tagErotic HorrorSupernatural Ch. 08

Supernatural Ch. 08


Chapter 8


It all began the evening a group of us had got together to have a few drinks as a way of celebrating a mutual friend's birthday. The pub was crowded and noisy with mainly youthful after-work drinkers and as we were all in our thirties and forties we probably stood out in various ways. But apart from having to speak rather more loudly than usual to make ourselves heard over the surrounding hubbub I'm sure most of us were enjoying ourselves. Perhaps as well as the light-hearted banter going on between us there were those who were using the surroundings to recall some of their own earlier mis-spent years, while others were quite obviously more than happy to spend at least part of the time ogling the female half of the throng that milled to and fro.

I don't mind admitting I did my fair share of both things; my ex-wife and I had first met in a club and for some reason the pub's boisterous atmosphere brought memories of those first months together flooding back, and the sheer quantity and quality of feminine flesh that was on display made it virtually impossible for any red-blooded man to ignore it.

So perhaps it was not so surprising that it was nearly an hour before I realised I myself was being watched. At first I thought it had been just one of those situations when two people's drifting eyes just happen to accidentally meet, but when what I hoped would be a couple of purely tentatively exploratory glances in that direction met the same steady gaze I felt I had no alternative but to give the young woman a half-hearted nodding smile. And when it was not only returned, but returned with undoubted interest, I took the opportunity to take a closer look at as much of her as was visible.

She was undoubtedly attractive, very! Her almost blue-black hair, cut in a short curving bob, framed a pale, heart-shaped face that was dominated by a pair of dark, slightly uptilted eyes and a sensuously sexy, ruby-red mouth. The only other part of her that was visible above the table she was sitting at was equally appealing, it wasn't so much that the simple silk shirt matched the colour of her lipstick, but the eye-catching way it clung to the apparently generous curves beneath it.

Even as young man I had been absolutely useless at pick-up one-liners, more often than not having to rely on either a friend, or the girl herself to break the ice for me, but even as the thought that I somehow simply had to meet this woman flashed through my mind, so did the opening gambit I would use. Slipping away from my friends and making my way through the crowd I headed straight for her and, ignoring the three or four people she appeared to be sharing it with, bent down over her table and said. 'I'm sorry to admit to having such a terrible memory for putting names to faces, but we have met before, haven't we?'

Her eyes had been watching as I made my way towards her and she showed neither surprise nor embarrassment at the sheer ineptness of my approach, on the contrary, both the flashing smile and her immediate, if somewhat inexplicable reaction seemed to indicate she welcomed it. 'Yes thank you, I'd love a drink, but I'll come to the bar with you for it.' she said enthusiastically before turning to the woman beside her and saying. 'See you tomorrow Marjorie.'

I was taken aback, but far from unhappy about her response and when she pushed herself away from the table and came around it to join me I was positively thrilled by what I saw. She wasn't particularly tall, at least a good head shorter than I am but, at least from a masculine viewpoint everything else about her seemed to be perfectly proportioned. A fair amount of her height had to be attributed to a pair of what appeared to be disproportionately long, well-shaped legs, a good deal of which were displayed below a short, slightly flared skirt. Then as well as those there were the breasts, which jutted just as prominently as my first look had indicated they might. And linking those two delights was an impossibly small waist and a gracefully curving hip-line. All in all she was undoubtedly something most men would drool over, and I probably risked disgracing myself by being unable to avoid quite openly doing so myself.

She smiled at my all too obvious reaction and moving closer said quite unabashedly. 'It seems we both like what we see.' then effortlessly threaded her way towards the bar and somehow found a space for us.

In spite of how crowded the rest of the bar was our presence appeared to dissuade others from bunching too closely to where we were and it was no time at all before our drinks were placed in front of us. 'We seem to have some sort of no-go area around us.' I suggested jokingly when a few minutes later even a pair of bar-stools became available nearby.

'Maybe we should check our deodorants.' she replied with a sexily deep-throated chuckle as she hoisted herself up on to one of them.

The move gave me a momentary glimpse of even more of her legs and thighs and although it was all too brief I felt sure I had spotted a dark welt marking an enticing division between nylon and creamily gleaming skin. 'Stockings, not pantyhose!' I thought, trying to remember the last time I'd been with a woman wearing those.

For the life of me I don't remember what we said during the next period of time, and although I had both her breasts and legs less than an arm's length away, all I really recall are the sight of her eyes, her mouth and her hands. Her eyes were so dark that it was hard to see where the colour stopped and her pupil began, and when we looked directly at each other I had the impression I was being pulled down deep into their depths, they were literally the 'drowning pools' one hears poets writing about. Her full, ruby-red lips glistened, but somehow gave the impression that the sheen was natural and not just from the latest lip enhancer. But entrancing as those features were it was her hands I remember best. Matching the pale creamy colour I had glimpsed high up beneath her skirt, their skin was milky white, almost translucent, and the long, slender fingers were tipped with neatly manicured nails that perfectly matched the colour of her mouth.

But it wasn't just the appearance of her hands that I found so mesmerising, it was the sexily expressive way she used them to hold, stroke and damn near fondle her glass - and watching their slow suggestive movements made it all but impossible not to imagine having those fingers doing similar things to my cock.

I recall us exchanging names, and that I commented that hers was one I had never come across before - Danith - and although I have no idea how the conversation continued or how it eventually worked around to it, but I do know that amongst the various other things she learned she also discovered that my apartment was only a few blocks from the club. Soon after that I found we were walking, swiftly, hand-in-hand towards it - I don't think either of us said a word during the short time it took us to get there, all I do remember is the sharp, echoing click-click sound of her heels on the pavement.

But once in the lift everything comes into much sharper focus; she was in my arms, our mouths glued together, our tongues searching and twining. I recall the scent of her perfume in my nostrils, the feel of the tight curve of her bottom in my hands, and having the pressure of her thigh rolling against my quickly rising manhood. And I certainly remember thinking that the ride to my floor was both far too long, and far too short - we both knew what we had to do couldn't be done in the lift, but the sensations we were sharing while we were in it were still far too exciting for either of us to want them cut short.

Once inside my apartment I knew that for once in my life there was no need for any even slight pretence at social preamble and I took her straight through to the bedroom, each of us frantically undoing buttons and zips as we went. But, once naked, we both paused, drinking in what until then each of us had only imagined, or hoped for. I certainly wasn't disappointed, and from her expression and the way she stared wide-eyed at my still engorging erection, neither was she.

I couldn't envision a woman's body that more blatantly embodied everything that had ever been written, spoken or thought about female sexuality. And apart from her sheer physical beauty - though that would have been enough to quickly turn most saints into sinners - Danith literally oozed that from every single pore. I admit it took me some time to see anything but the eye-goggling sight of the lush ripeness of her perfectly curving body - but when I did I felt my blood begin pounding even harder. Each part of her seemed to be sending out overtly erotic visual cues; there was the yearning hunger I could see in the dark depths of her eyes, the way the snake-like tip of her tongue flickeringly moistened those ruby-red lips, the rapid rise and fall of her extraordinarily tautly full breasts, the darkly stiffening peaks of both nipples, and the slow sliding movement of her hands up along the insides of the long length of her thighs.

Without looking down at myself I knew that just the sight of her had brought my cock up to its full extension, and that it was quivering jerkily from what I was feeling as I continued staring at her. Then, lifting her eyes from it, she smiled and licked her lips much more lasciviously. 'I know exactly where I want that.' she said huskily as she finally moved towards me.

My head swam with thoughts of all the things I wanted to do with her; I wanted to feel again the exciting rush her kisses had given me, wanted to kiss and lick every single part of her glorious body, wanted to feel the tingling I knew my fingers would experience as they stroked all that satiny smooth skin, wanted to fondle the taut heaviness of her breasts, feel those tightly jutting nipples grazing my palms before my lips kissed and sucked them, taste the bitter-sweet juices I knew I would find up between her thighs. And so much more!

But, at least at that moment it seemed I was to be denied all that - she drew me with her to the bed-side then, leaving her lower legs dangling down over it, lay down and pulled me to her. 'We can do whatever you want to, later - for now, just fuck me, fuck me hard!'

I did exactly that - but I think in some ways I surprised her.

I was in my mid-twenties before I discovered that, at least by comparison with many other men, I needed quite a long time to climax. It took a woman several years older to alert me, a woman who told me that she'd had more than enough experience with a variety of lovers for me to be certain of what she said. Of course tables of the various times from penetration to ejaculation are not something you normally see documented, but although I don't recall where I saw it I do seem to remember reading somewhere that for the average man it takes just roughly three to five minutes of continuous thrusting. I've never been one to believe everything I read - and until that woman made that comment, it had never occurred to me to actually time it - but once she had, I did, and I surprised myself. I found that depending on the level of excitement I was feeling my time was at least double or triple that.

In fact, strange at may seem, this had been one of the many things that eventually led to my wife and I divorcing. When she and I had first started going together she too seemed impressed by my staying power, and once past that initial still exploratory stage of our relationship, often made more than favourable comments on it. But after several years of a slowly disintegrating marriage it became just one more point of irritation for her, became what she called, yet another thing that showed I not only no longer loved her but that I also no longer found her exciting. By that stage I was in no mood to either argue with her, or remind of how differently she had once felt about it...

So, given the excitement both Danith and I had built up between us she probably expected that our fuck would not only be furious, but be as fast as she had asked for - and it certainly started out that way. Whatever it was that had triggered our initial attraction had by then had more than enough time to fire up our much more deeply seated passions; the all too brief time in the lift had added still more fuel, and then watching her strip and offer herself so blatantly had fanned what was by then blazing inside me into a furnace.

Even so, in spite of what she'd said and what I was feeling I still made my first thrust somewhat cautiously, but because her pussy so wet I found my cock driving deep inside her, then when with my second she lifted her legs and wound them around me I accepted she not only knew exactly what she wanted, but expected me to deliver it.

Casting aside all thoughts of finesse or subtlety of technique, and encouraged by the urgent yanking tugs of her legs, I pounded in and out of her, grunting and gasping as I drove myself to do it fast and hard. For the first few minutes I felt the deliriously shock-like thrills she gave me with her tight and rhythmically clenching pussy, thrills so amazingly strong that at one stage I thought they might trigger a much quicker than usual climax. Then I realised that Danith's was building even faster than my own; I felt her body tensing, saw the unblinking stare she'd been holding me in, glazing, heard her breathing change to a series of faster, almost staccato gasps, and then, with a slowly rising cry of ecstatic release her orgasm overwhelmed her.

Although to avoid foreshortening her pleasure in any way I dramatically slowed my pace, I continued thrusting, then, shifting my position I used a variety of actions that I thought might in fact lengthen her climactic responses; pulling out of her and lifting myself a little higher so I could rub my cock-head back and forth against her stiffly jutting clitoris, pushing just the head back inside and using shorter, faster jabbing thrusts between her puffily swollen pussy-lips, slowly burying my entire cock inside then grinding my pelvis down against her.

It all seemed to work, her cries changed to what sounded like plaintively mewling yelps interspersed with low moans of utter disbelief and although she continued trying to jerk her body up against me I could tell from both her lack of coordination and the incredulous expression on her face that her actions were actually being driven by a far stronger force.

It was only when we both finally felt the first, but still unmistakable signs of my own impending orgasm that she seemed to regain some purposeful response. 'Aaah!' she sighed. 'So you are human! I was beginning to doubt that. Now, you must allow me to do the rest for you.' she added, pulling herself off me and quickly flipping over on to her hands and knees.

I gave a quick downward glance at myself, seeing how her free flowing juices had stickily coated not only the darkly bloated head but even the entire length of the vein-knotted shaft, then felt her hand reaching back and urging me forward to her waiting pussy. 'Hold yourself still, I will provide your finale.' she said huskily as she rocked backwards and slipped it back inside her.

She did just that! Energetically, but apparently using some sort of sixth sense to gauge my swiftly rising need that gave her an uncanny ability to pace and change her movements to meet it. At first she did variations of what I had. Pushing herself back until she had the entire length of my cock jammed in her pussy, then slowly undulating and rotating her hips so its lining grazed against its head. Then pulling forward until she felt her pussy-lips nudging the rim of my cock-head and using just short, sharp movements to push herself back and forth over it.

Although the thrills I had felt while I was fucking her had been fantastic, I think that just knowing that whatever Danith was doing then was purely for my pleasure somehow heightened and intensified the effects. It certainly felt like it! Whatever move she made, no matter how small, sent shock-like thrills surging right through my body, and every now and then, when she did something a little more purposeful, the resulting sensations were actually almost too strong to bear.

Given the total amount of stimulation my body had by then received it's not really surprising that it wasn't too long before we both felt my cock jerking as the pressure inside me began rising even higher. Then, as I felt both the onset of that all too familiar deep rising surge and my achingly full balls being drawn up against the base of my cock, she braced herself and began thrusting her still rhythmically clenching pussy forcefully backwards and forwards.

That did it! A few seconds later my cock literally exploded, erupted, blasting what felt like scaldingly hot jets of supercharged semen deep inside her, again, and again, and again, until I felt certain she'd drained every last drop.

As my knees gave way I reached forward and grabbed her hips for support, holding tight as she forced the last few reluctant spurts out of me, at the same time shuddering and gasping as my body struggled to recover from the forces that had shaken it.

She turned her head and looked back over her shoulder at me. 'You were remarkable; I've never met a man with your stamina, a man who could service me so satisfactorily.' I'd never heard a woman describe love-making as 'servicing', but at that moment my mind was far too busy coping with just restoring normal bodily functions for it to register properly. Then when she swung herself around and began eagerly licking the gooey mixture of semen and pussy-juice off my cock, I forgot all about it.

I had been with women who said they quite enjoyed swallowing a man's semen, and women who were not entirely averse to tasting their own juices when kissed after I had been down on them, but I had never, ever met a woman who wanted to do what Danith was doing - and doing so avidly. She went at it like a kid who has been waiting hours for a promised popsicle, the way a man rescued from the desert might suck on a bottle of water; feverishly, for all the world as though her very life depended on it.

Not that I was complaining! Although I was certain she'd drained every last drop of semen from me, my cock was still at least partially engorged, and, to my surprise, still registering what she was doing as being highly pleasurable stimulation. In fact, well before she had finished the scrupulously thorough cleansing process I was utterly amazed to feel the first faint twitches of its revitalisation. When she also felt that Danith looked up at me, her eyes sparkling with her obvious delight, delight that increased when, not too long after that, we both felt the length beginning to re-stiffen.

'Ah yes, both stamina and potency - the perfect combination.' she said after giving my cock several long, final licks. Then, holding it gently in one hand, she rose and led me around to the side of the bed. 'But even so, you should rest a little, I will find you something to eat and drink, to restore your energy. You will have need of it soon.' she added somewhat cryptically.

I lay back and watched as she padded away across the room, enjoying the cheeky taut jiggle of her bottom, then, allowing myself a little time in which to savour the echoes of all that I had just experienced, closed my eyes.

I must have drifted off for a short while because it seemed like only a few seconds before I felt her settling down on the bed beside me. 'Come, stir yourself, I have found a few things for our refreshment.' she whispered.

When I pushed myself up into a sitting position I saw she had put together a tray of things she had found in the kitchen; a cold bottle of wine from the fridge, some biscuits and a couple of good cheeses, a small bowl of nuts and even some fruit, which she had already peeled and sliced. 'That looks appetising; do you happen to run a catering business as well?' I said with a grin.

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