tagErotic HorrorSupernatural Ch. 10

Supernatural Ch. 10


Chapter 10: THE DOLL

It all began with what might in retrospect be seen as what was no more than a rather tasteless joke.

I was best man for a good friend's upcoming wedding and was in the process of making the final arrangements, including of course his stag-night. I had booked a private room at our favourite pub, organised enough food to make sure we were all fed as well as watered and of course had checked and booked the virtually obligatory stripper. But although I was sure we would all have a really good evening there was still a thought niggling away at the back of my mind, that what I'd done would ensure we would have exactly what every other stag-night had - I felt I needed to come up with something, maybe just a very little something that might make it a bit different to all the others.

I have no idea why I came up with the idea I did - although of course I had heard of them at that time I had never even seen one - but although to others it may appear to be a really dumb idea, at the time it seemed to me that presenting Josh with a sex-doll immediately after the stripper had done her stuff would give everyone a really good laugh.

There was a sex shop in a nearby suburb that I had visited a few times for the occasional porn video, so I dropped in one evening on my way home from work. It only took a quick glance around to see the section displaying the dolls and not much longer for me to realise they were absolutely hideous. In fact, apart from their colouring; some blonde, some brunette, some redhead, a few black and one or two Asian, they seemed remarkably similar - probably because the most obvious feature displayed through their packaging was their inanely gaping mouths. I guessed that presenting any one of those at the stag-night would at best be greeted with no more than a few either polite or nervous titters, so I was about to turn away in disappointed distaste when I spotted, high up and quite separate from all of the others, one final box.

What first caught my eye was the faint resemblance of its face to someone I knew - Josh's fiancée. Now there were two separate reasons for me to stop and think carefully before going further. The first would have been obvious to anyone - would using a thing that had a resemblance, no matter how slight, to the guest of honour's wife-to-be be considered either decent or humorous? But I decided that by the time it was presented most of us would either be too high or too drunk to be too concerned. The other thing was much more personal - from the first time Josh had introduced her to us I had secretly been madly in lust with Leona.

I use the word 'lust' advisedly, Leona was nothing like any woman I would ever want as a girl-friend - I thought her shallow, self-opinionated and selfish. But, physically she was a knock-out, and just the thought of maybe one day actually having the opportunity of just holding her in my arms was more than enough to give me a raging hard-on. She was tall, slenderly shapely and had breasts and legs to absolutely die for. Long, blonde hair, a full, girlishly pouty mouth and classically baby-blue eyes completed the picture. She was the absolute epitome of the kind of girl most men only ever see in the porno videos, and there had been far too many nights when the last thing I'd done was to jerk myself off while fantasising about just some of the things she might do for me.

I don't think I had any thought of actually using the doll as a surrogate for the passion I would never be able to fulfil, but then maybe at some purely subconscious level the seed of that idea did take root. But whatever the real reasons I found myself asking the shop assistant about that out of reach doll.

'I really don't know anything about that one,' he said, 'even though it came in earlier this week with one of our normal deliveries. I've never seen a model like it before and it wasn't on the invoice so I'm not even sure it was for us. But it did have a price sticker on it, and it's expensive - I can only presume it has some sort of special features because it's about three times the price of the others.'

'That's OK, it's for a mate's stag-night so price doesn't matter too much - can I have a look at it please?'

He fetched a ladder from the back of the shop and passed it down to me. On closer inspection the face was much less like Leona's than it had first seemed, so although in one way I was a little disappointed I was rather less nervous about the appropriateness of using it at the party. Anyway, I bought it, making sure I tucked the receipt for the ridiculous amount of money in my wallet so I could later repay myself from the stag-night kitty, then took the box home and just popped it in a corner.

It wasn't until three or four nights later, when I had no reason to do anything but stay at home, that I actually thought about it again. At that stage I think what prompted me was the sudden recall of something the sales assistant had said - that there must be some special features that justified the high price. Anyway, I retrieved the box and brought it out to the middle of the lounge-room, turning it over and around, fully expecting to find a list of features and instructions. There was nothing, the outside of the box was totally blank! So, thinking they must inside, I opened one end and slid the contents out on to floor.

But apart from a misshapen heap of what look like latex, there was still nothing; no instructions, no descriptive leaflet, nothing! I was perplexed, and not a little miffed - I'd spent a fair chunk of money on the thing and at that moment was absolutely sure I had simply been cheated. Maybe that's what prompted me to do what I did, some feeling that I should at least get something for what I'd spent - anyway, I picked it up and turned it over, looking for some sort of valve that would allow me to inflate it. I finally found it at the back of the head, partially hidden by the fall of the mid-length blonde wig and even though considering the price of the thing I thought they should have included some sort of hand pump, they hadn't, so I had to resort to good old-fashioned puff.

It was years since I'd last blown up balloons for a party so I had forgotten just how tiring it could be and because the doll was virtually life-size and I needed to take quite frequent breaks I found it took much longer than I'd expected. What made the early stages even more frustrating was that it had apparently been designed to inflate from the feet upwards and as it seemed to have remarkably long legs it took me ages before I saw any real sign of progress. I don't mind admitting that by the time I had blown both of those up I had lost a fair amount of interest in what was beginning to seem like a pretty useless exercise, but I pressed on and guess my enthusiasm went up a notch once I started to see the more interesting bits being filled with air.

Having seen the illustrations on the boxes of the other dolls in the shop I suppose I expected this one's pussy and anus to be just two circular, gaping holes - but they weren't. In fact once I'd got enough puff into it to firmly fill the shape of the two, remarkably attractively rounded buttocks, there was no sign of her anus and I had to ease the globes apart to find it - and was amazed to find that the latex had been moulded into a neatly puckered opening. Turning the thing over I checked out the other important access, and found it had been designed even more skilfully. Not only had the pussy itself been made from what seemed to be interleaved layers of different types of latex, but above it was an all too obvious clitoral ridge and above that a sexily fat pubic mound, neatly furred with a triangle of silkily curly hair. In fact I felt sure that if I had first viewed it in completely different circumstances and in something less than perfect light, I would have probably been able to convince myself it was a real one.

That discovery seemed to reinvigorate me, providing both the enthusiasm and energy to finish blowing it up - and, having seen what a good job had been done in moulding the pussy and buttocks I was particularly eager to see just what sort of breasts the doll had been equipped with.

Of course because the valve was at the back of the head I was denied a really good view of their gradual inflation, but if the combination of what little of them I could see and the image my hands were describing for me about the rest of them, was accurate, they were fantastic! Full - without being unnecessarily bountiful, with a youthfully firm, up-thrusting shape and tipped with prominently rosy-red nipples. In fact they felt so good I found I couldn't wait to get a proper look at them and began blowing with suddenly renewed vigour.

I was close to getting it to what I thought must be fully inflated when I heard something, and froze! At first I thought the long-drawn-out sigh meant it was leaking - but then it stopped. I gave a few more puffs, more for luck than anything else, clamped two fingers around the valve and forced the locking-piece inside it. Then I heard it again - that time it was just a little louder - and again it stopped. Before doing anything else I forced the valve down flush with the casing and then, hoping against hope I wouldn't find a hole or tear somewhere, turned the doll over and laid it down in front of me.

Even though I had already seen various parts of it, seeing it fully inflated for the first time was a real eye-opener; it was really quite beautifully made, and considering what it was, the overall effect was surprisingly sexy. But for me the real heart-stopper was the fact that, as my first sight of it way up on the shelf had made it seem, the face was strikingly similar to Leona's!

I could neither see nor hear any sign of any sort of leakage and stood there looking down at it lying at my feet, the face and body that for months had haunted my fantasies. The face; the eyes that I had longed to see gazing deeply and adoringly into mine, the lips I had imagined either passionately responding to my kiss, or sliding lasciviously down over my cock. The breasts, that until then I had never really been able to clearly picture but had all too often dreamed of holding and fondling. The legs, those incredibly long and almost too perfectly shaped legs that I had frequently longed to feel wrapped tightly around me. And, in between, the core, the pussy that I had somehow known would be tight, juicy, and capable of giving me what could only be described as the ultimate climax.

As I stood there, remembering all the times I had imagined Leona just like that, lying, waiting, I felt my cock thickening, felt it stiffening, and in a matter of what seemed like just a few short moments it was pressing almost painfully against my trousers.

I don't know if I simply rationalised that I should check to make sure that the doll wasn't actually leaking prior to the upcoming stag-night, or if that sudden rush of blood to my cock triggered a deep, long suppressed need. But whatever the cause, I found myself carrying it to my bedroom and stripping off trousers and pants, then taking out the tube of lubricant I kept in the bedside cabinet. Having made sure I'd liberally coated the full, rigidly straining length, I held the doll still as I positioned myself between its legs, and then thrust forward.

For one heart-stopping moment I thought that first push had reopened the cause of the suspected leakage, even as I was thrilling at the feelings the cunningly crafted pussy was providing I heard that same, long drawn-out sighing sound. But again it stopped and the sensations I was getting were far too strong to simply pass-up, and I continued, but, just in case the thing suddenly began deflating, thrust harder and faster than usual.

In my imagination it was Leona's body that was welcoming me, it was her eyes that were sparkling with her rapidly increasing pleasure, her nipples that were tightening in response to her rising excitement, her arms that were holding me tightly, her legs that were rising to grip and pull me down into her, her pussy that was clenching my cock as the first stage of her orgasm began rippling through her.

Then, even as I felt the gut-churning signs of my own impending climax I felt sure I had actually started hallucinating, either that or the long weeks of fantasising about Leona had tipped me over the edge of madness. I realised that the doll was doing all the things I had only imagined Leona would have done! Its eyes were focussed on mine, and sparkling with delighted pleasure. Its arms were wound up around me, holding me tight. Its legs were wrapped around my waist, combining with my thrusting and tugging me even more powerfully down into her. And her pussy was rhythmically gripping me, as though urging my cock to spew the full load of semen that was just about to be pumped up through it.

But whether it was hallucination or madness at that stage it simply didn't matter, and certainly didn't have the power to stop the inevitable - I came - coupled by a long series of hoarse, chokingly guttural grunts, my cock exploded, again, and again, and again, until I must have literally flooded her with semen.

Yet even through the foggily blurring haze that enveloped me as I climaxed I also heard a voice, high-pitched, and crying out with all too obvious exhilaration - 'Yes, yes, that's exactly what I need! Yes, more, more, please give me even more of your miraculously life-giving seed!'

Once finished, I rolled off and lay there as I tried to catch my still unevenly panting breaths. But if I thought that my senses would then start to return to something like normal, I was wrong, the voice that I had rationalised could have only come from inside my sex-addled head, sounded again - and what was truly disturbing, that time I could tell the sound had come from between the full, cherry-red lips of the doll.

Its head had actually turned towards me, the eyes looking straight into mine, then those lips formed a perfectly dazzling smile, and then it said. 'Aah, you have not only blown your breath of life into me, you have now also given me a little of your seed - thank you.'

Even as it spoke I saw a gradual transformation apparently happening; the latex itself seemed to take on a more skin-like hue, the wig seemed softer - the hair hanging more naturally, and the face of the doll became even more animated.

As we well know, when faced with danger or terror most animals have evolved with a choice of two reactions - freeze, or flight. Right then my subconscious systems kicked-in, but rather than leaping up and fleeing from the room, I froze. Even when it pushed itself up off the bed and stood beside it, looking down at me, I could do no more than simply sit there, staring open-mouthed up at it.

It seemed as though it somehow understood my reaction, making no attempt to scare me further by sitting beside me, and before speaking again crossed the room to one of the chairs, sat down, and crossed those long, and now very supple legs. 'I can imagine this is all very strange for you - perhaps even a little frightening. But there is no need of fear, far from it, I am here merely to do your bidding. As I said, you have infused a little of your life into me, I am yours - to do with as you please. The name I have been given is Laurie, and my only purpose, and pleasure, is to give you enjoyment and gratification.' it said quite matter of factly.

I think I tried to say something, I don't know what, but all that came out was a sort of croaking wheeze.

She smiled. 'I suggest that for now you don't bother yourself with questions. Try to merely suspend your natural disbelief. Accept me for what I am, take pleasure from what I can do. There will be plenty of time for questions later - for now, satisfy your needs with me. Of course if I do not fulfil those you can always just get rid of me - though of course I sincerely hope that isn't to be my immediate fate.' she added with a wickedly knowing look in her eyes.

Again I tried to respond, but again nothing intelligible came out, and so she spoke once more. 'What we have just done was certainly pleasurable - and, as I said, your seed has helped me to attain this level of life-like simulation. My understanding is that the more you give me, the greater will be my abilities - so I think we each have a mutual interest in your degree of virility and potency. I will certainly do all I can to ensure my physical appeal to you and hope you will be frank as to how I can best enhance whatever you wish me to do for you.'

I literally pinched myself to make sure I wasn't actually dreaming, and when the sharp pain in my thigh convinced me I wasn't, although I couldn't keep the sheer incredulity out of my voice I did finally managed to put two words together. 'Do you really expect me to believe that you have somehow come to life?'

'Life-like Mike, life-like. Although in most areas of the kind of life you live my skills and abilities are extremely limited, here, with you, and in matters of sexual performance, I am as, if not even more life-like than most women you have ever known. As I will be more than happy to prove to you.' she added with the same wickedly mischievous smile she had given me a few moments earlier.

'So, and let me get this straight, you're just a life-like fucking machine. Is that what you're telling me?'

'At this stage, yes, that's more or less right. Though, as I said, my feeling is that the more seed you give me, the more truly life-like I will become. But only time, and the level of our physical activities will prove if I am right about that. And as to that, let me say that if you could find me as desirable as you obviously did even when I was still totally inanimate, I think you will have little trouble in being more than fully satisfied with me now that I can contribute much more actively.'

Although I still wasn't convinced I had neither gone mad nor was simply hallucinating, I couldn't deny that even though I'd just had what felt like a totally draining orgasm, just the sight of her sitting there was certainly getting to me. But then that probably really wasn't too surprising, after all, for weeks I'd had no more than a fantasised image of Leona to masturbate to, now it seemed I had a 'life-like', totally naked, and obviously all too willing version sitting near me.

Maybe the doll - Laurie, somehow understood what was happening to me, because after just a few moments silence, she spoke again. 'So, would you like me to demonstrate just a little of what I am capable of?' she added as she pushed herself up off the chair.

I struggled unsuccessfully to resolve the conflicting emotions I felt as I watched her coming closer; on the one hand, what was happening was simply impossible and I should simply reject it - on the other, this epitome of everything I found sexy in a woman was approaching my bed-side and I wanted her. But, if there had in fact ever been any doubt as to which of the two would actually prove stronger, when she bent forward over me, took one of my hands and lifted it to her breast, I surrendered.

It was warm, warm and with unbelievably silky smooth skin, and, as my fingers gently tightened around it, I found the flesh beneath that skin felt firm, firm yet yielding. 'Aah, that feels good Mike.' she sighed softly. 'For now, please be gentle, there will be times when you can do whatever you wish with me, but for now, be tender.'

Just the feel of her breast was so good I was more than happy to comply and lifted my other hand so I could caress both of them - and for a few minutes we did no more than that, she bending forward so I could fully enjoy just stroking and fondling her.

But although she made sounds of her own obvious enjoyment of what I was doing, in hindsight I think she was also using that time to allow my physical responses to recharge themselves because once she sensed some subtle change in the nature of my fondling I felt her hand reaching down, then sliding slowly up between my legs. My cock twitched as her fingers lightly brushed against it, then did so a little more strongly as they gently encircled and began pulling the loose skin down along it. 'Wouldn't you like to kiss my breasts, suck my nipples Mike? I would very much like you to do that for me.' she whispered provocatively as she bent a little lower.

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