tagFetishSupersize Me Ch. 02

Supersize Me Ch. 02


My hand was shaking as I clicked on the e-mail from Jo. So many thoughts were running through my head (not to mention the juices flowing in my panties), what if Jo had some how nailed the biggest cock on night one of the competition. I was torn between the desire to see yet another massive cock and the hesitancy of finding out that Jo was winning.

The e-mail went something like this:

"Hi Cathy. Well last night proved to be a BIG hit for me. I went down to the gym as per usual for a hard workout not expecting too much action as I know most of the guys wouldn't stack up in our little competition but boy was I in for a BIG surprise. When I arrived I noticed a guy who I hadn't seen there before. He name was Brody and he was tall, about 6" 3 broad shouldered, had long blonde hair, was well tanned and get this, he was wearing tight gym shorts that showed off his obviously huge package. Now normally I would have just laughed but hey with our little competition having started I sidled up to this big stud and introduced myself.

One thing led to another and before long we had fucked off our gym session and got down to getting to know each other a bit better back at my place. We were soon fucking like there was no tomorrow (see photos) and I tell you this guy almost split me in two with his huge cock.

Any way enough of that, the big news is that you can mark me down for an 11inch cock. Yes, can you believe it this guy had an 11inch prick and boy could he use it. He fucked my tits, my pussy and I even let him have a go at my arse but that was never really going to work but it was fun trying.

I hope you have as much fun looking at the photos as we had taking them!"

I opened the photos and my jaw dropped in disbelieve. There as Jo and this guy with a massive cock. Jo and Brody had obviously decided to play up to the camera knowing that I would get to see them. The first few had Jo undressing Brody finally reviewing his massive manhood. Jo was playing up by putting her hands to her lips in mock horror at being confronted by this monster. Finally they were both naked Jo with her rock hard nipples and him with his steel rod like cock.

One photo had Jo with a ruler along his cock and yes it did read 11inches. She had this look on her face in that photo which just screamed out "how do you like that one Cathy, suffer!" I was feeling many emotions, I was angry that Jo was winning, I was delirious with lust looking at my best friend with her two hands wrapped around a huge cock and I was determined that she wouldn't get the better of me in this competition.

The last couple of photos were of Jo in various positions. In one she was straddling Brody with just the tip of cock in her as he lay on his back. Jo looked confident even cocky. In the next photo Brody had slammed his massive prick all the way into Jo. The expression on her face had changed dramatically. She looked pensive, she was biting her bottom lip and her eyes were slightly bulging. No wonder with a cock that big stuffing her pussy I'm sure it wasn't the only thing bulging!

By now I was driving two fingers in out of my own dripping pussy and sucking my right nipple as I brought myself to a wonderful screaming climax. Soon I was back in control and I decided to e-mail my photos to Jo even if Ed had come up an inch or two short I wasn't about to let Jo think that I was serious about this competition.

The couple of weeks proved disappointing. The guys I met could talk up a big cock story but when it came to the crunch they all came up short or the impressive mark set earlier by Jo who was likewise having trouble topping her first big night.

Looking for a change of luck I decided to head to the beach at least that way I thought that I might get to see a bit more of the 'goods' before I committed myself to a bit of action. I'd been there for about 10 minutes just long enough to strip off and apply suntan lotion when I saw a cute looking guy exiting the water. At first look he was very yummy. Broad shoulders, narrow waist, muscular legs but it was only as he got closer did I see was must have been his best asset, his swimmers were obviously having trouble keeping his massive package together as it bulged almost obscenely.

He sat about 10 meters from me and toweled himself off occasionally steeling a glance in my direction. I thought what the hell I need this guy so I removed my bikini top revealing my 44inch tits to him before slowly applying lotion to first my left breast and then my right. With my tits being so huge I had to hold each one in one hand as I massaged the lotion in with the other. The feeling was sensational and my nipples responded by becoming rock hard and pointing skyward.

This was enough for the poor guy. He wondered over and sat beside me and introduced himself as Tim. We made some small talk before I asked him to put some lotion on my back. He almost fell over in his rush to get into position. I got onto my knees and stood up and he positioned himself behind me. He slowly applied the lotion with his big strong hands rubbing my shoulders in the process. Soon he was reaching over massaging my tits and squeezing my nipples which was turning me on immensely. This was fantastic but I needed to know if this guy was a contender or a pretender when it came to the competition so I reached behind me and felt for his cock.

My hand had no trouble finding its target, this guy was big. But was he big enough? That was the question. I felt his cock growing and bulging as I slowly rubbed his shaft through his lycra swimmers. The poor guy was breathing hard urging me on but the beach was no place to take this any further so I suggested that we head back to his place which he said was only a couple of minutes away. As we got up I turned and saw the damage my playing had done. The poor guy was left with a raging hard on that you couldn't beat with a stick and what was a sign of things to come it looked like he had already come but I knew he hadn't so what was going on with his swimmers drenched in a sticky fluid was beyond me.

When we got back to Tim's house he grabbed me and we kissed, a long lingering, lust filled kiss. I was beyond excited at this stage as we started to undress each other. As Tim removed by bikini top he saw for the first time my massive set of tits. His hands were all over them followed by his tongue. I helped out by squeezing them together as he feasted on my huge breasts.

After a few minutes of allowing Tim to have his way with my tits I thought enough was enough.

"So you like girls with big tits do you?" I casually asked.

"These aren't big, they're enormous!" yelled Tim as he continued suck and massage my tits.

"OK, so they're enormous but what about you big boy, I felt something pretty impressive in those swimmers down at the beach. Care to show me exactly what that was," I asked.

"Cathy you are about to be blown away lady, literally," said Tim as he stepped back and undid his swimmers.

Tim revealed a beautiful big strong cock that was pulsating with excitement. Precum was literally oozing from it as he stood in front of me proudly stroking it to its full length. Impressive as it was I couldn't hide my disappointment.

"What's wrong baby, aren't you impressed?" questioned Tim.

"Oh baby I am, I really am but you see it's not quite big enough for me to win the competition," I told Tim.

"What fucking competition?" Tim asked.

I went on to explain the competition Jo and I were having including the part where Jo had fucked a guy with an 11 inch cock and was currently leading. I even showed him the photo of Brody and Jo to show that I wasn't making any of this up.

"Boy, you're right that is a mighty big cock on that guy. I only come in at around 9.5inches but I can tell you that the guy in the photo may have a bigger cock but he sure doesn't have a set of these on him," said Tim proudly as he dropped his swimmers completely to reveal the biggest set of balls I had ever seen. They were the size of lemons and hung well down beneath his huge cock.

"Oh my God Tim, they are huge!! Can I touch them?" I stammered.

"Sure baby but you'll need two hands," boasted Tim.

I dropped to my knees in front of Tim and carefully cupped each of his balls in one of my hands. The weight was unbelievable. I lent forward and with one hand gripping his shaft and pulling it up towards his chest I placed my lips around one of his balls and began to suck. Next I began stoking his shaft in rhythm with my sucking.

"Fuck that feels good, suck my balls harder, that feels so fucking good," yelled Tim.

"Do you like that do you big stud? Are you going cum soon?" I enquired.

"Baby I don't know what you have seen in the past but I can tell you that you won't have seen anything like it when I cum, know just keep going and work that cock baby, oh work that cock!!" exclaimed Tim.

I moved my mouth to his cock and having run my tongue up its length took the head in my mouth and jerking him off with both hands sucked him like I never sucked a cock before.

Tim returned the favour by reaching down and inserting two then three and finally four fingers into my dripping pussy and fucking me with his right hand. With his other hand he ran it through my long blonde hair as I rocked back and forth taking his huge prick in my mouth. Suddenly I could feel his cock pulsating and growing even bigger.

"Squeeze my big balls baby, I'm going to cum," demanded Tim.

"Is it going to be a big load honey? Have you got a big load to shoot from that cannon of yours," I teased.

"Baby I going to cum like a river, where do you want it, where baby where?" screamed Tim.

"Cum on bit titties Tim and all over my pretty little face, fucking do it you balled stud, cum all over me!!" I yelled.

Tim took a couple of steps back to give himself some room and with one hand stroking his cock and the other squeezing his balls he erupted and cum gushed from his cock. I couldn't believe it as load after load of cum arched through the air and blasted into my tits, first my left one and then the right.

"Fuck you're like a geyser, keep going cover my tits you big stud," I moaned as I massaged Tim's hot cum into my body. But still he kept cumming.

Finally as the last of the shots landed on my belly Tim embraced me. I looked down and saw that I was completely drenched with hardly a dry spot from the top of my head to my belly. My 44inch tits were no match for a stud like Tim and dripped cum.

"That was awesome, I've never seen anything like that before. Can you cum again?" I said.

Tim just looked me in the eye and smiled. He didn't need to say a word as he cock had already begun to grow.

I asked Tim to take some photos of me covered in cum so that I would at least have something to show for my day at the beach.

Tim was an amazing fuck, and fuck we have many times since this first meeting and each time I amazed at his ability to cum in gallons but I still needed to find that one big cock. That cock that would be put me in the lead.

My meeting with my future husband and date with a 13inch monster is not far away so please let me know if you want to hear how we meet and how the competition concluded. If you want to hear more about my exploits with Tim please let me know what you would like to hear about the boy who cums like a geyser.

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