Supernatural: Watch Over Me Ch. 01


"I like what's in the shirt." He thought to himself. "I get it. It spells out Nerdy. N for nitrogen, Er for Erbium, and Dy for Dysprosium."

"Very good! You know your elements." She smiled brightly. "Are you into science?" She could tell he was a very intelligent guy and she found that so sexy. Hot, intelligent guys made her so wet, and Sam was definitely having that affect on her.

"Nobody can be into science as much as you!" Jessi blurted out where she still stood at the grill with Dean. "If it was a man you'd screw it! But on second thought, we don't need any more nerds to reproduce!"

Dean turned to look at Jessi. "She took the words right outta my mouth! I think I love this woman!" He thought to himself.

"Whatever!" Nikki waved off her older sister. "She's just jealous that I use my head for more than a hat rack."

"Oh, real original nerd girl!" Jessi scoffed as she watched Dean put some hot dogs on the grill.

"So what do you do for a living Sam?" Nikki turned her body away from her sister to face him, folding her knees in front of her on the picnic bench. She was fascinated by him with his honey-colored hair and deep hazel eyes. She wanted to know all about him.

He noticed how she turned toward him and moved slightly closer. A slight blush spread across his face as he fumbled for the words to tell her what he did for a living. He sure couldn't tell her that he hunted demons and ghosts. "Well, I..uh. That is, I-"

Dean cleared his throat to get Sam's attention. He knew that his brother was about to spill the beans about what they really did for a living to this gorgeous woman. Sam finally looked up to meet his brother's gaze, but the words didn't form in his mouth. Nikki had him all tongue tied.

"Sam doesn't want to brag." Dean spoke up. "But he was studying to become a lawyer."

Sam gave Dean a relieved look. He knew his quick thinking older brother would come through.

"A lawyer! Wow!" Nikki smiled, propping her head up on one bent arm. She was really intrigued by him now. "Where did you go to school?"

"Stanford." Sam stretched his arm out on the table parallel to her bent elbow. "I was about to go on a law school interview when family business came up."

"That's sooo cool!" Nikki stared into his eyes. When she realized that she was staring a little too long, she blushed and looked away quickly.

"So what do you do for a living?" Sam asked, lightly touching her elbow.

She looked up to meet his gaze again. Her blue eyes scanned his handsome face, and she could feel the butterflies in her stomach flutter by his light and unexpected touch. "I work part-time in the biology lab at Kansas University. My major is biology, with a minor in computer programming."

"How do you have time for all that?" His mouth dropped.

"The girl hasn't been laid in years, so she has nothing but time!" Jessi blurted out as she helped Dean get the hot dogs off the grill. "As a matter of fact she's..." Jessi's sentence seemed to trail off.

Nikki turned and gave her older sister a look that could kill. Nikki turned to look at Sam with tears forming in her eyes. "Excuse me." She quickly stood up and ran across the patio and through the back door.

"Was it something I said?" Jessi laughed as she and Dean brought the food over to the table where Sam sat. "I guess the truth hurts."

"Shouldn't someone go see if she's ok?" Sam asked, glancing toward the back door where Nikki had disappeared through.

"Nah." Jessi scoffed. "She's just very sensitive. She'll be ok in a little while. She just needs some time to brood."

"Yeah, I know what that's like." Dean looked straight at Sam. "Those brooding types can be mentally draining."

"I'm gonna go see if I can find her." Sam frowned at Dean and Jessi as they sat down to eat. "You know, you two are just alike! You are truly made for each other!" He said as he stood up and went through the back door.

To Be Continued

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