-Jamaican model's inflamed red snatch, grabbing hold of the base of the plug to twist it around in her shithole as I keep fucking her

"Aww shit, fuck me!" she howls as I bury it inside, reaching to hold on to her big brown belly, squeezing it as I fuck her, letting the bitch know what it's like, as the other three have just seen, to have four liters of soapy water and a foot of cock inside you at once. She doesn't even need to touch herself to cum, so aroused is the horny bitch Feeling on the edge again, I quickly pull out, step up in front of them as they gaze at my tool like bitches addicted to cock. And then I twist it in my hand provocatively.

"You want it, you cunts!"

"Yes, yes! Oui! Uh huh! Do it, Jerk if off! Spray us!" comes back the eager chorus as I let go, letting it fly, one spurt after another, aiming it over all four faces, watching my cum splash and splatter over those cover page faces, the semen dripping down their cheeks and chins.

"Damn, after cumming twice, I do believe I have to piss," I say, taking aim now, a wicked smile on my face, as I rinse the bitches off, urinating on each face as they squeal and yelp, showing what complete and total whores they have become, as greedy for my piss as they were my cock and my cum, all the while clutching those swollen and painfully sagging enema-bloated bellies of theirs as they lap up the brine.

"Okay, bitches, lick each other clean," I tell them.

"Oh, that's foul!" Anna says with a playful laugh.

"C'mon, you cunts know you love the taste of cum and piss,"

"Yes, this gura of mine at an ashram in India told me it was good to drink urine," Isabelle says innocently.

"Well, good, you can lick us then. And we know you love the taste of cum," Anna says with a cruel smirk."

"No, I want all of you to lick, all of you to lick and clean each other."

And so now, like four obedient puppies, they cluster together, groaning as they are forced to bend and lick each other clean, one howling, asking another to be gentle as she presses on her painful, swollen belly, lapping away at my pee, at droplets of semen splattered here and there

"Oh god, when are we going to be able to go?" Anna says, turning to me, "I need to shit so fucking bad!"

"Yes, please!" It hurts so bad, I need to go. I need to sh- shit." Sonia adds, her face grimacing as she blushes.

"Stop complaining, you know you love it. You'll empty those asses and shit out your enemas when I tell you. Before then, I think you four bitches need to get fucked some more.... and need to do some fucking."

"That's right," Patti says bravely, with a wicked sneer, staring at her reflection in a mirror. "Look at us, when will we ever look so obscenely fat again. Like big fat bloated whores who need to shit a ton but have our shitholes all plugged up and can't because we're such bitches."

"Patti, you understand exactly," I say, smiling to myself.

I reach into my bag and pull out surprises for them. I had one of the top leather makers in Florence fashion something special for me. He supplies fine leathers for all the name fashion handbag makers, and the models, I know, adore the quality of his leathers, using him for custom designs sometimes. Well I had him design some items for them, four custom strap-on leather dildos. These are no cheap rubber novelties. No, these dildos are crafted to look extremely life-like. At the core of each is an aluminum shaft so they will stand up hard and straight, like a real virile cock, and not sag from their weight, as rubber and latex dildos so often do. Then the body of the cock is fashioned from a material which closely resembles the feel of a true erect penis. And the leather, of course, is, as they say, "as smooth as skin." Very life-like leather balls are attached to the shafts so the girls truly will look like they are wearing a full set when they get these dildos on them. They gather around, waddling towards me, gazing at the dildos, handling them.

"I've had one custom made for each of you."

"Oh wow, they're great" Isabelle says, delighted with this surprise.

I explain that the ones for Anna and Isabelle are nine inches long, the ones for Sonia and Patti, who are taller, ten inches. And each dildo had been made exactly as thick as each girl's wrist, measurements having been taken earlier, to personalize them. And to personalize them further, the leather covering each dildo has been dyed to perfectly match the skin of the model, so Patti's is exactly her shade of chocolate brown, and the other three are the precise flesh tones of the skin of the girl who will be wearing it.

"Okay, here they are, strap them on," I say, handing each girl her dildo.

With some effort, and helping each other, they attach the leather harnesses and strap the cocks to themselves.

"Oh my God, look at me," says Sonia, the first to get her on, turning to the mirror.

They all look now, turning to their sides, to see their shocking profiles, the big cocks rising up just below their obscenely swollen bellies. Moments ago they could pass for four pregnant bitches ready to drop; now they look like four pregnant bitches with big, thick cocks!

"Anna? Isabelle" Get down on your fucking knees and let me see you suck Sonia and Patti's cocks," I order them as they slowly drop to their knees, their swollen bellies such a burden as they bend, trying to hold on to some measure of gracefulness despite the immense strain. Sonia and Patti stand above the other two, leather cocks sticking out under heavy, protruding bellies.

"Suck, you bitches!" I tell them as Isabelle and Anna wrap their lips around the wrist thick girl-cocks, sucking them avidly, the two others, standing, getting frisky, thrusting their hips, humping, sticking out their fat tummies, taut, fat bellies slamming against foreheads as cocks are forced between lips, the other two swallowing those big cocks, getting their mouths fucked as I had fucked theirs earlier.

Amidst all the cocksucking, I hear moans and groans, and watch the clutching of painfully full, cramping bellies.

"Look at me bitches,"

Sucking or getting sucked, they all turn to me, watching me stroke my foot long cock, thicker and two inches longer now than any of theirs, like a crazed priapic lunatic, my hands a blur as I stoke that cock for them. Consumed with lust, I pick up the paddle again, and smack those asses, the two standing, getting sucked, the two down on their knees, sucking. Now I grab hold of a fat candle, light it, and while these bitches are sucking cock I slowly drip hot wax all over them, their tits, especially Isabelle's full ones, their swollen tummies, their rounded asses. They squeal and shriek as they endure the additional torment, but it doesn't make them ease up on the eagerness of their cocksucking. These bitches love sucking each other's dildos as much as they like sucking the real thing, especially when they can feel the smooth skin of their model-perfect buttocks sting and the hot melted wax dripping down on the taut, strained skin of their inflated bellies.

I put down the paddle and pick up a riding crop. I 'snap' it loudly as they shudder, turning their eyes to look. God, they look so utterly obscene, the two standing up, the two down on their knees sucking the others' cocks. It is the shocking contrast between their radiant, spectacular beauty and their currently piggish state -- wallowing about with obscenely bloated bellies - that is so very enticing and arousing to me. I take a slow walk behind them, bring the riding crop down sharply on their buttocks, protruding more than ever now.

"Ouch, that hurts!" Sonia shrieks as the stiff leather crop lands sharply on her red, just-paddled ass.

"It's supposed to hurt, bitch," I say, now bringing the crop upwards between her thighs, to smack her cunt, then coming around to bring down two severe blows on each of her full Brazilian tits.

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