tagChain StoriesSuperstitions Ch. 27

Superstitions Ch. 27


As I look back, I remember it all started on a Monday. We got up late because I finally begged enough to get my girlfriend, Mandy, to give me some oral sex. While eating breakfast in such a rush I knocked over the salt reaching for the coffee. Mandy told me to take a pinch of salt and throw it over my left shoulder or I'll have bad luck. I laughed at her silliness and refused to take part in some pagan superstitious ritual. On the way to work, I noticed a girl sitting on a bus bench; it looked like she winked at me and when I turned to check on her I rear-ended some old biddy. I hopped out of the car to exchange info and to listen to her harp about all the crazy young drivers on the road today. My car was a wreck so I had to call a tow and finally by the time I thought about checking on the girl on the bench she was gone.

Tuesday I had no car so I had to walk to work; since I had to leave early, that meant no sex from Mandy, oral or otherwise. It's not that far and I'm always saying I should walk to work anyway. As I'm walking down the street, I came to a ladder stretched across the sidewalk. It would have been no problem to go out in the street and around the ladder but I keep hearing my girlfriend blame my accident on knocking over the salt. Just to prove her wrong I walked under the ladder and I finished my walk to work saying to myself, 'see I told you so.' I got to work just in time to see my boss being hauled off in handcuffs by the feds and a big padlock going on the front door. It seems that all his cheating on his taxes finally caught up with him. Now I'm out of a job with no car and in the back of my mind I wondering if my walking under a ladder had anything to do with it. I went home hoping for maybe a little oral from Mandy but she had already left.

On Wednesday, another day with no oral from Mandy. I'm heading to the bus stop to go to the unemployment office when I see a black cat cross my path. I still don't believe in any of this mumbo jumbo but heck, why take a chance so I turn to change my direction. As soon as I turn this kid on a bicycle comes by, knocks me over and I hit my head as I fell down. Someone called an ambulance and the paramedic thought I should be checked for a concussion. As they put me in the wagon, I notice the girl I saw on Monday was sitting at the very bench I was heading for. At least I wasn't concussed and they let me go home, as the only trauma I received was a large bill and a girlfriend that didn't feel up to sex.

On Thursday, my girl and I got in a big fight over her refusing to give me oral and then it escalated into me not believing in her silly superstitions, in a rage, I threw my razor, breaking the mirror in our bathroom. That was the last straw for Mandy and she packed her bags and left me at once. Not wanting to press my luck, I stayed inside all day.

On Friday I was cautious as I was becoming a believer and carefully I made my way back to the bus stop. I slipped on a wet spot on the sidewalk and fell face first in someone's lawn. I lie there thinking, I hadn't done anything to tempt the fates, and yet I still tripped and fell on my face. I looked and at the end of my nose was a four-leaf clover. I picked it and put in my pocket just as this girl came running up to ask me if I was all right. I turned over and it was the girl from the bus bench. I told her I wasn't sure, she said she just lived up the street, and that I should come to her place to let her check to see if I was hurt.

She cleaned me up and made some coffee while I told her of my week of bad luck. She said that she felt that meeting me was good luck for her and then kissed me. She took me to her bedroom where we undressed and made love. After as we lay together entwined in each other's arms she said that her father was looking to buy the business where I had worked and that if she asked him she was sure he would make me the office manager. She then asked me if I liked oral sex and when I said; sure, she said that it would be great if she could come visit me at work and sneak under my desk to give me oral while I worked.

Now things could not be better, my new girlfriend gives me oral sex morning noon and night. My new boss, her dad, loves that I know the company so well and has already given me another raise, which I am using to buy a new car. As for my lucky four - leaf clover, I have that locked up in a safe deposit box. I'm taking no more chances.

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