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Surface Seduction


Author's Note: This story is completely fictional and did not happen. All characters and names are fictional and were made up.


London, England

White lights repeatedly flashed, blinking from all directions while several voices could be heard among an audience of fans. In front of a wall sat two people as a line went by for signing autographs to a newly released book in hard cover edition. Voices were heard in the distance as people in the audience and line were chatting to themselves. From the distance, news cameras captured all the events recording them second by second. A man and woman were seated at the large table containing a stack of hard cover books. The event was an organized autograph signing in promotion for a new book released between a star photographer and a famous model.

John Varga sat next to Heidi Klum at the table. The two returned smiles to every individual that approached them. They went through a routine of taking a hard cover book from the stack and then opening it up before he used a black marker to sign his name. Heidi used a red marker and would sign under him, all after giving her signature trademark smile as the fans walked off. John couldn't have been more proud at this moment, as the event was something he had worked for in the past several years. He was an American photographer just at the age of fifty two who had spent the last several years working in various magazines and a modelling company. After a brief stint in Hollywood where he covered promotions for a few action films, he set out to make his own piece of art through picture books.

He had spent over twenty five years through out the modelling industry. The first book he produced sold poorly, packed with erotic artwork of no name models and bland settings. His experience since then had taught him many valuable lessons, as he did not attempt the second book until two years ago with his dear friend Heidi Klum. The German born super model had become a friend to John back around 1998 when he directed one of her famous photo sessions for Sports Illustrated magazine. From there on, they would develop a friendship that went beyond business and had become something personal behind closed doors away from the rest of the world. John valued his privacy in wealth and luxury, something Heidi greatly admired of him.

John was a man who didn't have much outside the fame and money he had accumulated from his years in the business. His family was based of Hungarian immigrants who had arrived in the U.S. over two generations before his birth. He grew up in northern Ohio, but soon left for college traveling out to California where he attended UCLA. That was all a long time ago at this point and none of it mattered. He didn't have any siblings, or a wife or children, nor did he have desire to settle down and enjoy a family. His work in photography with beautiful women is what he preferred to be married to. The job opened the door to enjoying a lifestyle of grandeur, all with a mansion in Miami where he resided and spent most of his time.

The latest book that had been a joint work together with Heidi Klum was simply entitled 'Heidi Klum by Varga'. Reviews had broke a week prior to it's release after a few photos leaked onto the internet, detailing the erotic book featured many nude shots page after page of Heidi's famous beautiful body. It wasn't the first time the model was bravely crossing into nude works. She was forty-four years old now, without a care of her age as Heidi wanted to spend as much time as she could as a top model as possible. So far, the book was predicted to be a success and John hoped to make another similar erotic book with a new model in the future, hopefully one that would command such power as Heidi Klum did as a name.

"Can I get a picture with both of you?"

A short man with a big grin over his face stood at the table, catching the attention of both John and Heidi.

"Yeah, sure!"

It was her strong voice speaking in English to reply back to the man. John smirked back at Heidi as he leaned forward and she lit up with her bright trademark smile. The man turned his back to them, quickly taking out his phone to take a 'selfie' picture with them. After the photo snapped, he turned around and both John and Heidi resumed to signing the books and passing them out to the next people who came to the table. The line continued to move in a busy form, as they were going to be here for the next few hours. It didn't matter to John how many signatures he signed, or the various times he would smile back at Heidi. Everything was worth it, as he felt the true success of his life's work was coming into full bloom now.

Some fans requested photos while even a few had brought their own photographs for Heidi to sign. It was amazing to sit next to her and witness such excitement and passion from fans. At one point, a fan requested John himself to sign a magazine that had an interview dated from 2004. Varga was his name, as he was known in the industry and among the households in modelling. Every signature signed was with a capital V in his cursive left handed writing. Once the autograph signings were done, Heidi and John left the stage to go behind closed doors for a few minutes. They would have an hour to prepare for some media interviews with a local news network based in London. All the focus was on Heidi who had proven to be a magnet for great publicity. Tonight was only the beginning for the release of the book, as John couldn't wait to enjoy the success that would soon come over.

"You look so happy tonight, John. This is probably the most happy I think I've ever seen you."

Heidi spoke while looking back at him. They sat in chairs neat a set with cameras, awaiting the interview to proceed. All he could do was smile back at her upon answering the beautiful German model.

"You don't know, Heidi. I couldn't be more proud right now. Not just for myself, but for you. This was our moment together and no one can ever take it away."

His smile brightened over his lips, almost as a smug grin. John wasn't going to tell her out in public before they would be on live TV screens, but he truly felt he was on top of the world at this point. Though he had worked with Heidi in the past decades, he was never able to share an interview with her like this. He was usually just a photographer in the background when it came to his portrait sessions with famous names. This was what he worked his entire life for, now being able to enjoy the spoils in his fifties without feeling that his age could slow him down at any point. Life was great when you felt that you were truly on top.



Miami, Florida

Lights cast through the shades, creating an illusion of a shadow back over a white wall. John's bedroom was decorated in white paint, the walls empty of anything as he lay in the bed gazing up into the ceiling. The clock sitting on the night stand clearly read out 1:48 PM, but John wasn't bothered about sleeping late into the afternoon hours. He usually worked late, knowing that soon the phone would be ringing within an hour from his assistant calling in about business. Months had went by since dropping his book with Heidi Klum and yet, he was still thinking about it almost everyday. 'Heidi Klum by Varga' had been a massive success so far with the book itself selling from initial printing and even digital download releases bringing in a fair share of revenue. The only shameful thing was that he and Heidi did not get to celebrate behind closed doors in the way they usually did with a steamy affair.

She was forced to leave London soon after the press release and head back to L.A. where she was filming her fashion based TV show. John was a bit disappointed, as he and Heidi had a history of sharing affairs together in the bedroom. As the months had went by though, he had other things to focus on. The success of his picture book had led to other models requesting photo sessions for him. He had just finished up with a photo session in Rolling Stone magazine back in June that featured Iman in a retrospective interview commemorating her late husband David Bowie and his legacy. The photo session itself featured Iman in various outfits similar to her husband's career. John was quite proud of the photography session, as he had the honor of meeting David several years back when he shot a session with him for another magazine that was interviewing him.

His mind was already focused on work, even before he had climbed out of bed and wandered to the bathroom. When John looked in the mirror, he had noticed some wrinkles appearing over his forehead. It was bound to happen with his age crossing into his fifties, but it didn't bother him so much. He examined his hair, making sure there wasn't a visible grey hair in place as he used black hair dye to fade them out. Before he was ready to jump in the shower, he shaved his face, always making sure to keep a clean face to go with his skinny body and hairy chest. Several minutes passed by the time he was finished in the bathroom after taking a shower. Sure enough, as he could've guessed, the phone was ringing from the bedroom with his assistant calling. The clock now clearly read 2:03 as John wrapped a towel around his naked body and answered his cellphone.

"Good afternoon Mr. Varga, how did you sleep?"

The subtle voice through the phone came from Larry, one of John's assistants who usually worked the office and made arrangements for meetings. Larry was a young man, working his way through college with a job during the summer. After letting a short sigh, John replied.

"I slept alright. Thanks for asking, Larry. I've been expecting some calls lately, you know, right?"

"Yes, sir. An agent representing Miss. Upton called and left a message for you. He said for you to get in touch with him when you can."

"Alright, I'll be right on my way soon."

He moved the phone away from his ear and clicked the button on the screen to hang up. John had to get dressed before he left the mansion and went out to his office. His mansion was located on Star Island, right on an island that connected via a bridge to South Beach and the main city on the west side. The office he used was in Miami Beach, keeping an image of glitz and glamour with his job. After he got dressed, it was time to head out and make the quick drive behind the wheel of his black Mercedes. John got dressed in the casual wear of jeans and a button up floral shirt. Due to the heat in southern Florida, he rarely ever wore suits since it wasn't worth sweating in.

Miss. Upton was none other than Kate Upton herself, the most popular household name of a model in America for the past few years. Some time back, John had shot a photo session with her that ended up in a fashion magazine modelling off swim wear and bikinis. It was back in 2014, but the memory was still fresh on his mind of working with her. Her agent had reached out to him last week, but they were unable to discuss any sort of deal. An hour later after he arrived at his office, John was looking forward to whatever was left for him from her representative. When he stepped through the building, Larry was sitting behind the desk as he expected. The young man looked up with a smile but didn't speak back. He knew John well enough that he wasn't a man for small talk when arriving to work.

Not wasting any time, John moved upstairs to go straight into his office. The building itself was located north in South Beach near a set of motels. The rent was cheap, which was the only true reason John bought it out some years back. Security was the most expensive bill when it came to maintaining the place, but the small office served a great purpose. Most of his photo shoots on his own were outside Miami, so he never had to worry about empty space in the building for a photo room that wouldn't be used. Once he sat down at his desk, he replayed the message left from Kate Upton's agent. A man named Adam spoke of nothing special, just that he needed to be called back. John picked up the phone and hit the redial button, sitting there and waiting only for a few seconds before the man picked up the phone.

"Hi, this is John Varga. I got your message and am calling you back."

"Oh, yes. Mr. Varga, I've been expecting you. Miss. Upton is in town right now and would like to meet with you personally."

"She's in Miami?"

"Yes, we're both here. She wants to speak to you herself, is it possible to schedule a meeting soon?"

John smirked while holding the phone up to his ear. An idea formed in his mind, one that he believed would be impossible for them to tell him no.

"How about in the next hour? I'm down in South Beach, I can take you both out for lunch. This is on me, I'll pay for you both."

"I believe Miss. Upton would enjoy that for our meeting, I'll inform her soon. Simply name the place and we will meet you there."

"Alright, it's Rico's Cuisine down by the docks. I'll be waiting on both of you to arrive."



Distant music and various voices faded in with the ambiance of the restaurant's atmosphere. John sat at a private table with Adam and Kate Upton who both had enjoyed an expensive meal all courtesy to John's tab and offering to pay for everything. Kate had come in dressed casually in a pair of tight black leather pants and a white low cut T-shirt exposing her epic cleavage under a blue denim jacket. It was obvious from her dress choice that she was trying to be low key and not attract the attention of paparazzi or fans. Adam on the other hand was an older man, much like John himself. He wore a suit, had faded blonde hair that was quickly turning white.

Over the course of the meeting, there was no discussion of business while they ate from their plates. John told both of them it was better to enjoy themselves before talking of important matters at hand. He got the impression that Kate wanted to push his boundaries with the price of the food. She went all out, picking deserts that would run up the tab bill without any care in the world. John wasn't annoyed by it whatsoever. This was how he liked to make deals, to spoil someone with generosity while they talked it out. For an hour, they chatted over small talk. John talked to Kate about various photo sessions he had been working on while Kate traded stories about her own career. The conversation turned however once she mentioned the picture book he produced with Heidi Klum.

"I saw your book with Heidi, very impressive work."

Kate grinned when she spoke to him. She starred back at him with her big piercing blue eyes while raising a glass to her lips to sip on her drink. Adam didn't say a word in response while John nodded and spoke back.

"Thank you, it was a joy to make a book like that. Especially with a high profile model like her."

"That's what I wanted to talk you about. Maybe we could work together, Heidi told me about the book. I'm thinking about doing something like that."

Her words were a startling revelation. John raised his eyebrow, as he expected her agent to say something but the other man remained in complete silence. Kate had clearly admitted her intentions now of going through nude photography. It was quite something that would make headlines, as her name alone could generate headlines. After a moment, John replied.

"You want to do something racy and nude like that, Kate?"

She didn't say a word back to him. Kate smirked and then nodded her head slowly. Now John knew the truth at hand. This was more than just a meeting to discuss an opportunity. Kate was ready to push boundaries as she revealed herself with a book like this. Yet again, John expected her agent to say something in response, but the man continued to remain quiet. It was Kate who spoke once more.

"What do you think? Kate Upton by Varga...It has quite a ring to it, doesn't it?"

John shook his head. It was no use in repeating a title that was already used. His mind was already turning with ideas for doing photo sessions with Kate for such a book. One idea in particular involved shooting in the islands, where he knew the book would generate a great deal of enthusiasm since she was famous for her Sports Illustrated shoots. The title popped up in his head just before he replied.

"No, I don't want you to be in the shadow of Heidi by simply replacing your name over hers in the title. How about something different?"

"You have something else in mind?"

"Yes. Kate Upton and Varga in Surface Seduction."

He grinned after answering her back. Kate took a moment to let the thought sink in while she knew he was studying her beautiful face. John was still curious if her agent Adam would say anything to interfere. So far, Kate was in complete control of everything, her agent having no say so when it came to her control for doing such a thing. She eventually smiled before responding back.

"I like it. Surface Seduction, huh? I think it sounds sexy."

Kate turned to her agent and then spoke once again.

"I want this gig, I hope you are ready to handle negotiations with him."

"Oh yes, I am. It won't be a problem at all, Miss. Upton."

She looked back at John and winked at him while a smug smile crossed over her lips. It came as he had suspected, Kate truly was in control of her career and the agent present with her was simply there to make arrangements after the fact. John sat back and let the thoughts run freely through his mind. He was about to be shooting another picture book, this time with a model in her prime and at the top of the industry. There were many photographers, let alone companies that would've done anything to get their hands on what he was about to have. The opportunity to shoot Kate Upton in the nude and reveal her voluptuous body to all. After she was done speaking with her agent, Adam turned to John and they had to speak for a bit. Documentation would be in order now for signing agreements as Kate and John would be working together soon.



The bright sun beamed down over the white beach, but not in the least bit to hinder the beautiful sight from beyond. A few palm trees rustled with the wind, shaking lightly while there was a clear blue sky with only a few clouds in the distance. Underneath the sand, small waves came brushing over the sand. The water's color was a light blue in crystal clear, revealing anything underneath as the small waves continued to knock up against the shore. A few men walked past the beach shore, carrying out photography equipment and camera stands. The island was just south in the Bahamas, a special place where John had inquired to begin his photography sessions with Kate. For the last two weeks, he spent the time preparing and working out contract details with her and the agent representing her.

A high budget was put in place for the book deal with Kate. John took out the money himself, spending over four hundred thousand dollars on production. Through negotiations in the previous weeks, Kate demanded a touch of artistic creativity. John agreed to her terms, as the book itself was to be published under the name 'Varga and Kate Upton' as co-authors. The high budget was John's way of reaffirming his promise to Kate that this photo book was going to be serious and nothing cheap. With the money to spend, John also arranged for a promotional video. It was Kate's idea to do a short video, arguing that it would generate heavy reactions on the internet to promote and hype up the release of the book.

Right now, the focus was taking place on the other side of the specific island. All eyes were situated on Kate as she situated herself in the water against the shore, rising up to the surface in a green bikini that was almost too small to contain her busty tits. It took a bit of time to situate the beach side for her body, everything had to be made at a specific angle to generate a perfect shot. The water was rising just over her stomach as she had her right leg underwater and lifting her left knee. Her whole arms remained under water, as her form in the water gave focus to her large breasts rising to the surface. She lowered her head, looking backwards into the lens of the camera as John was seated in a chair directing the shots in motion. A pair of sunglasses shielded his eyes from the sunlight while no flashes of the cameras could be seen.

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