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Sure Cure For Depression

byRumple Foreskin©

"Depressed? Damn straight I'm depressed. Waking up to find your, 'man,' the same guy you'd being screwing all evening, getting butt fucked by some dude can do that to you. Hell, I'd have to be crazy not to depressed." Sue Cangilosi finished her tirade by draining her fifth "Harvey Wallbanger" and then gave Cindy Davis a sad smile. "So what makes you think I'm depressed?"

It was hard to believe any guy would turn from Sue to another man. In Cindy's opinion, she had the type of body the great Renaissance masters would have loved to paint. Full lips, big eyes, and thick, dark hair, that fell straight and shiny down to the beginning of her incredible bottom. In the late '60's, with fashion models starting to look malnourished, Sue's voluptuous body was a testimony to timeless female sexuality.

Although she oozed sex appeal, Cindy had always liked Sue. A friendly, live-and-let-live, semi-hippie, party animal, she liked boys and having a good time and, except for her family and friends, refused to take anyone or anything seriously, including herself and school.

Now she was depressed and getting smashed. No one could blame her for wanting to get wasted, thought Cindy. It must be unreal to discover the boyfriend you've slept with for weeks is gay.

They were in the back booth of a smokey bar on New York's First Ave. near the nursing school's all-female dorm. Thanks to cheap drinks and good hamburgers, Guy Fawkes's was a favorite of the students living there. That made it a favorite of guys trying to pick them up.

Still troubled by her recent, first-ever lesbian experience, Cindy could understand Sue's worries about her womanhood and sexuality. It would be bad enough if he'd cheated with another woman. But to wake up in his apartment and find him in the living room being sodomized by another guy; that was unreal.

"Those guys playing darts sent these." The waiter set down fresh drinks. The two friends studied the group.

Cindy nodded thanks, then looked back at Sue. "They're not bad looking."

"And probably not fags," responded Sue. "Come with me to the old dis-comfort station, will you?"

The waiter came over with another tray of drinks when they returned. "These are from those same guys. They want to know if they can join you?"

Normally, Cindy hated bar pickups, but knew tonight Sue really needed to be around some straight guys. Besides, she had just gotten the beginning of an idea which might involve them. "Sure, tell them to come on over." Sue protested but Cindy reassured her that it would be fun.

Tony had dark, curly hair, brooding eyes, and was built like a wrestler. Jim was average height with a muscular build and bright, red hair. With his tall, lean frame and long arms, Frank looked like a basketball player. Rounding out the crew was Todd, whose blue eyes, long blonde hair, and body builders physique, made him Cindy's favorite.

They claimed to be business majors, not pre-med or med students, which both girls considered a definite point in their favor. Frank sat next to Cindy and Todd next to Sue while the others pulled up chairs at the end of the booth. Their joking and flirting soon had even Sue joining in the conversation.

Guy Fawkes didn't have a city cabaret license so legally speaking there was no dance floor in the place. But couples routinely created their own space in a dimly lighted area in the back near their booth. Cindy smiled at Frank and asked if he'd like to dance. He looked surprised, but returned her smile and said he'd accept her gracious offer.

Out on the dance floor they moved as one to a slow song. It felt good to be held by a man again and Cindy fought the temptation to wait until the next number to tell Frank about Sue's problem a how they might help.

"You're a great dancer, Frank, but I think you should know that I'm sorta engaged and while I like having a good time, I'm committed to being faithful. My friend Sue, on the other hand, just had a really hard fall. She's unbelievably depressed and really needs all the ego boosting she can get."

"So what I'd like is for all of you to hustle her. Don't waste time on me, except maybe to keep her from noticing what's happening."

Frank looked dubious until she told him what happened. "As I said, she really needs the attention. If the guys to go along with the idea, I promise not to be a wet blanket even though I'm not a free agent."

"How far do you want this thing to go?"

"That's strictly up to you and Sue, so long as you treat her with kindness and understanding."

"What's in it for you?"

"She's my friend."

The music stopped and Cindy loooked straight into his eyes. "In a few minutes, I'll get her to go with me the restroom. While we're gone, will you talk it over with your friends?" Frank glanced over at Sue and nodded his head. After the promised pilgrimage to the ladies room, Frank scooted over to let Sue sit beside him. Tony and Todd pulled their chairs close beside her.

Cindy was seated across from them, but on the inside next to Jim, who placed a hand on her knee, leaned over and whispered while pretending to nibble on her ear. "Frank said to tell you we've agreed, but only if you also do a little partying. Okay?"

Cindy nodded her agreement. "Well, in that case," Jim said, "I've been given the thankless job of finding out if you mean what you say. So why don't we start with you doing something about my poor aching joint."

She quickly found his crotch and began stroking the large bulge she found there. As for Sue, she was involved in a long kiss with Todd. He and Frank had already undone the top buttons of her blouse and were fondling her breasts. Meanwhile, Tony's hands were busy under the table.

Jim really did nibble on Cindy's ear this time while whispering that his staff needed even more personal attention. Telling him to give her something to work with, she took a drink while he unzipped his jeans and pulled out a thick, hard cock. She slid her fingertips over it's length, admiring the texture, pleased with her gentle touch made it jerk; then she wrapped her fingers around the shaft and began a slow, steady pumping motion.

Frank was sucking on one of Sue's breast. Todd fondled the other one while covering her mouth with his. Judging from her occasional moans, Tony was doing some good under-the-table type work. Sue's right hand was in Frank's lap and her arm was making a motion similar to Cindy's. Frank seemed happy.

As far as Cindy was concerned, the night was already a success. To slow things down a bit, she caught the bartender's eye. He signaled the waiter who started walking their way. "The waiter's coming." she said softly.

Her announcement created quite a stir. By the time the waiter arrived, the three guys hovering around Sue were all sitting up straight and her bosom was more or less covered. But instead of letting go of Jim's dick, Cindy held on and used shorter, faster strokes.

It was daring thing to do, but Cindy felt it was only fair since Jim had started to come. The others ordered more drinks, but he just stared straight ahead and grunted in agreement when the waiter asked if he wanted another beer. When the waiter returned, Jim was slumped in the booth and barely acknowledged the drink.

While he recuperated and Tony went to take a leak, Todd and Frank danced with Cindy and Sue. Once everyone was back, the seating order changed. Frank still sat inside of Sue but Jim joined Tony in the chairs next to her. At Cindy's urging, Todd sat down first and let her be on the outside.

There was no doubt in Cindy's mind that Sue was getting back into the swing of things and had picked up where she'd left off with Frank's tool while Tony started kissing and fondling her.

With Todd's eager assistance, she soon had his rock hard dick in the palm of her hand. Looking down, she watched her fingers idly stroke the thick, white shaft while he attempted to get comfortable.

When she glanced back up, Sue's boobs were exposed again and being worked on by Frank and Tony. By now, Jim had his hands way under the table, apparently playing with Sue's pussy.

Impulsively, Cindy spoke up, "Hey Sue, you guys want to race? One who comes in last buys the next round."

Sue gave her a silly smile, "You're on."

Conversation stopped as the race began. Sue pumped furiously on Frank, who leaned back with his eyes closed. While Todd seemed calm, Cindy could feel his body start to twitch. Frank put his arm around Sue's shoulders, pulled her closer to him and started kissing her. The movement forced Sue to switch hands.

On the other side of the table, Cindy continued to pump steadily on Todd. He'd just begun to take quick, shallow breathes, when Frank made a strangled moan and went ridged. The table threatened to tip over and people grabbed for sliding glasses.

Finally, Frank settled back down. Tony grinned at Sue, "Maybe that was just good acting, where's the proof." After a dramatic pause, Sue brought a hand out from under the table and held in up for inspection. It was covered with proof.

"Well," said Jim, "now that you've got it, what are you going to do with it?" Sue stared at her cum covered hand for several moments, and then, with lady-like gentility, began to lick it clean.

The sight of Sue, licking Frank's cum off her hand, pushed Todd over the brink. Cindy felt his body begin to tremble and his cock swell. The muscles in his arms bulged tense and hard until, with a low growl, he began to come.

Cindy was able to direct most of the stream away from him, but he was so stiff, it was impossible to keep all of it off his lap and her hand. In addition, some that had splattered on the bottom of the table now began dripping back down. It seemed to take forever for him to run dry.

"Well Todd," said Sue, who'd just finished licking her hand clean, "it looks like the rounds on you."

Cindy, who unlike her friend was using small paper napkins to wipe Todd's semen off her hand, replied, "Yes, but it proves what they say about nice guys finishing last."

After exchanging glances with the other guys, Tony suggested they all go riding in his van. "Why not," Sue said, "this table's a sticky mess."

The van was customized with reclining captain's chairs and a couch in the back. Cindy sat up front, facing the rear and watching the action. Tony was driving while the others had already started working on Sue who was stretched out in a fully reclined middle chair.

Frank was on the couch, kissing her from behind. Todd had completely unbuttoned her blouse and was kissing one boob while fondling the other. Jim, kneeling between her outstretched legs, had already pushed up her short skirt, pulled off her panties, and was now using his hands to massage her pussy, shoving both thumbs into her vagina while running his fingers through her thick bush of dark, curly pubic hairs.

The van made a sudden swerve and Cindy realized Tony was paying more attention to the action in the van than to his driving. "I don't know where we're going, but I hope we get there soon before you kill us all," she said with a nervous laugh.

"Sorry about that. But it's kinda hard to concentrate with all that going on, but we'll be there soon. You know, if you, uh, you know, kinda took things in hand up here, it might keep my mind off what's going on back there."

"But Tony," she said, putting her hand on his thigh, "would that make your driving better or worse?"

"You never can tell. It might be dangerous. But in the interest of science and highway safety, it's our duty to find out. So let's give it a try," he coaxed.

"It's the only way we'll ever know for sure."

"Since science demands it, how can I refuse?" said Cindy who then reached over, unzipped his fly and stuck her hand inside his pants. Finding her target was easy, but she couldn't believe what she'd found. Tony's dick was so big she couldn't get her hand around the shaft and couldn't find the top.

"Tony," she asked incredulously, "is all that you?"

"I'm afraid so," he answered, as Cindy unbuckled his belt and unsnapped his jeans. Pulling down the top of his shorts, she found herself staring in disbelief at the biggest dick she'd ever seen.

"My God, Tony, why are you 'afraid' you've got this monster?"

"To tell you the truth, having a cock this big has its good points, but it also has some real bad ones."

"I can understand the good points," said Cindy who was almost reverently stroking the enormous dick, "girls who have heard about it must be dying to take a look."

"Yeah, and take's part of the problem. They want to look, but once they do, most get scared. Sometimes a girl is willing to try some straight sex. But that's about it. I'll probably never get any rear action. Hell, I've never even had a real blowjob. No girl can handle more than kissing or licking."

"Well, I bet there's at least one girl here who'll give it a good try." Who knows, she though, maybe even two.

All thoughts about Sue vanished as Cindy turned her full attention to Tony's tool. It was at least three hands long from base to top, and thick as a salami. She slowly stroked the big dick, gently squeezing on the thick hardness encased in smooth, tight skin.

Several minutes later, her attention was so totally fixed on the massive dick, she barely noticed the van turn into a dark, deserted road. Tony parked quickly, left the motor and radio on, and flipped on a couple soft, interior lights. As her hands continued to gently caress the imposing prick, she looked up at its owner. "Tony, I want to try, to give you a blow-job, a real blow-job that is."

He grinned and quickly began turning his seat around to face the rear. While Cindy watched, amused and pleased by his eagerness, she noticed the scene in the rear had shifted to the couch.

By now, Sue was completely naked and lying on her back, with Jim between her legs, pounding his dick home, while she sucked on Todd's cock. Frank was sitting in one of the chairs, his penis shrunken and obviously well used. Cindy continued to watch as Jim let out a groan and made one last hard slam into Sue.

After a brief pause, he sighed and dismounted. Then Sue released Todd's stiff dick from her mouth and helped him climb on board. With one lunge, he sank it deep into her snatch and began hammering away with hard, deep strokes.

No doubt about, thought Cindy, Sue was a very busy girl. Once Todd was in place, Frank went over and knelt by her head. She reached out for his flaccid dick, popped it into her mouth, and began sucking. Her legs were wrapped around Todd's middle, holding him tight. With one hand she grabbed his ass and appeared to be trying to pull him in ever deeper, while she continued to meet him hunch for hunch. Meanwhile, her other hand was fondling Frank's balls. The van gently swayed in rhythm to the movements.

Under his breathe, Tony muttered, "Holy shit!" Cindy looked over and nodded her agreement before slipping out of her seat and kneeling between his legs.

"I was able to distract you once before," she said with a smile. "Let's see if I can do it again."

"Go lady, go. I've got nothing to lose but my load."

"Well, first of all, I need some room to maneuver," said Cindy, as she began helping Tony take off his shoes, socks and pants. Once she had shoved down his underpants, she paused and studied her task.

At the moment, Tony was positioned on the edge of the chair with his heavy, semi-erect dick resting on his thigh. Cindy unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it open, revealing a broad, hairy chest.

Bending over, she placed her lips at the base of the shaft. Sucking and nibbling, she slowly moved up until she could lick on the smooth, flared cockhead, then she'd begin moving back down. She repeated this trip several times, never using her hands until she placed both hands around the shaft and pulled it towards her.

As she Stared down the length of that huge penis, Cindy knew there was no way she could give it a 'real' blowjob, but she was determined to try. Taking a deep breath to calm herself, she began to kiss and lick the big, flared head. Once it was well lubricated, she began slipping it between her moist, widespread lip, inserting more and more until the entire head was inside her stuffed mouth.

For a moment, she left it alone. Once her mouth had adjusted to its size, she pulled it out, flexed her jaw and then started all over. This time the head was easier to handle and she began to suck on it, swirling her tongue as best she could.

Her hands were wrapped around the thick shaft like it was a baseball bat. Moving her head up and down, she began trying to coax her lips down to her nearest finger. But despite her best efforts, she quickly realized that one or two more inches of Tony's thick shaft was about her limit. There was so much dick in her mouth, all she could do was try to suck while not biting.

So she gently sucked on the massive love muscle and considered the problem. Finally, she decided that approaching the problem from another angle might be the solution. Pulling the dick out of her mouth, she took a deep breath and announced, "Tony, I think I can do better."

"What the hell do you mean? You're great! No one ever took that much before. I would have come in another minute of two."

Tony's excitement was a turn-on, "Well, if you'll lay on the floor, I'll be able to approach this thing from another direction and maybe take a little more."

"Always willing to lend a helping hand," said Tony as he quickly got down on the floor.

After a brief struggle, Tony was able to lay at an angle across the width of the van. Cindy knelt next to him so she was looking down his body and the flared cock head was just inches from her lips.

While moving about, she'd briefly noticed the group in the back. Frank was now sinking long deep thrusts into Sue, Jim was at her head getting prepped for his next turn with a blowjob, and Todd was sitting slumped in the chair. "I wonder how many times they've rotated," said Tony, who'd also noticed the scene.

"I'm wondering how many more times they can," replied Cindy as she leaned forward and licked a drop of pre-cum from his cock head. "But you'll have to keep track of all that. I'm going to be concentrating on something else."

Tony laughed, said, "Please do. Oh, please, please do." and began rubbing her bottom.

Again, she placed her hands along the length of Tony's shaft. This time the head slid easily into her mouth and felt more comfortable, more at home, in there. She sucked and pumped up and down for a while, enjoying the feel and taste and texture of the large head.

When she felt relaxed and comfortable, she began carefully working the shaft into her mouth. As her lips gradually descended further and further down the shaft, the torpedo shaped cock head shoved in ever deeper. When it finally met resistance, there was still an inch or two between her lips and fingers.

Cindy was positive she could take some more. Gagging, she knew was an involuntary reflex which could sometimes be controlled with proper breathing. Pulling back up until her lips encircled the base of the head, she took a deep breath.

She began to let her breath out while sinking back down the swollen cock. When she felt the head push against the top of her throat, she forced herself to relax. This time, her lips and fingers were closer. Repeating the process, she could feel the head of the dick begin to push into her throat. Although her stomach heaved slightly, she didn't gag and now, her fingers were even closer.

Returning to the top of the dick, she took several deep breaths and plunged down. The shaft moved quickly past her lips and teeth as the head rushed through her mouth. For just a moment, it pressed against the opening to her throat, then it slipped inside.

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