tagSci-Fi & FantasySurfacing Ch. 38

Surfacing Ch. 38


Author's Notes: This story is erotic fantasy written by Etaski. I reserve the right to be listed as the author of this story, wherever it is posted. If found posted anywhere except Literotica.com with this note attached, this story is posted without my permission. (c) Etaski 2016.

The final Underdark chapter, and again the longest. For some as their final show in the story, there's some deep digging into the characters here. :)

Surfacing Chapter 38

Again, for old time's sake.

The subordinate Red Sister knew sooner or later she was going to get pinned; that was what all of those who came to watch wanted to see. They all knew it. The stubborn slit put up a good fight, though, and Jaunda had even given her a sporting chance, letting her wear her Feldeu during the match. Just in case she got lucky.

The end was as expected, however: the Lead had the Corpora on her knees, ass in the air and knees spread. A fine sheen of sweat coated her; her pert breasts hung down as her magical phallus jutted out beneath her belly, quivering as she was jostled, as her dominant Sister took her, pressing into her netherhole with barely enough spit to ease the way. Her Sisters called and hooted in raucous delight.

Soon enough Jaunda had her cock all the way in that tight ass, leaning over the younger's back and gripping one shoulder and one tit. As the Lead fucked her hard and strong, she murmured in her ear before licking it.

"Appreciate you giving up your ass for the team..."

The Corpora didn't argue that point as she groaned in pain and pleasure, her back hole stretched and plundered for the entertainment of her Sisters. In the end this was what she'd wanted, and they both knew it. The level of intensity rose for all watching as the Corpora braced herself on one elbow and reached between her legs to stroke her Feldeu, teeth gritted and face snarling with determined focus to get herself off.

"Better hurry," Jaunda gasped, straightening up to take hold of lovely, wide hips as she thrust in deep. "I'm getting close..."

One spectator broke ranks and dove into the ring, sliding still in uniform beneath the sweaty loser's belly and catching her wrist to stop her jerking off. No one protested as she eagerly swallowed the Corpora's sword instead, forcing a shocked cry to an unnamed deity from Jaunda's slut.

"Fucking Goddess!!"

"That's my girls!" their Lead laughed, leaning to catch a glimpse of the older Sister sucking wet and fast on the magical prick. At the same time, she felt the Corpora's netherhole spasm and clench down on her impaling rod.

"Ohhhhhh...!" the Corpora groaned, both fists closed as she merely held still on knees and elbows, submitting to what her Sisters wanted to do with her.

When another Red Sister entered the ring and opened her leathers, she made eye contact with Jaunda and received a nod of approval. Before long, this third Sister took the Corpora's hair and lifted her head up, pressing a third Feldeu against her lips. The loser opened her mouth and started sucking while both new arrivals pinched and played with her nipples. She climaxed shortly before Jaunda did, moaning around the stiff tool at one end and rhythmically flexing at the other while the fluffer coaxed every wave of pleasure with her lips and tongue.

"That's a good slit...!" their Lead huffed, her pleasure rising quickly to spill over the top as she reamed her subordinate through that first orgasm. "Ah, yeah! Ohh, fuck...!"

Slamming in a last few times, Jaunda came in the other female's ass and groaned with contentment as she easily stroked in and out on the way down. The Red Sister beneath the naked wrestler's belly rolled out and up to her knees as Jaund withdrew from the sore hole, leaning to look at it winking and trying slowly to close back down.

"My turn?" the fluffer asked, and her Lead chuckled.

"Sure. Have at."

Jaunda was watching the loser's reaction as she answered; the younger Sister opened her eyes in shock and tried to look back even while she kept sucking her older Sister's prick. She shivered, and her asshole clenched again, nearly closed now, but she kept her knees open and her ass up in offering.

The Lead smirked with a wink, adding to the rest, "Just use oil if you're all going to want a taste of her."

Someone had brought some—a good sign—and leaned in to hand it to her Sister as this second one eagerly kneeled behind the Corpora, pushing down her pants and inserting the rear bulb of her Feldeu into her cunt. Murmuring the word to attach it, the fluffer was generous with the oil and lubed up her tool plenty before claiming sloppy seconds on the defeated wrestler.

"Ogh-gah...!" the Corpora groaned with her mouth still full, closing her eyes as her netherhole stretched again.

She braced herself to be ridden, and Jaunda kneeled down beside her to reach underneath, catching some of the spilled oil from the rear application and coating it over her subordinate's stiff tool, stroking her a few times.


"That's good," Jaunda whispered encouragingly. "Let go, sweetmeat. Your Sisters are gonna fuck the Abyss out of you. You're gonna cum so many times, little Sister. We're gonna take off your cock at some point, too, an' we're gonna take turns burrowing into that hot, little cunt of yours and getting off on it, and you already know I'll go first..."

The Corpora moaned in lust listening to her, then squealed as Jaunda and the second Sister reaming her ass coordinated their strokes to get her on the rise again. The Lead's eyes swept the room as her sub writhed in her hand, her strong gaze landing on each spectator and judging their mood.

They all wanted to fuck the "loser," but a couple seemed to want to challenge something about how Jaunda was seeing this done. There was a touch of disapproval, like it should be rougher, the tension and strain increased, doubled mark after mark until something snapped.

Jaunda had seen it before, of course—Sirana and Jael being the last two to endure it under Thena—and that's why the Lead would stay this whole time. She would guide them even if she'd already had her fight and her prize. She would defend her subordinate until everyone had worked out their stress and frustrations, not leave the young female to face it alone.

This was still a desired ritual, a renewal of Sisterhood bonds and Jaunda wasn't going to take it away from them.

But there was no need to break a Red Sister's trust in the process. Not anymore.


"Still doing that 'after care' thing?" Qivni asked, finally locating her peer just leaving the barracks. She stood curious but a bit wary, her arms crossed.

Jaunda shrugged, looking back at Corpora Lotyn's door. "You consent to be fucked by half the Sisterhood at once, it shows a bit of gratitude to get the cool water and cloth for an exhausted and tender cunt, Qiv."

"Consent?" The other Lead smirked. "She had a choice?"

Jaunda grinned back. "She volunteered to wrestle me, didn't she?"

The other's eyes narrowed a bit as she thought. "I suppose she must've expected to lose."

"Her and everyone else. The recreation is doing them good." Jaunda gestured for Qivni to walk beside her. "C'mon. Got a few things to take care of, unless you had an urgent message?"

"No." Qivni fell into step with her. "Nearly time for reports, however."

"Yeah, I know."

Rausery's Left Hand waited until they were outside the Cloister before speaking again. "So. 'Showing gratitude'? Where did that come from?"

"Always felt like an impulse, truth be told," Jaunda admitted. "I know you and Sirana clashed no-end, but she put out for me readily. There were times she was so wrung out giving me what I wanted, I would've cleaned her up myself afterward."

"But you didn't. That wasn't the way."

Jaunda shrugged. "Is now. At least, I'll set the example."


"'Cause I know what it's like."

Qivni hesitated to ask, trying to read her peer more closely. "Um. The..." She glanced around, as if to make sure he wasn't there. "The Dragon, you mean?"

Jaunda smirked. "Lethrix did show regular gratitude, oddly enough."

The other Lead looked disturbed but after pursing her lips and again looking around them—far out afield compared to other roads they could be taking to meet their Elders—she finally asked. "So what was it like?"

"We knew the limits ahead of time," Jaunda began willingly, chuckling. "Those we could know, anyway. We knew we'd live and wouldn't be crippled. Once the bargain was made, he handily plucked all control out of our hands. Really had no choice but to submit to everything he wanted, Qiv."

The other Lead frowned deeper, not enjoying the mental picture. Jaunda continued.

"It was fucking exhausting even with three of us there with cocks and holes a plenty for him to play with. Like he was trying to cram in half a year of sex into five cycles." Jaunda nearly laughed at her peer's expression. "But like I said... he showed gratitude throughout."

"What, getting a cool, wet cloth for your cunt?" Qivni asked with eyebrow raised.

"Yeah, that. And using his tongue. That was better sometimes. Made the swelling go down, eased the soreness."

"Just so he could go at you again using a near-fresh hole."

"Yeah." Jaunda shrugged. "He could have tortured us by offering no healing at all, Qiv, but still fucking the shit out of us. It would have made no difference to his pleasure, and I hadn't counted on that. I had no idea what it would be like, and we didn't have enough healing draughts on us to stay ready all the time. He took care of that, and fed us. Protected us."

"All for his own benefit. So he could use you."

"Sure. Never meant to imply anything else. That was the bargain, to be pliable sluts." She tilted her head curiously. "Kind of an odd suggestion to make, Qiv. Where did *that* come from?"

The two Leads met and held eyes for several steps before Qivni slowed and stopped, Jaunda following suit. They took each other's measure, appraising the other. Finally Qivni sighed.

"I think it came from the Consort," she admitted, clearly embarrassed. "This idea of... I don't know, giving something for nothing? Simply because you can, and the need of the other is... greater, and you don't really lose anything giving it."

Jaunda grinned, trying not to chuckle. "Fuck, and you're wondering what's going through *my* head dabbing a cute sub's sore pussy in thanks, so she might be willing to do it again?"

"Fuck you," Qivni growled. "At least you still feel like yourself."

"I could argue, but I won't right now." Jaunda crossed her arms, expanding her chest a bit as she peered at the other Lead. "So. I told you about getting fucked by a Dragon. What about you? What was it like being healed by a Life Priest?"

Qivni's jaw went hard as a rock and she stared back, stress and anxiety showing clear in her eyes. "You were there, I think...."

"Sure. I was." Jaunda didn't blink. "I was touching your clit to help you cum. That was part of the healing magic, even I could tell that. We wanted you back, Qiv."

Her lower lip quiver a little, a reflex beyond her conscious control. "Why? So I could keep working my cunt off keep things running so you don't have to be inconvenienced?"

The other Lead offered her familiar, broad smile, taking no offense. "'Bout fucking time you asked something like that. Think about the last month. Do you seriously want me in your fucking way competing with your efficiencies?"

"You aren't efficient," Qivni said flatly. "Not at the routine stuff."

"Huzzah!" Jaunda snickered. "You got it. You've liked it this way long before you met the Consort, Qiv. You're a whirlwind headmistress in the making and Elder Rausery knows it. She's not dumping more responsibility on you because it's the shit work. It's because it's the necessary work and you can do it better, faster, and it suits you. Not to mention you're loyal and decided you liked where you were. Am I right?"

The other Lead's mouth was still a hard line as she thought this through. She hadn't come to a conclusion by the time Jaunda spoke again.

"You ask me? You've always been more like the Consort than not. No big surprise his magic affected you the most. You give a lot without making even exchanges, just because there's need and you support your leaders. You could have made things really rough for Elder D'Shea while Rausery was up top and I was gone so much looking for Illithids, but you didn't. The Sisterhood meant too much to you."

Qivni huffed, and Jaunda pushed a little more.

"No wonder Sirana rubbed you the wrong way. Bargain or not, she was always taking something in return when she was forced to give something up, even with me. Fuck, even with Elder D'Shea, from what I saw. Authority only meant so much, and you wouldn't play that game with her like we would."

Qivni exhaled, trying to release her tension, looking briefly toward the ceiling. "So. If that's how you see it, Jaunda... why is the Consort so devoted to her? Shyntre, I get, I've always understood him, and I'm kind of envious of what he'd got. But it makes no sense, if you're saying the Consort and I are more alike than Sirana is to either of us."

Jaunda shrugged. "You'd probably have to ask him that."

"He probably doesn't know."

"Keep tellin' yourself that if you're just too afraid to get near him again."

"Fuck you. What about you and Lethrix?"

Jaunda arched a brow. "What about it?"

"Would you so easily give up control to a male if you had another choice?"

"That choice being evading the risk?"

"Answer the fucking question."

"No. This isn't about me." Jaunda squinted in thought. "You're thinking there'd be an audience."

Qivni gestured in frustration. "Sure. You think Sirana wouldn't be there protecting her baby-sire? And Elder Rausery remembers what happened last time I was alone with him. I fucking attacked him, and I couldn't stop myself!"

Jaunda paused, a bit sympathetic toward her peer. "Well. If nothing else, you could start by calling him by his name. You know. Auslan. He's not a God, Qiv."

Something about that prompted the frustrated Lead to dip and seize a stone, pitching it as hard as she could across the field. The arch was straight and long; if Qivni had been aiming for something small and scaly, she probably would have hit it. Yet she was trembling now, trying to control her breath as if she wanted to scream.

"Qiv?" Jaunda asked quietly, waiting patient and standing at ease. "Talk. Say what's on your mind. No one hears about it later unless it comes from your mouth."

If there was anyone in the Sisterhood who fully understood what it was like to lose control to a highly magical male, it was Jaunda. Her fellow Lead didn't have anyone else. Jaunda could be patient as she waited for Qivni to realize it.

"Do I have to make a bargain with you to make you stick to that, 'Dragon-touched'?" Qivni asked quietly, looking at her with suspicion.

One corner of Jaunda's mouth lifted. "If it makes you feel better."

She tried to think past that. "What do you want in exchange for your silence?"

"The truth. Make it genuine, I repeat nothing."

"You're a cunt, Jaunda."

"Glad you can tell."

Frown met grin, and the two Lead Sisters looked for any sign of duplicity. Eventually, Qivni said, "Deal," and Jaunda nodded once.

"You knew I was born in the Sanctuary to an acolyte Priestess, before she underwent the Draegloth ritual," Qivni said, testing her.

Jaunda smiled. "As the only one besides Elder D'Shea able to say that 'hold' command on Draegloth, you had an obvious talent, I could tell."

The other Lead sighed. "I was also present while the first Consorts being born. Not...Auslan, he was the second generation, but I helped raise the first ones raised to maturity and auctioned off to the Nobles. I...was a servant, soon as I was old enough to understand commands. Cleaning, feeding, washing, even though I was the same age as them. I grew up with them. It was...isolated."

Jaunda tilted her head curiosity. "Odd way to say that. Isolated?"

Qivni pursed her lips again. "I mean...I never interacted with females my own age, just the Priestesses. And I never..."

Her gesture conveyed embarrassment and invited the other had to interpret.

"Umm. You never...?"

"I never knew how females were supposed to act around males," Qivni explained with exasperation. "There was never a regular male I was allowed to pursue, or even touch that way! The Consorts were all hands-off, and I wasn't allowed outside. Mother and Wilsirathon especially, they seemed to prefer that I just not ask about it."

"It?" Jaunda repeated. It took a moment for it to come to her. "Sex?"

"Yes! Sex!"

The muscular Lead blinked slowly, finally starting to understand. "You were a late explorer. Or only with females?"

Qivni's face flushed hot in the dark. "Less than that. I didn't explore at all, with anyone. Wilsirathon knew the Consorts were safe around me. I was a good guard, I wouldn't try anything with them and I always told a Priestess when someone else got too close. I could be trusted. But...I'm not sure...I think she misjudged when the first Consorts would mature, but even if she hadn't...I....there was one time I....uhm...."


"I fell asleep on duty."

Another pause, an embarrassed swallow, and Jaunda waited before realizing her peer wanted a nudge.

"What happened?"

Qivni gave her a twisted smile and had to gather her courage to speak again. "My first time happened. I woke up bent over a bed, my robes pulled up and undergarments coming off. The Consorts were... touching me, whispering to each other how I was... shaped different..."

Jaunda's brows raised. "You didn't just hit 'em, or tell 'em to fuck off?"

"No." The other Lead swallowed, but held her gaze. "It...felt good. No one had ever touched me like that, except myself. They were gentle, curious—"

"Bold as fuck."

"They didn't grow up in the same place as other males," Qivni tried to explain. "They had status, and they knew it. They obeyed all Priestesses and didn't question their place with them, but I was only a servant. And I...I let them."

Jaunda rubbed her jaw with one gloved hand. "Your first time... You 'let' 'em go all the way?"

"Yes." Qivni lifted her chin with some effort. "I was more than wet enough from them exploring me. They took a long time, they touched me all over, every bit they could reach. And I let them. By the time one put his cock up to my slit, I was naked and whispering for him to do it. When he... finally it got in, the Consort fucked me, spilled his seed, and moved aside for the others to try it. And my cunt was burning for more."

The other Lead was staring. "How many are we talking here?"

Another swallow, and Qivni tried to shrug some of the shame away. "Four in the one room. Another four sneaked over from the next when they heard it...or smelled it. I'm not sure, I know one of them put his hand over my mouth whenever I got too loud. Like the first cock...that hurt, and I made too much noise, and they kept me quiet so we could continue."

"It hurt." Jaunda looked surprised. "He just go in all at once or something?"

Qivni nodded. "But...I still wanted it. I let all of the Consorts fuck me from behind, and more than once, I know. I-I got myself off more than I ever had before." She took a breath, subtly trembling with the memory. "Of course, there was no hiding it later and I was forced to confess to the Priestesses. I was given to the Sisterhood very shortly after." A soft scoff. "Of course, I had no idea the Consorts could have fucked my netherhole, too, even if I did taste a few with my mouth. I didn't know, or I might've tried it before the Prime got to."

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