tagMind ControlSuperstore Revenge Ch. 02

Superstore Revenge Ch. 02


Yes, good, there was 'No 1', just as I had arranged the previous day, opening the door so that he and the other 3 of my 4 helpers could assist me in the next stage of my revenge. They were waiting for the arrival of the limo at the Superstore stockroom, scene of my previous humiliation. 'No. 1' was the leader, not because he was a natural leader, but because I had made him the leader and the others had no choice to accept. But perhaps I should explain a little more for you, reader?

If you have read 'Superstore Action' you will be aware that the Superstore manager had 4 accomplices to assure my 'co-operation' in his domination and humiliation of me as he used and abused me for his sexual satisfaction and for theirs! Well, I had lost no time after that experience in ensuring that not only would those young men never participate in any humiliation of mine ever again, but in fact they would be enlisted to help me carry out my revenge! Indeed, as I had time to reflect upon a plan to enrol them into my service, I decided that they would very well suffice to become a permanent 'harem' to serve my sexual purposes on an ongoing basis.

For one week following that experience, I had hatched my plan with the help of Mr Butt. It had been his idea that we should make an 'instructional movie' with which to ensnare the four young workers in the Superstore and train them into my service. So, I took a week off work. The manager could hardly protest as I would more than likely report him for his treatment of me (there had been many witnesses to my humiliation that night as he had me led around the store on two occasions). During that week, Mr Butt worked with me to produce the best movie I had ever made up to that point.

Every day at 6.00am we filmed one short scenes for inclusion in my special DVD of instructional movies. In each scene I was dressed differently and outrageously sexily while Mr Butt was naked and fiercely erect.

At 6.00am every morning, Mr Butt was horny, extremely horny, especially as he had had 24 hours to recover from his previous orgasm and had spent the last hour in bed with me teasing and arousing him, easily bringing him to the brink of orgasm several times but never quite allowing him the pleasure of a full release. For example, the first morning I wore sheer to waist shiny tan pantyhose and Mr Butt's favourite black platform knee boots while I knelt in front of him to suck his erection to completion.

He held one camera and another was fixed beside my head to get a close up view of my oral activities. I spoke to the camera as if my young co-workers from the superstore were there beside us.

"Well boys, I hope you enjoyed what you did to me last week? You did? Good, I have a proposition for you. From now on, you will do as I tell you, whatever that is. You will finish any relationships you have with girls your own age and abstain from all sexual contact with girls and abstain from masturbation to completion. Why? Because in return for your total obedience to me, I shall be allowing you to masturbate your stiff young penises for me and to empty your copious volumes of young man's semen into my mouth , pussy and asshole, not once, but twice every day. Each morning, before we start work and each evening when we finish. Watch closely, the scenes on this DVD, if you are perhaps doubtful whether this is a good deal for you. You will see how under my oral and masturbation techniques, even a fat old man like this (motioning towards Mr Butt) can ejaculate massive loads of fresh semen into me day after day. You will also see and hear form his reaction, how much pleasure he is receiving from me every day. He has agreed to share me with you in return for your total obedience to me as I have to get revenge on the Superstore Manager."

I then sucked feverishly on Mr Butt's stiff cock, wanking the fat hard shaft and tickling under his heavy balls and tight, sweaty little asshole. Sure enough, after about a minute, he was in ecstasy, bucking his pelvis outwards to meet my thrusting mouth and using his free hand to wank his thick shaft, withdrawing it so as to wank it more urgently, until at the 90 second mark, his balls tightened, the shaft twitched, he whispered,

"Ooh Fuuckk!" and 5 or 6 sticky dollops of thick salty spunk shot forth from his urethra into my open mouth and from there quickly gulped into my greedy tummy. As he was recovering I licked off every drop like a true porn star, knowing the young co-workers would be glued to the action and feverishly freeing their own erections from their pants.

Turning to the camera, I reinforced the point.

"Yes boys, twice a day, this could be you! Chantelle is a greedy girl and she knows what she's doing. I may be 43 years old, but fresh young spunk 8 times a day is just what I need to keep me young at heart!"

When all the scenes were finished, I spent a pleasant weekend editing them onto DVD and made 4 copies for my young co-workers.

On the Monday morning, I rose early at 5.30am while my Master was still asleep and went to the bathroom to prepare. I shower slowly, enjoying the stream of warm water on my body, playing with my clitoris and thrusting soapy fingers deep inside my pussy. Fuck! I feel horny! Am I going to show those guys! I have to have an orgasm so I stand with my head thrown back and my mouth open letting the warm jet of water soak my face, water filling my mouth and running down my chin and tits. I imagine it is a flood of hot spunk and arouse myself with my fingers. As I near the point of no return, I start to swallow as much of the water as I can. It doesn't taste as good as spunk but its all I can get without waking Mr Butt. My fingers thrust deeper into my pussy and I feel the rush of blood which signals the impending orgasm. Yes! I bring myself over the edge; wave after wave of orgasm racks my body and I gargle the water as I would gargle a massive cumload but have to spew the water out over my thrusting tits and flat tummy for fear of vomiting with the volume I have already swallowed!

25 minutes later I emerge, dressed in my favourite tight white lambswool sweater, no bra and nipples sticking fully erect into the soft material. Hair tied back in a high pony with a red bauble, bright red tarty lips and nails, red studded choker, my tight white corset with 10 suspenders, white seam free 1950's nylons, white cotton panties, red Royal Stewart tartan flared micro skirt and red 6.5" patent high heels. It is now 6.30am and I should be going if my plan is to work properly.

I assume my Master will still be sleeping so I head for the front door rather than wake him. If he saw me like this I might never get to work! I turn the corner and walk straight into him! Shit! What a fright! He is naked and fiercely erect, wanking and looking at me in an all too familiar way.

"No Master, please!" I protest. "You know I have to be in early today so our plan will work!"

"If you are good, this won't take long." He replies. "Now kneel down for me, with your head back, mouth open and tongue out as far as it will go! I heard you in the bathroom and now it's my turn to come"

I hurried to obey; it was no use to resist; and anyway, a sticky load from Mr. Butt would warm me up for the short trip to the store.

He was right. It didn't take long! Kneeling, I looked up into his eyes, moaning and flicking my tongue over the knob end; willing him to come quickly as he stroked his fat erection. My tongue was sticking right out, the tip nearly down to my chin as he chose to press the underside of his sensitive knob end on it, just where my bottom teeth gave him some purchase to fuck my mouth. I knew he loved to watch his ejaculation squirt onto my tongue and gather in a sticky pool, before gravity did its job and drew the tick fluids down, down to the back of my throat. His body stiffened, his right hand pressed own on the top of his dick to ensure maximum friction on the soft flesh of my tongue and within seconds he was grunting as the spasms racked his body – one, two, three – I could feel the semen pulsing out of him onto my tongue - four, five – so thick it was still captured on my outstretched tongue – six – now a trickle was starting to make its way down – seven, eight – now a flood, a deluge cascaded down towards its final resting place so I was forced to close the back of my throat to catch it rather than risk punishment – a pause in his ejaculation so I raised my tongue to gather the whole parcel to gargle the salty semen.

"There's more, there's more." he says. And there is. A tiny seed of his thickets spunk from the deepest part of his testicles squeezes forth from his knob end and the millions of sperm it represents joins the ten million companions that are gathered at my tonsils.

"GrrlGrrlGlllGrrllG" I gargle the delicious protein pool and then open my throat to ingest it deep inside my belly. "Gulp!"

"Fuck!" I think to myself. "Much tastier than water, and a bonus I wasn't expecting"

"Thank you, sir!" I say out loud.

He grabs my face roughly and spits into my open mouth, leaning forward to kiss me deeply and rubbing his still hard cock onto my lambswool covered titties.

"You'd better get a move on! You don't want to be late." He says, and rises to head for the bathroom.

I still manage to get to work a little earlier than usual so I am in the locker room when my young co-workers arrive.

I have 4 envelopes marked on the outside with 'No 1' to 'No 4' – inside each is a copy of the DVD, a note with my mobile phone number and the message "Text 'YES' to me tonight if you want to start tomorrow, then be in the locker room at 7.00am prompt tomorrow".

I didn't anticipate any problems!

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