tagChain StoriesSuperstitions Ch. 12

Superstitions Ch. 12


Chapter 12: Digital Cameras Steal Bytes of Your Soul

"It's a digital camera, it's not going to steal your soul. Although it might change your sexuality, so you might want to be careful there," I say with a smirk. New models are often a challenge to porn photographers, but I tend to use humor to break the ice with them. It's also important that I seem comfortable and confident because it translates to how the models feel. Hardcore photos are difficult enough to shoot; breaking in a new model on top of that has me on my toes.

Jeff blushed a little and looked at me bashfully from under a fringe of hair. Twinks are adorable with their smooth skin and virtual hairlessness. I'm personally very comfortable with being bisexual although I tend to prefer women. Twinks are almost something in-between male and female and it appeals to me. However, this is a gay scene and these boys, insofar as I am aware, are complete fags. No interest in a female photographer whatsoever. That's fine. I will admit to being fairly intimidated with men I don't know very well on my set who are straight; particularly if I'm shooting alone. It's terribly unfair to the professionalism of the men I work with, I realize, but it's really a rather subconscious dread.

The man before me turned and posed again. While we were waiting for Jake to arrive I was just shooting a few fully clothed pics. There were plenty of memory cards for me to play with and I wanted to break the boy of his "deer in headlights" look before he had to perform. "I think my soul would go before I forgot I prefer boys," Jeff finally quipped back after a silence that was long enough that I had to retrace what I'd said to get what he was saying.

"Aw, my loss then," I respond, noting the kid wasn't quite so fast as Jake was on the retorts. Jake was a professional and we'd worked together several times. In fact, the only thing that I really didn't like about him was his constant tardiness. But these are the concessions we make for tardiness.

The boy, and I really shouldn't call him a boy (he was 19 and I had legally binding proof of that in my file folder in the office) but to me anyone under the age of 25 was a kid or a boy as far as I was concerned. I'd had a bit of a moral dilemma when I was first approached to shoot these so-called "twinks" about the under aged appeal of these photos. But with anything you do, once the work is produced, you can't control what happens with it. It wasn't as if I were manufacturing bullets, where you are fairly certain that the end result of your product was the death of something. I knew lots of people into twinks who would never actually molest a kid.

I adjusted some of the lights and just let the music flow into the room and watched how Jeff moved. "Not that you aren't very pretty," he added, again after a long enough pause that I'd pretty well forgotten what we were talking about.

I stopped and pulled the camera away from my face, "Thank you, Jeff. It's quite all right. I was only giving you a hard time. This is a professional set and a special non-soul sucking or sexuality changing camera. I prefer girls anyways, not that you aren't tempting." Giving him another wink, I went back behind my camera. That wasn't an entire lie; I did prefer women for the most part. Men did turn me on as well, and in a different context I might've hit on this kid. On the set, however, my mind was generally occupied with thoughts of lighting and framing and keeping the models focused and comfortable.

"Oh. One time I dressed up in my mother's clothes," he said to me.

I smiled a little and replied, "Oh? Did you like that? Think you might give being a drag queen a try?"

This time he laughed a little and shook his head. "Naw. It just felt weird."

He was a little dense, but still cute. I looked over at the door and jumped a little to see Jake standing there. He laughed and pulled off his baseball cap. "Still trying to seduce the young and impressionable with the magic sexuality-stealing camera trick?" he questioned.

All right, busted, sort of. I did tend to use that line a lot with the newer gay models. But it generally did get a chuckle and made the preening men feel like I was attracted to them, which made them feel sexy. "Well, it never hurts to try. An old woman like me gets lonely seeing you sexy boys all keeping to yourselves!" I playfully protested.

Jake looked Jeff over and smirked. He nodded his approval of the boy to me and then looked back at him, "Don't let her fool you. That camera really does do something to your sexuality. I keep dreaming I'm fucking her."

I snorted a little, but I couldn't help feeling a giddy about the concept of dragging Jake aside and having my wicked way with him. He wouldn't be the first gay man I've seduced, although he would be the first model. I shook my head at him, "Never going to happen, man. I'm a professional." Still, I had to hide my flush of excitement behind my camera.

"So you keep saying," he said with a longing sigh, as if this weren't the first time he'd mentioned such a thing in front of me. I will admit to being more than my fair share of covetous of Jake's body. My camera and I knew every inch of his skin through our various adventures together for a variety of websites and publications. I worked him into every assignment I could. The camera loved him, and he loved to perform. We were both convinced that we had developed some manner of telepathy that made working together a breeze. At my least gesture or facial expression, Jake seemed to know what was going wrong and how to fix it. Aside from our bantering on the set, we rarely had to say anything technical to one another.

I rolled my eyes at him and then my brows furrowed at him. "I know. I'll fix my hair," he said and then he moved to the mirror that was behind me to do it. I'd installed the mirror so the models could see how they looked to the camera on Jake's suggestion. It seemed to actually work really well unless the model had some sort of dysfunction about their appearance. Then I'd have to drape the mirror down. Jake, however, loved to see himself perform and further to tease about how he could see my ass. Dirty boy.

"So, Jeffy, do you have a name for the site yet?" he asked as he looked at the boy in the reflection.

"Uh… no. I thought someone would give me one," he said, looking uncomfortably shy again. I could tell Jake intimidated him. Who could blame him? Jake was gorgeous and completely comfortable in his surroundings. But clearly there was desire there as well.

"Oh, I can give you one, if you like," I offered with a little shrug. "Doesn't matter so long as it's a name the site doesn't already have."

Jeff frowned a little and then looked at Jake in the reflection. "What is your name on the site?" he asked.


"Why Dylan?"

"Because sassypants here thinks I look like Dylan McDermott," he said as he finished reworking his messy hair and turned around and put his arm around my shoulder and gave me a hip bump.

"That's not exactly what I said. I said that you had his coloration," I corrected him.

"You also said I was hotter than he was," he said as he wiggled his eyebrows at me.

"Yeah, I say a lot of things to get men naked. Get in there, you, I don't have all day!" I said as I gave him a little shove closer to Jeff. He was making me squirm a bit and he was loving it. Prat.

He tripped forward and mocked being hurt by my rejection and put his arm around Jeff now, who blushed deeply. "And just what are you going to name my new boyfriend, then?" he asked me with his head inclined towards Jeff's. I smirked at them together. Jeff was nearly a redhead although a little more blonde than that and his skin tone was a bit more tanned than the paleness of Jake's skin.

"Oh, I don't know… Buckley?" I offered with a shrug. I hadn't thought about it, really. Things like that often got ironed out later. Whether the boy approved or not was really secondary to getting the pictures out there.

"Buckley? Why Buckley? That's like a dog's name!" Jake objected.

I blinked a few times and shook my head. "Be- because I don't know, Jeff Buckley, I like his music. His name's Jeff, I think of Jeff Buckley. Does this really need to get sorted out right now?" I asked him with a slightly exasperated expression.

He snorted and whispered conspiratorially to Jeff, "I won't let her name you after a dog or a dead musician. It will be OK, I promise." He kissed Jeff's cheek and the kid smiled and beamed at feeling included.

"Oh sure, gang up on the girl, I see how you two are already!" I said with a smirk. I was pleased, though. Jake managed to relax the kid more in 10 seconds than I'd managed in 20 minutes. "Oh the cleverness of you," I said as I did a couple of cute shots of the boys just grinning and being themselves. It was a Peter Pan in-joke Jake and I shared. If ever there was a real boy who would never grow up, I sincerely hoped it would be Jake.

Jake was a switch, meaning that he could play top or bottom depending on what was needed. Today I'd arranged with him to be the top since we were dealing with a newbie. He was gay by lifestyle but on a few occasions he'd hinted that he'd switch to doing hetero if I needed him to. In truth, I rarely got calls to shoot het. I was better known for my gay and lesbian work and since I'd met Jake a year ago, I was getting quite a reputation for doing twink work. I knew there would come a day when I couldn't do twink with Jake anymore and then maybe I'd consider het or bi scenes for him. At the moment he was a fairly hot commodity as twink and I told him it was best if we didn't alienate his fan base by having him seen with women.

I was touched by the sentiments, though. I even fancied that it might be a hint of some sort. But we behind the camera are behind it for a reason. Boys like that didn't make hints to girls like me. Besides, it was unprofessional.

I looked up at the clock. Already we were 45 minutes behind schedule. Not that it was the biggest of problems, honestly. I didn't have anything else planned for the rest of the day and Jake never seemed to have to leave, it was just my own personal goal to try to keep things as much on schedule as possible. Granted, when you're dealing with new people it's best not to rush too much, at least for me. I know a lot of other photographers just throw 'em in and hope that they can swim. I just don't like doing things that way.

I gave Jake a little nod after that and he gave me his crookedly cocky grin and turned his head to nuzzle at Jeff's face, seeming to explore his face till finally he found his lips. I imagined how the warmth of his breath would feel on my face and saw the expression I might wear on Jeff's increasingly pleased face. Jake's tongue ran out along Jeff's bottom lip and then he pulled it into his mouth and turned his eyes toward me. *click

Jeff seemed to very much enjoy this and became seemingly less aware of my presence as Jake's hands slid down his back and squeezed at his ass through the baggy, sagging jeans the boy was wearing. He pulled on the boy's hips, which brought his body and his erection forward to rub against Jake's thigh. The friction made Jeff moan a little and his head lolled back in the pleasure of it. *click Jake's hands moved around the other boy's slender waist and up his shirt, pulling the large maize-colored logo shirt up to expose more of that lightly tanned flesh in contrast to Jake's paleness. He pushed the shirt up a bit more before pressing his fingers into the boy's flesh, tweaking at his nipples and biting at his Adam's apple *click Jake held the position and again looked at me with his arresting blue eyes. *click

Some photographers get aroused while they work, I don't. Not usually. I have to stay entirely too intellectually engaged in the work to really let go. However, Jake is so photogenic and comfortable, that I do occasionally get twinges starting in my abdomen that flush blood down to my sex that makes me twitch and squirm sometimes.

I step forward a bit to frame in on Jake's teeth in the boy's flesh, he'd never draw blood, we don't do that sort of work, but there's a lot of pleasure to be found in love bites that don't leave marks. His teeth show up bright white against the tanned flesh. One click for Jake's eyes down in pleasure, and one up, staring lustily at the camera and then I've stepped back again.

Jake pulls off the other boy's shirt and drops it to the floor as Jeff moves forward to do the same. I catch a shot of Jeff's pulling off Jake's shirt almost by accident since he whipped it off so fast. Not that I could blame the boy, however it does make it difficult to organically shoot the scene.

Noticing my agitation, Jake leans forward and purrs to the boy, "Slow down there, lover. There's no prize for coming in first." Then he takes Jeff's shaking hands and presses them against his taut musculature. He lets his head fall back dramatically as if he's never felt hands on his body. *click

He pulls the boy's hand up to one of his nipples and his fingers have him pinch it. The boy does with little grace. Jake's hand moves back over it and he pushes the boy's fingers together around it and then pushes the hand back, stretching the mauve skin till it pales white. "Hold that," I command as I shoot it from a full screen distance and then step in and use my lens to zoom in closer to it. The very tip of his nipple has turned white from the squeezing, but Jake's expression never changes. I move again to get a good shot of his nipple in the foreground and his blissful expression slightly fuzzy behind it and then I move out.

Jeff seems to have been distracted by my intrusion and at a loss for what to do. Jake claps his hands on either side of the boy's head as if to tell him to focus and brings Jeff's face to his own chest. Coming to, Jeff obligingly sticks out his tongue and starts to trace patterns over Jake's abdomen. His muscles shy away from the stimulation, rippling beautifully, I started to wish this wasn't stills, that the whole would should be able to see the movement of his body, but we are doing stills and to that end: *click.

Further emboldened, Jeff unbuttons Jake's jeans wile still kissing at his belly, his tongue toys with the shallow belly button before him and his breathing starts to increase and grow slightly ragged in his pleasure as if he were expecting to again be stopped in his exploration and was in a hurry to move on with it before someone changed their mind. I smirked as his over enthusiasm made his fumbling with Jake's fly caused him a whimpering frustration until Jake undid his own pants swiftly. *click for the frustration. *click for the look of sheer glee at being allowed access.

Jeff's hands moved around Jake's waistband and his fingers hooked in it while Jake moved one arm back to keep it out of my way and the other hand moved to the kneeling boy's hair. *click. The pants and boxer-briefs were effortlessly pulled down Jake's well-muscled legs and he stepped out of them delicately. He had to lean against the wall for Jeff to pull his socks off and I was a bit surprised when the strawberry blonde kissed and worshipped Jake's pale foot. *click. That would be great for the foot worshippers.

Jake preened a bit from the attention his foot was getting, as he stood there nude but for one remaining sock. He pushed his weight more into the wall as he spread his toes and flexed his foot to allow Jeff's tongue and fingers access to all aspects of his foot. I shot a few more photographs of that before Jeff moved on to the other foot. I let him play some and checked how many shots there were left on this card and moved the lights a bit.

When I looked up, Jake had imperiously put his foot on Jeff's shoulder and commanded him to remove his own pants. I shot a few photos of the command, of the way that Jake's manhood and testicles dangled as he gave the order. He was semi hard already, such a slut boy, but that's why he was such a good model. He was aroused at nearly anything and came on command. My hand went unconsciously over my short brown ponytail as I bit my lip trying to figure out how to make his pants removal part of a sexy set of photos.

However, the look of complete lust on Jeff's face would make anything attractive, the stripping was almost secondary to that complete adoration. So, though he lacked Jake's natural grace, his sincerity was photographing well as he rushed through unbuttoning the multiple buttons on his baggy jeans to reveal that he didn't do underwear. I shot what I could while he was doing it, it went by pretty quickly, but who could blame him? Swiftly he'd kicked out of his pants completely and yanked off his socks and now he was back down kneeling before Jake who seemed honestly amused by the fuss and with his cock as indication, he was aroused by it as well. *click.

Jeff seemed now on surer footing. He'd sucked a cock before, and he seemed to have honestly forgotten I was there. That sort of thing was often good and bad. You got more sincere reactions that way, but then I'd have to be quick to get in where I needed to be. I hated to stop the action to move things around, posed porn is pretty obvious although photos that didn't show anything because the photographer didn't get in there to get what everyone wanted to see were useless and un-sellable. The point of this exercise was to get other people off, not the models, so I often had to be sadly mercenary when things got carried away.

With ferocious passion, Jeff lunged forward to practically maul Jake's erection. We exchanged glances and suppressed smiles as Jake grabbed Jeff's head by his hair and pulled him back a little bit and angled his head slightly towards the camera. If this at all fazed Jeff, it didn't show. His tongue and hands were still irrepressible and he nuzzled and licked Jake from the underside of his sac to the top of his erection. Jakes eyes closed in the pleasure of it and he still held his smirking smile. I moved around a bit, zooming in and zooming out to record Jeff's rather excited ministrations. I bent forward to shoot the blowjob dead on at eye level, catching the pre-cum on Jake's head and a second later Jeff's tongue claiming that prize.

The boy could suck cock, and that pleased me. There were too many times when I would photograph such scenes thinking that it was a shame that as a dyke I could suck cock better than some of these boys. I was clicking away happily at the scene, watching Jake's cock turn red to purple and go from a dull sheen of fragile skin to a spit-slickened rod of want. Jeff engulfed Jake's cock finally, his cheeks sucked in a bit as he kept up the slurping suction. He started out with rather quick slightly shallow strokes while the fingers of his right hand encircled the base of him and followed up on the space that his mouth wasn't reaching.

Jake was cursed and blessed with a cock that was on the large side. It was great for work and for when he was with someone who knew what to do with it, but even in just our shoots I'd seen his difficulty in finding those that could use it properly. I was just starting to get worried that this boy couldn't get all of him in when he slowed his pace down and did, indeed, relax his throat enough to draw the other model's length all the way into him. Again I bent down to get a direct shot of his lips reaching the very base of Jake's manhood. I smiled at the recorded shot of Jeff's nose buried in the next of Jake's dark curls.

Then I angled up in an odd twist that I knew would likely leave me on a heating pad later to see from an almost Jeff's point of view reaction. Jake looked down at us lustily. *click. Then he licked his lips at us. *click. He wiggled his brows at me a bit and I nodded that I should get out of the way. "Blow this one as an external, face alright?" I asked Jeff who nodded as much as he could with Jake's rigid member sunk so deeply into him.

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