tagChain StoriesSuperstitions Ch. 23

Superstitions Ch. 23


"Yeah, yeah! Take it, baby!"

The whore moaned as his cock plowed her sopping cunt, their skin slapping together and providing a metronome for the music of the city that teemed just beyond the doors. His body tensed and his fingers dug into her shapely ass as he nutted, splashing her innards with his hot jizz. The whore whined that she hadn't gotten to cum but he didn't care. He wiped his cock on the edge of her dress and gave her ass a smack as he zipped up.

"Get along now, Sharlene, and don't let me catch you in front of the hotel again!"

Officer Edwin Sears pushed the door of the electrical closet open and headed back up the alley, ignoring the insistent drumming of rain that beat down on his plastic-covered hat. He checked his watch. If what he'd heard on the street was right, he would just be able to make the deal. He walked as quickly as he could, weaving through back alleys that he knew like the veins on the back of his hand and ones that ran as deeply.

Another few turns and he'd be there. He quickened his pace and slid into the shadows just in time to see Danny Wentworth slide out of his silver Camaro, carelessly flicking a cigarette away. He looked around, his glance sweeping over Sears briefly before focusing on a dark-colored Chevelle, idling by the hydrant. Sears drew his weapon and crossed the alley, sliding into another recess. Something moved around his ankle and a loud screech rent the air. He pressed himself against the wall, looking down to see a black cat growling at him.

"Get the fuck out of here!" Sears hissed at the cat and held his breath as it slowly walked away, drawing Danny's attention and making him stop in his movements towards the cop's hiding place. The drug dealer reached down and made smacking sounds, calling the animal over and gave it a loving scratch between the ears before heading back to the Chevelle. Sears watched the two men talk for a few minutes, giving onlookers the impression that they were just shooting the shit but the cop knew better.

From his vantage point, he watched the exchange. Danny gave a large square package that had been hidden in his jacket and accepted a smaller, thicker envelope. The envelope disappeared from view and the Chevelle dropped into gear, slowly pulling away as Danny turned back to his car. Sears let him reach his Camaro before silently sliding up behind him, announcing his presence by the cold ring of steel he pressed against the back of his neck.

"Open the door and get in. Slowly." Sears slid in the back as Danny got in the driver's seat.

"What do you want, pig?"

"Aw, now I don't think that's a good way to start a relationship, Danny."

"You know me?"

"No, but I'd like to." Sears held his hand out, letting the snub nose give him an indelicate nudge. "Starting with a proper introduction." The dealer huffed, digging the envelope out of his pocket and placing it in the cop's hand. Sears hefted it, then tucked it away with a smile. "Thanks, Danny. Same time, next week." He slid out of the passenger's side door and held the weapon on the dealer until he drove off.

Sears laughed, replacing his weapon and opening the envelope. Cool, crisp hundred dollar bills flipped under his eyes and his smiled widened. Must be at least ten thousand here. That would be a good start to his retirement nest egg.

"That's him!"

A solid blow landed on his cheek and the officer flew sideways, the contents of the envelope spilling out onto the dirty concrete. He fought to regain his balance but another blow temporarily robbed him of his senses. Rough hands hauled him upright and he protested weakly as his weapon belt was removed.

"This is the cop that fucked you?"

Sharlene stepped into the harsh street light's glare, a cigarette hanging from her garishly made-up face. "Yeah, that's the one. Motherfucker hauled me around the back of the hotel, nutted in me, then told me not to hang out there any more."

Cold despair curled around his innards as Sears realized who the whore was talking to. Six feet, six inches of muscle, covered with tattooed black skin and leather. Six feet, six inches that belonged to Black Sambo, a pimp and drug dealer whom no one, but no one ever crossed. He stepped out of the shadows, removing his sunglasses and giving him a slow perusal.

"You fucked my girl, Shar?" Sears couldn't speak and lost the ability when Black Sambo's fist slammed into his gut, emptying his lungs. "Answer me, motherfucker! You fuck my girl?"

"Y-yes." He wheezed out, gasping for breath.

"Then it's only fair that I repay the favor." Sears caught the briefest glimpse of the pimp unzipping his pants before his bodyguards whirled him around, dropping his pants in the process. Something big and cold touched his ass cheeks, then he felt a pair of massive hands pulling the muscles aside and the cold thing moved in between.


The pain was like nothing he'd ever known. Black Sambo's massive prick split the cop's virgin asshole open, drawing blood and a scream that echoed down the alley. The man didn't care; he continued to pump the officer's ass until his final thrust sent cum spurting into his anal canal. The men released him and Sears sagged to the ground, twitching in pain.

"Consider yourself lucky." Sharlene hissed, dropping her cigarette onto his head. "I told him to shoot you."

Sears lay on the ground, not moving until he was sure they had gone and stood, pulling his pants up and grimacing at feeling warm cum slipping out of his ravaged asshole. He was surprised to find that he had fallen on the envelope and that every bit of cash was there. Kneeling by the curb, he broke out into laughter, shoving the wet, dirty bills back into the envelope. He might have lost his asshole virginity, but he still had the money.

The click of a trigger near his ear instantly killed his laughter and Danny ripped the money from his hands. "Guess your luck just ran out."

The gun went off.

Black Sambo looked up as Danny got into the car, holding a black cat. The dealer gave his boss the envelope and accepted two thousand in cash for making the drop. "Today was lucky for you, eh? Who would have thought you'd find your cat down here?"

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