tagChain StoriesSuperstitions Ch. 07

Superstitions Ch. 07

byMy Erotic Tail©

Dustin's lips enveloped Maggie's hard, pointing nipples then he suckled them gently. Her moans of approval were all he needed to hear to start his hand's upward glide between her legs. She opened them wider and allowed his fingers to find their target. His pressing palm pushed into her puss through her tight, short, cut off jeans. She tossed her head back and her braided pigtails fell behind her.

She felt his tongue make circles over her breasts while his fingers unfastened the buttons on her shorts. She brought her head forward to watch his eager tongues twirling. His playful nips at various spots on her soft plump breast sent her desires soaring.

He sat up straight and gave her denim shorts a tug and they slowly worked their way past her hips then came off in a wisp. His smile grew wider as his eyes feasted on her neatly shaven bush. His head dove towards her waiting puss and began lapping at her slit, anxiously.

"Oh God, I love it when you do that," Maggie said as she shifted her ass from side to side. Her country accent was sharp and her ass scratched a bit from the hay straw stored in the loft of the barn. Dustin licked her wildly and sucked at her clit trying to arouse her fully. It was working.

Maggie spread her legs wide and reached down and pulled Dustin's hair tightly into her puss excitedly. Driving her hips upward into his face more and more.

"You want me?" Maggie asked in a low tone.

Dustin raised his head from between her legs. Looking at her wide eye'd and licking his lips. "I thought you were saving yourself for marriage?" Dustin asked with curiosity.

"Were getting married, right?" Maggie asked. Her top pulled up over her breasts, her fingers were twisting at each of her nipples. Her head tilted downwards as her eyes looked upward at Dustin with a sensual smile.

"Yeah as soon as I finish my courses in the spring. It's you and me and Las Vegas." Dustin said smiling, pulling his shirt up over his head as he watched Maggie play with her breasts.

"Then, I saved myself for you and if you want me you better hurry I'm losing that feeling." Maggie said with a wicked grin. Dustin didn't hesitate his hands unfastened his pants and slung them off in record time. Crawled between Maggie's legs and began kissing her lips, cheek, neck and shoulder repeatedly. She slowly laid back into the hay. Dustin fixed his cock to point at her as he took the first finger and pulled her pussy lips apart then guided his hard cock into her slit. Slowly, he eased into her more.

Her breath became short and her fingers tightened around each of his arms. His pressing cock drove deeper inside of her. Her head shot to her left as she bit into her bottom lip. Closed her eyes tighter than her fingers grasp of Dustin's biceps.

His trusts became stronger and driving into her deeper as she spread her legs by grabbing her legs and pulling them outward. Dustin began panting and humping excitedly, rapidly and wild.

A noise came from the barn. Both Dustin and Maggie froze. They both heard it, not sure what it was they looked at each other frozen stiff, listening. Then they heard a faint sound, Dustin rolled off of Maggie and they both lay silent and still, peering into the depths of the barn's open interior.

The sound of flapping wings got louder as an Owl flew to it's perch just above them in the rafters. Maggie and Dustin lay still and watched the solid white Owl that had flown not 6 feet from where they lay. It's large peering eyes pierced the two love birds as if waiting for movement. Moving its head back and forth to get a better look, the Owl spread its wings then folded them under itself even tighter. It's large, golden eyes blinked a couple times then peered at Dustin then at Maggie. The Owl's long, sharp and intimidating talons dug into the wooden beam that stretched across the barns loft.

"Maggie... dinners ready, MAGGIE!" Came the call from the house. Maggie looked at Dustin and the Owl took flight. Dustin and Maggie watched it fly out of the barn. It's wide wing span barely flapped, it glided downward and out of the barns livestock entry.

"Dang, did you see that?" Maggie asked excitedly.

"Sure did, that was way cool," Dustin said while looking Maggie up and down. Maggie smiled and began getting dressed quickly.

"I gotta go, I'll call you tonight," Maggie said as she went to dart off then turned around and went back and kissed Dustin then descended down the ladder and ran to the house. Dustin lay hid with a smile on his face.


Supper was laid out on the dining room table, Southern Fried Chicken pieces piled on a large white platter, mashed potatoes, Gravy, fresh from the garden green beans and biscuits covered with a kitchen towel for warmth. Maggie hastily rushed towards the wash room passing the dining room.

"Hey Grand pa," Maggie yelled as she shot down the hall.

"Oniwa, Mag pie," The elderly Indian man replied as he found his seat and pulled the chair out. The family began sitting down, Mr. Parker sat at the head and Mrs. Parker sat opposite of him. Maggie's two sisters, Vicky and Stacy sat across from each other. Vicky sat next to Grand pa. Maggie ran in and sat next to Stacy.

"Lets eat," Mr. Parker exclaimed and the hands and arms started crossing the table. Passing bowls and plates, scooping and passing. Smiles and 'thank you' were passed around as well.

"So, who lost they're virginity today?" Grand pa spat while scooping up potatoes as he looked around the table. Mr. Parker was sitting with his mouth wide open, frozen. He had started to take his first bite when he heard those words and hadn't moved since. Vicky never batted an eye, as if she didn't hear him, she was 23 and well known for sharing her virtues. Maggie was 21 and a student at the junior college, Stacey was 19 and sitting in her seat snickering as if she had just been caught.

"What ever made you say such a thing, Dad," Mrs. Parker blurted in total shock.

"I saw the Snow Owl while I was walking over this afternoon," Grandpa spat. Then took a bite as if he hadn't said anything wrong. Everyone else was glancing back and forth in shock but tolerated the old man's bluntness.

"I saw a white Owl today Grand pa, in the barn." Maggie said and began eating. The sound of utensils scraping plates began to sound again as they all began to feast.

"What were you doing in the barn?" Mrs. Parker asked Maggie.

"I don't think we should use words like virginity, during supper time," Mr. Parker added his two cents.

"I didn't see any Owl," Vicky said just to keep the subject going.

"So your a woman now," Grand pa looked at Maggie smiling and chewing. Mrs. Parker glared at Maggie. Stacy looked at Maggie too only she was smiling.

"Why do you say that?" Maggie asked her Grand father. Taking a bite of chicken waiting for the old mans reply. Grand pa was always direct, it was his Indian Heritage that mostly intrigued the girls. Mr. Parker tolerated his wife's father for his senior years. The Old man began to speak as he finished swallowing his food. His long braided gray hair swung slightly as he turned to Maggie.

"If you see, a white Owl during the day, it means someone close to you lost their virginity," Grand pa said with a very serious look on his face. His sunken ancient brown eyes gazed softly upon Maggie then he smiled.

"I don't believe in that superstitious mumbo jumbo," Mr. Parker spat.

"Daddy's always been a tale weaver when it comes to wooded animals." Mrs. Parker said to Mr. Parker.

"Owls bring omens of mischance and death. An owl hooting from a housetop at night meant the person inside was about to die. An owl screeching at a baby's birth foretold that baby's life as a witch, or its death." Grand pa stated.

"Owls make me think of witchcraft and Halloween. 'Eye of owl' a main ingredient in my witch's brew." Vicky said with dramatics in a scary way and they laughed but Mr. and Mrs. Parker did not.

"Settle down and eat," Mrs. Parker said abruptly.

"A white owl seen during the day light hours means some one close to you has lost their vir..." Grand pa looked at Mr. Parker. "Virtue." Everybody chuckled including Mr. Parker. "An owl Hooting at night is a wise spirit trying to tell you of your future, good and bad. Listen to it's tone and it will tell you." Grand pa said then dove back into his meal.

The three Daughters kept glancing at each other, Vicky shot Stacy a look and Maggie shot both of them a look. Stacy rolled her eyes at Maggie and they all three giggled while two of them was trying to figure out who the mystery person could be. Maggie played along to confuse them.

"How can an owl...'spirit'... tell you this?" Mrs. Parker asked with disbelief as she looked at her father then her husband smiling.

"Owls are an omen actually, a message from the Spirit world to communicate with us in the physical world. You either listen or you don't. Owls speak to those who give a 'Hoot'." Grand pa said with a chuckle then took another bite of supper.

Maggie took a bite too and began winking at her sisters secretly. Stacy's mouth fell open then closed quickly as not to give it away. Vicky just snickered with a slight head shaking. Mr. and Mrs. Parker were engrossed in a fixed stare at each other while Grand Pa ate happily and content with his wisdom.

Just then, in the distance they all heard the 'Hoot of an Owl. They all froze, no one moved, then they all broke out in laughter. Even Grand Pa which made everything okay.

"And what does it mean when your eating supper and hear an Owl?" Mr. Parker asked with a slight quirk in his voice.

"Daddy!" Stacy blurted at her fathers question.

Grand pa looked at Mr. Parker and smiled as he put a bite of food in his mouth. The family patiently waited while grand pa chewed his food. All were waiting to hear if there was a reason for the Owls 'hoot.'

"The Owl that 'hoots' during a meal..." Grand pa began, "Is angry for not being invited therefore you shall find more white specs on your car tomorrow." Everyone busted out laughing except for Mr. Parker who shot Mrs. Parker a look and she quieted her laugh to a snicker.

"Oh my, those birds do leave they're mark on my car and I always wondered why," Mr. Parker said and the family all laughed together. The tension eased and the dining room became quiet other than utensils scraping dinner ware.


Maggie turned out the light on her night stand, next to her bed. Pulling the covers up around her neck she snuggled up into a ball there in the darkness.

"Hoot..whoo..whoo," the call of a distant Owl broke the silence. Maggie's eyes shot wide open then a grin spread across her lips.

"Tattle tell," Maggie said to herself, snickering, then curled up and fell into slumber, with thoughts of her day.

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