tagSci-Fi & FantasySurfacing Ch. 15

Surfacing Ch. 15


Author's Notes: This story is erotic fantasy written by Etaski. I reserve the right to be listed as the author of this story, wherever it is posted. If found posted anywhere except Literotica.com with this note attached, this story is posted without my permission. (c) Etaski 2014.

Even if it's almost always about the journey, not the destination, it's still damned satisfying to finally make it to Manalar with this chapter. It's been one year writing to this point.

This is Act One, and it is long; another record. Please take your time and thank you for reading. :)


I relished watching the Yungians and pale Men alike after we, the four "mystics," had sneaked aboard the ship. Some of the pale Guild members were acting—and acting well—as part of the crew, clearly having some experience sailing, but they were aware of us as much as the others, and I could feel the excitement building and noticed small, subtle gestures from most at different times—mostly when they focused on Gavin, Mourn, or me.

Whether it was a pendant, a tattoo, a ring, or weapon, they all had something to touch and murmur their goals, wishes, and prayers. Some of those symbols even had the feel of magic within them—though I had to calm my breath and concentrate to guess which ones, and even then I wasn't trained enough to say what the purpose might be.

Mourn was in his birth form, but cloaked, when we went down below to stay until we got out of the densely populated area. This led to each and every one of our large team to find some reason or excuse to come down below and get a good look at Mourn/Whisper/Lung-jinshen; over half of them had the force of will to speak to him, if only to say they admired his skill and were pleased with his presence. He was inspiring, I realized, and that was a good thing. He would certainly be a rallying point if we needed it, though groups of stealth operators didn't exactly behave the same way units in an army would.

Likewise, Gavin's new reputation brought a few down to approach him, though far fewer seemed to have specific words in mind and even they seemed more unsettled as they looked at him in the dimly lit hold, sometimes enough to make them change their mind about whatever they might have said.

Curious, I watched this play out a few times, and I tried to see Gavin as they were. He was a deeply shadowed figure, quiet and very deliberate when he moved, though only doing so when needed. The rest of the time, he seemed in deep thought or as if he was listening to or watching things that weren't sensible to others. He did not make this obvious in that he did not react in any appreciable way; I just knew him well, that was all.

I could not deny that this made him a strange, aloof figure, but I thought that every Human was seeing something else, something more, that I was not. They were bringing their own stories with them, no doubt, and it had the effect of layering them on the Man in front of them, obscuring him just as an illusion potion would.

It was far less that way for me. Krithannia's likeness and my gender was enough that, though they recognized and respected my weapons, though they believed that I knew how to use them, they would look at me a bit more like a painting or a finely crafted sword. The half-smiles were unconscious most of the time, and my face could have frightened them, but did not. They were fascinated.

It would have been easy to use this to instill fear in them—all they had to do was stare too long and I would do something threatening and unexpected—but I did not. I let it be because I wasn't the one leading these Men; Mourn was. They were going to help me find Jael, and quickly. Fifteen extra pairs of Human eyes; this was more than worth being stared at like a pretty accessory to Mourn and Gavin, and all the better to surprise them later if I needed to.

This was good; this mission could be done. Unlike my little Sister's task, this was not suicide. Elder Rausery might even say I'd done it right, collecting competent mercenaries who knew this world so much better than I did. It had been one of her earliest suggestions.

This attention did have one other effect, which I attributed to the successful channeling of my nerves as I breathed well and pictured success in my head: I became aware of my gut and crotch relaxing, the blood flowing more easily, and sensitivity inviting me to touch through my leathers. Anticipation; the desire for release of tension. I had a while yet sitting on this boat, doing nothing.

It probably wouldn't go this way, but nonetheless I imagined showing Jael my delight in her survival afterward, exalted in pulling her out alive and whole. It would probably just in a copse of trees somewhere. I would strip her down and check her over, apply whatever healing was needed. Maybe we'd talk, maybe we wouldn't; her fierce eyes would answer that part for me.

Like in the Cloister, I would hold her a while if needed until she relaxed more, or even slept, but this time I would probe at her orifices, tease her for a long time. Slow. With rising heat and slick, wet noises to accompany her shaking breath and soft gasps. When I rolled her over onto her back, she wouldn't fight or be at all anxious as I spread her legs open and nuzzled her white curls—

"Yo xiou jingku," said Peng Lok to Mourn as he walked by us with a nod, and he averted his eyes when he noticed my hand between my legs.

Well. That was distracting. Why look away so quickly? It wasn't like I was leaking smelly pus from my crotch, nothing of which to be disgusted or afraid. *Bah.*

I looked around and spotted quite a few dark spots in the hold that would provide cover, and I got up to walk farther back and away from the entrance. It was almost Underdark black back here, and I preferred it. The privacy would be nice, too, as I had already observed Humans in Augran avoiding the deepest shadows at the festival.

I set down my pack and started to remove my belt, both Soul Drinker and my spiders reminding me they were there as I set them down gently.

*Don't worry, I can still reach you.*

The hairs stood up on the back of my neck then and I spun around, founding myself looking up at the half-blood. My eyes had shifted colorless by now; though I could no longer tell his eyes were gold, I could sense the outline of his body and feel the space his tail took up whenever he moved it. I could hear that his mouth was open as he had drawn in a scenting breath; I heard this even with the hiss of the water just outside.

I raised empty hands first, showing no weapons, then signed. *Did I invite you?*

His body language seemed odd, as if he was in a lighter mood over his more brooding one. *As your body guard, I would offer assistance. To keep you well.*

*Very funny.* Then I put my hands on my hips, considering, even as I groaned inwardly at the loose interpretation of our deal. *I just want to climax.*

He nodded, and added, *If you wish to coax yourself alone, Baenar, just sign me away. I will leave."

I stared at his less distinct expression and began to truly notice the intense life sign that he emitted. Again, in the Underdark, most creatures would run away from him, and here he was offering to service me at my will.

I couldn't really tell if he was playing me or just being direct; he didn't normally initiate humor like this. Then I wondered if it mattered; I could be suspicious but I would wind up in the same spot as always: our basic agreement was to aid and guard me.

*Do you get much sex?* I asked him forthright, and he answered as frankly without pause.

*These days, no. I was more curious once, and in her generosity of spirit, Krithannia taught me.*

Some of that early training showed, I thought. Good thing she was up above on the deck at the moment; I certainly wouldn't be interested in her inviting herself in on this as well.

*Do you not want her anymore?* I asked. *Or she, you?*

*Our bond has matured.* He stopped signing, and I realized that this was all he would tell me.

I briefly crossed my arms, then uncrossed them. *But you want me here and now.*


At least my back was covered there; he had agreed.

I inhaled, and his scent certainly backed up his literal sign of interest. He smelled good, and I liked that he was keeping this simple. Yet I was willing to bet now that if I had even thought about pressuring him into sneaking back in the dark to service me, he would have been more resistant.

I had been intending to quickly rub my pleasure out and then return, get it done quickly, but he had followed me. He wanted to play. Interesting how this worked when it was his idea, but it made me wonder just how easily persuaded he thought I was in this regard. Or maybe I was.

Oh well. More important to me in this moment was that I'd regret refusing an offer from him if we ended up dying on this mission.

*Quick, and quiet. No knot, no link.*

He nodded and signed an affirmative. *Best remove your pendant.*

My stomach fluttered as I did so to add to my pack; the sudden nerves heightened the excitement, as I couldn't be sure I wouldn't get linked or knotted. Now this felt more dangerous, beyond being caught by Guild eyes. I kind of liked it; better than huddling on the ground looking out the window.

I wanted to take charge, at least at first. *So sit on the crate, 'body' guard. Trousers down.*

I could tell he was grinning as he decided to take the order as given, keeping the silence even as he lifted and adjusted the crate forward; this way he could keep his sliders crossed at his back and had space for his tail and spines behind him. Like me, he removed his belt and the gear attached in order to lower his pants, but he still wore his harness and his cloak.

This was fine with me; I still had my leather armor and my own cloak, which I swept to the side after I'd turned around to sit on his lap with my back to his chest, my legs wide and on the outside of his. His bare erection was growing fast, hot and harder and longer as it pressed against my leather-clad ass. I wriggled slowly against it, earning a happy flick of his tongue along the ridge of my ear, which made me shudder.

We each took one side at my hips, tugging and loosening the leather ties, and though our breath was deepening, it remained quiet. I squirmed in his lap, his thick arms on either side helping to keep me in upright, and I enjoyed the feeling of my ass slowly exposed to the cool, damp air as I pulled my leathers down...only to be met with the heat of an engorged erection pressed to my cheeks like a branding iron.

Yes, this would be better than rubbing myself alone...

Now I just had to get that thing pointed toward the front side. I lifted my legs to brace my heels just above his knees, intending to lift my ass up—and I was quite glad that if he had to wear his harness that I hadn't removed my top armor.

As he prepared himself for me to shift, and I had just barely lifted my ass up, I felt Mourn's broad, dry palms and the light dragging of his claws run along the back of my upper thighs and my skin seemed to tingle. Then both his hands cupped and squeezed my rump greedily as he held me up, which surprised me though the added support was welcome. I could more easily reach between my thighs to drag his pole forward and settle back down, snugging his length along my snatch and rubbing it for him, using him to rub my clit and netherlips. Oh, yes.

Mourn started making that voiceless, airy rattle in his throat again, and it still didn't sound like anything except a threat to me in the dark, but I could suppose it would keep curious sailors away. I felt hot breath puffing at the back of my neck, and every so often a soft lick, and tiny bumps burst out and spread over my thighs and ass as his tail coiled slowly, very slowly, around my left leg as if it was an Underdark water dweller catching sleepy prey unaware. My heart sped up and my breath shook a little as I had to focus harder to keep myself quiet.

The tail would inch closer to my center over time, I knew, but he still avoided using his hands near such tender flesh, never in the habit of fondling a female's crotch with those thick, taloned fingers. No doubt a lesson from Krithannia. The pads of those fingers might be rather nice, though.

I reached for his right wrist, knowing his right hand was dominant; he resisted a moment, probably confusion or needing to come out of his pleasure. He let go of my ass and allowed me to bring his arm around me and his hand to where our sexes were mashed together, his cock slimed by my cunt as I anticipated taking it inside.

I felt a swell and a pulse inside me which turned into a fine and familiar ache, and though Mourn first used his hand to stroke his own knobby arousal, stimulating me indirectly, I tapped the back of his hand a few times, peeling his hand off his cock and placing it directly on my hot slit. The half-blood inhaled slowly at my neck but otherwise held still, waiting on me to instruct him, and I covered his hand—partly—with my own and pressed on his fingers to move them around in a very slow circle.

His claws were ever-present, occasionally prodding or scraping along the flesh of my spread thighs or mounted ass, and the tiny twinges and stings were rather enjoyable. My heels were still braced above his knees, my pants down to the knees and my back leaned back against him. I used his hand to pinpoint more exact pleasure to my swollen gash until he started repeating a few of the patterns I'd shown him on his own.

Ha. He did know how; he had only been holding himself back. Maybe he had thought the two Elves were more different—and with his memories, I could see why— but he'd massaged pussy basically like this before. I turned my head and smiled, moving my hips against him, my eyes closed as the heat and musky humidity began to envelop us. Mourn surprised me by nuzzling my cheek, inhaling my scent again as he moved his hand slowly between my thighs.

I didn't think we had made any appreciable noise yet, but I was starting to notice the movement of the ship more as we worked a bit harder to remain upright and balanced.

Finally I reached between us to stroke his erection again, tugging away his slick fingers with my other hand, and pushed myself off his knees to lift my hips up, wedging the head up just up inside my twat, prepared to sit down again and take in all of him that I could...

I stopped as Mourn wrapped his arms around my ribs and beneath my arms, supporting me and holding me still at the same time. He pushed up to sink just a little deeper into me, not a hard jab but a slow, careful press. It had not been that long since I'd taken his knot and his tail, and I felt some stinging as my pussy stretched around him again but that only added spice to the sensation.

One large hand cupped my buttock again, the other still around my middle, and as I tried to press down to take more, he countered some of my effort even against the movement of the ship, and only another finger-width when in.

I realized through my haze of lust and growing frustration that Mourn controlled a lot more of the pace, even with me on top, but only because of his strength. I wasn't really used to anyone being physically capable of using me as a life-sized stroke toy. It was possible he could bounce me on his lap until he came before pulling me off, and that I would have no more control than I'd had with Cris.

I stiffened a little at those thoughts, but Mourn breathed a soft hush and lightly tickled my other ear most pleasurably with his tongue, edging it in a way that made my nipples hard beneath the black leather. He did not try to force my body to act any particular way, except in that he braced it above him and the next time I pressed down. He was merely slowing the descent again, fondling my ass at the same time.

I could get agitated at being held back this way...or I could focus on the tease and the deliberate meeting of wills, knowing it wasn't anything I did not already enjoy with my Sisters.

Especially in silence and stealth. I remembered wearing Gaelan's Feldeu and being buried in her ass as Jaunda knocked on the door, the intense pleasure and slow penetration then.

...okay, so why the hurry to take him all at once?

*More,* I signed clumsily with one hand, and pressed my hips down to take just another finger-width of cock before squeezing my muscles around him, and he puffed another near-scalding breath into my hair, his teeth clicking subtly near my ear.

Working together, rolling with the water, I thought we had taken the longest time in my memory filling my pussy; I would have never been able to maintain the strain to hold myself suspended above him like this without Mourn's added strength. Our mixed scents were so thick around us that I genuinely did not understand how someone had not already followed his or her nose to find us here.

We trembled against one another and my eyes drooped with the languid saturation of my senses; I had to think even our auras were somehow in sync by now. If not the scent, then surely the taste of magic was noticeable to those beyond our concealing shadow...

Yet no one entered the dark.

The first time Mourn helped lift me most of the way up in one long stroke before letting me settle as far down as I could go—this first, full-length thrust in what was probably my least-frantic coupling I could recall—it forced my breath out and I wanted to hum in approval for how good it felt!

I kept silence, however, and initiated another such stroke; Mourn finally seemed ready to fuck, as he not only allowed it but I felt the tip of his tail flutter against my bare thigh before it coiled further around and shifted higher, as I knew it would as his excitement grew.

The slick sounds from my pussy as I rode the beast were unavoidable, but the slower pace made them minimal. Anyone capable of seeing in the dark would probably see a vibrantly wet rod pumping in and out of view between splayed legs. I bit my lip as I pictured this, keeping the accompanying chuckle solely inside my mind.

I could feel that the base of Mourn's cock was fully flared by this point, snugging up against my lips as we moved together, and for a few moments I reconsidered taking it in again. It would be hot, and so intense, added on top of what I felt now. I tested a few thrusts to try to hint, to encourage him to go farther, but not only did he start countering me again, but he growled so low in my ear that I thought I felt the vibrations in my teeth over actually hearing it.

Hmph. Game spoiler.

I started messing with his tail, then, tugging and pulling at it as I turned my head to one side, leaning to nip him on the tip of his nose. It was enough of a sign that allowed his tail to be pulled loose, and I next tucked it beneath my ass. He wordlessly agreed to give me a little more as the tip tickled my netherhole, running around and around the rim between my spread cheeks. He also bit the hair at my nape again and we fucked a bit harder, making just a bit more noise.

The rise of sensation in my gut seemed unavoidable, hurtling to overtake me just the way I liked it. I prepared to come. Mourn was breathing harder through his nostrils, muffled a bit by my hair, and he sounded, and felt, close as the triangular head inside me flared a bit. The hybrid climaxed just before I did, taking a firmer bite on the base of my braid and his entire body tensing. His aura swelled as he kept his silence, his breath stopping as his cock seemed to flex inside me. I imagined his seed pumping and spurting as violently as he had in my mouth and all over my chest earlier that day.

This only made my peak that much better.

My pussy clutched down on him in rhythm as lights seemed to flash behind my eyes and I strained to wring every bit of pleasure out of his very fun, male form. Part of my elation as I began to come down, feeling the heat bleed off me as I caught my breath, was that I was sure I felt the satisfying buzz of mingled auras and strong magic...but my head didn't hurt.

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