tagChain StoriesSuperstitions Ch. 09

Superstitions Ch. 09


"Rob!" Nikki called from the pool. "Will you grab me a mineral water on your way out?!" She swiveled her head from the inflatable lounger, glancing up to see if he heard her. Seeing his wave through the window, she stretched back out in the sun, the simple movement causing small waves to lap and lull her back into a contented daze. The warmth of the sun licked deliciously along her flesh as oiled skin glistened from the gentle movement of the water.

Rob glanced outside at his wife, a broad grin crossing his face as she sunbathed nude in their secluded backyard. "Thank God for National Nude Day," he chuckled, pulling a chilled bottled of mineral water from the fridge along with a long-necked beer. "Otherwise she'd never be caught dead in the pool like that." Nikki was not an exhibitionist by any means but she was overly superstitious and believed in celebrating all the holidays that came around, even the ones no one usually knew about. Hell, they were running out of places to plant trees on Arbor Day! Some of her quirks were carried just a bit too far but Rob adored her and complied.

Carrying the drinks outside, Rob popped the top off his beer and took a swig before setting it down. "Rob!" he heard, turning to look in Nikki's direction. "Why are you still dressed?!" She almost looked distraught and he grinned as she continued, "For Pete's sake, you've got to go the whole day nude. It's the rule!" Nikki rolled her eyes and spread her legs a bit so the sun could warm hr inner thighs. Rob couldn't help but stare hungrily at her delectable twat now open a bit for his viewing pleasure. Nikki kept it trimmed close and shaped in a sexy arrow pointing right to where he wanted his lips to be.

Quickly shedding his own clothes, he couldn't help but glance around the backyard. Even though it was well secluded behind a high fence and a lush spread of trees, Rob couldn't help but feel very exposed. As delectable as Nikki looked floating in nothing but golden-hued flesh and dark swirling hair, he was glad Nude Day only came around once a year. If it wasn't for his wife being so superstitious, he wouldn't be taking it this far! Grabbing both his beer and his wife's mineral water, he stepped into the water, his semi-hard cock shrinking instantly as the cold water touched his flesh. "God damn, that's cold!" he hissed, slowly sinking lower into the water as he headed to where Nikki was lazily basking in the sun.

Her gentle laughter wafted in the breeze as she glanced over at her husband, her green eyes hungrily drifting over his rock-hard form; sculpted muscles kissed by an almost hairless skin, large shoulders drifting down to a tapered waist and flat hips settled on top of strong muscled thighs. Nikki's grin drifted upwards on rose-hued lips as she took the bottle of mineral water extended out to her, Rob's free hand stroking up her inner thigh to the sun-kissed pussy warm from the sun's rays. "Feeling a bit frisky?" she teased.

"How could I not with you lying there like that?" he growled low, leaning over to capture a hot hardened nipple in his mouth. "You look so fucking hot." His tongue swirled in lazy motions around her puckered flesh and was rewarded by the sound of a soft mew coming from Nikki's throat, her head pushing back into the float as she arched up to offer him more, long lashes fluttering closed over jade eyes.

"What time is it?" she asked through a husky moan.

"Huh?" Rob couldn't believe her sense of timing, his mouth pulling off her nipple as he stood upright in the pool next to her inflatable lounger and looked down at her puzzled. "That's an odd question when I'm working on fucking you, Nikki."

Emerald eyes shot open as she looked at him, her skin obviously flushed with both the kiss of the sun and the desires that he had awoken within her. "Rob, I told you ... if we want to have a healthy baby, we have to have sex at midday when the sun is the highest. Today, that's at 2:03!"

"Nikki!" Rob's exasperated sigh reached her ears as he stared down at her. "You know, this is getting old. You and these fucking superstitions!" He pushed away from her and stalked over to the steps of the pool, sinking down and pulling on his beer, taking long swallows.

Nikki softly sighed and glanced over at the clock – 1:30. Biting down on her lip as she calculated the time in her head, she rolled off the lounger and gasped as the cold water stung at her heated skin. Sinking down quickly to her chin to take the chill away, her gaze settled on her gorgeous husband sulking on the steps of the pool. A little smile kissed her lips as she started easing over to him, keeping her body hidden beneath the water, raven tresses floating along behind her until heavy-laden with water and then sinking down slowly to cling to her back.

Rob watched her out of the corner of his eye even as he tipped the bottle for another swig of beer. God she irritated the shit out of him sometimes but she was so fucking beautiful! He could feel his cock twitch underneath the water even as he feigned disinterest as she slowly approached him. Another drink from the bottle and she was almost on top of him and he couldn't help but reach out for her.

"I'm sorry," she whispered, slithering between his thighs. "I just want this baby so much." Nikki's lips caressed over his and then down to his chin, trailing along the line of his strong jaw to nibble on his earlobe. She was rewarded with a soft moan as her husband shifted beneath her, drawing her between his legs as he reclined a bit on the steps of the pool. "Please don't be mad," she breathed into his ear.

Rob leaned a little to the left, setting his beer on the side of the pool before both hands slid over her hips to her rounded ass, squeezing and just letting those lovely cheeks settle into the palms of his hands. "It's just you talked me into this Nude Day shit and now here you are, naked and all wet ... in more ways than one and you're telling me to fucking wait." The exasperation was clearly in his voice even as his head fell back a bit, letting his wife's warm pliant lips trail deliciously down the curve of his throat, moaning as her tongue toyed with his Adam's apple.

Nikki's gaze turned to the clock once more as her tongue traversed over her sexy husband's skin. If she could just time it so ... she could probably get him to cum inside of her at just the right time. She smiled, pulling back a bit, shimmering green eyes locking with his before she turned and settled in the place between his open thighs, her back pressed to his stomach and chest, the back of her head on his shoulder. She could feel his chest heave as he sighed, knowing he was going to have to wait. Nikki's fingers curled around one of his hands and pulled it forward and around, sliding it slowly between her hot thighs, her own breath captured momentarily as she felt his sock twitch in the small of her back.

Rob's mouth lowered to the top of her ear, nibbling as his fingers came to life between her legs, gently stroking her clit until it hardened beneath his touch. He could feel Nikki shiver, a low whimper erupting from her throat as her head pushed back slightly into his shoulder, a grin spreading across his face as he knew how much this turned her on. Tonguing the rim of her ear and then down to her earlobe, first one finger slipped deep inside, between those hot moist folds and then as she writhed in his arms, added one more as his thumb toyed with her throbbing clit.

Nikki's body couldn't help but respond as she shuddering reflexively at the welcome invasion, biting down on her lower lip, feeling her thighs bloom even wider as she glanced back at the clock. Damn thing ... hurry! She could feel his fingers probing deeper and deeper, searching for that perfect spot that would send her over the edge. Soft whimpers from her own lips were his reward as her eyes closed, leaning back against him as her hips begin to move on their own accord beneath the exquisite tutelage of his fingers.

Rob moved his fingers slowly, noticing how quiet his lovely wife was becoming as they teased in the depths of her warm, wet pussy. "You like that, you naughty girl, don't you?" he growled soft in her ear.

Nikki licked her lips as her own fingers slid back on their own accord behind her and between his straddled legs, nodding at his question with a soft purr. "You're not playing fair," she whispered.

Rob groaned squeezing his eyes shut as her fingers made contact with his rigid pole, making it twitch and swell even more in his anxiety to have her. "You know what that will start, Nikki ..." He heard her purr in response as she pushed back a bit, fingers sliding down to fondle and play with his balls. Rob couldn't help but shift, giving her more access even as he growled into her ear. "And you do know," he began, gripping her by the hair, damp and soft in his hand, jerking her head back to his shoulder even as her own fingers begin to lightly stroke him along that throbbing vein, her own hips pumping up to his fingers. "That it can end as quickly as it started," he playfully warned, grinning as she yelped in surprise at the jerk and then moaned as her walls shuddered in surrender to his demanding nature over her body, coating his fingers with her sweet juice.

Nikki whimpered helplessly, thought of the time almost forgotten as her thighs trembled slightly. She turned her head just enough for her velveteen tongue to dart out against his jaw, loving the taste of his flesh. She jerked slightly as his fingers graze over her clit, small trembles rocking her against him as he adds a third finger, filling her completely. Nikki is lost completely, feeling her walls clamp down on them, hips starting to move as if to encourage him to pump them in and out, harder and faster.

And then as suddenly as it started, Rob pulled his fingers out of her and heard her cry of surprise as he pulled away, a slow smile crossing his lips as she turns in between his legs, her eyes wide and glazed with the lust he has created. Glancing to the clock himself, he whispers ... "What time, Nikki? What time do you need my cum in your cunt?"

Nikki moaned and shuddered at his question, feeling her pussy begin to drool and quiver in anticipation of what was to come. "2:03," she whispered, glancing at the clock and then at him.

Rob's eyes glanced over as well, seeing that he had about 16 minutes before her little superstition required his seed. He grinned as he grabbed her and moved towards the side of the pool, hips grinding against hers as her legs reflexively wrapped around him. "Well, we better get started then, you superstitious little slut," he grated into her ear and then set her up on the side of the pool almost roughly.

Nikki gasped as he moved between her thighs, strong hands wrapping around her calves and then pushed back hard to open her up to him, her wet cunt open and throbbing in the blazing sun. She looked down at him, shivering to see that ravenous look take over his handsome face, eyes widening as his hands shoved her thighs wider, pushing back until the tops of her thighs were torturing her aching nipples and then arched, head falling back as his tongue darted out, flicking at her throbbing clit. Trembling fingers slid into his hair, pulling him closer in delirious need as she opened herself reflexively more for his pleasure.

Rob's expert mouth sucked and nipped at her exposed clit before finally clamping down on it with his teeth, glancing up to his lovely slut wife as she jerked and shuddered beneath him. He could feel her fingers curling tightly into his hair, those lovely thighs trembling close to his ears, her hips bucking uncontrollably up against his hot mouth. Glancing to the clock ... 13 minutes ... then back to watching her enjoy his mouth, sucking a bit harder, grinding his teeth into her throbbing little pearl.

Nikki felt his gaze, the intensity between them growing ... anticipation of his taking of her and the explosion of their joining at just the right moment. She couldn't help but get wet again thinking of the baby that would swell in her belly, the product of their love and passions. Moist lips part as she pants for breath, feeling it building ... building ... eyes locking with Rob's as her fingers curl reflexively in his hair, pulling him closer.

Rob tears his teeth from her, his passionate eyes hard as he growls against her swollen lips, "Beg me, Nikki ... NOW!" Then as she cries out, he buries his face back between her legs, attacking her clit in a ferocious hunger.

"Oh god, Rob! Please, don't stop ... please, let me cum!" She cannot stop the rhythm of her hips, pushing up again and again for his tongue, the probing steady pulse of his fingers darting in and out, her mind swirling as she tries to keep from hurtling over that edge he has pushed her to. Her head jerks back, thighs trembling non-stop as she tries desperately not to spiral out of control, fingers curling tighter in his hair as she begs on a desperate husky moan, "God, please Rob ... now!!"

"Cum for me, Nikki ... cum NOW!" he commands harshly into her quivering cunt. Her cries of pleasure pour out between her lips, reverberating across the water and out into their neighborhood, bringing a grin of satisfaction to his lips, glad now he had participated in her Nude Day follies. He can feel her pull him closer as she shudders over his fingers, hot sweet nectar pouring over his tongue and past his lips to dribble onto his chin. His fingers slam deep into her as her hips buck furiously against him, knowing she is unable to stop the moans and tremors.

Nikki gasps, crying out as she feels Rob withdraw his fingers, trembling uncontrollably against his mouth as he continues to suck and nibble on her spasmming lips. She can feel his tongue lapping hungrily at every drop of her cum and then flick playfully over her sensitive clit. She can't help but yelp and jerk away from the exquisite sensations as the tries to gasp for breath, eyes glued to the clock, her heart thudding wildly ... 2 minutes! "Rob!" she cries out as he grips her feet, pulling her closer as he rises up in the water, opening her legs back farther as he drags her to the edge and then slams his cock deep inside her. She screams in mindless pleasure, the time forgotten as her body arches beneath him, walls shuddering uncontrollably as his hard cock sends her over the edge again.

Rob plants his feet at the bottom of the pool, his hips like pistons as he strokes his luscious little wife fast and hard, feeling how close he already is. Reflexively, knowing how much it means to her, glues his eyes to the clock, trying to time his rhythm to the seconds ticking away. Nikki's whimpers and cries of passion are almost more than he can bear, beads of sweat beginning to dot the line of his brow as she pumps in even, quick strokes. He can feel her shuddering beneath him, his eyes willing the clock to hurry the fuck up! 1 minute ... "God damn, Nikki .... Please," he moans, trying to keep his passions in check.

Nikki's thighs tremble helplessly around him, her hips pumping in exquisite rhythm as her eyes lock to the clock, small silver tears lining thick lashes as she moves her gaze to her husband, feeling him timing his explosion just to satisfy her whims. She leans forward, capturing his lips in a searing kiss, whispering against them in a helpless groan, knowing how he is suffering for her ... "I love you Rob." Eyes darting to the clock again, feeling his strokes coming faster ... shorter, her mind willing the second hand to move faster ... "Oh god, please ..." she pleads and then as it ticks achingly slow to the upright position on the twelve, she cries out, tossing her head back, hips thrusting up eagerly to his, impaling herself upon his throbbing cock, "NOW ROB, NOW!!"

Needing no further encouragement, he explodes deep inside her, filling her with his hot cum, slamming into her hard, her ass scraping along the side of the pool. He can hear her scream out, her nails digging into his shoulders as his own cry of passion joins hers. Rob groans loudly, feeling thick ropes of pearly cum shoot and smother her walls in a coat of delicious hot cream. His fingers tighten on her hips, driving his cock again and again until the spasms begin to subside, pulling her off the edge of the pool and into the water, both of them sinking down to their chins as lips and bodies meet in a passionate embrace.

"Oh Rob ..." Nikki's voice trails off as her arms and legs enfold him, feeling him tremble against her body. "I love you so fucking much. Happy Nude Day."

The deep rumble of his laughter bounces off the pool as he pulls her closer, nibbling on her sensuous lips as he whispers, "Now if that doesn't produce a baby, then I don't know what will." Their laughter was caught up in the sweetness of their kiss as bodies melded together as one once more.

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