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Superstitions Ch. 16



Marion never expected a life changing event to take place on a lazy Tuesday afternoon, as she lounged in her bedroom with her youthful lover, while her husband was traveling on business. Yes, she knew the consequences of her husband discovering her romps with one of his prize students, but she had taken all necessary precautions, so she didn't have to worry about anyone finding out.

Timothy, Timothy Hendrick Junior to be more formal, was an enthusiastic lover, the best she had experienced from the young men and women she had recruited from the ranks of her husband's students. His bright blue eyes seemed to sparkle beneath he dark heavy eyebrows and long, luxurious lashes. His hair was short, but usually unkempt, as if he had just rolled out of bed, or more excitingly from between her legs.

Like most of the guys his age, Timothy had not developed the paunch older men had and although he came quickly, he was very quick to recover, often able to bounce back from two and three spectacular orgasms in a single session. And his orgasms were spectacular in volume and distance.

Oh yes, she definitely would give Timothy straight A's when it came to pleasing and teasing her. That's why the events of her Tuesday afternoon, with Timothy, were so earth shattering to her.

It began as it always did with Timothy, as he snuck in the back door after parking discreetly in her garage. Once inside, he'd found the lace bra she laid on the armchair near the door, a signal it was safe for him to proceed upstairs.

She heard him knock on the bedroom door and quickly moved into her dressing room and then called back, "Come in Tim." She then watched him through a slight opening in the door as he undressed, carefully placing his clothing over the arm of a chair. She just loved how he maneuvered his jockey shorts over his wonderful erection, as if it was a massive bomb about to explode.

Oh it would explode soon enough, but by then it would be because of her. He climbed onto the bed and waiting for her entrance. Marion turned down the lights in the bedroom and then entered as a naked silhouette against the bright light in her dressing room.

Deciding to give him a treat, Marion silently crossed the room and climbed into bed, with her head down near his hard cock and her thighs near his head. Resting her head on his thigh, she took him in her mouth and then pulled him up on top of her. Tasting his bitter precum, she sucked greedily as she felt his hungry tongue dive into her slit, piercing her cunt with a savage intensity.

Sixty-nine was a treat she offered Timothy only on rare occasions, so his grateful ferocity was an expected, but cherished delight. Working hard to control his thrusting cock, she worked her hands up and down the throbbing shaft as her mouth sucked hard on the head. She spread her legs wide as he clumsily pushed three fingers in and out of her cunt as he covered her clit in long, wet slurps.

Slowing her manipulations on him, Marion concentrated on the sensations pulsing through her in spite of her lover's inexperience. Removing his cock from her mouth, she moaned, "Oh Timothy, yes – yes." She came in shudders, as her pussy squeezed his fingers with each pulsation and she closed her thighs tight around his head.

When he finally came up for air, she pull his cock back into her mouth, pumping and sucking viciously fast, feeling him buck his hips wildly. She felt his cock suddenly thicken in her mouth and savored the rush of bland, salty flavor gush into her mouth. Swallowing quickly, she finally had to turn her head and gasp for air, letting the last of his jism splash onto her cheek.

Timothy rolled over onto his side and Marion rested her head on his thigh, slowly milking the last few drops of his cum from his softening cock. She felt his head lean on her thigh and closed her eyes, feeling his hot breath over her delicate flesh.

"Ouch," she cried as she felt a sharp jolt of pain from just above her clit. Sitting up she asked loudly, "What the hell was that?"

Timothy smiled smugly, "A gray hair, I pulled it for you," he answered, holding a single hair up in the air.

Wondering how he could see it in the dim light she jerked away from him and said, "Dammit, that hurt. And now I'll get more there."

"What do you mean? I thought you'd be happy I pulled it."

"Haven't you heard that if you pull one gray hair, ten more will replace it?"

"Oh that's just some superstition, just an old wives' tale."

"Well, I'm an old wife," she moaned.

"It's okay, I know you color your hair."

"That's on my head dammit, not on my... my..."

"Your pussy?"

"Yes, my pussy. That's the first one, now there will be more. Damn, I want you to leave now."


"Please, just leave," Marion said, curling up into a ball. She felt his hand run along her side and cried, "Please!"

Timothy quickly dressed and slipped out her door without another word. Marion listened as he stomped down her stairs and slammed the back door. She'd hurt his feelings, but right now she didn't care, she couldn't care. That damned gray hair, she could endure it on her head, she could deal with it there, but not – not on her... her pussy.

She spent the rest of the day curled in a ball, drifting in and out of sleep, wondering – wondering when those new gray hairs would sprout. Wondering how many more would follow, wondering if she could ever enjoy a young man's, or woman's head between her legs again.

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